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0004 .TH STOPMOTION 1 "May 25th, 2006"
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0017 .SH NAME
0018 stopmotion \- a program for creating stop-motion animations
0020 .B stopmotion [\-\-nonGUI
0021 .B <options>]
0022 .I file
0023 .br
0025 This manual page briefly introduces the program and documents the commands
0026 available when running in non GUI mode.
0027 .PP
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0031 \fBstopmotion\fP is a program for creating stop-motions animations from
0032 couple of images. You can use your favourite video device for grabbing
0033 the images as long you have a program capable of doing it. You just sets
0034 stopmotion to use the program. It's also possible to do the same with 
0035 video export. Stopmotion has a set of tools which helps you creating the 
0036 movements smooth and precise.
0038 Stopmotion follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long
0039 options starting with two dashes (`\-\-'). This part of the program is
0040 under construction and not yet fully usable.
0041 A summary of options is included below.
0042 .TP
0043 .B \-a DIR, \-\-addFrames=DIR
0044 Creates a new project containing the images located in DIR (e.g. /foo/bar)
0046 The full documentation for stopmotion is maintained as a docbook manual. 
0047 Visit the projects website for the complete manual. 
0048 (http://stopmotion.bjoernen.com)
0049 .br
0051 stopmotion is written by Bjoern Erik Nilsen and Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad.
0053 Report bugs to <stopmotion@bjoernen.com>.
0054 .PP
0055 This manual page was written by Bjoern Erik Nilsen <bjoern.nilsen@bjoernen.com>.