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This plugin controls the playback of mpris-enabled applications in this device, commanded by its counterpart in the other device that acts as a remote control. That means both plugins are not symmetrical.
This plugins receives and sends packages with type kdeconnect.mpris.
It keeps a list of detected players it can control via MPRIS. When it receives a package that contains the boolean "requestPlayerList" set to true, it will send back the list of players in an array named "playerList". If a new player is detected or a known one dissappears, it should also send this list. Note that players are identified only by its name (its MPRIS Identity), so there can not be two players with the same display name.


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Writing a plugin for KDE Connect
For the desktop client (this project):
1. Enter the "plugins" directory. 2. Copy the "ping" under a different name ("findmyphone" in this example). 3. Add "add_subdirectory(findmyphone)" to CMakeLists.txt after the others "add_subdirectory". 4. Enter the new "findmyphone" directory. 5. Edit CMakeLists.txt by replacing "ping" with "findmyphone". 6. Rename other files in this directory by replacing "ping" with "findmyphone" 7. Write a description of your plugin into "README" 8. Edit findmyphoneplugin.cpp and findmyphoneplugin.h. A. Change license header. B. Replace (case sensitive) "ping" with "findmyphone", "PingPlugin" with "FindMyPhonePlugin" and "PING" with "FINDMYPHONE". 9. Edit kdeconnect_findmyphone.json file: A. Replace "ping" with "findmyphone". B. Change name, description, icon, author, email, version, website, license info. C. Remove all the translations D. Set X-KDEConnect-SupportedPacketType and X-KDEConnect-OutgoingPacketType to the packet type your plugin will receive and send, respectively. In this example this is "kdeconnect.findmyphone". Make sure that this matches what is defined in the findmyphoneplugin.h file (in the line "#define PACKET_TYPE_..."), and also in Android. 10. Now you have an empty skeleton to implement your new plugin logic.


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