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0001 ****************************************
0002 * How to create a new KTuberling theme *
0003 ****************************************
0005 To create a new KTuberling theme you have to:
0006  * Draw the theme in a SVG file, there you have to
0007    - Name the place where items can dragged "background"
0008    - Name each of the draggable items with an unique name
0009    - NOTE: Due to a limitation in SVG handling code of KTuberling
0010      objects need to have all the transformation on themselves
0011      not on parent layers, to check that in inkscape you can use 
0012      the XML Editor in the Edit menu and check that your main
0013      layer doesn't have the transform attribute. If it has, you
0014      must remove it and apply the same transform to all the objects
0015      separately (there's a checkbox for that in the transform dialog)
0017  * Create a .theme file, it has to follow this schema
0018   <playground gameboard="yourSVGFile" name="theDesktopFile" bgcolor="bgColor">
0019     <object name="itemName" sound="soundName" scale="someValue" />
0020     ...
0021     ...
0022     ...
0023   </playground>
0025    - yourSVGFile is the name of the svg file that has the drawing
0026    - theDesktopFile is the name of the desktop file that has the name of the theme
0027    - bgColor is the color (specified like HTML) of the area outside the playground
0028      when aspect ratio is locked. If invalid or unspecified, white is used
0029    - For each object you need a <object> entry. itemName is the unique
0030      name you used on the SVG file, soundName is the sound name that will
0031      be played when dragging it, see soundthemes.HOWTO for more information.
0032    - scale is optional and someValue is the scale factor that will be used
0033      when drawing this object outside the warehouse, if not specified is 1.
0036  * Create a .desktop file, it has to follow this schema
0037   [KTuberlingTheme]
0038   Name=themeName
0040    - themeName is the name that identifies the theme, will be shown in
0041      the Playground menu
0044  * If you are adding the theme to KTuberling SVN:
0045    - Add .svg .theme .desktop files to FILES section of the CMakeLists.txt in the pics/ directory
0048  * If you want to install it for yourself:
0049    - Place .svg .theme .desktop files in `kde4-config --prefix`/share/apps/ktuberling/pics