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0001 Version 2.1+
0003 _Certainly_:
0004 *external subtitle support
0005 *'o' in fullscreen mode shows OSD of length and elapsed time info, <-- emulate mplayer
0006 *indiciate remote media somehow in PlayDialog
0007 *DBus interface, subset of the VideoLAN Dbus API (done)
0008 *resume DVD playback, probably requires remembering chapter and stuff which might need more Phonon API
0009 *Look into using LiveConnectExtension to provide a WMP or RealPlayer-like JavaScript interface for the kpart. KMplayer apparently does this.
0011 _Thoughts_:
0012 *a movie-like rolling credits instead of the about dialog
0013 *PlayDialog optimization
0014     *show an icon in the previously played list, indicating whether its audio or video. (done)
0015     *allow filtering by audio/video? too confusing?
0016 *improve volume control if needed (done)
0017 *Chapter skipping (done, more testing needed)
0018 *More feedback at playback end (done?)
0019     ->Playback finished message (amaroK statusbar code?)
0020     ->play next file button - be smart enough to know that 100 > 20
0021 *refactor: get rid of Engine::Status, just use Phonon's status
0022 *use libkcddb, have the videoWindow display list of tracks in audio cd and highlight currently playing song. Have a button for the "edit cd" libkcddb dialog.
0023     ->something similar for pls/m3u files? people would probably want to edit the playlist then...
0024 *a super-awesome open file dialog or integrated widget
0025     **it would indicate which files you've already watched, and for how long
0026     **use dolphin-part? or from scratch. or creating a new view to a DirModel. or extending somthing else.
0027 *nepomuk++ 
0028     **make use of tags, ratings, summaries.
0029     **in file open dialog/widget
0030     **and perhaps at the end of playback, let people rate and such
0031     **feed back usage data into the social web stuff
0033 _Probably Not_:
0034 *live previews of previously played videos
0037 Before 2.0-rc1:
0038 *add all the basic features to the KPart (done)
0039 *Audio channel selection (done?)
0040 *hide the videowidget when playing audio (done)
0041 *have a volume somehow (done)
0042 *app wide volume state saving (done)
0043 *accurate file filter for open file dialog (done)
0044 *fix: status bar looses title on resize (fixed)
0045 *test the PLS code
0046 *audio channel and subtitles...
0047         *record their setting for between sessions (done?)
0048         *subtitles needs an "off" option (done)
0049         *does audio need an "auto" or is that the same as the first option? (not same, still confusing)
0050                   the deal is that "auto" for both subtitle and audio channel means what is picked by the user in the DVD menu
0051                   If the user picks something in the DVD menu, this does not change what xine says the subtitle or audio
0052                   channel is. This sucks!
0053 *test VCDs, audio CDs -> add Solid magic, test with two drives (done, more testing needed)
0054 *turn off screensaver when something is playing (done? testing needed)
0055 *crash on Stop, then playing the same track (fixed)
0056 *figure out what the volume value means in Phonon, adapt setVolume and volume DBus methods to be 0-100 range. (fixed)
0057 *if a track ends and the user clicks play, they get the play media dialog again instead of it re-playing. (fixed)
0058 *pause/unpause restarts (fixed)