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0001 KDE Desktop Sharing (krfb)
0002 ==========================
0004 KDE Desktop Sharing (krfb)  is a small server for the RFB protocol, better 
0005 known as VNC. Unlike most other Unix/Linux RFB servers, KRfb allows you to
0006 share your X11 session instead of creating a new X11 session. 
0007 It was originally based on x0rfbserver 
0008 (ttp://www.hexonet.de/software/x0rfbserver/), but there is not much code of
0009 x0rfbserver left. Since version 0.6 it uses libvncserver 
0010 (http://libvncserver.sf.net) as backend.
0013 Guide to documentation:
0014 TODO - things to be done
0015 NOTES - reasons for various decisions