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0001 $Id: README 211917 2003-03-06 21:46:03Z kernalex $
0003 This directory contains the WorkMan library.
0005 libworkman is a multi-plaform CD-Player library for creating various
0006 CD-Player-UIs.
0008 06.03.2003 Alexander Kern <alex.kern@gmx.de>
0009   I have reworked most part of libworkman, get rid of most of externals
0010   add cdda support for linux and, I hope not breaked it for SUN ;-)
0012   Interface was cleaned, that means for a potentialy application developers
0013   new rules:
0014     1. please include only wm_cdrom.h. It has all defines and functions, what
0015        you need. You have any exceptions.
0016     2. for cdtext, include wm_cdtext.h also.
0017     3. for cddb, include wm_cddb.h (think, it's not so powerfull and can be replaced with
0018        some new external library.
0019     4. wm_cdinfo declares some externals now, I will change it in the future.