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KMuddy - a MUD client by KDE
1. Introduction
KMuddy if a MUD client by the KDE community. It includes many features useful for MUD players - aliases, triggers, scripting support, timers, macro keys and more. It also supports MCCP (MUD compression protocol) and MSP (MUD Sound Protocol) protocols.


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Profile converter - converts profiles from the old (up to 0.8) to the new (1.0) format.
Includes minimal copies of the old-style classes, necessary to load the lists.

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This is the source of the KMuddy mapper.
It is a fork from the Kmud2 mapper, which is no longer maintained, at least at the time of its writing.
Author of the original version: John-Paul Stanford <">>

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This is the scripting plug-in, it adds support for external scripting.

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