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0001 This directory contains the library used for loading and rendering of Mahjongg tilesets and associated backgrounds, used by KMahjongg and KShisen.
0002 Shared data is installed to {kdedir}/share/apps/kmahjongglib/*
0004 Contents:
0005   kmahjonggtileset.cpp/.h : implementation of the KMahjonggTileset class
0006   kmahjonggbackground.cpp/.h: implementation of the KMahjongBackground class
0007   tilesets: Directory for svg files and .desktop data describing the metrics of tiles
0008   backgrounds: Art and .desktop description for backgrounds
0010 The tilesets and backgrounds are also used by Kajongg. Please remember that when you change their format.
0012 Questions? Contact Mauricio Piacentini <mauricio@tabuleiro.com>