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0001 Just a quick 3.4 checklist.  I'll add things as they pop into my mind...
0003 ( ) Make the upcoming playlist not suck, specifically I'd like to see it as a
0004     real and usable replacement for the "Play Next" feature, which it
0005     presently is not.
0007 ( ) At least play with making the "Now Playing" bar resizable.  Currently have
0008     something sort of working putting it in a slider type of thing.  Not sure
0009     if I like it.
0011 ( ) Fix the cover manager in lots of ways.  I really don't like having the icon
0012     in the listview and have played around with a few things to fix this.  What
0013     I'm currently thinking is making a "cover manager" as a view mode and when
0014     the user clicks to set the cover switching to that mode.  Or something like
0015     that.  Something's got to give.
0017 ( ) Show a preview of the cover to be added before saving it.