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This directory contains the library for the kdegames package. It is a collection of functions used by some games or which are useful for other games.
Packagers note: it is recommended to put the directory "carddecks" into a separate package, as not all games using libkdegames use the carddecks as well.
Contents: kcarddialog: Access to carddeck selection and administration for cardgames kstdgameaction: just like kstdaction this provides some default action for kde games. games often use different entries than other apps (like "game" instead of "file"), so use this if possible kgamemisc: some static method i didn't know a good class name for. it currently features "randomName()" which will just give you a random name from a list (translators note: happy translating ;) i copied kde-common/accounts for this so there are nearly 300 entries...) kgame: this is a complete network/game handling library. it consists of a lot of classes which are explained in the kgame docu (as soon as it is written) kgamecanvas: a fast game-oriented canvas library

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This folder contains (or should contain) unit tests for all classes in kdegames/libkdegames.
Classes in subfolders like kgame should have tests in kdegames/libkdegames/kgame/tests
When you commit a new class, please add a test file, even if it is a skeleton file to be fleshed out later.

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