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0001 This directory holds simple unit tests for QCA.
0003 You can run the whole test suite by doing "make test" in this
0004 directory. You can also run a single set of tests by doing "make test"
0005 in the applicable subdirectory. See "TestPlan" for more detail. 
0007 The unittests were originally designed to be run through cmake,
0008 however they should work just fine without it. Please report any
0009 problems.
0011 The "testcerts" directory is not a unit test. It is the tools used
0012 to generate certificates used in unit tests, and is a copy of the 
0013 CA.pl script and associated configuration file provided with openssl. 
0015 These tests are implemented using the QTestLib test framework provided
0016 with Qt 4.1 and later. If you are having trouble with a test, you can
0017 get more information by running the test applicable directly (e.g. if
0018 you can't make the Base64 test work, you run the ./base64unittest
0019 executable) with the -v1 or -v2 options. You can also specify a single
0020 test to be run. 
0022 Thanks to Trolltech for providing Qt and agreeing to release QTestLib,
0023 especially to Harald Fernengel for all the development work, a great
0024 tutorial at Akademy 2005 and substantial assistance with QTestLib.