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Amarok - the audio player for KDE
There are many media players around these days, it's true. What's missing from most players is a user interface that doesn't get in the way of the user. How many buttons do you have to press for simply adding some new tracks to the playlist? Amarok tries to be a little different, providing a simple drag and drop interface that really makes playlist handling easy.


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<div align="center"><b>Amarok Live</b></div>
<b>About:</b><br> This script lets you create your own Amarok live! cd with music on it. It is very simple to use: click configure, and choose the iso as well as a temporary work directory. Clicking ok will start the unpacking, and when it is done, you can add music to the cd by selecting tracks and using the right click menu.<br> <br> When you are done selecting tracks, click Create Remastered CD. the iso will be created in the work dir that you selected during configure.<br> <br> <b>Dependencies:</b><br> A kernel with squashfs as either a module or compiled in.<br> squashfs-tools (see NOTE below)<br> cdrtools (for mkisofs)<br> Python 2.2<br> PyQt<pr> 1.5 gb of free space<br> Original Amarok live! iso<br> K3b (optional) for automatic burning<br> <br> <b>License:</b><br> GPL V2<br> <br> <b>Note:</b><br> If you are using the amarok_live-1.3.iso cd, (not amarok_live-1.3-update1.iso) then you will not be able to remaster successfully unless you are using squashfs-tools version 2.1. Version 2.2 will create a cd that cannot boot. Please make sure to downgrade, or download the updated version of the iso. An xdelta (binary patch) is available too instead of the full iso.<br> <br> <b>CHANGELOG:</b><br> <i>Version 0.3:</i><br> Added new Qt config dialog, much faster and more streamlined.<br> <br> <i>Version 0.2:</i><br> Support for playlist transferring - shows up as a playlist on the livecd too!<br> Added Clear Music menu option.<br> <br> <i>Version 0.1:</i><br> First released version<br> Support for most features.<br> K3B support.<br> BUG: If cancel is clicked on the initial dialogs, does not exit cleanly.<br> <br> <b>Author:</b><br> Leo Franchi (lfranchi at gmail dot com)<br> Greg Meyer (greg at gkmweb dot com)<br> Mike Diehl (madpenguin8 at yahoo dot com)<br> <br> Based on a script by:<br> Ivan Kerekes (ikerekes at gmail dot com)<br>


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<div align="center"><b>DatabaseScripts (v0.2)</b></div>
<p> <b>About:</b><br> DatabaseScripts is a collection of scripts for general manipulation of the amarok collection database. Currently, there are two scripts in the bundle. </p>


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