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0001 # KDevelop Ruby Support
0003 This is a [KDevelop](https://www.kdevelop.org/) language plugin that
0004 implements the support for the Ruby programming language. It provides
0005 everything that you can expect from a KDevelop language plugin such as:
0007 - Parsing of full projects.
0008 - Semantic highlighting.
0009 - Code browsing.
0010 - Full code completion.
0012 ## Build and Install
0014 Some distributions have this plugin as a precompiled package already. If you
0015 want to build this plugin yourself, the page on
0016 [KDE TechBase](https://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KDevelop4/Ruby) has all the
0017 info you need and more.
0019 If you're using Mac OSX, you can also try out the old plugin maintained by
0020 Alexander Dymo that can be installed through
0021 [Homebrew](https://github.com/adymo/homebrew-kde).
0023 ## Contributing
0025 All the basic info that you need can be found in
0026 [KDE TechBase](https://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KDevelop4/Ruby).
0028 The preferred way to report bugs is through the [KDE Bugtracking
0029 System](https://bugs.kde.org), and patches should be submitted through
0030 [Review Board](https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/new/). That being said,
0031 you can also submit issues and pull requests through the Github
0032 [mirror](https://github.com/mssola/kdev-ruby).
0034 The coding style used in this plugin is of my
0035 [own](https://github.com/mssola/conventions/blob/master/cpp.md). This coding
0036 style is compliant with the [KDE Coding
0037 Style](https://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Kdelibs_Coding_Style) as described in
0038 [this](https://github.com/mssola/conventions/blob/master/cpp.md#compliance-with-other-coding-conventions)
0039 section. When writing patches you should at least follow the KDE Coding Style.
0041 ## License
0043 This plugin is licensed under the `GPLv3+`. Read the `LICENSE` file for more
0044 information about this. There is some legacy code that is licensed under the
0045 `LGPLv2+` though.