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0001   * Make Jabber error messages user visible
0002   * When conquering a country, it should be invaded with at least the number of armies used to attack
0003   * [DONE] Use kwallet to store password(s)
0004   * When last armies is placed, should display 0 instead of 1 armies left
0005   * When starting a new game, should reinitialize the save file name
0007 Before KDE4.3:
0008   * Correct Arena bugs
0009   * Placement of sprites during fight in network games
0010   * Add a Cancel button on the invasion slider
0011   * Use widgets on graphics view for invasion slider ?
0012   * Correct size of the right panel
0013   * Refactor the right panel
0014   * [DONE] Don't show Invasion slider when game is won
0015   * Rewrite AI code or at least correct most problems related in bug #170777. Volunteers wanted!
0016   * [DONE] Previous/Next in start new game as described in bug #170774
0017   * Menu entry to start the skin editor from the game
0018   * Boost (speed up) playing over Jabber
0019   * Skin editor: documentation
0020   * [DONE] Skin editor: contextual help (tooltips and whatsthis)
0021   * Skin editor: check skin, check pool, coherence tests
0022   * Skin editor: add a "New" button, creating a copy of the default skin
0023   * Skin editor: reload if the pool.svg file is modified
0024   * Skin editor: button to start a SVG editor (the system default) on the pool
0025   * Skin editor: ONU::pixmapForId should produce a default pixmap in case of an unknown id
0027 Before KDE4.2:
0028   * [DONE] add visual feedback for map scrolling
0030 Before KDE4.1:
0031   * [DONE] With computer only players, first player is skipped when placing armies at 
0032     turn change
0033   * [DONE] Placement of the left firing cannon
0034   * [DONE][BUG 162033] change size of "will display goal" dialog (kdelibs bug?)
0035   * [DONE by it-s][HELP NEEDED] sprites should be enhanced
0036   * [HELP NEEDED] max size of the window should be limited by the map size
0037   * [DONE] correct the layout of initial window (with main menu) when
0038     resizing
0039   * [DONE] translate all remaining French strings in skins
0040   * [DONE] attack auto + defense auto does not work in network mode
0041   * [DONE] stop attack auto should be displayed only to attacker's client
0042   * [DONE] crash on quit after using the arena
0043   * [DONE] still some sprites handling bugs in arena mode
0044   * [DONE] set an icon to the preferences dialog page
0045   * [DONE] status bar coherence (current player for example and number of armies to place)
0046   * [DONE] missing status bar information
0047   * [DONE] hide/show or disable/enable the next player button in the toolbar
0048   * [DONE] solve the warning "Class AIPlayer inherits from two QObject subclasses Player and QThread. This is not supported!" by making the thread a member
0049   * [DONE] crash when loading the target player when the goal is to destroy it
0050   * [DONE] hide right window content when changing current player but show
0051     it again when necessary
0052   * [DONE] recycling does not work in network mode
0053   * [DONE] test if player played in the current turn does not work for non admin clients
0054   * [DONE] right window not updated when changing player distributing armies in
0055     network mode
0056   * [DONE] save action should confirm before replacing a file
0057   * [DONE] save action should reuse the previously used filename without asking again
0058   * [DONE] test AI in network games
0059   * [DONE] remove quit action from attack context menu
0060   * [DONE] disable use of arena in network games for  KDE 4.1
0061   * [DONE] slider bug in network mode (wrong nb armies)
0062   * [DONE] make attack auto work for non admin clients
0063   * [DONE] show invasion slider dialog on the attacker client
0064   * [DONE] make work again the network games
0065   * [DONE] add an option to show number of armies directly on the countries
0066   * [DONE] hovering should display the number of armies on a country
0067   * [DONE] create a skin copy of the default one but with less animations
0068   * [DONE] display only the first frame of flags in player setup dialog
0069   * [DONE] moving armies should count as an action (avoid end of turn
0070     confirmation that allows to cheat)
0071   * [DONE] invasion slider should work when clicked also (and not only if slided)
0072   * [DONE] goal showing button should not display raw html
0073   * [DONE] current player flag is not rightly updated
0074   * [DONE] space bar should finish move
0075   * [DONE] number of fighters should be displayed on all fighting sprites
0076     (programaticaly and not by duplicating sprites)
0077   * [DONE] when a client have chosen not to recycle, remove the right dialog
0078   * [DONE] change initial size of player setup dialog
0079   * [DONE] remove the player name, etc in right window during recycling choice
0080   * [DONE] don't show "you must distribute all..." for computer players
0081   * [DONE] automaticaly hide chat window in non-network games (but show it in
0082     network games)
0083   * [DONE] moving armies should use the invasion slider instead of a one shot menu
0086 Quickly
0087   * [DONE] replace all QMessageBox by KMessageBox
0088   * [DONE] study the replacement of the global timer by more local ones
0089   * refactoring of fighting in arena. code is too complex
0091 Before 1.9:
0092   * [DONE] finish porting to KDE4
0093   * [DONE] port to QGraphicsView + SVG (maybe even for 2.0)
0094   * [DONE] zoom
0095   * add something similar to cards in Risk(R)
0096   * add more visual clues during battle (number of cannons and explosions equal
0097     to those involved, the nation flag, etc.)
0098   * rework overall window presentation (size of maps, chat and info dialog, etc.)
0099   * add Next/Back buttons during game initialization
0100   * [DONE through chat and info widget] at first game launch, add an
0101     information step explaining the role of buttons with a "Do not show again"
0102     check box.
0103   * [DONE] show opponent countries during battle
0104   * handle plurals in messages
0105   * [DONE through chat and info widget] clearly show the battle results (graphics)
0106   * enhance the new AI (make it aware of goals,...)
0107   * [DONE] automaticaly choose the messages window lines height depending on
0108     the font
0109   * [DONE] replace ids by names in the skins onu.xml file format and make the countries
0110     vector independent of the order in the ONU class
0111   * make players order random at initialization
0112   * [DONE] possibility to save AI only games
0114 Before 2.0:
0115   - [DONE, Toulouse 2008 students, configuration option missing] if a fight
0116     starts outside of the displayed zone, automaticaly move to center on the
0117     fight (configurable)
0118   - possibility to Drag and Drop the map
0119   - perfect implementation of Risk rules (optional if some enhancements are
0120     implemented) ;
0121   - [DONE] hability to save game at any point
0122   - [DONE] use khotnewstuff for new skins
0123   - use Jabber to offer or find network games
0125 Middle to long term:
0126   - game periods (distribution of armies, attacks, ...) should be simultaneous
0127     for all the players. But keep a turn-by-turn organization (partly-real-time) ;
0128   - map  = 3D model, map = earth or other planet; could be zoomed and rotated.
0129     sprites = flat images or (better) 3D models too.
0131 Ideas by Dre to be dispatched :
0132  (3) [DONE] show the results of the dice rolled 
0133  (4) [DONE] make it clearer who lost what in a battle
0134  (1) [DONE] The animation is 
0135       too slow
0136  (6) [DONE] let me pick the number of armies to 
0137       attack with using the keys - 1, 2, 3 - clicking takes too long if you are
0138       doing a repeat battle
0139  (5) [To be done for 1.9] I would initiate an attack by clicking on the attack 
0140       armies and then when you drag you drag a canon with you to the target 
0141       country - this dovetails nicely
0142 with opint (1), b/c then you don't have to slowly move the cannon afterwards
0143  (2) [To be done for 2.0 ?] Color-code the countries by the owner - the flags are 
0144       too hard to identify
0145  (7) [DONE] have a "battle until troops exhausted" option -
0146       sometimes you just want a country no matter what the cost, but a cancel 
0147       button would be useful too (in this case it would be nice if a dialog 
0148       popped up with the two countries enlarged and the battle raging and 
0149       soldiers falling in each round - hey, it's a wishlist,
0150   I can dream, no ;-) ?
0153 Previous Releases
0154 Before 1.0 version:
0155   - [There was still a lot :-(] bugs correction.
0157 Before 1.2 :
0158   01- [Not so urgent] review API documentation ;
0159   02- [DONE] stop the timer when the windows looses the focus ;
0160   03- [DONE] implement basic AI ;
0161   04- [DONE] stop to use a graphic pool (archeologic artefact !), use separate
0162         images ;
0163   05- [DONE] flag to indicate the current player inside status bar ;
0164   06- [DONE example skin created; should create of a new skin instead; 
0165       someone ?] translate the map... ;
0166   07- [DONE] allow sprites to navigate from Alaska to Siberie by the short link
0167   08- [DONE] change the buttons disabling solution from toolbar
0168       hiding to "graying" ;
0169   09- [DONE] change the gestion of "multiple-territories countries": generalize
0170       Each country should be composed of a number of separated territories with
0171       a centralized gestion by extension, use the "mask solution" for the map.
0172   10- [DONE] Change the remaining "hard-wired" sizes (sprites sizes in 
0173       computations etc.) in the code and use the configuration file instead
0174   11- [DONE] click or hit space to finish a move immediatly ;
0175   12- [DONE] option to change sprites speed : from
0176       slow to immediate
0178 Before 1.4 :
0179   - [DONE] implements goals ;
0180   - [DONE] make possible the changement of map : all map-related data should be
0181     placed in resource files.
0182   - [DONE] networked multiple players game
0183   - [DONE] Test to add: if it remains only one army in a country that just 
0184     conquered another, it is useless to display the invasion buttons
0185   - [DONE] use keys 1,2,3 to choose the number of attackers and defenders
0186   - [DONE] KDE standard config management
0187   - [DONE] option to change sprites speed : from slow to immediate
0188   - [DONE] option to enable or disable sounds
0189   - [DONE] add a central point different of the flag point to countries to reduce 
0190     dependence between the map mask and the flag point
0191   - [DONE] add a cancel button to dialogs where cancelling is safe 
0193 Before 1.6 :
0194   - [DONE] add an history, at least of battle events. GUI to be conceived (idea by 
0195     frank DOT muts A gmail DOT com).
0196   - [DONE] add a snapshot, a long name and a description to skins
0197   - [DONE] countries names should be internationalized and drawn on the map at run 
0198     time and not hard coded on the map image