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0001 2.1
0002    Added CheckBox for Mute in the right dockbar
0003    Chapter +/- 1 (bugged, I think is a Phonon bug :S )
0004    Fixed a Mute bug
0005    Adopted the KMix way to manage the volume
0006    V for Volume
0007    In the FullScreen mode, the volume disappear (bug fix)
0008    Whishlist #158737. PageUP bring you 10% forward, PageDOWN 10% backward
0009    Added a ratio to create the video as the window size
0011 2.0.1
0012    Removed the locking of the volumeSlider if the mute is active
0014 2.0.0
0015    Fixed issue where if the user ESCed the play media dialog it wouldn't reappear.
0016    Pressing 'M' causes mute
0017    Return to the logo when playback is explictly stopped
0018    New Icon
0019    Fixed crash on double click in KPart Bug #157579
0020    The volumeSlider is locked if the mute is active
0022 2.0-rc1
0023    Fix status bar title disappearing on window resize
0024    Can turn off subtitles
0025    Can revert to the 'auto' audio channel
0026    Save subtitle and audio channel selection
0027    New DBus API under /Player and /TrackList. A full implementation of MPRIS.
0028    Fix pausing and then playing causing the window size to revert.
0029    A new smart "Play Disc" button that plays whatever kind of media is inserted and
0030      if more than one disc is inserted it lets you pick which disc to play.
0031    As a result, Video CD's and Audio CD's are now supported.
0033 2.0-beta1
0034    Fix hang on close when paused
0035    Restore cursor hiding over the playing video widget
0036    Restore video settings widget (contrast, brightness), as a sidebar instead of a window.
0037    Restore KPart
0038    Save video settings
0039    Audio channel selectable
0040    Volume slider toolbar. Volume saved globally, not per-file.    
0041    Imported Amarok's runtime-selectable debug() system
0043 2.0-alpha1
0044    New maintainer: Ian Monroe
0045    Renamed to Dragon Player
0046    Ported to Qt4, KDE4 and Phonon. Many feature regressions. None of Codeine's bugs though... a whole new set!
0048 1.0.1
0049    Mute button for KPart
0050    Play DVD entry for KDE 3.5 + media:/ when DVD inserted
0051    DVD-Menu-Toggle is no longer a KToggleAction because I can't detect when DVD menus change, but it still acts as a toggle button
0052    Made record work for systems other than mine! (hard-coded path)
0053    Made record shortcut CTRL-R so it doesn't conflict with the DVD-Root-Menu toggle
0054    videoWindow doesn't judder when toolbar appears in fullscreen anymore
0055    dvd-toolbar is gone, instead root menu button appears when dvd is playing
0056    toolbar in fullscreen mode shows on mouse move
0057    toolbar in fullscreen mode respects user-positioning
0058    media kioslave support
0059    double-clicking the video toggles fullscreen
0060    don't show part in K-Menu
0061    a volume toolbar button, - available from the configure-toolbar dialog, it's not very good yet
0063 1.0-rc2
0064    Seek fixes
0065    Improved error messages
0066    KPart crash on exit fix
0068 1.0-beta6
0069    Frame capture function
0070    Aspect Ratio setting
0071    Snap for videoSettings dialog sliders
0072    Polish to all dialogs, menus
0073    Hide cursor in fullscreen mode bug fixed
0074    Many other fixes and lots of polish
0076 1.0-beta3
0077    Made Codeine single-window
0078    Removed Pause KAction, instead toggling play pauses
0079    Made it remember all details about how you like to view videos (eg.
0080    contrast, brightness, size)
0081    Shows toolbar when mouse is a screen-top in fullscreen mode
0082    Bug fixes
0084 1.0-beta2
0085    Fixed fullscreen not covering Kicker
0086    Added stop KAction
0087    Added "You must install!" message after make does linking
0088    Set busy cursor during unresponsive init period
0089    Made the GUI detect lack of a ui file and show a useful message
0090    If you quit during playback, the track volume fades out
0091    Various feel/feedback fixes
0092    Recent-files list in initial definately doesn't have duplicates anymore, sort order is also corrected
0093    Routed out some nasty freeze bugs
0094    Automatic frame format change handling
0095    Stream recording
0096    Many little bug-fixes and improvements
0098 1.0-beta1
0099    Initial release