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0001 README for the NFS ioslave
0002 ==========================
0004 This ioslave provides read and write access to exported filesystems
0005 on NFS servers.  Any KDE file manager or application that uses KIO
0006 can access them using an URL of the form
0008   nfs://servername/path
0010 The server name is required.
0012 Non-KDE applications can also open files via NFS, edit them and write
0013 them back, as long as their desktop files are set up correctly.  KIO
0014 handles all of this transparently.
0016 It does not use the normal method of mounting remote filesystems on a
0017 mount point on the client, but communicates directly with the NFS
0018 server using RPC calls. Because of this it does not need root access
0019 or any administrator configuration on the client, but see "Security"
0020 below.
0022 The ioslave supports NFS protocol versions 2 and 3.  Normally NFSv3 is
0023 tried first but, if the server does not support NFSv3, then NFSv2 is
0024 then tried.  See "Configuration" below for settings that control the
0025 protocol version.
0028 Security
0029 --------
0031 Because the ioslave runs as an ordinary (non-root) user, requests to
0032 the NFS server originate from a non-privileged source network port.
0033 Some NFS servers reject requests which do not originate from a
0034 privileged port - the Linux NFS server with the default configuration
0035 does this.  To access such servers the filesystem must be exported
0036 with the 'insecure' option, see exports(5).
0038 Warning: Because it is trivial to impersonate any user, and the need
0039 to export filesystems 'insecure', NFS servers should be configured for
0040 access using this ioslave only within private and secure network
0041 environments.
0044 Configuration
0045 -------------
0047 Normally the ioslave does not require any special configuration.  If
0048 advanced control over its operation is required then settings can be
0049 configured in the 'kionfsrc' configuration file, normally located at
0050 '$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/kionfsrc'.  There is no GUI, but this file can be
0051 edited with any text editor.
0053 Settings in the [Default] section apply to all NFS server hosts,
0054 unless overridden by host-specific settings in a [Host SERVERNAME]
0055 section.
0057 The configuration keys and their values available are:
0059 maxproto        (int)   The highest NFS protocol version that will be
0060                         attempted.  The default is 4 (although NFSv4 is
0061                         not actually supported yet).
0063 minproto        (int)   The lowest NFS protocol version that will be
0064                         attempted.  The default is 2.
0066 usedirplus3     (bool)  If set and using NFSv3, then the READDIRPLUS3
0067                         call will be used for directory listings.  This
0068                         is more efficient, but some NFS servers do not
0069                         support it properly so if the option is set to
0070                         false then READDIR3 followed by lookup calls
0071                         will be used instead.  The default is true.
0074 Bugs
0075 ----
0077 Please report any problems using bugs.kde.org, in the "nfs" category of the
0078 "kio-extras" product.