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0001 Date:   Thu, 1 Apr 1999 11:51:03 +0200
0002 From: David Faure <faure@kde.org>
0003 To: kfm-devel@kde.org
0004 Subject: How to choose between builtin and external application : proposal
0006 How to configure between builtin and external viewers ?
0007 I discussed this with a friend, and here is what we come up with :
0009 * global defaults, set in kcontrol, for each mimetype group:
0011 text : use builtin viewer (yes/no)  [checkbox]
0012 image : use builtin viewer (yes/no)  [checkbox]
0013 other : use builtin viewer (yes/no)  [checkbox] (i.e. application/*, like dvi, ps...)
0015 * then, in the properties dialog for every mimetype:
0016 - use default (checkbox as "no change")
0017 - use builtin viewer (checkbox as "on")
0018 - use external application (checkbox as "off")
0020 (=> saved as X-KDE-AutoEmbed=true/false or no entry)
0022 This way, one can set choose between builtin and external for all text /
0023 images files, and set individual values too (e.g. an icon-team artist would
0024 set up external for xpm, to edit them, and builtin for jpeg, gif, ... to
0025 simply view them).  I would personnally set normal-text and english-text to
0026 builtin (to view READMEs) but c++, h, java, ... to my editor.
0028 And one that doesn't like embedded viewers (like Martin ;)) can set
0029 defaults to 'no' without having to change all mimetypes (text, c, c++, ...)
0030 but still use libkhtml for HTML pages, by setting 'use builtin' in the
0031 mimetype text/html - this is the way to keep the exact (though
0032 inconsistent) behaviour of 1.1-kfm.
0034 I suggest that factory defaults (i.e. configuration for first-time users)
0035 would be set to 'yes' for the three groups (-> use builtin)
0036 and would be 'use default' for mimetypes.
0037 This for speed reasons (embedded viewers are really fast) and also to show
0038 the new features ;)
0039 KOffice mimetypes have it set to no, though -> click edits.
0041 Implemented on 09-04-2000
0042 David FAURE <faure@kde.org>