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0002 This plugins receives packages with type "kdeconnect.battery" and reads the
0003 following fields:
0005 isCharging (boolean): If the battery of the peer device is charging
0006 currentCharge (int): The charge % of the peer device
0007 thresholdEvent (int) [optional when = 0, see below]:
0008     means that a battery threshold event were fired on the remote device:
0009         0 := no event. generally not transmitted.
0010         1 := battery entered in low state
0011     This is an int so in the future we'll be able to subscribe to more events.
0012     (see BatteryPlugin.ThresholdBatteryEvent)
0014 Symmetrically, it sends its own battery information in packages with the same
0015 format. We only look for the 'primary' battery of the system, if one is present.
0017 <TODO>
0018 Support for devices with multiple batteries isn't there yet.
0019 </TODO>
0021 It also sends packages with type kdeconnect.battery and a field "request": true,
0022 to ask the peer device to send a package like the mentioned above, and should
0023 also answer this same kind of packages with its own information.
0025 If the battery is low and discharging, it will notify the user.