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0001 PROGRAM NAME  ksudoku
0002 LICENSE       GPL v2
0003 VERSION       0.3
0004 AUTHOR        Francesco Rossi <redsh@email.it> 2005
0005 DATE          29/9/2005
0007 KSudoku is a program that can generate and solve sudoku (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudoku)  puzzles (of different difficulty level) using a randomized least-candidate algorithm.
0008 From version 0.3 i added a new kind of puzzles: 3d puzzles. (see changelog)
0009 The sudoku boards currently supported are 9x9, 16x16, 25x25: but the program is fully expandable since the algorithm is extendible to any general graph coloring problem (the board is in fact stored as a graph and the numbers are the colors) 
0010 In order to create a playable puzzle it fills a blank sudoku grid with a completed puzzle (randomly), then another algorithm (to be improved with some logical constraint) removes randomly numbers from it checking each time that the resultant puzzle has only one solution: it is a bit slower than logic-based elimination tecniques but it creates puzzles that are less straight-solved (more fun).
0011 The GUI is user-friendly and requires KDE and opengl.
0012 Written in C++.
0015         - open gl library (also header files)  - mesa3d.org
0016         - glu library (also header files) - mesa3d.org
0017         - kde headers and libs
0021 1. Open a shell in project directory (the one where this file is located)
0022 2. Ectract project tar -xvvzf ksudoku-0.3.tar.gz
0023 2. Run "./configure --prefix=`kdeconfig --prefix`"
0024 (will install the program in /usr/local/kde, if you want to install in /usr run "./configure --prefix=/usr")
0025 3. Run "make"
0026 4. Run "make install" as root.
0027 5. Run "ksudoku" (if does not start check point 2)
0030 CHANGE LOG 0.3
0032 - Now it supports 3d puzzles (totally new!!)
0033 - Open gl (qtglwidget) engine
0034 - 3d puzzles supported 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5 (hard)
0035 - Now it generates also simmetric puzzles
0036 - You can choose puzzle's simmetry type (random, diagonal, central, 4-way, none)
0037 - Fixed "Solve bug"
0038 - Tracker can be hidden
0039 - Rip function improved
0040 - Support for 25x25 puzzles (625 numbers to place!)
0041 - Faster
0042 - Faster Checkpoint use: added shortcuts CTRL+A CTRL+E 
0044 CHANGE LOG 0.2
0046 - New Icon (by sheepzilla)
0047 - Added click-and-write superscript mode (RMB then write number) (idea from dovidhalevi (David Baron) suggestion)
0048 - Algorithm optimized
0049 - All puzzles allows only 1 solution, in 0.1 Hardest lavel could have multiple ones.
0050 - Timer function
0051 - Highlight function (fast number place locator) PRESS SHIFT during gameplay TRY IT
0052 - Font sizes fixed (idea from dovidhalevi (David Baron) suggestion)
0053 - New colors
0054 - Checkpoint stack(save & resume)
0055 - Status bar with current selected number indicator and hints (idea from Isma (Ismael Asensio) suggestion)
0056 - Now you can choose if you want computer to show red your errors during gameplay (idea from Isma (Ismael Asensio) suggestion)