Warning, /network/kaccounts-providers/services/disabled/identica-microblog.service.in is written in an unsupported language. File is not indexed.

0001 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
0002 <service id="identica-microblog">
0003   <type>twitter-microblog</type>
0004   <!-- identi.ca microblog feed - Service name being displayed as a checkbox label to enable/disable this service
0005        Would be nice to use the localized name of this service if it exists/makes sense -->
0006   <_name>identi.ca</_name>
0007   <icon>identica</icon>
0008   <provider>identica</provider>
0009   <translations>kaccounts-providers</translations>
0010 </service>