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0001 # KReport - a framework for the creation and generation of reports in multiple formats
0003 ## Introduction
0005 The KReport framework implements reporting functionality for creation
0006 of [reports in MS Access](https://support.office.com/article/e0869f59-7536-4d19-8e05-7158dcd3681c)
0007 style. They are also similar to [SAP Crystal Reports](http://www.sap.com/solution/sme/software/analytics/crystal-reports/index.html)
0008 and [FileMaker reports](https://support.claris.com/s/answerview?anum=13754).
0010 Reports can be created interactively and programmatically. They can be previewed on screen,
0011 printed, and saved in a variety of formats such as HTML, PDF and OpenDocument.
0013 Reports of this kind offer a way to view, format, and summarize the information.
0014 For example a simple report of contact phone numbers can be prepared, or a more complex
0015 report on sales for different products, regions, and periods of time.
0017 A report is often filled with information from a database. There are many use cases:
0019 * The data can be displayed, summarized, sorted and grouped
0020 * Totals can be computed and displayed
0021 * Single or multiple records of data can be placed on a page
0022 * Details for individual data records can be placed in a layout
0023 * Labels can be created
0024 * The various report sections, such as title, header or footer, can be sized to suit
0025 * Reports can be generated on demand, thus eliminating saving them in files for further use
0028 KReport is a part of the [KEXI project](http://www.kexi-project.org).
0030 Project maintainer: Adam Pigg <adam@piggz.co.uk>
0032 *If you are reading this on GitHub, be aware that this is just a mirror.
0033 Our real code repository [is located here](https://invent.kde.org/libraries/kreport).*
0035 # Building KReport
0037 KReport uses the CMake build system.
0039 # Donate Money
0041 If you love KReport, you can help developers to build new incredible features or
0042 enhance new ones. Thanks in advance for your generous donations.
0043 For more information, [look here](https://community.kde.org/Kexi/Contact#Donations).