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0001 KDE v4.13
0002 - Configuration menu is now using Tabs to provide a more standard, convenient and pleasing layout
0003 - Sound Menu: Play button reflects playback status and shows either "Play" or "Pause" 
0005 - Bugfixes and Features:
0006 Bug ID  Severity        Summary
0007 317926  critical kmix start delayed on 20 seconds 
0008 315383  normal  mpris volume/play status not in sync with app in kmix applet
0009 299477  normal  KMix Does Not Unmute Master Audio Channel
0010 256854  normal  Tray popup obscures vertical panel
0011 304144  normal  KMix does not distinguish separate channels on one volume control
0012 296951  normal  Tray plasmoid scroll/hiding issues [read description]
0013 303608  crash   Kmix crashed after selecting Amarok as master and instantly crashed when changing song. Volumes in exeption of the integrated subwoofer go fine; the built-in woofer must be changed trough Alsa, and Amarok must be volumed up/down by it's bar.
0014 214854  normal  kmix size is not restored by session management, only position.
0015 319600  major   KMix volume icon is unstale during playback
0018 KDE v4.11
0019 - Full Sound Menu: Media Player control support
0021 v3.8
0022 - Feature : KMix has now a profile for TerraTec DMX6Fire cards and is able to handle it's weird volume controls
0024 v3.6
0025 - This is the KDE 4.4 version
0026 - Wish 166591: "Integrate OSS4 support".
0027 - Wish  70042: "What's this help documentation on channels (aka Tooltip)"
0028 - Wish  57946: "horizontally movable kmix controls". Added GUI for ordering (w/o GUI it was possible since 2006-02-21)
0029 - Wish 172883: "recording tab is gone". Working on it. Some issues left. most important: Controls might "disappear" in the written XML GUIProfile (duplicate handling)-
0030 - Wish 188803: "No osd for mute/unmute"
0032 i001: When the user redefines the automatially grabbed XF86Volume* keys, he doesn't have an easy possibilty to get them back, because they are now marked as "no shortcut" in the global shortcut registry. The user must go the KDE system settings module "global shortcuts" and reset them to their default. No user will wfind that!!! So this should be possible inside KMix (ShortcutsDialog or a button "reset volume keys" in the configuration dialog).
0034 v3.5
0035 - This is the KDE 4.2 head version
0036 - Wish 132330: On-screen display of volume level
0037 - Wish 157701: Smaller neater dockarea popup
0038 - Bug  161393: kmix does not associate hotplugged USB HID volume control
0039 - Bug  168658: kmix - master channel missing
0040 - Bug  172958: OSD doesn't update when volume is changed using keyboard
0041 - Feature    : Automatically grab XF86VolumeUp, XF86VolumeDown and XF86VolumeMute (done)
0043 v3.0
0044 - KDE 4 version
0046 V1.91
0047 - Multiple soundcards on ALSA are now supported
0048 - Mixer device names are now shown with a vertical label (saves space and looks nice)
0049 - MixerDevice categories. Allows to distribute devices on "New Mixer Tab...". It is used
0050   in the panel applet to show only important devices initally.
0051 - Much nicer "New Mixer Tab..." dialog
0053 V1.90
0054 Version shipped with KDE3.1