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0001 This is the 0.2 release of libisofs. For changes, see the ChangeLog.
0003 Libisofs implements the reading of the famous ISO-9660 (ECMA-167) file system, 
0004 found on CD-ROM media. It also supports the Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol and
0005 Microsoft Joliet extensions. It allows user-mode programs to query the
0006 filesystem volume descriptors and traverse through the directory structure.
0007 Preliminary support for El-Torito boot CDs are added in version 0.2.
0009 To use it in your project, I recommend to copy bswap.h, isofs.h, iso_fs.h, 
0010 el_torito.h rock.h and isofs.c to your sources, and include isofs.h in the 
0011 appropriate places.
0013 Currently only the directory tables are parsed, the path tables are not.
0014 (The path tables contain redundant information.)
0016 Also a sample program can be compiled with the supplied Makefile. Simply
0017 execute 'make', it should create the executable file isofs.
0019 On big-endian systems, you need to define WORDS_BIGENDIAN (either in the
0020 compiler command-line, or if you defined HAVE_CONFIG_H, in config.h)
0023 György Szombathelyi <gyurco@users.sourceforge.net>
0024 http://libcdrom.sourceforge.net/libisofs.html