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0002 This plugin controls the playback of mpris-enabled applications in this device,
0003 commanded by its counterpart in the other device that acts as a remote control.
0004 That means both plugins are not symmetrical.
0006 This plugins receives and sends packages with type kdeconnect.mpris.
0008 It keeps a list of detected players it can control via MPRIS. When it receives
0009 a package that contains the boolean "requestPlayerList" set to true, it will
0010 send back the list of players in an array named "playerList". If a new player is
0011 detected or a known one dissappears, it should also send this list. Note that
0012 players are identified only by its name (its MPRIS Identity), so there can not
0013 be two players with the same display name.
0015 This plugins also reports the current song, extracted from MPRIS Metadata. It
0016 should send it when it changes or when receiving a package containing a boolean
0017 "requestNowPlaying" set to true.
0019 The remote devices can send packages with commands to one of the players. Those
0020 packages will contain a string "player" with the name of the player they want to
0021 command and a string "action" with the name of an MPRIS call (like "Play",
0022 "Next"...).
0024 This plugin can also control the system volume. The peer device can send a
0025 package with "requestVolume" set to true to ask for the current volume, or send
0026 a package with "setVolume" set to an integer in the range [0,100] to change it.