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0001 TODO-list for KGet
0002 ======================
0004 <nick>  == reported by
0005 Legend:
0006     ADD - ADDed
0007     CHG - CHanGed
0008     FIX - FIXed
0012 ---------------------
0013 Main Window
0014     1.1 - List title bar
0015     1.2 - No text in toolbar                        DONE
0016     1.3 - Menu item File → Open unclear             DONE (renamed to "Import Transfers")
0017     1.4 - Missing keyboard shortcuts
0018     1.5 - Downloads don’t start immediately        DONE
0019     2.1 - Default group not necessary?              Renamed to "My Downloads". Is it enough?
0020     3.1 - Visual alignment                          DONE (all centered)
0021     3.2 - File details view not always visible      DONE? (extendable Details)
0022     3.3 - File details view switching               DONE?
0027     IN PROGRESS
0028 ---------------------
0030         TODO
0031 ---------------------
0035   CHG <kget> Change the way KDE Global Progress Tracking work (Refactor / Rewrite) (BUG: 213084, 218766) - 80% completed
0036   CHG <kget> Stop All action doesn't stop the transfers with setted policy at Running
0037   CHG <kget> Related to BUG: 220516. You can reproduce this by unplugging your ethernet connection for some seconds and
0038              connecting it again. Nobody will never put the download in the Delayed status, and the transfer will be stuck
0039              without ever going on.
0040   CHG <kget> Downloading from websites like rapidshare.com seems to have problems when one downloads a file as a free user
0041              with the multithread plugin. Seems like just one of the chunks (the first one?) works, and the transfer gets
0042              stuck at the percentage of 1 / (# of chunks) * 100. Allow  the first chunk to complete the entire download if
0043              necessary?
0044   CHG <kget> Transparency problems reported by Enrico Ros. Have still to download the video that demonstrates the problems.
0045   CHG <kget> Disable popup notifications when we have the system tray jobs activated
0047 KDE 4.5:
0048   CHG <kget> Make the global Status tracking show the filename if only one file is downloading at a time
0050 MID-TERM:
0053   ADD <boom1992> For each Transfer-Plugin, which supports speedlimits, there should be a button for "Add source", not sure if for 4.1 (depends on the plugins if they want to..)
0054   ADD <boom1992> Move some kind of AdvancedDetails to core, with "Peer-View", "Chunks-View", "File-View" and perhaps that status of sources (that will come with 4.2 hopefully)
0055   ADD <boom1992> Speedlimits support for every DataSource, which is able to do that
0057   ADD <dario> implement progressive filling of the icon in the system tray
0058   CHG <pino> verify that all the settings are respected
0059   ADD <boom1992> let the user add new download-sources to a multithreaded transfer manually
0060   ADD <boom1992> Ask the user if he/she wants to delete the transfer (or probably if he/she wants to delete the tmp-file)?
0061   ADD <boom1992> Move deleting of big tmp-files to a new thread
0062   ADD <boom1992> Change "Regular expression -> Folder" to "Regular expression -> Group"
0063   ADD <pino> tooltips and what's this for settings
0064   ADD <dario> add a wizard on the first app execution, where the user can set
0065       his download folders and other "vital" settings like the integration with
0066       Konqueror. Perhaps we could provide a good default like ~/downloads/.
0070   ADD <kget> make the TestView able to make intensive tests on kget by
0071       giving commands to the Scheduler and looking if what happens is what should
0072       happen.
0073   CHG <dario> usability enhancements as in #79519, #89379, #111407
0074   ADD <dario> sidebar for transfer statistics and more (bandwidth
0075       graph, alternative urls, connection status/type, virtual folders,
0076       ...)
0077   ADD <kget> add bandwidth limiting (#87600)
0078   ADD <dario> 'low priority downloads' as in br #50776.
0079   ADD <kget> add Help & Guide
0080   ADD <uwolfer> resume option when there is a file with the same name (#51450)
0081   ADD <uwolfer> preserve timestamp of downloaded files (as option) (#55511)
0082   ADD <uwolfer> recursion and other wget features (#57105)
0083   ADD <uwolfer> make KGets handling of many downloads smarter 
0084       (maximum number of open connections per server) (#57248)
0085   ADD <uwolfer> check there is enough space left before downloading file (#57373)
0086   ADD <uwolfer> save referer page for downloads (#60946)
0087   ADD <uwolfer> built-in signature verification support (#61397)
0088   ADD <uwolfer> right-click menu to change file properties 
0089       (filename, destination directory, url) (#72534, 82923)
0090   ADD <uwolfer> add valid download time frame, global or individual (#109377)
0091   ADD <boom1992> write a ML-Donkey-plugin, based on libkmldonkey
0092   ADD <boom1992> Proxy-support, not global, only for kget (we need to wait for kdelibs)
0093   ADD <boom1992> Various small improvements: #134456, #81219, #150391, #150447, #121318(we should add it to transfer-history), searchbar for mainwindow, Nepomuk integration??, strigi integration (with transfer-history)??
0094   ADD <boom1992> DC++-Plugin
0095   ADD <boom1992> GUI to create Metalinks 
0097         DONE
0098 ---------------------
0101   Things done until 21/01/2005
0103   CHG <dario, eros> decoupling between gui and transfer operations.
0104   ADD <dario> Implement the MainView class that should become the kget main view.
0105   CHG <dario> Transfer object rewrite to make it easily inherited from 
0106       new kind of transfers.
0107   ADD <dario> TransferKio. The first transfer realized using kioSlaves
0108   CHG <dario> Scheduler logic enhancement (there are still lots of things to do)
0109   ADD <dario> groups support and notifies to the views.
0110   ADD <dario> systray icon with blinking overlay.
0111   CHG <eros> Move all the configuration framework to KConfigXT
0112   CHG <dario> implement delayedInitialization of the kget app. This should speed up
0113       the startup a lot with big lists of transfers.
0114   FIX <dario> the konqueror plugin doesn't allow the download of links if 
0115       the relative web page has been closed
0116   FIX <pino> make more fluid the drop target movement
0117   FIX <dario> handle SideBar resizing correctly
0118   CHG <dario> finish to implement transferKio adding, for example, setDelay.
0119   FIX <dario> (JJ) fix crash when resuming an already running transfer. The 
0120       solution should be to check for this case in Scheduler::slotSetCommand
0121       by calling the info() function on the transfer and checking if its status
0122       is St_Trying or St_Running. In this case we should do nothing.
0123   FIX <dario> (JJ) fixed Sidebar crash.
0124   FIX <dario> fixed 'stop on transfer' crash
0125   FIX <enrico> Optimized color scheme change (rebuilds pixmaps, droptarget,
0126       etc) and pixmap deletion (leakfix)
0127   CHG <enrico> disabled internal segv hander to show backtraces on crash
0128   ADD <dario> make it possible to move transfers to a specific group using
0129       the popup menu.
0131   Things done after the big architecture rewrite
0133   CHG <dario> rename the KMainWidget class (that IMHO is a rather confusing name)
0134       to MainWindow (KGet? KGetWindow?)
0135   ADD <dario> add the possibility to select "open destination folder" in 
0136       the transfer's popup menu.
0138 IDEAS:
0139    * Use the single transfer dialog to display transfer property, progress and
0140      to set up advanced options of a transfer, like its splitting into chuncks.
0144    * Remember to move downloaded Transfers in a black-list that will be
0145      deleted when program exits. So old pointers to downloaded items are
0146      still valid when the transfer ends.