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0001 todo:
0002 -----
0004 <fix bug> shortcut configuration
0005 <check> ai may still use old coordinate system (may result in bad shots from ai)
0006 <check> logic in void Ai::shotScores() (see FIXME)
0007 sounds (using Phonon)
0008 clean up
0009 remove dynamic config-dialog generation, switch to a UI file and proper KConfigXT usage.
0010 add support for multiple user-saved configurations
0011 online multiplayer
0012 [DONE?]<fix bug> ships don't have the same size
0013    -- Seems to have been fixed by the SVG port
0014 [DONE]<fix bug> starting positions first round
0015 [DONE]maybe port to SVG (partially?)
0016    -- Artwork still needs work
0017    -- Background is still a PNG (fine since it tiles)
0018 [DONE]refactoring (split up sprites.h/cpp?)
0019 [HACK (see MyMainView::focusOutEvent)]<fix bug> clicking on playfield