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0001 What's this?
0002 ============
0004 Josef Weidendorfer
0005 Josef.Weidendorfer@gmx.de
0007 FSView is a tool for showing disc utilization in a graphical form, much
0008 like the UNIX command 'du'. The visualisation type choosen is a treemap.
0009 Treemaps allow for showing metrics of objects in nested structures, like
0010 sizes of files and directories on your hard disc, where the size of
0011 directories is defined to be the sum of the size of its children.
0012 Each object is represented by a rectangle which area is proportional to
0013 its metric. The metric must have the property that the sum of the
0014 children's metric of some object is equal or smaller than the objects
0015 metric. This holds true for the file/directory sizes in the use case of
0016 FSView.
0018 It's provided both as a Konqueror KPart plugin for the mime type
0019 inode/directory, and a standalone executable.
0021 This was meant as a small test application and usage tutorial for
0022 the TreeMap widget developed within KCachegrind. As it's quite cool
0023 and small, it is now provided as a Konqueror addon in KDE.
0025 For a full featured graphical 'du', see KDirStat. It's quite similar
0026 to FSView, but allows for lot of cleanup actions.
0028 Happy space hunting,
0029 Josef