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0001 The file twain.h may be copied under the TWAIN License as specified at
0002 http://www.twain.org/license.shtm
0004 The TWAIN License
0006 The TWAIN Working Group grants customer ("Customer") the worldwide,
0007 royalty-free, non-exclusive license to reproduce and distribute the
0008 software and documentation of the TWAIN toolkit ("TWAIN Toolkit"). The
0009 TWAIN Toolkit was designed to be used by third parties to assist them
0010 in becoming compliant with the TWAIN standard, but it has not been
0011 developed to the standards of a commercial product. Consequently, the
0012 TWAIN toolkit is provided AS IS without any warranty. THE TWAIN
0013 Working Group disclaims all warranties in the TWAIN toolkit whether
0014 implied, express or statutory, including, without limitation, the
0015 implied warranties of merchantability, noninfringement of third party
0016 rights and fitness for a particular purpose. The TWAIN Working Group
0017 disclaims all liability for damages, whether direct, indirect,
0018 special, incidental, or consequential, arising from the reproduction,
0019 distribution, modification, or other use of the TWAIN Toolkit.
0021 As a condition of this license, Customer agrees to include in software
0022 programs based in whole or in part on the TWAIN Toolkit the following
0023 providions in (i) the header or similar file in such software and (ii)
0024 prominently in its documentation and to require its sublicensees to
0025 include these provisions in similar locations: The TWAIN Toolkit is
0026 distributed as is. The developer and distributors of the TWAIN Toolkit
0027 expressly disclaim all implied, express or statutory warranties
0028 including, without limitation, the implied warranties of
0029 merchantability, noninfringement of third party rights and fitness for
0030 a particular purpose. Neither the developers nor the distributors will
0031 be liable for damages, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental,
0032 or consequential, as a result of the reproduction, modification,
0033 distribution or other use of the TWAIN Toolkit.