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0001 Sends key-events to remote devices. The payload structure corresponds basically
0002 to that of remote key-presses in the mousepad-plugin (with the exception of the
0003 "sendAck"-flag) , e.g.:
0005 {
0006     "key": "a",
0007     "specialKey": 12,
0008     "shift": false,
0009     "ctrl": false,
0010     "alt": false,
0011     "sendAck": true
0012 }
0014 If "specialKey" is a valid keycode according to the internal map (1 <= x <= 32),
0015 the event is interpreted as a special event and the contents of "key" are not
0016 considered.
0018 "key" may contain multi-char strings for performance reasons. In that case,
0019 the peer is expected to print the whole string.
0021 If "sendAck" is set to true, the device expects the remote peer to echo the
0022 event in case it could be handled. This can be used to determine whether the
0023 remote device is ready to accept remote keypresses.