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0001 2007-02-21 Manolo Valdes <nolis71cu @ gmail.com>
0002         * Add Metalink support.
0004 2006-09-02 Manolo Valdes <nolis71cu @ gmail.com>
0005         * Add Multisegments kio based transfers.
0007 2006-09-01 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ kde.org>
0008         * Make DBUS really working.
0010 2006-08-31 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0011         * Enable again FileDialog::getExistingDirectory. It is now fixed.
0012         * YesNo messageboxes are bad for usability. Replace with YesNoCancel.
0013         * Fix the messagebox order in the add download process (do not show the
0014           same box twice).
0016 2006-08-31 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0017         * Add the TransfersViewDelegate and TransferTreeSelectionModel classes.
0018         * The former will be used to redesign the TransfersView look & feel,
0019           now it is used just to catch the mouse events.
0020         * The latter was introduced to have more control over the
0021           items that can be selected by the user. In this way it was possible
0022           to inhibit the selection of group objects.
0023         * Show the KMenu when the user right clicks on a selection of transfers.
0025 2005-11-03 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0026         * Add option to show / hide menubar and toolbar (forwardport)
0028 2005-10-10 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0029         * Icon updates: Remove a lot icons. Most icons are part of
0030           kdelibs. cr22-{app-kget}/{mime-kget_list}.png  icons were 32x32.
0031           Resized to 22x22. edit_add / edit_remove icons (used in sidebar)
0032           aren't in kdelibs. Replaced with viewmag+/-. I know they are not
0033           very suitable. But we have to do a lot of work on the sidebar.
0034         * (Re-)implement "Copy URL to Clipboard" transfer action.
0036 2005-10-07 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0037         * Work on configuration dialogs
0038         * Make droptarget-sticky function working
0039         * Start implementing expert-mode
0040         * (Re-)implement clipboard-autopaste function
0042 2005-10-06 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0043         * Make commandline option --showDropTarget working
0045 2005-09-17 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0046         * Konqueror integration implementation.
0047         Note: Konqueror freezes at download start if integration is enabled.
0048         But I think it's more a Konqueror than a KGet problem. I hope I'll find a solution.
0050 2005-09-10 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0051         * Now a TransferHandler object is created always bt the TransferFactory.
0052         This allows to easily reimplement the TransferHandler class, just by
0053         creating your own class and returning it when the createTransferHandler()
0054         function gets called.
0055         * More work on the BTTransferHandler class.
0056         * The transfer plugins can now provide its details widget that is 
0057         displayed automatically at the bottom of the TransferDetails widget.
0058         * Implementation of a first bittorrent details widget. 
0059         * Note that the bittorrent plugin currently has some problems related 
0060         to threads. It seems that Qt4 is quite different from Qt3 in these regards.
0062 2005-09-08 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0063         * Start to implement properly the detailsWidgets for each transfer.
0064         Now we have a basic widget available with all the plugins and the 
0065         next step is to add at the bottom of it another widget provided
0066         by each plugin's factory with the createTransferDetails() function.
0067         * Start to implement a BTTransferHandler class, reimplementation 
0068         of the generic TransferHandler class.
0070 2005-09-02 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0071         * *Replace the old droptarget icon with the nuvola one
0073 2005-08-31 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0074         * Icons in smaller sizes (forwardport)
0075         * Work on configuration dialogs. Not finished yet.
0077 2005-08-23 Urs Wolfer <uwolfer @ fwo.ch>
0078         * Better KGet mime icon (forwardport)
0079         * Remove artifacts from images (forwardport)
0080         * Add action to show / hide drop target
0081         * Add some actions to maintoolbar (new download, show / hide drop target)
0082         * Fix a problem with the configuration dialog (wasn't shown the first call)
0083         * Remove some compiler warnings
0085 2005-08-12 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0086         * Make the configuration dialogs compile again, but we have to 
0087         completely redesign them, since they usually refer to settings
0088         that are not available anymore.
0089         * Fix a problem in the scheduler introduced with the last commit.
0091 2005-08-11 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0092         * More work on the ViewsContainer class. Now we have 3 buttons:
0093         "Downloads", "Finished" and "Transfer Details" one. The last one
0094         is associated with a QMenu that lets you select which transfer to 
0095         visualize.
0096         * Fixed problem when stopping delayed transfers.
0098 2005-08-06 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0099         * Change the way we handle the Transfer actions
0100         * Reoganize the gui, introducing a new ViewsContainer class.
0102 2005-08-02 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0103         Big commit:
0104         * KGet ported to qt4. Here there are some issues that still need to be
0105         resolved. For example I had to disable the bittorrent plugin becouse
0106         currently I don't know how to make it compile again.
0107         * Started implementing a new sidebar with qt3. Then I switched to qt4 and
0108         realized I had to rewrite it, since I made use of the QListBox classes :-(
0109         So I did. I used the QVBoxLayout class.
0110         More to come..
0112 2005-07-29 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0113         Many changes:
0114         * Implement two TransferGroup actions (start and stop) and a popupMenu()
0115         function in the TransferGroupHandler function.
0116         This means that now we can start the download of a group and all the
0117         necessary scheduling operations are handled by the scheduler.
0118         * Make it possible to have actions defined in the TransferGroupHandler
0119         without having to make the handler a QObject. This was achieved by 
0120         creating a QObject object on demand only if necessary. I'm planning
0121         to do the same with the TransferHandler class (where this issue becomes 
0122         even more critical, especially if the user has lots of transfers).
0123         * Right clicking on a TransferGroup in the mainview shows a popup menu
0124         populated with the available actions.
0125         * Found a way to implement delays in the jobs. Since I don't want a Job to
0126         be a QObject, I implemented the timers inside the Scheduler.
0127         * When a download switches in the aborted status, delay it.
0128         * Now if we move the transfers in a group, they are started or stopped
0129         accordingly to their new position. Wow. This finally makes it possible for
0130         us to decide in which order to download files!
0131         * Implement the start and stop functions in the scheduler, which will
0132         start and stop the download in all the available queues.
0133         * Hide the m_statusText and m_statusPixmap members in the Transfer class.
0134         A Transfer plugin now should call the Transfer::setStatus( ) function to 
0135         set them.
0136         * Fixed a couple of memory leaks
0138 2005-04-25 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0139         Lots of changes:
0140         * Redesign of the TransferAction class.
0141         * Now the selected transfers are handled in a perfect model/view style.
0142         You can select a transfer by means of the TransferHandler. The selection
0143         of a transfer triggers a TransferChangedEvent. The list of selected
0144         transfers can be retrived from the model.
0145         * With this code in place, I added, as a proof of concept, two actions
0146         in the toolbar, that are executed only on the selected transfers.
0147         * New default TransferAction: "open destination". I think it's very useful
0148         * In the mainview the icon associated with each transfer now reflects
0149         the mymetype of the file.
0150         * Several changes in the Transfer and TransferGroup API
0151         * Reorganization of the bittorrent plugin code. Now we check in the
0152         Factory if the file is local, and only if this is true we create the
0153         BTTransfer object. This allowed to remove lots of code.
0154         * Now we can load and save the transfers when starting and closing kget.
0155         It seems to work, but I didn't test this very much.
0156         * Other things, that now I don't remember :-)
0158 2005-04-17 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0159         Lots of stuff:
0160         * Much work on the Job, JobQueue, TransferGroup, TransferHandler classes
0161         * Make it possible for each Transfer plugin to define its own actions,
0162         or to simply extend the default ones that ship with the base Transfer
0163         class.
0164         * Add a new TransferAction class that is basically a KAction with the
0165         possibility to attach Transfer objects. When the action is executed,
0166         this applies to all the attached Transfers. In this way we can create
0167         each action only once, saving lots of resources.
0168         * Make the TransferFactory return a pointer to a KPopupMenu, filled with
0169         the actions that belong to all the transfer of the given list of transfers.
0170         * Start to implement the start() and stop() functions in TransferHandler
0171         * Start to turn the JobQueue in a standalone class, that doesn't need
0172         to be reimplemented (but that can be reimplemented, as the TransferGroup
0173         class does).
0174         * Start to implement the Scheduler class.
0175         * Various fixes and cleanups.
0177         The code now allows to start and stop a transfer from the view, only by means
0178         of the popupmenu. I think now it should be possible to add the long
0179         awaited bitTorrent plugin, at least for testing pourposes.
0181 2005-03-26 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0182         * Reorganization of the model class
0183         * The new plugin structure starts working
0185 2005-03-06 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0186         The work on the new architecture has started.
0188 2005-01-29 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0189         * Make it possible in the mainview to move the transfer to a new group
0190         using the popupmenu.
0191         * group.{h,cpp}: big optimization: cache the groupChanged signals. In this 
0192         way the GroupList object emits far less signals than before. If you have n
0193         transfers, this can save up to 2*n-1 signal calls that are all packed in
0194         a single signal.
0195         * Cleaned up the code a bit.
0197 2005-01-22 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0198         * Ported the new sidebar to the QListBox class.
0200 2005-01-15 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0201         * Initial implementation of a new sidebar.
0203 2005-01-14 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0204         * Improve the progressbar look&feel
0206 2005-01-14 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0207         * Improve the mainview look&feel, especially in the way the groups
0208         are painted. The priority column has been removed. The arrow indicators
0209         showing the priority have been changed to display a kget icon, that gets
0210         colorized with a color which depends on the priority level.
0212 2005-01-14 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0213         * Implement delay in the transfer class. We don't need this function
0214         to be abstract virtual. Remove its partial implementation from the 
0215         TransferKio class.
0216         * Now the scheduler sets a small delay (5 seconds) when necessary
0217         (with broken urls) to the transfers. This is enough to allow the
0218         scheduler to skip them when downloading and to go on downloading the
0219         non broken urls. Nice behaviour, IMHO.
0221 2005-01-14 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0222         * Correct stupid bug that caused wrong updates of the percent field 
0223         in the group object.
0225 2005-01-13 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0226         * Reorganization of the directories. Some files have been renamed.
0228 2004-11-05 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0229         * Fixed nasty bug in transferKio.cpp which produced a crash every time
0230         a download was aborted.
0231         * Now also the scheduler is a TransferInterrogator. This means that 
0232         I have removed the transferStatusChanged signal and now only the
0233         transferChanged signal is emitted from the transfer object :-)
0235 2004-11-05 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0236         * New system tray icon effects. This has been realized looking at the 
0237         amarok code. In the future, when other things will be in place, I will
0238         surely paint an icon filled according to the current downloading progress.
0240 2004-11-05 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0241         * Delayed initialization. This should speed up the application startup
0242         especially when the user has lots of transfers.
0244 2004-11-05 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0245         * Cleanups all over the code.
0247         * interrogator.h: Now we have this new file that defines the two classes
0248         TransferInterrogator and GroupInterrogator. If a class wants to interrogate
0249         a transfer or a group object it should reimplement them.
0251         * group.{h,cpp}: The progressed size, totalSize and percent properties are
0252         not saved anymore to file. Now we update the group properties every time
0253         we see that a transfer that belongs to the group has changed. Each group 
0254         change is notified to all the views.        
0256         * mainview.cpp: fixed crash when executing actions on a group item.
0258 2004-10-17 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0260         * transfer.{h,cpp}: New class TransferInterrogator that abstracts the
0261         objects that can "interrogate" the Transfers using the function
0262         changesFlags(TransferInterrogator *). In this way not only the views
0263         can do it but also, for example, the GroupList objects.
0265         * group.{h,cpp}: The Group class has been further developed to keep
0266         global statistics on its transfers. There is still lots of work to do.
0268         * mainview.{h,cpp}: Tried to achieve a better look&feel. I'm not very
0269         happy with the final result, yet.
0271 2004-10-16 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0273         * Added license statements.
0275         * mainview.cpp: Some more work on the groups.
0277 2004-10-10 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0279         * group.{h,cpp}: This file introduces the Group and GroupList classes.
0281         * panels/groupspanel.{h,cpp}: This is the new "group panel". It's far
0282         from complete, but at least we can add/remove groups, this gets notified
0283         to all the views and saved to the "transfers.kgt" together with the
0284         transfers
0286 2004-10-04 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0288         * transfer.{h,cpp}: The transfer class has been completely rewritten. Now
0289         it is possible to implement a new Transfer simply inheriting the Transfer
0290         class and implementing the virtual methods.
0291         There is also a new api that allows each view to ask the transfer which
0292         particular field in the Info struct has changed since the last update. This
0293         results in a big optimization becouse we can now avoid unnecessary repaints.
0295         * transferKio.{h,cpp}: This is the first implemented transfer. It's the 
0296         simplest transfer one can implement since it uses a KIOSlave.
0298         * views/mainview.{h,cpp}: New view that should be the main one. It
0299         reimplements the KListView class. The "special features" list contains
0300         the introduction of some cool icons and a new progress bar.
0302 2004-10-05 Dario Massarin <nekkar@libero.it>
0303         * transferlist.{h,cpp}: Api semplifications. In this moment there are some
0304         new problems I have just discover and I will fix tomorrow.
0306         * transferlist.{h,cpp}, transfer.{h,cpp}: The way kget saves the transfers
0307         into the transfers.kgt file has been completely rethinked. The code has been
0308         rewritten from scratch and now it uses QDom. In this way each new transfer can,
0309         if needed, save its own data that isn't already saved by the Transfer class.
0311         * some fixes..