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0001 Comments on various aspects of KRfb:
0003 - KRfb has been designed for three use cases:
0004   * a user who needs help from an administrator or friend. The adminstrator can 
0005     connect to the user and change settings and so on while both are talking
0006     on the telephone or using VoIP.
0007   * a user who wants to show something to a friend, so he lets his friend
0008     connect to his computer
0009   * (advanced use case) somebody with several computers, that are running
0010     GUIs, wants to control them.
0011 - cases 1&2 are probably more mainstream and more important for novice users,
0012   so KRfb is pre-configured for them. Case 3 is for advanced users and
0013   therefore a little bit more difficult to configure.
0014 - design goal of KRfb is to make it as easy to use as possible. I tried to
0015   limit functionality whereever possible.
0016 - the new-connection-dialog is extra large and has the pixmap on the left
0017   side to capture the attention of the user before allowing a connection.
0018 - the RFBController class is a mess. The interactions between the threaded, 
0019   callback-using libvncserver and the event-driven, single thread qt GUI are
0020   quite complicated and I can only hope that it works.
0021 - most limitations and problems of KRfb are caused either by limitations of
0022   Rfb (for example no proper authentication of users, no encryption) or
0023   by lack of a framework in Linux in general (no way to connect through a 
0024   NAT device). In the next months I am going to concentrate on improving the 
0025   latter.
0027 tim@tjansen.de