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0002 <mudlist version="2">
0003   <mud>
0004     <name>3-Kingdoms</name>
0005     <codebase>[LP] LDMud</codebase>
0006     <host>3k.org</host>
0007     <port>3000</port>
0008     <ip></ip>
0009     <www>http://www.3k.org/</www>
0010     <desc>Approaching two decades as one of the internet's premier MUDs!</desc>
0011     <desc>Welcome friend! Come immerse yourself in one of the largest and most advanced online games in existence. With thousands of players, tens of thousands of rooms, hundred of areas, dozens of quests and a billion possibilities, 3Kingdoms offers you endless worlds of adventure!</desc>
0012     <desc>Simple enough to learn, yet complex enough to challenge you for years, 3Kingdoms is a colossal adventure through which many years of active and continued development by its dedicated coding staff has grown to be one of the best MUDs you will ever play.</desc>
0013     <desc>Based around the mighty town of Pinnacle, three main realms beckon the player to explore. These kingdoms are known as: Fantasy, a vast medieval realm full of orcs, elves, dragons, and a myriad of other creatures; Science, a post-apocalyptic, war-torn world set in the not-so-distant future; and Chaos, a transient realm where the enormous realities of Fantasy and Science collide to produce creatures so bizarre that they have yet to be categorized.</desc>
0014     <desc>During their exploration of the realms, players have the opportunity to join any of well over a dozen different guilds. These guilds, like the Knights, Necromancers and Juggernauts and many others, allow the player to become part of a powerful team and gives them a place to socialize with other players. Guilds also grant special, unique powers to the player, furthering their abilities as they explore the vast expanses of each realm. Add in the comprehensive skill system that 3K offers and you are able to customize your characters more than anywhere else.</desc>
0015     <desc>3Kingdoms combines all these features, and so much more, to give the player an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Come live the adventure and find out for yourself why 3K is the best there is!</desc>
0016   </mud>
0017   <mud>
0018     <name>Aaezure Odyssey</name>
0019     <codebase>[Circlemud] Circle/Custom</codebase>
0020     <host>amud.kicks-ass.org</host>
0021     <port>1111</port>
0022     <www>http://myst.home.comcast.net/amud/</www>
0023     <desc>Aaezure Odyssey is a great MUD for all ages.  Formerly known as DeathWish MUD, this is a great, stable MUD that has been in operation since 1994.  There are over 11,000 rooms with a good balance of zones for all levels, with more added all the time.  Playerkilling is limited to a Battlefield only, and players are allowed to play two characters at a time if they wish.  This mud has 50 mortal levels, 6 regular classes and 4 remort classes, and too many great features to list.</desc>
0024   </mud>
0025   <mud>
0026     <name>Fallout</name>
0027     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily Modified</codebase>
0028     <host>FalloutMUD.ca</host>
0029     <port>2222</port>
0030     <ip></ip>
0031     <www>http://fallout.isotropic.ca</www>
0032     <desc>You wake up sweating, hand on your Armalite AR-15, grit on your face. You haven't bathed in weeks, through the stench on your own body you catch the scent of whatever it is breathing on your matted hair. An animal, but what kind? What size? How mutated?? You better react, like it would matter at this point, if it did matter, you'd be dead.</desc>
0033     <desc>Letters flash across your vision, assured that your power assisted leggings are charged you flip a twist through the air facing the unknown creature. Rifle on hip, you fire off a clip of 308 rounds in the general direction of the shadow ending the encounter with a thud of it's carcass hitting the desert sands.</desc>
0034     <desc>Flipping on your combat light reveals it to be a mutated desert yak, you were lucky this time...</desc>
0035     <desc>The year is around 2100, no one knows the exact year. The war has been over for 75 years yet your war is just starting. You'll have the equipment to make it happen, if you work hard enough. But will you have the guts? You're not in midgaard anymore, you won't find that city here. You'll find nothing familiar here, you're in a new world, a blasted world, and you're all alone. Better find a few friends or you're screwed. Can't be solo and hope to survive much longer, Armalite or not.</desc>
0036     <desc>Do you have what it takes? Put your money where your mouth is.</desc>
0037     <desc>Guns, Biogrades, interactive mobiles, original classes, 15000 original 'freeworld' rooms. The only 'stock' parts that remain are the major fight engines and help system to ensure you can hit the ground running day 1.</desc>
0038     <desc>From the pull of your chainsaw cord, or the blast from your assault rifle.. you'll notice nothing else familiar. Better stock up on friends, and ammo!</desc>
0039     <desc>Fallout II - The Reckoning http://fallout.isotropic.ca telnet omen.genesismuds.com 2222</desc>
0040   </mud>
0041   <mud>
0042     <name>Ring of Power</name>
0043     <codebase>[Unknown] PerlMUD, severly modified</codebase>
0044     <host>rop.dynalias.org</host>
0045     <port>7777</port>
0046     <www>http://rop.dynalias.org</www>
0047     <desc>------------------- Ring of Power ------------------</desc>
0048     <desc>You were sick of the world around you and only said \"I wish I was someone else, somewhere else\"... ... You wake up in a weird world, in here you can be and do what you always dreamed of, but will you be pleased or forced to please?</desc>
0049     <desc>-----------------------------------------------------</desc>
0050     <desc>This is what you will see when logging in. And that is what you can get here. You can be Mistress or Master, a free citizen or a slave. The vampire world is up and running as well and additionally we are newbie-friendly and mostly funny people to be with. The main themes are sex and BDSM, but another one is fun!</desc>
0051   </mud>
0052   <mud>
0053     <name>Buffy Mud</name>
0054     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
0055     <host>buffymud.wolfpaw.net</host>
0056     <port>5000</port>
0057     <ip></ip>
0058     <www>http://buffymud.wolfpaw.net</www>
0059     <desc>Set after the tv show, in a Sunnydale that has been reconstructed using powerful magics of time folding; Buffy Mud is the closest you can come to experiencing living on the hellmouth. The code and RP work seamlessly together to create a singular experience. If you're looking for a place to go to get your Buffy fix, or just looking for a unique and different mud, where you can experience advanced code and a rich rp environment this is the place for you. Buffmud features: -4 Races(human, demon, vampire, halfdemon) -10 classes -Over 300 completely custom skills and abilities -A richly populated map of sunnydale, featuring over 100 areas including such notable locations as breaker's woods, the espresso pump, the magic box, and of course the bronze. -Code to develop your characters 'normal life' including careers, customisable houses, apartments and shops as well as clothing, tattoos and jewelry. -14 different statistics to develop in each character unlocking abilities ranging from magics, martial arts styles, demon powers, to building and using ranged weaponry.</desc>
0060     <desc>Here's an example of one of our combat rounds: You jump up and tuck, letting Scarlock's push kick shoot under you. You deliver a left semi-circular high kick, the instep of your foot connecting with Scarlock's head. Scarlock tosses his head backwards, evading your crescent kick by a fraction. Scarlock snaps his left leg forward hard, slamming it into your midriff. You snap your right elbow viciously into Scarlock's nose. You throw a right roundhouse punch impacting solidly with Scarlock's jaw, making him spit blood! Scarlock blocks your chop with his forarm and jabs you in the face with his free hand. You duck under Scarlock's cross-jab and punch him in the stomach with your right fist, making him cough blood! You smash Scarlock's feeble attack out of the way and taking a powerful step forward you kick him square in the chest sending him flying. Scarlock goes hurtling through the air to the south. Scarlock hits the ground hard. You walk in after him.</desc>
0061     <desc>The staff and players of buffymud are dedicated to creating interesting rp and stories much like that seen in the television shows and are always happy to welcome and aid newcomers.</desc>
0062   </mud>
0063   <mud>
0064     <name>Aardwolf</name>
0065     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
0066     <host>aardmud.org</host>
0067     <port>23</port>
0068     <ip></ip>
0069     <www>http://www.aardwolf.com</www>
0070     <desc>Established in 1996, Aardwolf has grown to be a highly popular MUD with several hundred players online at any given time. Featuring a line of sight overhead map, a realistic game world and exploration rankings, Aardwolf is the perfect mud for explorers.</desc>
0071     <desc>There are 7 high level classes split into 28 subclasses such as enchanters, barbarians, shaman, assassin, etc. Many quests and side games provide entertaining distractions and there is a very active MUD community. Stats actually matter and there are many ways to build your character based on your preferences and style of play.</desc>
0072     <desc>Real Player killing is optional and restricted (mostly) to clans. There are plenty of other ways to test your skills against others however.</desc>
0073     <desc>The areas are highly developed. Aardwolf features over 100,000 lines of Lua based area scripts to entertain, challenge and amuse.</desc>
0074     <desc>As you would expect from a well established MUD, there are many many features. The best introduction to Aardwolf is to drop by and check out our new Academy - an extensive tutorial and quest area. The academy was referred to by one of our newer players as \"The most advanced mud school they have ever seen\".</desc>
0075     <desc>One thing Aardwolf is not - a serious roleplaying MUD. If that is your preference there are many other fine MUDs for you to try. Our focus is on being a fun place to play, to be challenged when you want to be and take it easy when you don't. Non MUD related chat is not \"tolerated\", it is welcomed. It is, after all, a community.</desc>
0076   </mud>
0077   <mud>
0078     <name>Ancient Mists</name>
0079     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified</codebase>
0080     <host>ancientmists.mudmagic.com</host>
0081     <port>1538</port>
0082     <ip></ip>
0083     <www>http://ancientmists.mudmagic.com</www>
0084     <desc>Ancient Mists is looking for new blood!!  We are becoming a \"Role Play enforced\" mud and we need new blood to help drive the RP and bring new life into the place......</desc>
0085     <desc>Ancient Mists is a place for those who want to log in and enjoy themselves in a place where extensive RolePlay is the norm.  We are VERY newbie friendly and have an extensive Newbie Helper system.  The main goal of Ancient Mists is to be a place where people come to for one main reason... to have FUN!  Our admins continually work to improve the game and player ideas are happily accepted. All admins can relate to the game from a player point of view, as all admins were players first!</desc>
0086     <desc>We have a great number of features:</desc>
0087     <desc>Tier'd Remort System Auction System Extensive Arena Fights and War Code Race Languages Clan System Auctions Quests</desc>
0088     <desc>and much MUCH more.</desc>
0089     <desc>Come join the fun!!</desc>
0090   </mud>
0091   <mud>
0092     <name>Red Tide MUX</name>
0093     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
0094     <host>redtidemux.com</host>
0095     <port>2626</port>
0096     <ip></ip>
0097     <www>http://redtide.wikidot.com</www>
0098     <desc>A hundred and twenty years ago the world was drowned by demon-haunted waves. A few desperate exiles found shelter in the distant Sunset Isles, only to face the savage hordes of native goblinoids. Through merciless warfare, mighty sorceries, and more than a passing share of luck, their descendants have managed to carve a home out of those far shores. Yet the Red Tide remains and the goblins grow stronger in their western mountains, waiting for the hour to take back what they have lost....</desc>
0099     <desc>Red Tides MUX is a new MUX using the Open Gaming License provided by Wizards of the Coast. Players make up the adventurers and scoundrels that inhabit the coastal city of Xian, each one seeking their own breed of glory. Whether fighting the goblin warbands that raid the human lands, rooting out nefarious Tide Cults, exploring abandoned dwarven holds, or gaming for power in the Mandarin's court, players strive to find places fit for heroes.</desc>
0100   </mud>
0101   <mud>
0102     <name>The Guns of Cimarron</name>
0103     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
0104     <host>cimarron.us</host>
0105     <port>1881</port>
0106     <www>http://cimmaron.wikidot.com/</www>
0107     <desc>Cimarron, New Mexico - 1881</desc>
0108     <desc>The name is Spanish for 'wild' and 'unbroken'. And in the year 1881,  that's precisely what it was; attracting mountain men, outlaws,</desc>
0109     <desc>trappers, gold seekers, traders and cowboys.</desc>
0110     <desc>By the 1880s, the gold was running out, but the influx of people</desc>
0111     <desc>continued. Ranchers, townsfolk, the wealthy and the poor. Cimarron is</desc>
0112     <desc>imbued with them all. Pueblo, Apache and Navajo roamed the land.</desc>
0113     <desc>With the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountain range in its</desc>
0114     <desc>shadow, Cimarron lays seemingly serene from a distance, but up close,</desc>
0115     <desc>it teams with life. Welcome and join us.</desc>
0116   </mud>
0117   <mud>
0118     <name>Cities of M'Dhoria</name>
0119     <codebase>[Rom] Highly modified ROM</codebase>
0120     <host>mdhoria.net</host>
0121     <port>6996</port>
0122     <www>http://www.mdhoria.net</www>
0123     <desc>Cities of M'Dhoria is a medieval fantasy MUD. Established in 1996, the game runs on a highly modified ROM codebase. Roleplay is strictly enforced and is supported by a unique emote system. PK is restricted.</desc>
0124     <desc>The world of M'Dhoria is large, with some 10,000 rooms spread over many areas. Each area caters to specific levels and tailored to provide special challenges for these levels. There are built-in quests in the game, but the staff also runs quests and events on a regular basis.</desc>
0125     <desc>In M'Dhoria, you can play any role that you want and become anyone you want to be. The story is dynamic and you can just jump right into the heart of it. In Cities of M'Dhoria, nothing is exactly as it seems.</desc>
0126   </mud>
0127   <mud>
0128     <name>The Augmented Dimension</name>
0129     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily Modified/Customized</codebase>
0130     <host>aug-dimension.hopto.org</host>
0131     <port>8228</port>
0132     <www>http://</www>
0133     <desc>I am happy to announce the official launch of The Augmented Dimension 1.0 (formerly known as ugradMUD).  We are finally finished our three month long (and very effective) beta testing period.  We are a hack and slash medieval fantasy MUD, with a modest but polished two thousand room world.  We have fourteen classes, split over two factions (light and dark) and four races.  We run moderated PK and our code is based on a heavily modified CircleMUD 3.1.  We are extremely stable, and haven't had an unresolved crash yet.  We offer 100 challenging mortal levels, but the ladder is very difficult to climb -- so don't expect to get to get to level 100 too fast!  We celebrate our launch with a pwipe to level the playing field for everyone.  So this is your chance to show up first and win the race to the top!</desc>
0134   </mud>
0135   <mud>
0136     <name>Abandoned Codex</name>
0137     <codebase>[Smaug] modified</codebase>
0138     <host>abandonedcodex.net</host>
0139     <port>4000</port>
0140     <ip></ip>
0141     <www>http://www.abandonedcodex.net/</www>
0142     <desc>Abandoned Codex has achieved a reputation over the last 10+ years for great roleplaying in a well-coded smaug/merc-style environment. The improvements are too numerous to be listed here, but include such things as an automatic Top 60 ratings system, an RP ranks system, new races, classes and skills, remorts, over 50 new areas added to the old favorites, and countless improvements to the standard classes.</desc>
0143     <desc>There's roleplaying (optional), quizzes, quests, clans, and are open to suggestion about just about anything you want to do! The mud's comfortably small-but-stable playerbase allows the administrators to fit new races, skills, spells, and major storylines around the PCs - not the other way around.</desc>
0144     <desc>There is also a builders' port where we can accommodate all your creative desires, and can offer training if required.</desc>
0145   </mud>
0146   <mud>
0147     <name>Dead Souls Demo</name>
0148     <codebase>[LP] driver: MudOS 22.2b14</codebase>
0149     <host>rugose.com</host>
0150     <port>6666</port>
0151     <ip></ip>
0152     <www>http://dead-souls.net</www>
0153     <desc>Dead Souls Demo is a demonstration mud. It is designed to let you log in as a</desc>
0154   </mud>
0155   <mud>
0156     <name>Abandoned Realms</name>
0157     <codebase>[Rom] Modified heavily for fairness, and for added depth.</codebase>
0158     <host>abandonedrealms.com</host>
0159     <port>9000</port>
0160     <ip></ip>
0161     <www>http://www.abandonedrealms.com/</www>
0162     <desc>Abandoned Realms is a highly modified diku mud.  The objective of the mud is to focus on gameplay.  We want a MUD where people can enjoy themselves and other aspects of the mud, without compromising gameplay.  Gameplay to us is having rich themes to our areas, various creatures that talk to players instead of just sitting around, and well balanced race/classes.</desc>
0163     <desc>We have an extended help file system, a newbie chat for those unfamiliar with this kind of MUD, and plenty of friendly imms willing to answer your questions.  There are 16 races and 16 classes each unique with their advantages and disadvantages.  New races and classes are consistently being added and the old ones refined to preserve gameplay. There are also seven cabals, with plans to add more in the future.</desc>
0164     <desc>We enforce roleplaying here, we like to see players who have unique backgrounds, enjoy being memorable characters, and in turn,  meeting other memorable characters.  We also have mob runned quests that will improve certain aspects of your character.</desc>
0165     <desc>Although we do encourage player killing, we also discourage senseless slaughter.  We have refined the gameplay so that brains will win over brawn because nobody likes boring hack and slash.  We test our pk ranges thoroughly for fairness. If you enjoy roleplaying in a complex and vast world mixed with the thrills of playerkilling then Abandoned Realms is for you.</desc>
0166   </mud>
0167   <mud>
0168     <name>Legends of the Jedi</name>
0169     <codebase>[SWR] Heavily modified SWR 1.0</codebase>
0170     <host>legendsofthejedi.com</host>
0171     <port>5656</port>
0172     <ip></ip>
0173     <www>http://www.legendsofthejedi.com</www>
0174     <desc>Come to Legends of the Jedi and enter a gaming experience where the players can rewrite the classic Star Wars stories with their own battles, their own heros, and their own endings. LotJ operates on a progressive timeline that extends approximately 18 months, and takes players through all of major points of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. No matter what your favorite era is, you're sure to find it on Legends of the Jedi.</desc>
0175     <desc>The key positions on Legends of the Jedi are all played out by members of our player base. From the Queen of Naboo, the Jedi Master, the Princess of Alderaan, to the Sith Lord, or the last surviving Mandalorian hunter. LotJ players are never without exciting parts to role play. Have an idea of your own that you'd like to introduce? Our webpage offers an online method for submitting applications for things ranging from Jedi Force to clans to character roles or anything else you can dream up.</desc>
0176     <desc>Our playing environment features the planets and themes that are most commonly associated with Star Wars: Jedi Knights, Senators, hidden Sith Lords, Hutt crime clans, and bounty hunting guilds.</desc>
0177     <desc>Role play is strongly enforced on Legends of the Jedi. Player kills must be handled in accordance with our rules, and have strong supporting cause. Players who feel their death has not been handled properly will have the opportunity to dispute it with our player-elected Role Play Council, or RPC. The RPC is responsible for judging player disputes, restore requests, and many other in-game issues that may arise.</desc>
0178     <desc>Legends of the Jedi has a unique, user-friendly account system that allows our players garnish points from events, special quests, exemplary role playing, and the character's death (perm). Players may then use those points to purchase special races, and levels for new characters.</desc>
0179   </mud>
0180   <mud>
0181     <name>Abattoir</name>
0182     <codebase>[Smaug] Smaug</codebase>
0183     <host>abattoir.wolfpaw.net</host>
0184     <port>3232</port>
0185     <ip></ip>
0186     <www>http://abattoir.wolfpaw.net</www>
0187     <desc>Abattoir is based upon the popular and easy-to-learn SMAUG codebase, with numerous new additions and enhancements to the code to make this a truly interesting and fun place to play. And with over 8000 rooms and almost 100 areas, 75% unique and exclusive to Abattoir, you know you will find this realm to be like no other...</desc>
0188     <desc>Here are just some of the Abattoir's key features:</desc>
0189     <desc>* Saerdoun, City of Wonders... unique main city with many shops * Explorer points rewarding those who choose to wander * Bonus experience for your first hour of play each day * Housing for sale allowing for item storage and a place to call 'home' * Several new classes such as Nightblades, Delvers, and Sword-mages * Several new skills and spells for all classes, most unique to Abattoir * Levelling requires experience points and quest completion * Banking system allowing safe storage of gold * 100 mortal levels * Specialised questing areas for levels 95+ * Several new races such as Golem, Demon, and Spirit * Six multi-class guilds, with storage and shop facilities * Four player-killing clans, also with storage and shop facilities * Three religious orders, with various facilities * Regular 'Open Forums' for players and admins to discuss the game * Ability to set bounties on deadly players * Regular tournaments held on Sundays for the enjoyment of all players * Abattoir's unique statistic generator thwarts Smaug 'statname' abuse * and many more small bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.</desc>
0190   </mud>
0191   <mud>
0192     <name>Sindome</name>
0193     <codebase>[MOO] ANSI XML FILE-IO WEB-IO</codebase>
0194     <host>moo.sindome.org</host>
0195     <port>5555</port>
0196     <ip></ip>
0197     <www>http://www.sindome.org</www>
0198     <desc>Set in the dark gritty future of 2093, Sindome takes place in a city within a geodesic dome, Withmore City. Characters fight for survival, carving out a niche in the underworld for themselves. Cybernetics, a 3D layout system in both the 'real' and 'cyber' world, high technology, high style and low class all in one. Sell out to the man and be a gun toting Street Judge, protecting the citizens according to the 'law', be a drone for corps and do nightly news casts while dodging bullets in your aerodyne, or spend your time digging around the sewers and tunnels that are under every level of this social-class separated city.</desc>
0199     <desc>Coded Features include: * Cybernetic &amp; Organic Implants * Player Creatable Narcotics * Vast Wasteland Beyond the City * 3D Flight &amp; Falling * Weapon Modification, Degradation &amp; Specialization * Player Controlled 'Smart' NPCs &amp; Gangs * Simulated Internet via Hybrid Web Experience * Fallout Style S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stat System * Over 30 Unique Skills &amp; Advantages * Virtual Game-within-a-Game Computer Simulations * Constantly Improved Features based on Player Input</desc>
0200   </mud>
0201   <mud>
0202     <name>Esforonin</name>
0203     <codebase>[Custom] DGD-based</codebase>
0204     <host>esforonin.net</host>
0205     <port>1409</port>
0206     <ip></ip>
0207     <www>http://esforonin.net/</www>
0208     <desc>While being open for anyone to log in, Esforonin is not a playable game.</desc>
0209     <desc>Esforonin is a slow-evolving MUD project. Actually, it is so slow-evolving that it is unlikely to ever become open for players. But that is a rather depressing fact and makes for a poor development environment, so let's ignore it best we can!</desc>
0210     <desc>Better then to look ahead towards the goals. Esforonin is aimed at becoming a combat-oriented MUD with the usual sense of achievement through bettering ones skills and equipment. However, Esforonin will also truly encourage roleplaying and storytelling by offering strong coded support for such activities, aswell as hoping to raise a staff dedicated in this direction.</desc>
0211     <desc>July 2005, Jimorie</desc>
0212   </mud>
0213   <mud>
0214     <name>Covenant</name>
0215     <codebase>[Smaug]  / MUX hybrid</codebase>
0216     <host>tierceron.com</host>
0217     <port>1685</port>
0218     <ip></ip>
0219     <www>http://www.tierceron.com/mud/index.php</www>
0220     <desc>Shamus has finally graduated, and so after a long sabbatical, we are resuming work on Covenant MUD. We are looking for writers interested in helping us continue to build a detailed and atmospheric world. Our central city, Tierceron, is so large it is really a city-state rather than just a city. (For implementors, this means we've got a city with over 1,200 rooms!) Even though the city is very large, we emphasize quality over quantity and strive for originality in everything we implement--from the races and classes to the zones themselves. We highly encourage role-playing, and we do not cater to the lowest common denominator. This isn't to say we are not newbie-friendly, but we are geared toward advanced players. The realm of Covenant is taking shape and we are accepting builders who can write quality, high-impact zones!</desc>
0221     <desc>We have reverse-engineered and implemented a 'realspace' overworld system similar to what you would find in a BattleTech MUX. Travel between areas has been implemented using a navigation system complete with overland ANSI maps. You set your heading, and how fast you wish to travel (walk, jog, run, or canter, trot, gallop if you are mounted). You can track your progress using various navigation commands. The realspace system adds a genuine sense of distance to the overworld and nicely foils speedwalkers!</desc>
0222   </mud>
0223   <mud>
0224     <name>Hurrians</name>
0225     <codebase>[Smaug] New MUD seeking Coders and Admins</codebase>
0226     <host>hurria.sytes.net</host>
0227     <port>4000</port>
0228     <ip>hurria.sytes.ne</ip>
0229     <www>http://mud.hackshophc.com</www>
0230     <desc>Looking for Builders and Coders. Looking for RP Players. Looking to have FUN! Website is in Development. TeamSpeak IP: hurria.sytes.net:9000</desc>
0231   </mud>
0232   <mud>
0233     <name>Abysmal Realms</name>
0234     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Customized, many enhanced features!</codebase>
0235     <host>realms.reichel.net</host>
0236     <port>4000</port>
0237     <ip></ip>
0238     <www>http://realms.reichel.net/</www>
0239     <desc>** MOVED TO FASTER HOST NOV 2006 ** ** The Abysmal Realms MUD is a Roleplaying/Playerkilling MUD derived from ROM2.4 code.  The Realms opened to the public May 1st, 1997 and has grown steadily since then. Those accustomed to ROM playing will be pleased with the enhancements we've made while still retaining the best of the ROM 'look and feel'. Realism, attention to detail and enhanced user interface have been our top priorities.  The focal point of Abysmal Realms is our clan system. Those new to Role Play will find it natural to fall into RP mode because of the distinct personalities and purposes of each clan. We find best role players often prove to be the first time mudders! We have a clan that is dedicated to life and helping those that are inexperienced learn. Again, you can visit our web site for info on the clans. Though PK is supported, it is judged by strict standards of appropriateness within the RP context maintained here.  We have user-selectable ANSI color, many spam reducing features, and questmasters available for questing anytime. The mud is served by a conscientious and talented staff of immortals. We also have an mprog driven economy, where many things are 'made' by mobs, and we are striving to include every item in the realms in a like manner. Watch as items are picked, gathered, or mined and then processed into foods, weapons, armors, and potions. WE HAVE NOT HAD A PWIPE SINCE OPENING, and do not plan on one in the future. Click on the link to our web site for a complete listing and to subscribe to the mailing list.</desc>
0240   </mud>
0241   <mud>
0242     <name>Age of Dragons</name>
0243     <codebase>[Circlemud] [Circlemud]</codebase>
0244     <host>ageofdragons.com</host>
0245     <port>4000</port>
0246     <ip></ip>
0247     <www>http://www.ageofdragons.com</www>
0248     <desc>Age of Dragons was originally created in 1996. Since that time the MUD has gone through many changes in order to improve the original world we have created. We now have over 150 zones throughout the MUD, along with three major cities that players of all different alignments call home.</desc>
0249     <desc>Some of the code we use on Age of Dragons includes a memorization system, where players actually memorize their spells instead of using mana, detailed descriptions for players so that they can customize their characters to the fullest extent, an introduction system which allows players to pick and choose which players they wish to be associated with, and an approval system for new characters that ensures only players with appropriate descriptions and names will be a part of our world.</desc>
0250     <desc>Numerous different skills and spells from the original and new age of Dungeons and Dragons have been included for players to have at their disposal, we offer eight different races, and eleven different classes to choose from.</desc>
0251     <desc>Age of Dragons is a MUD like no other. Our originality, ability to obtain unique objects through quests, and rewards for good roleplaying will make Age of Dragons your newest addiction.</desc>
0252     <desc>Happy MUDding, and good luck to you all.</desc>
0253   </mud>
0254   <mud>
0255     <name>Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands</name>
0256     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
0257     <host>achaea.com</host>
0258     <port>23</port>
0259     <ip></ip>
0260     <www>http://www.achaea.com/entry.php?eid=achaea-mudconnector-listing</www>
0261     <desc>Achaea is a completely original high fantasy mud coded from scratch with a full-time -paid- staff, hosted in the same facility as Sun and Google, and focused on player interaction rather than the monster bashing nearly all text muds focus on. Competing city- states, guilds, religious Orders, clans, unrivalled PvP combat, competitive economic systems, and more. We are the gold standard. But you don't have to take our word for it:</desc>
0262     <desc>'I don't believe there's another game in existence with this much depth.' - John Romero, Co-designer of Doom and Quake</desc>
0263     <desc>'Few virtual worlds with an immensely complicated combat system avoid being completely dominated by it -- Achaea is the best-known exception.' -- Dr. Richard Bartle, the inventor of MUDs.</desc>
0264     <desc>'One of the biggest online text-based games.' - Wired.com</desc>
0265     <desc>'It's a very real world and very fascinating.' - G4/TechTV</desc>
0266     <desc>Most #1 rankings ever. - Topmudsites.com</desc>
0267   </mud>
0268   <mud>
0269     <name>Ghostwheel</name>
0270     <codebase>[MOO] LambdaCore/GhostCore</codebase>
0271     <host>moo.ghostmoo.org</host>
0272     <port>6969</port>
0273     <ip></ip>
0274     <www>http://fazigu.org/~quinn/ghost/</www>
0275     <desc>The apocalypse is a collective nightmare. Fading. Few remember what happened, and no witness lives to tell. Sometime, somehow, two millenia of civilization collapsed into dust.</desc>
0276     <desc>The past is a bleached skull on glowing sand. The future is now, and humanity crawls forward, shaking off its holocaust ashes.</desc>
0277     <desc>The Wasteland awaits.</desc>
0278   </mud>
0279   <mud>
0280     <name>Adventures for Ancient Wisdom</name>
0281     <codebase>[Dikumud] Diku/Envy/Merc with a twist</codebase>
0282     <host>score.dyndns.org</host>
0283     <port>4100</port>
0284     <ip></ip>
0285     <www>http://www.geocities.com/aaw_home</www>
0286     <desc>AAW is an ever evolving MUD, many new and unique features have been coded into the game. Most MUDS have mprogs, but how many out there offer substantial oprogs and rprogs, so that objects and even rooms can interact with you and your characters actions? We also have an extensive pet system. Pets can be leveled, wear EQ and even have custom names and descriptions.  We also RDL (Room Description Langue) which allows builders the ability to make it so that room descriptions (and other things) say one thing in daytime and another at night, or to have descriptions in the different languages of the realm. MSP (Mud Sound Protocol) is in and many of our areas now have their own .midi files attached to enhance the play experience.  AAW offers many races and classes, with more to come. All characters are dual classed so that you get all spells/skills from your primary class and s/s up to level 30 in your second class, yielding an immense range of possible combinations.  New original areas are constantly in development, and our aim is at having totally original world one day! At the time being we are half way there.</desc>
0287     <desc>So take some time, and get lost in your Adventures for Ancient Wisdom!</desc>
0288   </mud>
0289   <mud>
0290     <name>Ultimate Realms</name>
0291     <codebase>[LP]</codebase>
0292     <host>ultimate-realms.org</host>
0293     <port>2222</port>
0294     <www>http://www.ultimate-realms.org</www>
0295     <desc>This is a really new MUD, for the past few years we have been refining the codebase we have so far so that it is easy to use, and fun to play. We have achieved this goal. The discriptions are highly in depth, nothing goes unnoticed, so for those of you that enjoy the observational qualties of playing a MUD this is a must see. We are currently lacking in the volume of areas of many MUDs so we are activly looking for anyone interested in building, or coding.</desc>
0296   </mud>
0297   <mud>
0298     <name>GinkoMud</name>
0299     <codebase>[MUCK] Protomuck 1.70</codebase>
0300     <host>ginkosoft.com</host>
0301     <port>8898</port>
0302     <ip></ip>
0303     <www>None</www>
0304     <desc>GinkoMUCK is a work in progress that is, after many years, nearing completion.  The playerbase up until now has been relatively small, as the muck has been mainly development up until this point. Finally the staff of GinkoMUCK would like to open its doors for a public beta test, and we would also like to announce that we are currently looking for experienced MUCK developers for building and programming development.  GinkoMUCK's player creation system is restricted to manual creations by wizard staff over email only until our automated system is online. Please email heywoodd@telusplanet.net or fox85@ginkosoft.com for a character.  The staff of GinkoMUCK hopes to see you around, as we are proud of what we have done.</desc>
0305   </mud>
0306   <mud>
0307     <name>Adventures Unlimited</name>
0308     <codebase>[Rom] 2.4b6(pretty darn good)</codebase>
0309     <host>tharel.net</host>
0310     <port>5005</port>
0311     <ip></ip>
0312     <www>http://www.tharel.net/</www>
0313     <desc>Adventures Unlimited began over 8 years ago as a modest stock rom mud with not much more to offer than any of the thousands of other stock muds. Over the years, the mud has grown into a multi- faceted community with a detailed world, consistent roleplay and many features.</desc>
0314     <desc>We pride ourselves in bringing a game with integrity, stamina and honesty to our players. Our channels are free of cursing and the environment is friendly. Our players are helpful and enjoy aiding new players. Our immortal staff is talented, experienced and dedicated. Many of the staff have been part of AU for over 5 years.</desc>
0315     <desc>Adventures Unlimited is not a cookie cutter rom based mud. The development has been focused not on what other muds provide to their players but instead on the path that AU occupies alone. The land of Tharel has been developed continuously throughout the years of the existing of AU. It has gone from a completely stock world with no original areas to 75% original with over 10,000 rooms.</desc>
0316     <desc>AU continues to develop and evolve. Our website contains logs of all of our changes made from 2001 to the present day. The vast amount of work shows our longterm dedication to the game and the player base.  We have high player satisfaction and provide a quality and fun product to our players.</desc>
0317     <desc>Come and join our community! Experience the land of Tharel!</desc>
0318   </mud>
0319   <mud>
0320     <name>Darkest Hour</name>
0321     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified</codebase>
0322     <host>mudcraft.net</host>
0323     <port>5000</port>
0324     <www>http://None</www>
0325     <desc>In a time of Darkness, the Orcish Horde of Dushgoi has forsaken their spotty alliances with the Humans of Migaard.</desc>
0326     <desc>Play as one of the many Human races to defend Thera against the Orcs, or play as a part of the Orc War Machine bent on the eradication of the Humans.  For the bravest of Warriors, you can even ascend the mortal coil and be reborn as a Drake.</desc>
0327     <desc>Come try Darkest Hour, and join the fight!</desc>
0328   </mud>
0329   <mud>
0330     <name>Unknown Epicentres</name>
0331     <codebase>[MUCK]</codebase>
0332     <www>http://byrs.net/uei/</www>
0333     <desc>It's called Unknown Epicentres, or UEI for short.  Yeah, the acronym has more letters than it should.  We saved enough on server rent that we were able to afford an extra vowel.  UEI is a quasi-private social MUCK that started as a sort of moving away from the overwhelming furry populations of most MUCKs.  We wanted more style and intelligence in our conversations and chillspaces and less in the way of yiffing and scritching.  So it's pretty small and personal.  RP is possible and encouraged but there hasn't been a whole lot taking place yet.  Right now it's just a laundromat for slackers to hang out in and talk about.. stuff.  Also illustrators are very welcome.  Yeah.  Cor, what a crummy description for a muck.  If you think this sounds at all interesting, have a see of the abortive web page.  If you're still there, drop a line via email and we'll talk.  Notice:  The address and port of UEI are intentionally unlisted.  Once you've contacted the admins and your account has been made you will be furnished with connection information.</desc>
0334   </mud>
0335   <mud>
0336     <name>After Hours</name>
0337     <codebase>[LP] LDmud</codebase>
0338     <host>afterhoursmud.com</host>
0339     <port>2000</port>
0340     <ip></ip>
0341     <www>http://afterhoursmud.com</www>
0342     <desc>One of the most established and advanced LPmud's in existence. Now in it's 15th year, the imaginative world of AfterHours is one of medieval fantasy and adventure. We offer a very friendly atmosphere with helpful players and immortals.</desc>
0343     <desc>AfterHours has formed into an extensive and detailed world with a very unique feel. Many years of coding from hundreds of builders provides the basis for one of the most original mud's ever. If your looking for a  mud you can get really involved in AfterHours will satisfy your every need. Some of the main aspects offered at After Hours are:</desc>
0344     <desc>* A user interface which allows new users to start quickly, but is complex enough for advanced players. * A unique Multi-Class system. * Sixteen original and creative quests to challenge players who like to role-play.  Join our world and the lifelong experience that is AfterHours.</desc>
0345   </mud>
0346   <mud>
0347     <name>After the Plague</name>
0348     <codebase>[LP] MudOS (CoreDump mudlib)</codebase>
0349     <host>atp.pedia.szote.u-szeged.hu</host>
0350     <port>3000</port>
0351     <ip></ip>
0352     <www></www>
0353     <desc>Our mud is a complex and 'real' fantasy world. We encourage roleplay, though we don't enforce it. The tuneable global channel may be used only for newbie related questions. There are no levels in the mud. You gain experience by improving your skills, solving quests or by exploring new places rather than by killing the same monster repeatedly. It is a unique blend of a hack &amp; slash and a roleplaying mud. You really live in the world, it is not just theatrical roleplay. There are many features that keep you busy exploring, so you won't fall back to boring hack and slash routine. Mud features: 20+ open guilds. Most of these guilds are led by players so admission in a guild is not always automatic. Complex monetary system. 20 playable races with their own language. About 120 spells and 90+ different skills. Unknown characters will be seen by their appearance rather than names. Team system supports back row for spellcasters and archers. Weather. Overland map. Combat includes bleeding, unconsciousness, breaking or severing of limbs. Special races: flying races, water breathing races etc. and a lot more. 60+ unique quests (not autoquests). Numerical values are shown as text or displayed by bars. Players are entitled for detailed character generation after they have already spent some time playing the game. Detailed character generation includes a background story which could be standard or player supplied. Players can own houses with saved equipment. Crafts include forging, carving and tailoring.</desc>
0354   </mud>
0355   <mud>
0356     <name>AfterFive</name>
0357     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH 2.2.1 #21, 2.2.2 [DaemonMUCH 0.15 enhanced, Pueblo 1.X enhanced]</codebase>
0358     <host>af.vew.net</host>
0359     <port>9999</port>
0360     <ip></ip>
0361     <www>http://af.vew.net/af.html</www>
0362     <desc>AfterFive has been running since 1991, with a one year hiatus for development. We are loosely themed on New Orleans, and offers a full Citadel-type BBS online. Character requests can be sent to trish@vew.net. There is no open building or programming, although special cases are looked at if for public use.</desc>
0363   </mud>
0364   <mud>
0365     <name>HoloMuck</name>
0366     <codebase>[MUCK] mousemuck</codebase>
0367     <host>holomuck.org</host>
0368     <port>5757</port>
0369     <ip></ip>
0370     <www>http://www.holomuck.org/</www>
0371     <desc>HoloMuck is an online multi-user game. It's sort of like a text adventure computer game (like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Zork) except that there are other people who are walking around with you. You may also build parts of the game world yourself. HoloMuck has a history dating back to February, 1992, starting as a closed muck on a DECstation in central Maine, evolving into a public MUCK with a following based on Callahan's, Pern and FluxMUCK, and has now become the largest daemonmuck-based server on the Internet.</desc>
0372     <desc>HoloMuck has players from places as diverse as Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia, South America and the South Pole. Unlike some other online games, which tend to be overly hack-and-slash oriented, HoloMuck's focus is purely social. Although people can and do</desc>
0373   </mud>
0374   <mud>
0375     <name>Southern Cross: Honor de la Familia</name>
0376     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
0377     <www>http://scross.homeip.net/Wiki/index.php/Main_Page</www>
0378     <desc>Southern Cross: Valente or its full title, Southern Cross: Honor de la familia, is the latest incarnation of the Southern Cross world. Advanced to 1030 After Holy (After the end of Final Fantasy 7) the scene is now set to the lush lands of Valente.</desc>
0379     <desc>An enchanting mix of Spanish, Italian and other Mediterranean cultures, mixed with those of the Empire and Wutai. Join the intrigue as several old noble families, the Church of the All Father, and the Guilds of Engineers, Mages and Merchants vie for positions and power. Play almost anything you desire, with over 100 jobs that you can strive for,</desc>
0380     <desc>500 possible Specials, and almost unlimited skills, plus the options to make your own custom jobs and specials. SC:V is looking for skilled and mature Rpers, offering both politic, combat, and crafter RP.</desc>
0381     <desc>A fully automated crafting system with an abundance of crafting choices, from the magical, to the mundane, the spectacular to the every day, all types of Rpers and styles are welcome to come and find their niches here.</desc>
0382     <desc>You can fully customize your character to your desires, using a merit and flaw system to give them the quirks that will make them unique, and also pick any species from the FF7 world or any FF world!</desc>
0383   </mud>
0384   <mud>
0385     <name>Underworld Dreams</name>
0386     <codebase>[Envy] not stock</codebase>
0387     <host>dreams.daestroke.com</host>
0388     <port>3000</port>
0389     <ip></ip>
0390     <www>http://dreams.daestroke.com/</www>
0391     <desc>Underworld Dreams is a resurrected version of a six year old Envy MUD that has a great deal of accumulated changes, tweaks, and history. Our active and interested immortal staff is focused on creating a balanced and fun environment for exploration and adventure.</desc>
0392     <desc>We boast upwards of 150 new and unique skills and spells (in addition to a number of classic Envy skills) spread over twelve classes to accomodate every playing style. Want to see interesting and complex areas? Want to found your own clan, and destroy enemy clans?  Want to see mean and intelligent mobs, object specs, object triggers, spellcasting objects, and ten new stats plus the basic five to customize your character?  We've got it all.</desc>
0393     <desc>We also have unique features such as a witch who will trade potions for herbs, an addictive Wheel of Fortune, our own distinctive combat messages, and hundreds of other features, many of which are based upon input from our playerbase. Find your niche.</desc>
0394     <desc>A note about the number of players; we tend to be more active in the evening and on the weekend. Weekday numbers are usually around a half-dozen, evening and weekend numbers tend towards 10 and up.</desc>
0395   </mud>
0396   <mud>
0397     <name>Age of Chaos</name>
0398     <codebase>[Circlemud] Chaos Code, originally Circle 2.2</codebase>
0399     <host>aoc.pandapub.com</host>
0400     <port>4000</port>
0401     <ip></ip>
0402     <www>http://www.pandapub.com</www>
0403     <desc>The Dragon is gone... The Dark One is no more... With the new breaking, the very fabric of the world has been torn asunder; unimaginable horrors now roam the realm where dreams and nightmares are no longer bound to the world of Tel'aran'rhiod. The Wheel of Time no longer spins by the hand of the Creator, while heroes of the past are now of the present. Civilizations sundered by the trial of Ages now flourish once more. No longer are their futures predetermined... no longer is one's destiny bound to another^Ò. And out of Chaos, new powers emerge...</desc>
0404     <desc>- 13 different classes to choose from.</desc>
0405     <desc>- 12 different races to choose from, including Ancient Races should you challenge the insidious Labyrinth.</desc>
0406     <desc>- Battle it out with other players in multiple arenas ranging from the Holy Warzone to Capture the Flag games.</desc>
0407     <desc>- Experience our customized 'weaves' system, which allows an endless array of dynamic and different playing styles.</desc>
0408     <desc>- Pursue a craft in one of our eight different trades.</desc>
0409     <desc>- Create your own role-playing guilds.</desc>
0410     <desc>- Construct buildings within your clantown to fortify them against invaders.</desc>
0411     <desc>- Not one to conform to society? Then become lowlife rogue, carousing and gambling for a living!</desc>
0412   </mud>
0413   <mud>
0414     <name>Rifts: Chronicles of Kingsdale</name>
0415     <codebase>[MUSH] Tinymush 3.0b19 #1</codebase>
0416     <host>www.kingsdalemux.com</host>
0417     <port>4242</port>
0418     <ip></ip>
0419     <www>http://www.kingsdalemux.com/</www>
0420     <desc>Welcome to Rifts: Chronicles of Kingsdale. A MUSH set in the popular RPG of Rifts. A cyberpunk game set some time after the initial collapse of civilization, magic and technology flourish and compete. North America is dominated by the Evil Coalition States, human supremacists who believe that the only way to guarantee the safety of mankind is the complete destruction of everything non-human or magic.</desc>
0421     <desc>The MUSH itself is set in the city of Kingsdale – an oasis of personal liberty, science and racial tolerance that is surrounded on three sides by the Coalition. Chronicles promises intricate and carefully woven story and many opportunities for personal development and advancement. In-character politics, investigation, research and experimentation are not just encouraged, but essential and the administration pride themselves on creating an environment where role play is the only essential 'ability'. The careful, quiet scientist is able to take on just as much of a role in our plots as the hulking warrior or the shifty mage. At Chronicles, brains count for as much as brawn.</desc>
0422     <desc>Feel the tingle along your spine as a the shadow of a vampire slips past in the darkness. Soar a thousand meters over monster-laden forests in your flying power armor, ever alert for threats to the helpless people far below. Experience the power of magic as you open yourself to a ley line. Know fear as you stare into the cold, unblinking mechanical eyes of a full conversion cyborg. Discover that friendship is not diminished by race, creed, or profession. Feel pride as you stand for one of the few bastions of 'good' that in North America. Above all, feel liberated as you let your imagination run free.</desc>
0423     <desc>This is Rifts: Chronicles of Kingsdale, and we invite you to explore our story with us</desc>
0424   </mud>
0425   <mud>
0426     <name>Shattered Dreams III</name>
0427     <codebase>[Rom] Highly modified</codebase>
0428     <host>sdmud.com</host>
0429     <port>7000</port>
0430     <ip></ip>
0431     <www>http://www.sdmud.com</www>
0432     <desc>Shattered Dreams III is a constantly changing, highly featured, roleplaying MUD, that has proven to be one of the most popular multi-user dimensions/dungeons on the internet.</desc>
0433     <desc>Come on in and join us in an enjoyable roleplaying environment, that constantly changes and evolves.</desc>
0434     <desc>I would describe all of SD's features here, but frankly, that is just not possible :) There are simply too many things to explain and describe. Step by and see for yourself.</desc>
0435     <desc>-Rhaelar Waeryn Founder and Head Implementor of Shattered Dreams.</desc>
0436     <desc>PS: Player/immortal reviews can be posted/read here: http://www.sdmud.com/reviews</desc>
0437   </mud>
0438   <mud>
0439     <name>Age of Legends</name>
0440     <codebase>[Rom] Extremely Modified Rom 2.3/2.4 with SWAC</codebase>
0441     <host>legends.terminal.org</host>
0442     <port>7575</port>
0443     <ip></ip>
0444     <www>http://legends.terminal.org</www>
0445     <desc>The Age of Legends is a game based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. We have twelve guilds for players to choose from, all based on the Wheel of Time series, and another set of six guilds exclusively for Heroes. Each guild has two unique skills that are granted to the players upon the joining of the selected guild. We offer a guild, Tinker, that is free from all player vs. player combat. Player Killing is limited in such that if you are player killed by another person, they may only loot *one* item from your corpse.</desc>
0446     <desc>We are not a heavy Role Playing MUD, but neither are we without RP. Each guild must follow the path Robert Jordan has written in his books.</desc>
0447   </mud>
0448   <mud>
0449     <name>Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance</name>
0450     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily Modified Circle</codebase>
0451     <host>ageoflegends.com</host>
0452     <port>6010</port>
0453     <ip></ip>
0454     <www>http://www.ageoflegends.com/</www>
0455     <desc>Welcome!! We are glad that you decided to visit us here on TMC.  We hope you decide to visit our mud after this.  With going on 11 years of service to the mud community coming up this march, we are planning on paying back our users by releasing a new codebase to you with all new features and toys.  We hope to have this out by march. We would invite you all to visit our forums which can be found by a link on our webpage in order to get hints as to what is going in, in addition to adding in your own thoughts and ideas!</desc>
0456     <desc>That aside, the reason you should visit us..nearly 10k rooms, RP, as well as mapping out the world true to DL form.  We use DL maps for our mud.  If we can't find a DL map for an area, we go by decription as closely as possible.  I feel confident in saying you will not find another mud as close to DL standards as Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance!</desc>
0457   </mud>
0458   <mud>
0459     <name>Epoch</name>
0460     <codebase>[Custom] Written in ColdC, core written from scratch</codebase>
0461     <host>coldc.com</host>
0462     <port>5190</port>
0463     <ip></ip>
0464     <www>http://coldc.com/epoch</www>
0465     <desc>Epoch is a core development server that has been (mostly) completed.  The server, written in ColdC from scratch, is unusually dynamic in the areas of client support, command interpreting, proper grammar and object manipulation. Epoch has a graphical web interface that is very similar to it's Pueblo interface: http://coldc.com/epoch</desc>
0466     <desc>We are now looking to build a fantasy / medieval world on top of this server.  We need theme writers, builders, and possibly coders.  Epoch is not based on any other MUD design, so builders and coders would need to learn new building and programming procedures.</desc>
0467   </mud>
0468   <mud>
0469     <name>Age of the Ancients</name>
0470     <codebase>[Smaug] Wolfpaw</codebase>
0471     <host>mud.ancients.org</host>
0472     <port>5000</port>
0473     <ip></ip>
0474     <www>http://www.ancients.org/</www>
0475     <desc>Age of the Ancients is a mud attepting to be based on a Dungeons and Dragons theme. We have 2 staff with 10+ years of D &amp; D playing experience, as well as many immortals with such experience.  Our mud has been developed extensively, 6 months of development has produced a rock stable, realistic challengeing code. Our mud offers much realism, as that is one of my highest priority's. AoA has a nice mix of social RPG and hack and slash aspects. It is RECOMMENDED FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS! Aota keeps players coming back with its mix of crazy areas, as well as a wide variety of classes and races to choose from.  We keep our players guessing, thus increasing the overall experience of them mud. Almost all of the mud has been rewritten, to suit the realism factor. We seek a good staff of builders as well, as our style of mud is slightly more high-powered than your everyday mud.</desc>
0476   </mud>
0477   <mud>
0478     <name>Age of the Throne</name>
0479     <codebase>[Custom] Original</codebase>
0480     <host>aott.com</host>
0481     <port>23</port>
0482     <ip></ip>
0483     <www>http://www.aott.com/</www>
0484     <desc>Age of the Throne is unique MUD in more ways than one, we have written the game from scratch using our very own programming language and we have also aimed for a theme found nowhere else in the Gaming World. Set in fashionable 17th Century Paris the game evokes and emulates the period of History that saw King Louis XIII on the throne of France, Cardinal Richelieu as Head of the Church and the constant rivalries that ensued between the Kings Musketeers and The Cardinals Guard.  The locations within the game are replicated from original maps of the time.</desc>
0485     <desc>As our programming language does not restrict us we are free to implement many original and interesting features into the Gameworld.  The Combat, Movement and Skills systems featured are like none other.  Progression in the game is attainable by many routes other than tireless questing for points.</desc>
0486     <desc>The Age of the Throne website has recently had a professional makeover and now boasts many useful pages and resources to help the newcomer to quickly acclimatise into this unique gaming environment.</desc>
0487     <desc>Age of the Throne employs a full time programmer allowing us to add new features to the game on a weekly basis as well as promptly responding to queries and bug reports.</desc>
0488   </mud>
0489   <mud>
0490     <name>Age of War</name>
0491     <codebase>[Circlemud] CircleMUD 3.0 - extremely modified</codebase>
0492     <host>ageofwarmud.org</host>
0493     <port>4000</port>
0494     <ip></ip>
0495     <www>http://www.ageofwarmud.org/</www>
0496     <desc>Now in its 13th successful year, Age of War has received several major code changes throughout the years, with a lot of these being unique to the realm. AOW currently permits you to select from one of fourteen races, with each race having its own special attribute modifiers. Some races will therefore be better suited for one of the eight professions or classes than others. Your base class will also effect what remort class you get, if you should choose to remort. AOW is also home to several logical, maze and hack-n-slash style zones, 97 percent of which are unique. Those zones that have stock area names have been severely modified.</desc>
0497     <desc>Some of the unique features of AOW include:</desc>
0498     <desc>* Full clan support. * A lose nothing, gain nothing arena. * Clan halls w/ restricted access and saved treasuries. * Automatic auctioning system. * A 24 class remort system. * Two huge continents and several small islands. * 103 zones with 9800+ rooms, 3300+ unique mobs, and 5300+ unique objects. * A huge 10-zone skyway which allows travel by air. * Massive flowing river systems that allow travel by boat. * A vast ocean only accessible only by ship. * 4 hometowns on the mainland. * A stagecoach offering travel to 3 of the different hometowns of the mainland. (Great for beginners) * Two hometowns within a huge new continent. * Several in-zone mini-quests. * Low-Level Autoquests. * Mid to Top Level Autoquests. * Unique holiday questing zones each filled with several mini-quests. * A fully automated newbie guide giving complete tours to newcomers. * A Unique newbie zone with special newbie equipment. * A Dueling area for Player Killing.</desc>
0499     <desc>* New Stuff * * Vandric Harbor Addition! (Several new Games) * New Zone! - Faerun the Forgotten Realm (Level 50 +) * AoWSE - check it out! * A New Solo/Level 50 only/Double Zone. * New Double Zone-Hometown on the Main Land. * A new low-level AutoQuest. (Great for beginners) * Expanded Newbie Area.</desc>
0500     <desc>If you have any questions email Age of War at: ageofwarmud@hotmail.com or visit us at ageofwarmud.org 4000 http://www.ageofwarmud.org/</desc>
0501   </mud>
0502   <mud>
0503     <name>Arcane Nites</name>
0504     <codebase>[Rom] Major Modifications</codebase>
0505     <host>arcanenites.com</host>
0506     <port>7000</port>
0507     <ip></ip>
0508     <www>http://arcanenites.com/</www>
0509     <desc>u�nique (yoo-neek) 1. Being the only one of its kind. 2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled.  We have always prided ourselves on being truly unique with our gaming experience and design. We also have the richest history and storyline of any mud that is out there. Our shortened roleplay history is 40 pages long, giving players the ability to truly see the timeline and progression of the game. We have just finished a 1 year long rewrite of the code to create a truly unique gaming experience. Our two imps have a combined 29 years of mud design experience and can trace their mudding roots back to some of the original muds of the late 80s and early 90s. If that is not enough to convince you to check us out, just go through our character creation and you will be hooked by the flexibility and wide array of paths a character can go down. We are currently rebuilding the player base now after 2 years of construction, so get in now and become part of the history and lore. We look forward to seeing you and are sure you will enjoy your time with us. After all, we are a mud built on the ideas of thousands of players over the past 8 years.</desc>
0510   </mud>
0511   <mud>
0512     <name>Broken Shadows</name>
0513     <codebase>[Embermud] heavily modified Ember 0.17</codebase>
0514     <host>shadows.dreamstealer.net</host>
0515     <port>4000</port>
0516     <ip></ip>
0517     <www>http://shadows.dreamstealer.net</www>
0518     <desc>A mostly-stock world that's ready to be expanded and replaced. An energetic builder could have a lot of fun!</desc>
0519     <desc>Players: We're always open to new ideas to enhance the gameplay! We have weapon engraving, quests, CHAOS, clans, remorting, and more! We have half-elves, drows, gnomes, and more! We offer a paladin class.</desc>
0520     <desc>More is always on the way!</desc>
0521     <desc>Stop by and check us out!</desc>
0522   </mud>
0523   <mud>
0524     <name>posMUD</name>
0525     <codebase>[Unknown] Tartarus</codebase>
0526     <host>pos.genesismuds.com</host>
0527     <port>8989</port>
0528     <ip></ip>
0529     <www>http://pos.genesismuds.com/forum</www>
0530     <desc>posMUD offers a variety of unique experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. * The staff codes and builds on a regular basis, improving the MUD and making it more enjoyable for the players; this is on top of an already mostly original, as well as large, world and class system. The staff and players are also friendly and willing to tend to new players' questions and concerns. * Gone are the days of spending hours leveling; posMUD is based solely on PK and competition. All characters begin on the highest mortal level, are given 3 newbie hours to practice their chosen class's skills and acquire basic equipment, and then are free to duke it out with other players as they see fit. The MUD is highly balanced, with a variety of different classes to choose from, each with distinct skills and spells, creating a unique experience each time you start a new character. * Players can also join cabals, groups of players that work together for a cause, for protection, and are given special cabal- restricted abilities. Cabals are headed by an leader chosen by proving their worth and responsibility, and are given many political privileges such as allegiances and war with other cabals. * The world as it stands is quite large, with over 8000 rooms, over 90 areas, and a plethora of items, equipments, and powerful non- player opponents to vanquish. Certain items are limited to a preselected number to give players something to strive to acquire, whether it is from the item's original holder or another player. * There are also rare rewards for superior players, such as useful quest skills and tattoos, symbols of immortals that grant players a powerful special ability. All of these things blend together to give the posMUD a very unique, entertaining, and addictive feel, to the new and old player alike.</desc>
0531   </mud>
0532   <mud>
0533     <name>X-Men Movieverse: X-Factor</name>
0534     <codebase>[MOO]</codebase>
0535     <host>xmenmovieverse.com</host>
0536     <port>7007</port>
0537     <www>http://xmenmovieverse.com</www>
0538     <desc>X-Men Movieverse: X-Factor is an X-Men game set in the movieverse of the first X-Men movie, but with a twist. Our game focuses on a secret team of agents created by the US government as a way to deal with exceptional circumstances in a world where conventional solutions no longer seemed to apply. All gameplay is centered around the X-Factor faction, making for a lively and active group of characters who interact on a day-to-day basis.</desc>
0539     <desc>We're a character and plot-heavy application-only game, and a continuation of X-Men Movieverse, which was set in New York.</desc>
0540     <desc>We accept both FCs and OCs and encourage everyone to get involved in the meat of the game - in fact, it's hard not to!</desc>
0541     <desc>Visit our webpage at http://xmenmovieverse.com for more complete and up-to-date information, or get to know us by visiting our forum: http://xmenmovieverse.com/forum.</desc>
0542   </mud>
0543   <mud>
0544     <name>Alatia</name>
0545     <codebase>[LP] LPmud</codebase>
0546     <host>alatia.com</host>
0547     <port>2000</port>
0548     <ip></ip>
0549     <www>http://www.alatia.com/</www>
0550     <desc>Long before written history there was a world known as Alatia. It was a place of stunning beauty and terrifying evil. It was a land where legendary heroes did battle against impossible odds. Creatures long since disregarded as myth and lore were commonplace. Alatia was much more than a single land however, it was a nexus of realities. Existing within Alatia's vast world was a doorway, a doorway like none other. This doorway was a gate to an infinite number of worlds and dimensions. Lands of shadow and lands of mythology were accessible through this gate.</desc>
0551     <desc>Once again this gate has appeared in reality, it is your entryway to adventure, to magic, to glory, you need only to step through...</desc>
0552   </mud>
0553   <mud>
0554     <name>Aldebaran</name>
0555     <codebase>[LP] own lib</codebase>
0556     <host>aldebaran.mud.de</host>
0557     <port>2000</port>
0558     <ip></ip>
0559     <www>http://aldebaran.mud.de/</www>
0560     <desc>Online and welcoming adventurers since 1994 Aldebaran is a fantasy MUD based in the medieval time period. Recently upgraded to mxp protocol Aldebaran now features point and click ease in everything from exploring, navigation, fighting, or accessing help files for those who are using a compatible client (MUSH, z/cmud, ect).  A fast, fun, and straight forward newbie quest helps new adventurers become acquainted with the game right after they enter. There are also more than twenty different, challenging, and entertaining major quests with dozens more minor quests all in atmospheric detailed areas. Aldebaran does offer a clan system (knights and rulers) withthree separate fractions each under player leadership based on merit and successful politics.  Three religious groups also roam the continents each with their own special abilities/items and communication channel. Numerous statistical lists are updated eight times a day for the achievement &amp; recognition players in mind. With several active admins (wizards) Aldebaran is a constantly evolving world featuring new areas and quests constantly.</desc>
0561     <desc>The Aldebaran community loves meeting new players looking for a good mud'ing experience and welcomes everyone to check out our website as well as the game itself.</desc>
0562     <desc>Following the original ideas of Lars Pensjö, interested players are encouraged to extend the game and code once they reached high enough level. Good coding documentation and helpful community will aid them in developing the necessary skills.</desc>
0563   </mud>
0564   <mud>
0565     <name>AlexMUD</name>
0566     <codebase>[Dikumud] Diku Gamma 0.0 (Heavily Modified)</codebase>
0567     <host>alexmud.stacken.kth.se</host>
0568     <port>4000</port>
0569     <ip></ip>
0570     <www>http://alex.stacken.kth.se/</www>
0571     <desc>AlexMUD is the oldest surviving DikuMUD, having passed its ninth birthday in March 2000.  Because of its age, it may not appear to possess all of the 'features' of the newer MUDs. However, a revamped skill and spell system very different to what might be found elsewhere, all add up to give us a a certain uniqueness that will only be discovered once a player has started his or her adventures.</desc>
0572     <desc>AlexMUD has no levels. All skills are improved through use, while spells can be increased by discovering more powerful versions of those that a character may already possess. While roleplaying is not required, it is strongly encouraged, for mortal actions have everlasting consequences...</desc>
0573     <desc>'Many years have passed, and the kingdom has recovered from the destruction of the 5th War and the high cost of the Dwarven Alliance, which has since dissolved since the stoppage of payments. The Council of Ardenfall continues to rule the kingdom, but many folk living outside the capital have begun to mutter that the Council favours too much the people of that city, to the detriment of the rest of Ardenia. Tensions have begun to rise, and the outland nobility have become more vocal in their opposition.'</desc>
0574   </mud>
0575   <mud>
0576     <name>Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands</name>
0577     <codebase>[Dikumud] -ROM 2.4, Heavily Customized Forsaken Lands 3.0</codebase>
0578     <www>http://www.theforsakenlands.org/</www>
0579     <desc>Welcome weary traveler, to Aabrahan. Meaning 'Cursed' in an ancient, long-forgotten tongue, the land known as Aabahran is a realm of conflict. For eons have the forces of good and evil waged their war upon its soil. Are you a valiant KNIGHT, a demonic minion of NEXUS? A mage of SAVANT, or a battle-hardened WARMASTER? Are you are a prestigeous NOBLE who one day aspires to be a rule of your city, or perhaps a vampiric assassin of the crime family SYNDICATE out fulfilling a contract against the world's most dominant empire - TRIBUNAL.</desc>
0580     <desc>With the new Head Coder, Malchaeius leading a staff of over ten, all of the nine cabals are now self-sufficient, and provide for enhanced gameplay. Army RISK-like combat now makes each and every one of FL’s 80% original areas available for conquest. Diplomacy and trade between the cabals rests of in the arms of it’s members, and through the innovative voting system. Above all this, you have the opportunity to apply to play any race you can think of. A Dragon? An imp? A shade?</desc>
0581     <desc>On FL the only limit is that of your own imagination. If there is something you want that is not here, chances are that it is in development.</desc>
0582     <desc>New to the concept of MUDs? No problem. In addition, FL boasts one of the most newbie-friendly systems available, and with immortals and helpful players from locations spanning the globe; there is seldom a moment where one is not available and eager to answer any of your questions. Load up your client, and connect. You haven’t got a thing to lose.</desc>
0583     <desc>Leave MUDs of yesterday behind, and log on to FL and embrace the future.</desc>
0584   </mud>
0585   <mud>
0586     <name>Aliens vs. Predator</name>
0587     <codebase>[Circlemud] LexiMUD</codebase>
0588     <host>avpmud.com</host>
0589     <port>4000</port>
0590     <ip></ip>
0591     <www>http://www.avpmud.com/</www>
0592     <desc>Aliens vs. Predator: The MUD is set in the Aliens vs Predator universe of Dark Horse comics and 20th Century Fox fame.  We're in our 13th year of operation, with a recently revised class system. Pick a class - it's optional - and even change classes on the fly to adapt to any situation!  We've also added an Advances system, that makes sure you earn an improvements on your character often, just for logging in and playing for a bit.</desc>
0593     <desc>AvP is an open PK MUD with regular MUD gameplay mixed in.  We feature clans, vehicles, guns and ranged combat, explosives, racewars, and more!  You won't find ANY stock mobs, objects, or rooms.  What you will find is plenty of excitement and action to get your heart pumping, as you play a heavily armed Colonial Marine, the stealthy Yautja (Predator), or a lethal Alien.  The action is fast and furious, the event-driven combat and unique swappable class system add a new level to game play and introduce new strategies, and the mobs can distinguish friends and attack enemies... even at a distance.</desc>
0594     <desc>Remember: This Time It's War.</desc>
0595     <desc>(Not affiliated with Dark Horse Comics or 20th Century Fox. Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator / Alien vs Predator are copyrights owned by both parties.)</desc>
0596   </mud>
0597   <mud>
0598     <name>Highlands</name>
0599     <codebase>[Dikumud]</codebase>
0600     <host>mud.highlands.org</host>
0601     <port>8888</port>
0602     <ip></ip>
0603     <www>None</www>
0604     <desc>Highlands (reborn), a mud that has stood the tests of time, from the early 1980's, with the changing of hands here and there. Now, re-stablished and operational, the plans for a great expansion have been formed, soon the lands that once was shall crack and split assunder allowing for new formations of land to form, new races to breed and new quests to complete. Come one, come all!</desc>
0605   </mud>
0606   <mud>
0607     <name>Spear of Insanity</name>
0608     <codebase>[Circlemud] Circle 3.0bpl11 fully converted to C++</codebase>
0609     <host>spear.kilnar.com</host>
0610     <port>1066</port>
0611     <ip></ip>
0612     <www>http://spear.kilnar.com/</www>
0613     <desc>Spear of Insanity offers a fantasy world that is written with a high level of detail and care. The social and economic interactions of the various factions in the world have been well thought out. The code that sits behind the world has been torn apart and rebuilt since 1997. This provides our players with a rock-solid mud base and more great ideas than you can shake a stick at.</desc>
0614     <desc>Extended races and classes are available to all new players. Each race has its own home city, and we even offer some \"melded\" cities where multiple races can start at the same time. The world is over 85,000 rooms in size, and we offer thousands of mobs to interact with while trying to gather the best equipment the game has to offer.</desc>
0615     <desc>Feel free to stop by and see what we have painstakingly built over the past 7 years.</desc>
0616   </mud>
0617   <mud>
0618     <name>Almaren</name>
0619     <codebase>Diku/HnS 1.0</codebase>
0620     <host>celemir.net</host>
0621     <port>4000</port>
0622     <ip></ip>
0623     <www>None</www>
0624     <desc>Almaren is a derivation of the ancient (and alas, dead) DikuMUD of Eltanin, which saw it's day in 1991-1992.</desc>
0625     <desc>Almaren was designed to support human interaction in the form of quests and player killing.  We recognize that killing monsters is, simply put, trivial, and that phase of playing the game is to be taken merely to learn the MUD in preparation for participating in quests and acquiring better (limited!) equipment through PK.</desc>
0626     <desc>There are 7 distinct classes.  Class lines are not now, and never will be blurred by multiclassing or by sharing too many skills.  Mages are mages, and Warriors are warriors.</desc>
0627     <desc>Equipment exists in both random, and standard limited form. This allows (and in fact, encourages) healthy PK to exist to circulate item's such as the Goblin King's crystal shard, and Miko's titanium ring.  Randomly created equipment is well distributed throughout the world such that one is not required to compete for the limiteds if desired.</desc>
0628   </mud>
0629   <mud>
0630     <name>Cosmic Muffin</name>
0631     <codebase>[MUX] [MUX]</codebase>
0632     <host>cosmicmuffin.servegame.com</host>
0633     <port>2860</port>
0634     <ip></ip>
0635     <www>http://cmmuck.tripod.com/</www>
0636     <desc>A dynamic theme incorporating three exciting time areas awaits you at Cosmic Muffin!  The most popular one, the present, gives you a choice of three beautiful locations to base your RP:  Hyper Metro City, Yamato City, and Shiroyama Village.  Each one has unique characteristics to make it special, and all three work well together to make roleplay available for nearly any kind of character. Science-fiction fans will be happy to find that we have an expansive space grid, and fantasy lovers will enjoy the fantasy-oriented past zone.</desc>
0637     <desc>With a quick and easy application process and the Halls of Learning to help beginners and transplants from other codebases alike, Cosmic Muffin is made to be a welcoming environment.  Our admin respond quickly and decisively to problems, and we're always trying to improve the MUX for your enjoyment.  Please stop by and take a look around today.  We'd love to see you!</desc>
0638   </mud>
0639   <mud>
0640     <name>PttMud</name>
0641     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
0642     <host>pttmud.the-simmons.net</host>
0643     <port>4243</port>
0644     <ip></ip>
0645     <www>http://pttmud.the-simmons.net</www>
0646     <desc>This mud is used is being used as a test for my new mud code base in .net. I will try to keep the mud running but there will be places where the mud has is not running and there will be times when the features are totaly messed up. Currently only rudimentory commands are working but later there will be a new scrippting system for npc bots and a system for creating portions of the map. Thanks for testing.</desc>
0647   </mud>
0648   <mud>
0649     <name>Altered Realities</name>
0650     <codebase>[MUCK] Fuzzball</codebase>
0651     <host>ar.squeep.com</host>
0652     <port>8888</port>
0653     <ip></ip>
0654     <www>http://www.tf-ring.com/muck/</www>
0655     <desc>AR is a transformation based muck, not focusing on role play, but certainly geared towards that.  Basically, it's just a place to explore transformations in a friendly environment.  We're small, but we're hoping to grow soon.  We're a muck, but we're very newbie friendly, but not really newbie oriented.  The wizzes are very helpfull.  Charactor creating is a breeze, just ask a wizz to set one up for you, and you can be mucking ASAP. We need expert muck builders right now, and coders would be nice.  We have a variety of sub universes that represent various story uinverses from the TSA mailing list.  So, come and join a fast, small, but getting ready to explode muck.</desc>
0656   </mud>
0657   <mud>
0658     <name>Crimson Fields</name>
0659     <codebase>[Rom] heavily modified rom</codebase>
0660     <host>cf.lawndartracing.com</host>
0661     <port>4000</port>
0662     <ip></ip>
0663     <www>http://cf.lawndartracing.com/crimsonfields</www>
0664     <desc>Crimson Fields is seeking staff! Open for players interested in helping to refine the system.</desc>
0665     <desc>We need builders to complete the world and provide suggestions for new features, or changes to existing features.</desc>
0666     <desc>We could also use a webmaster to build a site, however this is very secondary to builders.</desc>
0667     <desc>All applicants will be considered for staff positions.</desc>
0668     <desc>Crimson Fields was started in 1997 and though it has disappeared from the public eye for some time, we are back, and better than ever!</desc>
0669     <desc>Bored of the same hack and slash? Blow things up with grenades! Tear up the turf with motorcycles! Attack innocent furry creatures with rocket launchers!</desc>
0670     <desc>Our goal is to create an enjoyable, violent, decrepit, disgusting, paranoid and not least of all psychotic atmosphere. So join our staff and help make the post nuclear world complete!</desc>
0671   </mud>
0672   <mud>
0673     <name>Peril</name>
0674     <codebase>[LP] MudOS v22.2b11  NM</codebase>
0675     <host>mud.krollmark.com</host>
0676     <port>3000</port>
0677     <ip></ip>
0678     <www>http://mud.krollmark.com:2995/</www>
0679     <desc>It's a cruel world.</desc>
0680     <desc>In the dim and distant past, our ancestors lived in a wondrous city. Its towers stretched to the clouds, its port welcomed ships from all nations.  And in the end, it fell to dark sorcery and vile minions of evil.</desc>
0681     <desc>From the burning remains of Kieron, our ancestors fled through the broken and haunted lands.  Though they were hunted relentlessly, a few survivors found shelter in Lenara's valley.  They, and their children, built a new city to stand against the perils of the wildlands. Lenara stands strong, proud, and alone.</desc>
0682   </mud>
0683   <mud>
0684     <name>Gods and Mortals</name>
0685     <codebase>[MUX] #6 [ALPHA]</codebase>
0686     <www>http://</www>
0687     <desc>Game is in the works. More details to come.</desc>
0688   </mud>
0689   <mud>
0690     <name>Ancient Anguish</name>
0691     <codebase>[LP] LPMud 3.2.1@141 (Native Mode)</codebase>
0692     <host>ancient.anguish.org</host>
0693     <port>2222</port>
0694     <ip></ip>
0695     <www>http://ancient.anguish.org/intro.php?id%3Dtmc_db</www>
0696     <desc>Looking for a huge world to explore? Tired of clumsy pay-for-play games disguised as \"pay-for-perks\"? Bored of enforced role-playing and looking for a place where you can indulge in wanton slaughter or clever banter with good company? You've come to the right place!  Ancient Anguish is a vast, free, and incredibly engaging MUD that has since 1992 retained a friendly and loyal playerbase.  The world is constantly expanding, adding new challenges, fun new highly developed classes, and more ways to pass the time than you can swing a hobbit at. Home to an average of 40 players at a time - any time of the day or night -  you're never hurting for a partner in genocide, a room full of poker buddies or just someone to chat with.</desc>
0697     <desc>Ancient Anguish received the prestigious MudConnector \"Mud of the Month\" award in November 1995.</desc>
0698     <desc>One of the things that really sets Ancient Anguish apart is its commitment to both balance and diversity. Each race, class and guild is genuinely unique, every combination providing the player with a different set of strategies and perspective of the world. While the necromancers raise one of their many powerful undead minions to annihilate anything that stands in their way, rangers prefer to raise a wolf from a pup as a lifelong companion that will eventually grow to enormous proportions! There's no end to the amount of strategies you can use to enjoy the game, and you'll play for years trying all of them out.</desc>
0699     <desc>But our engaging gameplay is only the beginning.  Ancient Anguish is an open ended story, a fantasy novel come to life, a perfect place to escape from reality. An adventurer weary of hack and slash can relax in a posh restaurant, fish for giant squids in the ocean, engage in a game of trivia, plant and nurture unique herbs, woo sultry exotic dancers in hidden desert cities or compete in an elf tossing contest. The possibilities are endless! Ancient Anguish is not just a mindless treadmill to run on, it is a magical world waiting to be explored.</desc>
0700     <desc>So if you're looking for a place to cure your bloodlust, a wonderful and beautifully described place to explore, or just a friendly game of chess, AA is the place for you. Join us at anguish.org on port 2222!</desc>
0701   </mud>
0702   <mud>
0703     <name>COW Creative Object World</name>
0704     <codebase>[Custom] Runs in any web browser</codebase>
0705     <www>http://wolispace.com/cow</www>
0706     <desc>COW is a browser-based milti-player virtual world which encourages creativity and fun.. No plugins or clients required.</desc>
0707     <desc>All users can create objects from the start. There is a training shed with a tiny robot who will guide new users through the basics.</desc>
0708     <desc>Objects have 'worth' and can be bought and sold. We have a bank and several shops. There is also a post office and a postman who delivers when you login.</desc>
0709     <desc>If you prove yourself worthy you can learn COWScript and code objects.</desc>
0710     <desc>All of the commands are simply objects coded a specific way so making a new command is as simple as creating a new object and coding it.</desc>
0711     <desc>Building new locations and creating new objects is done like this:</desc>
0712     <desc>build a rusty gate to an old warehouse go to the gate create a rusty old car paint it as tomato create a dusty coversheet paint it as lightgrey put it on the car</desc>
0713     <desc>Naturally you can say, do, shout, think, sing and ponder to communicate with others in the same 'room' as you.</desc>
0714     <desc>Some technical info: COW is running from my own dedicated server so is very fast (Its running from a 32Mb RAM drive). Its a single perl script with a few supporting CSS and image files. COWScript is a scripting language I have designed specifically for coding objects in cow.</desc>
0715   </mud>
0716   <mud>
0717     <name>Lost Realms</name>
0718     <codebase>[Rom] Rom 2.3, heavily modified</codebase>
0719     <host>lost-realms.org</host>
0720     <port>4000</port>
0721     <ip></ip>
0722     <www>http://lost-realms.org</www>
0723     <desc>Based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and R. Zelazny, Lost Realms is the perfect blend of both worlds: Middle Earth and Amber.  War. It never ends. When good and evil clash, the heavens cry, the winds howl, and the rivers flow red. The sounds of metal against metal echoing through the night, as one kills, and is killed.  Towns that can be conquered. Strongholds which offer great protection for the newbies and those wounded in battle. Staggering numbers of spells and skills to choose from, to heal, and to harm. All waiting to be discovered in the huge world of, what is basically, an everlasting battle arena.  14 races. 1 aim. The Good, the Evil, and the Misties, who fight to kill them all. Join us, and get lost in our world.</desc>
0724   </mud>
0725   <mud>
0726     <name>Argonne</name>
0727     <codebase>[Rom] ROM 2.4b -- heavily modified</codebase>
0728     <host>argonne.2mud.net</host>
0729     <port>4000</port>
0730     <ip></ip>
0731     <www>http://www.argonneonline.com</www>
0732     <desc>Argonne is a newbie-friendly environment with many enhanced features for the enjoyment of our players.  Graced with a mature player-base and a helpful immortal staff, Argonne is a good place for optional role-playing.  The addition of many new spells and skills helps make Argonne a particularly special MUD.  For those experienced in the field of mudding, Argonne has implemented an original set of remort races and classes, as well as auto-questing.  All in all, Argonne is a great place to play and meet people, and is getting better by the day.</desc>
0733   </mud>
0734   <mud>
0735     <name>The Reach</name>
0736     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
0737     <host>thereachmux.org</host>
0738     <port>2009</port>
0739     <www>http://thereachmux.org</www>
0740     <desc>The Reach is a New World of Darkness game.</desc>
0741     <desc>Set in Aleswich the county seat of Dunlin’s Reach in Maine.</desc>
0742     <desc>The theme has overtones of ancient horrors and seaside communities.</desc>
0743     <desc>This should be reminiscent of many locations in other Mythos.</desc>
0744     <desc>Almost all spheres are allowed with strong staff and player support.</desc>
0745     <desc>Login and check it out.</desc>
0746   </mud>
0747   <mud>
0748     <name>OgreMUSH</name>
0749     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.x</codebase>
0750     <host>vermaxhosting.com</host>
0751     <port>8029</port>
0752     <ip>vermaxhosting.c</ip>
0753     <www>http://</www>
0754     <desc>This is a MUSH for users at GameOgre.com, and for anyone else who wishes to join. It wishes to allow anyone to build whatever they wish.</desc>
0755   </mud>
0756   <mud>
0757     <name>Wing Commander: Gemini Sector</name>
0758     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
0759     <host>omen.genesismuds.com</host>
0760     <port>2657</port>
0761     <ip></ip>
0762     <www>http://wcgs.wikidot.com</www>
0763     <desc>In the distant future, mankind is locked in a deadly war...</desc>
0764     <desc>The year is 2658.  War between the Terran Confederation and the felinoid aliens known as the Kilrathi has raged for twenty years, with no end in sight.  Seeking to break the stalemate, the Kilrathi have launched a surprise offensive through the edge of Terran-controlled space in Gemini Sector.  A tenacious counteroffensive has blunted the Kilrathi assault, but with a massive Kilrathi force in front and a morass of corruption behind, it may only be a matter of time until the Terran lines break...</desc>
0765     <desc>Based on the 'Wing Commander' series of games, Wing Commander: Gemini Sector offers space opera fun in a bureaucracy-light atmosphere.  The game is set aboard a single Terran Confederation carrier, the TCS Majestic, so finding roleplay is never far away.  Chargen is quick, rules are light, and the guiding principle is 'We are all here to have fun.'</desc>
0766   </mud>
0767   <mud>
0768     <name>Ansalon (defunct)</name>
0769     <codebase>[Rom] Hugely Modified Code, 95% Original</codebase>
0770     <host>ansalon.mudmagic.com</host>
0771     <port>8679</port>
0772     <ip></ip>
0773     <www>http://ansalon.mudmagic.com</www>
0774     <desc>********************* ANSALON ****************************</desc>
0775     <desc>We are without a doubt the OLDEST and LONGEST RUNNING Dragonlance Mud around.  Ansalon is a legacy thats been around since the time of The Keep, spanning more than 13 years of the absolute LOVE of Dragonlance.  We are all about the roleplay, the storytelling, and keeping the magic of Krynn alive.</desc>
0776     <desc>Ansalon has the fortune of having an older average playerbase. Teens are still encouraged and nurtured, but the majority of our players are adults escaping from the real world for a little while each day.  Our staff is comprised of professionals:  scientists, bankers, teachers, artists.</desc>
0777     <desc>We fully encourage clans and nations.  Ansalon is one of the very few muds that new people can come in, carve out a nation for themselves and rise to leadership positions through simply the force of their roleplay. Many of our existing groups are looking for fresh blood as well. Our clerical system is one of the best found ANYWHERE.</desc>
0778     <desc>If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email us at ansalon@mudmagic.com  We'd love to hear from you.</desc>
0779     <desc>(On a personal note, we have recently moved from wolfpaw to mudmagic because of security isuses.  This being said, we can be accessed from multiple ports.  If 8679 is down, try 8678 or the java/telnet connect through the website which will always work!)</desc>
0780     <desc>*************************************************************</desc>
0781   </mud>
0782   <mud>
0783     <name>Apocalypse Forever</name>
0784     <codebase>[Dikumud] Gamma Diku (heavily modified)</codebase>
0785     <host>apocmud.usurped.com</host>
0786     <port>4000</port>
0787     <ip></ip>
0788     <www>http://None</www>
0789     <desc>Apocalypse V has transcended into Apocalypse Forever.  It will be updated incrementally and gradually as changes are completed.</desc>
0790     <desc>Apoc is one of the oldest muds still running, having been created from DikuMUD Gamma 0.0 in October, 1991.  Modifications to the MUD are shaped by the players themselves, via suggestions and ideas they submit to the implementors. Our average player base of 2000 is compiled of various players from sites all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom.</desc>
0791     <desc>Apocalypse Forever contains 71 fantasy zones for game play, over 40 of which are original works, created by the players themselves, specifically for this MUD. Anybody can create a zone for Apoc, not just immortals.</desc>
0792     <desc>Apocalypse Forever currently has 11 races (Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-giant, Halfing, Human, Minotaur, Pixie, Triton and Uldra) and 12 classes (Anti-Paladin, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Magic-User, Paladin, Ranger, Samurai and Thief). There are more than 200 spells and skills available for use by the various classes.</desc>
0793     <desc>Apoc is very proud of its amount of help, so check that out when you log in.  Other commands of interest to new players are Index, Rules, Zones, Info, and News.</desc>
0794   </mud>
0795   <mud>
0796     <name>Loki's Hammer</name>
0797     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.1</codebase>
0798     <host>lokishammer.dragon-rider.org</host>
0799     <port>1515</port>
0800     <ip></ip>
0801     <www>http://lokishammer.dragon-rider.org/</www>
0802     <desc>LOKI'S HAMMER IS NOW OPEN FOR ALPHA TESTING!!!!!!!!</desc>
0803     <desc>Welcome to the city of Last Haven. Nestled in a valley somewhere in the devastated wilderness that is the planet of Athran. It has been nearly a thousand years since Loki's Hammer fell from the sky destroying the world that was. As the darkness fell about the world, the elves re-emerged and fell on the struggling survivors of the asteroid's impact. The last fractions of Humanity banded together, building a city in which to defend themselves against the bands of savage hunters. Now the city struggles to survive, the only fertile land that they have made themselves. Surrounded by a blasted and hostile waste, with enemies that kill and enslave without compassion, Last Haven is also humanity's last hope. Find your challenge. Guide your character through the political intrigues and hostile environment to succeed in the way that you choose. With over a hundred usable skills you can craft your character to be anything from a bard to soldier, from a politician to a farmer. Life can take some unexpected turns. Find out what your destiny is today. Enter the world left by Loki's Hammer.</desc>
0804   </mud>
0805   <mud>
0806     <name>Alfandria</name>
0807     <codebase>[MUCK]</codebase>
0808     <host>jaguar.chameleon.net</host>
0809     <port>8888</port>
0810     <www>http://</www>
0811     <desc>A good place for dragons and friends to just come and relax.</desc>
0812   </mud>
0813   <mud>
0814     <name>Apocalyptic Legacy [AL]</name>
0815     <codebase>[LP] Occasional server restarts may take place.</codebase>
0816     <www>http://</www>
0817     <desc>Under construction.</desc>
0818     <desc>Enter at your own risk.</desc>
0819     <desc>Player files will not be deleted, but may be modified later on.</desc>
0820     <desc>-More info to come!</desc>
0821   </mud>
0822   <mud>
0823     <name>SkyMUSE</name>
0824     <codebase>[Unknown] Modified TinyMUSE v1.8a4</codebase>
0825     <host>sky.winds.org</host>
0826     <port>4208</port>
0827     <ip></ip>
0828     <www>None</www>
0829     <desc>SkyMUSE is a social type muse. It was developed by by Hec-, Coke, Clif, with help from sarukie, itsme, Andy, and Gandalf. Some others contributed in its creation and bug fixes and what not. Currently looking for moderators/admins/pr/people to police public and keep affairs between players civil. Also need builders and anyone with small quests or themes in mind. Connect or email admin@sky.winds.org for a character or log on as a guest and page Coke.</desc>
0830   </mud>
0831   <mud>
0832     <name>Arctic</name>
0833     <codebase>[Dikumud] Gamma Diku (heavily modified)</codebase>
0834     <host>mud.arctic.org</host>
0835     <port>2700</port>
0836     <ip></ip>
0837     <www>http://mud.arctic.org/</www>
0838     <desc>Welcome to ArcticMUD, a multi-player fantasy role-playing game based on the Dragonlance novels. The base code for the game was gamma Diku, which has been modified extensively for over a decade to provide a unique gaming experience.</desc>
0839     <desc>If you are new to MUDs, Arctic is a text-based adventure game where you create a persona and adventure in a fantasy world. Arctic is set in the world of Krynn, the basis for the Dragonlance novels. You can explore the world of Krynn -- combating dragons, ogres, draconians, and countless other creatures, discovering rare treasures, and finding hidden locations -- along with hundreds of other players.</desc>
0840     <desc>Arctic is geared towards a mature game-playing audience. Character interactions are handled in a realistic manner. Player-characters stealing from and killing each other is not necessarily encouraged, but it is allowed.</desc>
0841     <desc>As the premier Dragonlance MUD, Arctic has developed a rich environment that provides countless hours of free enjoyment. Start playing today and find out if you have what it takes to join the adventure!</desc>
0842   </mud>
0843   <mud>
0844     <name>Areth</name>
0845     <codebase>[Envy] 30% Envy, 70% Custom</codebase>
0846     <host>mud.areth.org</host>
0847     <port>6000</port>
0848     <ip></ip>
0849     <www>http://www.areth.org/</www>
0850     <desc>The universe of Areth is a dimensional eddy, a Sliders-esque parallel Earth into which dimensional anomalies deposit beings from other worlds, times, or even realities.  If you've never seen Great Dragons, Predators, Kzinti, and Klingons slaying wizards protected by legions of acid-blooded Aliens, play Areth and you will.</desc>
0851     <desc>Game-wise, Areth's a fair and challenging game environment.  Immortals are strictly forbidden to aid *any* mortal in gameplay, give out free equipment, or level their friends.  Everything on Areth, except for the boost to level 2, is earned by the player's own innate skill on a level playing field. This annoys twinks who schmooze their way to the top on other muds, but we're not interested in them anyway.  On the other hand, players looking for a fair, challenging game environment are well rewarded here.  We have 12 classes planned, 9 are currently available: Cleric, Mage, Paladin, Psion, Rogue, Samurai, Ninja, Martial Artist, and Warrior. There are presently over 300 functional skills/spells, and by the time the rest of the class work is done there will most likely be around 450.</desc>
0852     <desc>We're also looking for a few talented builders.  Talented means being able to build using a text editor, not MZF or OLC.</desc>
0853   </mud>
0854   <mud>
0855     <name>Assorted Realities</name>
0856     <codebase>[Unknown] Custom Lima 1.0b5</codebase>
0857     <www>http://</www>
0858     <desc>Its a new Mud. Anything goes within guidelines of each realm. Wanted a really open design so players could choose where to play.</desc>
0859   </mud>
0860   <mud>
0861     <name>Realms of Discordia</name>
0862     <codebase>[Rom]</codebase>
0863     <host>liam.thruhere.net</host>
0864     <port>9000</port>
0865     <ip></ip>
0866     <www>http://</www>
0867     <desc>Realms of Discordia There is a place we go to - that we see and live in - when we close our eyes. This dream world is filled with things our everyday life is not; strange creatures and foreign places that are exotic and yet all too comforting. It’s a fantasy, an existence bigger then our own world and hauntingly familiar for all its strangeness. Sprawling and complex, it exists in its own set of laws, rules, and boundaries - ones that we yearn to escape to when our own minds and hearts are heavy. Its people are odd, sometimes frightening; but this world of make believe has been fashioned with love and care and needs only your mind to fulfill its existence. Titillating, validating, fulfilling and realistic - it is the ultimate dream world. This, my friends, is the Realms of Discordia - laden with action, adventure, magic, and magical beings. It is the place we long for in our dreams and fantasies, the world we seek when we close our eyes and the home our hearts long for in its quiet moments. A fantasy realm, an original ROM derivative, Realms of Discordia features over one hundred custom built areas, over seven thousand hand built rooms. There are over two dozen playable races, each with its own original history and purpose. The magic and skill systems are exquisitely crafted, each ability leading to another and each skill itself necessary to a character’s talents. Built with pride, crafted with love, and coded with precision - this is a game, a community, a world all its own. We are role-play encouraged - for the illusion of this fantasy needs your creative talents to feed it. We offer in game and in character rewards for good storytelling, good role-playing, and even individualized quests for those who seek a deeper level of in character gaming. We also strongly encourage hunting - finding, fighting for, and claiming levels and new skills and abilities with the rewards one can earn. Overall, our positive and helpful staff and players encourage a sense of community and friendship that we hope will be the most important thing you walk away with from your experience with Realms of Discordia</desc>
0868   </mud>
0869   <mud>
0870     <name>Star Wars: Chronicles</name>
0871     <codebase>[SWR] SWC 1.0a</codebase>
0872     <host>swchronicles.com</host>
0873     <port>4000</port>
0874     <ip></ip>
0875     <www>http://swchronicles.com/</www>
0876     <desc>Millenia ago, the discovery of hyperspace travel brought the galaxy together, giving birth to a democratic union of star systems known as the Galactic Republic. From the time of its inception, the Republic grew, over thousands of years, to encompass vast numbers of inhabitated worlds. The survival of the Republic depended on two factors: the wise governing of selfless administrators and lawmakers... and the preservation of harmony and justice by a heroic warrior fraternity - the Jedi Knights. In those glorious ancient days, a great many Force sensitive individuals willingly entered arduous training under accomplished Jedi Masters, taking up the weapons, the knowledge, and the powers of the Jedi Way.</desc>
0877     <desc>=====================================================================</desc>
0878     <desc>We are currently in the process of revamping the game, and therefore not open for regular play. The code has matured over five years of development, and now our focus lies on sorting out bugs, finishing old projects, and adding some new features as well.</desc>
0879     <desc>However, a MUD is not all about code, and I'd say that improving the quality of the game content is what our current projects really is about. If you want to be a part of creating one of the most involved Star Wars experiences on the internet, visit our website, log on to the MUD, and perhaps we'll have a place for you.</desc>
0880   </mud>
0881   <mud>
0882     <name>The Outlands</name>
0883     <codebase>[Circlemud]</codebase>
0884     <host>outlandsmud.com</host>
0885     <port>4000</port>
0886     <ip></ip>
0887     <www>http://</www>
0888     <desc>We are currently are moving away from the Circle3.0 code base to the Circle3.1 code base.  The mud is currently being revamped and the world is being re-tooled.  We are in dire need of experienced CircleMUD developers and builders familiar with OasisOLC.  Please take a look at the login sequence for information regarding building and developing.</desc>
0889   </mud>
0890   <mud>
0891     <name>Armageddon</name>
0892     <codebase>[Dikumud]</codebase>
0893     <host>ginka.armageddon.org</host>
0894     <port>4050</port>
0895     <ip></ip>
0896     <www>http://www.armageddon.org/joinus.html</www>
0897     <desc>Life on the desert planet of Zalanthas is a daily struggle to survive. In Allanak, a city full of conniving merchants, ruthless, thieving elves, cut-throat mercenaries, and shadowy assassins, the brutal sandstorms are the least of your worries. In recently freed Tuluk, where the Sorcerer-King Muk Utep rules, former rebels work to rebuild their fallen city. Meanwhile, Luirs' Outpost, poised between the two, struggles with the clash of opposing forces, bandit and gith incursions, and the latest invasion of mantis.</desc>
0898     <desc>Over a decade old, award-winning Armageddon MUD is as addictive for its harsh desert theme as it is for its beautifully written environment, revolutionary programming, and intense, required roleplay. Players describe it as 'the most creative, emotionally involved game on the net,' 'as convoluted as an X-Files episode,' and 'as much a work of art as a game.' Real-time interaction with multiple players around the world will draw you into this world and offer you a gaming experience you will never forget.</desc>
0899   </mud>
0900   <mud>
0901     <name>Epitaph</name>
0902     <codebase>[LP] Heavily modified Discworld mudlib</codebase>
0903     <host>drakkos.co.uk</host>
0904     <port>6789</port>
0905     <www>http://drakkos.co.uk:6666</www>
0906     <desc>Epitaph is a survival horror text MMO based in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse.</desc>
0907     <desc>Players are pitted against the merciless onslaught of the undead hordes as they try to survive long enough to see a new day.</desc>
0908     <desc>We're in an early alpha phase, and so the game is still very much under construction.</desc>
0909     <desc>Anyone who is interested though is welcome to come check us out.</desc>
0910   </mud>
0911   <mud>
0912     <name>Slackmud</name>
0913     <codebase>[Rom] Fully custom Class Skilltree's</codebase>
0914     <host>slackmud.genesismuds.com</host>
0915     <port>6666</port>
0916     <www>http://</www>
0917     <desc>Come join a heavily modified clan PK mud. With four clans to choose from, and a multitude of races/class combinations, there’s plenty here for everyone. Start your character with the weapon of your choice and watch as new skills open up just by using them.</desc>
0918     <desc>From here it’s all up to you. Work with your clan members to upgrade your guards and your hall or just work on yourself to become stronger.</desc>
0919     <desc>Venture out into the world and feel the carnage as all four clans pit it against one another.</desc>
0920   </mud>
0921   <mud>
0922     <name>Haunted Memories: Vienna by Night</name>
0923     <codebase>[MUSH] Rhost</codebase>
0924     <host>haunted-memories.net</host>
0925     <port>3010</port>
0926     <ip></ip>
0927     <www>http://www.haunted-memories.net</www>
0928     <desc>Austria is uneasily located at the heart of Europe, flanked by Italy and Germany on the one side and by Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia on the other. It is a natural bridge between prosperous Brussels and impoverished Tirana, between a towering Germany and a cowering Serbia, between the Balkan and central Europe. In its former incarnation as the Habsburg and capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Vienna ruled all these regions.</desc>
0929     <desc>Today still Vienna itself is still like a medieval bastion. Anachronisms abound, from antique decorations in otherwise ultra-modern buildings to forgotten catacombs beneath bank vaults and subway tunnels. Honest-to-goodness castles and imperial palaces still exist and stand side by side with ancient cathedrals, modern shopping malls and sky scrapping office buildings. The city is more than only a natural hub between East and West Europe. It is also a pivot of Europe's organized crime and espionage. Albanian drug dealers clash with Ukrainian and Moldavian human traffickers and Russian KGB agents turned weapons smugglers, and there they face off with already established west European and Italian crime cartels.</desc>
0930     <desc>We are a World of Darkness Roleplaying game using White Wolves /new/ Storytelling System. We support Mortal (including a crime, civil and law sphere), Second Sight, Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken and Mage: the Awakening. Changeling: the Lost is in preparation and will be implented early next year.</desc>
0931   </mud>
0932   <mud>
0933     <name>Asgard's Honor</name>
0934     <codebase>[LP] DGD v1.2p2</codebase>
0935     <host>asgard.aardmud.org</host>
0936     <port>5454</port>
0937     <ip></ip>
0938     <www>http://www.asgardshonor.com</www>
0939     <desc>Asgard's Honor is a heavily customized DGD LPMud. No stock areas, no poorly described objects!</desc>
0940     <desc>* 13 races, each with their own size, strengths and weaknesses. There is also a means of making a custom race. * 14 unique guilds, individually geared toward a particular style. * 21 Player character attributes and spell/skill classes * Over 50 spells - Offensive, Defensive, Healing, Conjuring, Teleportation, It's all here. * Achieve up to 10 levels of power or 'ascend' beyond. * 16 flavors of spell foci available - earth, water, air, fire, light, shadow, sonic * A tried and true combat system with three forms of physical damage: bashing, slashing, and thrusting. Use them to your advantage against each unique scenario you face. Load up with armors and resistances to protect you from magical attacks! * Advanced monster AI: Monsters will do more than just fight back. They'll afflict your character with various nasty curses, diseases, and poisons, taunt and chase, set traps and call for help. Defeating a dragon on Asgard is truly an accomplishment. * Familiars can be found to carry your stuff or help you fight. * Incredible depth and detail in EVERY object. No noun goes undescribed. We even have lore and evaluate spells that uncover extra detail about creatures and weapons to help with quests or add depth to the story.</desc>
0941   </mud>
0942   <mud>
0943     <name>Njata</name>
0944     <codebase>[Smaug] modified SmaugFUSS</codebase>
0945     <host>frostmud.com</host>
0946     <port>8348</port>
0947     <ip>frostmud.dyndns</ip>
0948     <www>http://</www>
0949     <desc>Most enthusiastic greetings to you, traveler! You have stumbled across a world called NJATA. It is our hope that you come to think of this place as a welcome hearth to hang your hat, whether you hail from Colista, Lavada, Dori, Ajax or Dogala. Feel free to have a look around, but we happen to be involved in development of the aforementioned locales! We encourage travelers to stop by and visit us anytime they please and if you happen to come across anything out of the ordinary, feel free to report the discrepancy to one of our friendly staff members. If you wish to join our staff, send an electronic transmission to keylord16 care of gmail.com.</desc>
0950     <desc>The world of Njata has 26 races, including Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-elves, Gnomes, Catfolk, Wolffolk, Cyclops, Firebirds, Benn, Merfolk, Nagas, Dryads(3 subraces), Naiads, Lizardfolk, Dollfolk, Fairies, Satyrs, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Sphinxes, Salamanders, Gryphons, Dragons, Unicorns, and Slimes.</desc>
0951     <desc>14 classes are practiced by the people of Njata, including Bards, Chevaliers, Clerics, Druids, Elementalists, Enchanters, Illusionists, Lancers, Monks, Paladins, Rangers, Rogues, Scholars, and Warriors.</desc>
0952   </mud>
0953   <mud>
0954     <name>V: The Visitors Return MUSH</name>
0955     <codebase>[MUSH] PENNMUSH Version: 1.7.7p34</codebase>
0956     <host>lix.mudmagic.com</host>
0957     <port>1842</port>
0958     <ip></ip>
0959     <www>http://vtvr.wikia.com/wiki/V:_The_Visitors_Return_MUSH_Wiki</www>
0960     <desc>'Citizens of the Planet Earth, We bring you Greetings, and we come in peace' was their greetings when they landed... They Lied.</desc>
0961     <desc>'The Visitors are not our Friends! They've come to rape our Planet and kill us! They are not who they appear to be!' was the Resistance call.</desc>
0962     <desc>In October of 2001, the Visitor Motherships arrived over the cities of Earth, 50 in all. They claimed to have arrived intending peace, but they lied. They came to take us prisioner and to rob the planet of the resources. By the end of Novemeber, they controlled the planet. Lucky for the Earth, a Resistance was able to form, and beat them with the Red Dust.</desc>
0963     <desc>After a full year, they came back, as the Dust wasn't completely effective, and now, can not be released again for enviornmental and Health reasons. The warmer regions are back under Visitor Control, all except LA, thanks to a deal brokered between the Visitors and Science Frontiers, who has taken over the LA Government. That was 6 months ago. Now the Resistance is in hiding, for the most part, looking for a way to cause the Visitors troubles.</desc>
0964     <desc>V: The Visitors Return is a MUSH that allows you to take on the role of a Great Resistance Fighter, or an Evil Reptillian Visitor. Feature Characters from the NBC Mini-Series and Television Series are available for you to play.</desc>
0965     <desc>V: The Visitors Return is an online roleplaying game based partially on the original mini-series V which aired in the mid 1980's. The premise was simple. AHumanoid appearing aliens came to Earth, pretending to be our friends. They said that they wanted friendship and access to some of our more readily available resources (ie: water) and in return they would give us technology and their gratitude.</desc>
0966     <desc>In actuality these peaceful Visitors were actually after something more sinister. Humans. As Food. Disguised under human looking masks and fake flesh, the aliens were really members of a warlike and very hungry reptilian species.</desc>
0967     <desc>Unlike the Mini-Series and Television Series, the exact dates have been updated and pushed ahead roughly 15 years so the invasion place in the 2000's instead of the 1980's. Besides that shift, we try to remain as faithful as possible to the ideal of V and it's events and characters despite any \"cosmetic\" differences the shift in time creates.</desc>
0968     <desc>Visit us at lix.mudmagic.com 1842</desc>
0969   </mud>
0970   <mud>
0971     <name>Wayward Souls</name>
0972     <codebase>[MUSH] RHOST (Heavily Modified)</codebase>
0973     <host></host>
0974     <port>1066</port>
0975     <ip></ip>
0976     <www>http://www.WaywardSoulsMUSH.com</www>
0977     <desc>The Isle of Wight</desc>
0978     <desc>      The one and only Dark Ages MUSH featuring open character generation!</desc>
0979     <desc>      \"Wayward Souls MUSH\" is an Internet-based role-playing game which is set in the Dark Ages using rules from White Wolf Inc. games \"The World of Darkness\".</desc>
0980     <desc>       The setting of Dark Ages: The monsters that lurk just outside of you sight are very real.</desc>
0981     <desc>      Envision Europe shrouded in mists and superstition. It is an era when both kings and serfs fear the spirits of the night and pray for dawn to arrive. Shadows, both physical and spiritual descend across Europe during those long centuries between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. This is the setting of Wayward Souls, a shadow play projected against the backdrop of the bloody 11th century - a time when superstitions are closer to reality than one would care to admit.</desc>
0982     <desc>      Further information including how to connect can be found at.</desc>
0983     <desc>      www.WaywardSoulsMUSH.com</desc>
0984   </mud>
0985   <mud>
0986     <name>Asylum</name>
0987     <codebase>[Aber] APGS</codebase>
0988     <host>asylum-mud.org</host>
0989     <port>6715</port>
0990     <ip></ip>
0991     <www>http://www.asylum-mud.org</www>
0992     <desc>Asylum MUD is one of the most popular quest-orientated hybrids on the Net. Asylum has developed into one of the most advanced MUDs of its type - with an emphasis on playability and fun, and now more than 75 quests! Several custom subsystems provide the basis for Asylum's success including: advanced body combat against a range of AI mobiles; auto-regeneration across the virtual world; a unique mobile combat classification system in which combat depends on a wide range of mobile attributes and the SOAS object-based spell attribute system. Asylum also proudly boasts the invention of the DEFROB system - a unique concept in which individuals can gain more powerful immortal levels, by defrobbing to a mortal role and completing more quests.  UPDATE March 2002     Some of our recent enhancements include the following: LODGING: You no longer have to run around looking for equipment. Lodging allows the storage of your items, safe and ready for the next time you login. BANDS: Asylum's very own Guilds - incorporating Freelancer, Barbarian, Monk, Outlaw and Blademaster -with many more to come including Conjurer and Healer DEFROB and AUTORESET: The original and still the best - we defined them LUCRE: Our own currency and rewards system. CHARACTERISTICS: Advanced character attributes means you can develop your character in your own way with Power, Agility, Intelligence, Fortitude, Alignment, Sanity, Favour and Reputation.</desc>
0993     <desc>When Real Life Gets You Down - turn to Asylum MUD.</desc>
0994   </mud>
0995   <mud>
0996     <name>Silver Bridge</name>
0997     <codebase>[Ack!mud]</codebase>
0998     <host>silverbridge.org</host>
0999     <port>6666</port>
1000     <ip></ip>
1001     <www>http://www.silverbridge.org</www>
1002     <desc>Welcome adventurer to the world of Silver Bridge.  Discover our enormous world. Join or create clans, guilds or religious orders. Fight for peace and freedom or be a believer of death and darkness. Take the path over the Silver Bridge and explore many of the hidden secrets.</desc>
1003     <desc>We offer over ten races, five classes, five remort classes and 20 adept levels. You start you character with two mortal classes and get to choose one more when you have more experience. Further, you will get two remortal classes and then become adept.</desc>
1004     <desc>Silver Bridge was once a project on a school in Norrkoping, Sweden but it was left to stay alive forever and today we have an excellent line to the world. Visit us and tell your friends to come as well!</desc>
1005   </mud>
1006   <mud>
1007     <name>Atrocity</name>
1008     <codebase>[Aber] Aber</codebase>
1009     <host>atrocitymud.org</host>
1010     <port>6715</port>
1011     <ip></ip>
1012     <www>http://www.atrocitymud.org/</www>
1013     <desc>Atrocity aims to be a friendly MUD without placing undue constraints on its players activities.  We have a long-term goal to provide the most immersive life 'simulation' you can find among text-based MUDs, and we are constantly adding new features towards achieving this goal.</desc>
1014     <desc>We value player input into the MUD's development and have spent significant effort to ensure that we are well set up to incorporate ideas from players into the game world.  The direction the MUD takes is therefore still very much player- driven, and looks set to continue that way (until such a time as we've satisfied everyone's whims!!)</desc>
1015   </mud>
1016   <mud>
1017     <name>Frostfire</name>
1018     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.1</codebase>
1019     <host>frostfire.net</host>
1020     <port>6250</port>
1021     <ip></ip>
1022     <www>http://www.frostfire.net</www>
1023     <desc>Ista and High Reaches are gone.  It's looking to be a bad Pass.</desc>
1024     <desc>The Starcrafters were predicting this turns ago, insisting that all the signs pointed to the upcoming Pass being particularly strenuous, and perhaps overlong.  They never predicted that the dormant volcano in which Ista Weyr's population made their home would abruptly return to life, nor that High Reaches would suffer a devastating earthquake - and there have been smaller but no less terrifying events the world over.</desc>
1025     <desc>In the wake of the too-close-together disasters, geologically-minded Craftfolk sought out an old, abandoned Weyr, one that had been created in a water-worn cavern system but finally deemed too cold and isolated for maintenance.  But... it's geologically stable.</desc>
1026     <desc>And so Starmount Weyr was born, a creation of politics and councils and desperation.  Finally under the management of its Weyrleaders, it nevertheless owes much to High Reaches Hold, Kalseru trading post, and many other Pern locales for help and support in both building-- and, in a great many cases, refuge, as a significant proportion of its population comes from the destroyed Weyrs.</desc>
1027     <desc>Set well up in the Northern Barrier Range, it looks to be a cold, hard road to independence, but its people have thrown themselves into the game with willing hearts.  For the most part, anyway-- except for the ones who seem to be hoping to make a mark, and not always for the good of the people.  The Weyrleader is rumored to be among them... at least when his back is turned.</desc>
1028     <desc>Come help us create something fascinating - what FrostFire becomes from this point is up to the players.  With open Impressions (golds under some restriction... so what else is new), Crafters, player-dragons, and an extremely laid-back atmosphere, we're out for whatever fun we can make for ourselves.  It's a Pern that's ripe for change and looking potential disaster in the eye.  What could go wrong?</desc>
1029   </mud>
1030   <mud>
1031     <name>HexMUD CircleMUD</name>
1032     <codebase>[Smaug]</codebase>
1033     <host>hexmud.com</host>
1034     <port>4000</port>
1035     <www>http://hexmud.com/mudapplet/</www>
1036     <desc>Using bleeding edge SMAUG codebase (SmaugFUSS 1.9) with many cool features added into it (progress bar in battle prompt, stats training). Many of the stock areas but making the conversion to more custom areas after a few more ported snippets are created. Beautiful ANSI.</desc>
1037   </mud>
1038   <mud>
1039     <name>Crimson MUD</name>
1040     <codebase>[TBA] HEAVILY MODIFIED!</codebase>
1041     <host>http://crimson.forbiddenfire.com</host>
1042     <port>6000</port>
1043     <ip>crimson.forbidd</ip>
1044     <www>http://crimson.forbiddenfire.com</www>
1045   </mud>
1046   <mud>
1047     <name>Thorns Of War</name>
1048     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
1049     <www>http://www.thornsofwar.com</www>
1050     <desc>Thorns of War is a browser based game which mixes elements of a MUD and a Sim. While there are plenty of monsters to hone your fighting skills against, the main focus of the game is on living out a life in the open world provided. Building is nearly unrestricted and includes everything from roads and bridges to towers and halls of timber or stone. While many players throw their support behind an existing village, some choose to strike out on their own, blazing new trails and settling new areas of the MASSIVE world.</desc>
1051     <desc>Nearly all items are crafted by players of varying professions, from bronze casters to locksmiths, and working together is key to survival in a world that is, quite frankly, a pretty rough place. Fortunately there's always an NPC hireling looking for work who you can hire to guard your lands, pan for minerals, forage, chop timber, dig up stone, or even give you a hand down in a kobold hole.</desc>
1052     <desc>Unlike most MUDs you'll find this one to be very mouse friendly, with a mini-map and an organized layout which makes it very easy to play and keep track of what's going on around you.</desc>
1053     <desc>Want a quick peek? Follow the link! The home page is very simple and shows you a couple of screen shots right off the bat. Hope to see you in Ebinoth!</desc>
1054   </mud>
1055   <mud>
1056     <name>AustinMUD</name>
1057     <codebase>[Dikumud] Far away branch of Diku Gamma 0.0</codebase>
1058     <host>mud.austinmud.dk</host>
1059     <port>4000</port>
1060     <ip></ip>
1061     <www>http://www.austinmud.dk</www>
1062     <desc>Over 14 years of development has brought AustinMUD to its current state where a unique and well-designed middle-age world made up of over 11.000 rooms is waiting for you to explore.</desc>
1063     <desc>Select one of four default classes and specialize later on into classes such as Knight, Crusader, Barbarian, Necromancer, Psionicist or Druid, and try out our vast number of both good and evil player races which includes everything from Human to Vampire!</desc>
1064     <desc>AustinMUD has a nice and relaxed atmosphere thanks to both our players and immortals, and the game is expanded and improved on every day.</desc>
1065     <desc>In order to try the game, just point your client or telnet mud.austinmud.dk port 4000.</desc>
1066     <desc>The focus is on these areas:</desc>
1067     <desc>Socialisation  : - Several old, powerful player controller guilds - Players can rent houses and make them personal - Playerkilling is an OPTION, not required.</desc>
1068     <desc>Exploration - Over 11000 unique rooms created just for AustinMUD - The world is divided into 92 areas and the AREAS command shows you how much you have explored of the world so far - Each exit that leads to an unexplored place is marked with a question mark, which disappears for good once you explore it - Several buildt in quests to make adventuring more interesting.</desc>
1069     <desc>Combat - Multiplay with up to 4 chars is made easier with commands such as ACCEPTORDERS and EXECUTE - Powerful monsters sometimes has random items, items that are totally unique and thus one of a kind! - Many NPC's act intelligently in combat due to an extensive system of special procedures. - Top Playerkillers are listed on ranking list in the main city.</desc>
1070     <desc>Other - Powerful parser that accepts abbreviations, hundreds of spells and skills and much, much more...</desc>
1071     <desc>Come, join us and find out who you are in the world of austin today</desc>
1072   </mud>
1073   <mud>
1074     <name>Star Wars MUSH: New Worlds</name>
1075     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
1076     <host>starwarsmush.net</host>
1077     <port>4200</port>
1078     <ip></ip>
1079     <www>http://starwarsmush.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page</www>
1080     <desc>Star Wars MUSH: New Worlds is a new Star Wars MUSH based on the classic West End Games Star Wars Roleplaying Game, utilizing the D6 system. The game's storyline itself is an offshoot of the original Star Wars MUSH (SW1) and went online December 26th, 2008. With about 50 players online at peak hours (PST, generally), it is an active new Star Wars world beginning in 18 ABY - the Empire is the reigning galactic government, but faces opposition from a new Sith Empire and the remaining forces of the New Republic.</desc>
1081     <desc>The game's staff setup is unique in that is promotes democracy first and foremost; faction staff positions for the main factions are elected by their players, as is the game's Direc tor. To put a stop to staff abuse, there is also an elected Player's Council which serves as a check against potential administration abuse; the game strives to put the players at the front and put an end to staff abuse of power.</desc>
1082     <desc>The game features approximately 170 coded (and canon) Star Wars ship types (based on D6 stats), over 300 weapons and items, over 40 coded worlds to explore, and five main factions to join - the ruthless Empire, the new Sith Empire of Darth Malign, the strong-willed New Republic, and the unaffiliated independents. In addition, there are a multitude of small organizations to join - such as the criminal Black Sun, the vile Hutt cartels of Zorbo and Gulgoth the Hutts, and so on. The game also features the player-run Bank of the Core - players can deposit their earned credits at the bank by opening an account, and earn interest monthly. They can also take out loans to finance that starship of their dreams, or to open their own business. Visit our Wiki at http://starwarsmush.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page for more information and join in on the fun!</desc>
1083   </mud>
1084   <mud>
1085     <name>The Darkening Sun</name>
1086     <codebase>[Dawn] 10 years of enhancements to parent source</codebase>
1087     <host>darkeningsun.org</host>
1088     <port>5678</port>
1089     <ip></ip>
1090     <www>http://darkeningsun.org</www>
1091     <desc>A fierce battle with Pyromiun ensued when the Gith Army invaded...</desc>
1092     <desc>With the heroics and bravery of Tressa, Kiro, Dumax, Cailte, Lenora, and the united forces of Kythandria; Pyromiun was defeated.  The victors of this war returned to their normal lives and vowed for a renewed peace.  Some disappeared, some left for further adventure, and some returned to their homes and families, and Tressa returned to her Kingdom as the Queen of Herald.  With the help of her friends of who fought bravely beside her, they rebuilt their kingdom from the ashes of the Gith Army invasion.</desc>
1093     <desc>Thirty years after the first Gith War, a great deal of political unrest was growing within the Navarre Republic; a nation once an ally to the Kingdom of Herald now an enemy.  Throughout the years, it was known about the growing hostilities; but the reasons were unknown.</desc>
1094     <desc>It was not until the forces of Navarre invaded the territories of Herald that their intentions became clear.  Through the many battles that ensued between both nations and the Realm of Kythandria on the brink of destruction, it was discovered that the Navarre Army was under the influence of a Gith Lord; hence the birth of the second Gith War.</desc>
1095     <desc>Through the perseverence and bravery of the children of those that in the first Gith War; they overcame and peace was restored to both kingdoms.</desc>
1096     <desc>This new story begins 10 years after...</desc>
1097   </mud>
1098   <mud>
1099     <name>Avalon</name>
1100     <codebase>Avalon</codebase>
1101     <host>avalon-rpg.com</host>
1102     <port>23</port>
1103     <ip></ip>
1104     <www>http://www.avalon-rpg.com/</www>
1105     <desc>Avalon is a mythical, role-playing world of vast depth and complexity; just because you have played other muds don't expect to be ready for Avalon ... it is unlike any other. A vast land of great diversity awaits those who are willing to take up the challenge, a land of legend and history in the making, a land where you can make a difference and change the course of history itself.</desc>
1106     <desc>Avalon is a living, breathing, ever-evolving world. You will choose your own path to suit you; perhaps as a great warrior, maybe an artful mage or cunning sorcerer, a politician or skilled trader, a peaceful farmer or ruthless assassin. The choices are endless and the opportunities to display your worth and skills are unrivalled. Remember though, all characters born into Avalon start out equal, what will be is as yet unwritten. Before you lies the challenge, the possibility to enhance your character with hundreds of skill abilities which will give you the potential to be successful in the path of your choosing. Good luck to you!</desc>
1107   </mud>
1108   <mud>
1109     <name>Chariots of Destruction</name>
1110     <codebase>[Circlemud] Modified</codebase>
1111     <host>destruction.game-host.org</host>
1112     <port>2000</port>
1113     <ip></ip>
1114     <www>http://</www>
1115     <desc>Its just another Medieval fantasy mud. I'm mostly trying to create a place that I enjoy, Rooms are detailed and grammatically correct. I've included things like, hidden objects and such. I checked no quests but they will be eventually put in. Its very new, mostly I just want a few ppl to come check it out. Its more a test place for me to learn circle code and, its very hard to do that when...I don't have any feedback. All reviews and suggestions are welcome. If you want to build, feel free..I'll train anyone that wants to build. I'll update this with something better if the mud takes off..but for now..if you want to help start up a mud, come on in..or if you're just looking for something to take up time..drop in and critique away!</desc>
1116   </mud>
1117   <mud>
1118     <name>StormHunters</name>
1119     <codebase>[Ack!mud] (red headed stepchild)</codebase>
1120     <host>sh.ackmud.net</host>
1121     <port>2000</port>
1122     <ip></ip>
1123     <www>http://stormhunters.ackmud.net</www>
1124     <desc>[Formerly known as: Plains of Sithilus] StormHunters has much to offer for old and new players alike, having long since broken away from the traditional ACKMud experience. Create your character from a pool of 21 distinct playable races (each with its own unique city) and 28 classes (including mortal, remortal, realm lord and legend tiers) to find your own path through life. Not enough? You can also choose from 8 object crafting profession classes, adding greater flexibility and depth to your character. With every race having its own attributes and skills and each class having specialized abilities with lasting usefulness, play-style is greatly individualized. StormHunters is fully playable and we continue to regularly add new content. Will you be a veteran warrior, overwhelming hordes of foes with brute strength or perhaps a cunning assassin, utilizing style and strategy to destroy your targets from the shadows? If such brutality is distasteful, etch away your opponents' very life force with the arcane arts. In a world with such violence, there is also the need for skilled healers. If versatility is your motto, simply combine elements of each. Every build has its strengths and weaknesses, so you need never worry about creating a \"useless\" character. Our friendly immortal staff and helpful players are always willing to answer any questions you might have. If you're the quiet type, you can use the built in help systems--including shelp (information on skills and spells) and ahelp (area information) functions--to find your way through the world. With an almost entirely custom world of over 100 areas and an exhaustive list of changes, there is certainly no shortage of things to do. Not the type to sit idly by and watch the world evolve around you? Join our staff as a builder and help us create new content--bring your areas to life and break away from the cookie cutter mold! Come check us out at sh.ackmud.net:2000. We're eager to have you!</desc>
1125   </mud>
1126   <mud>
1127     <name>Clessidra</name>
1128     <codebase>[Dikumud] (Now called PizzaMUD)</codebase>
1129     <host>mud.clessidra.it</host>
1130     <port>4000</port>
1131     <ip></ip>
1132     <www>None</www>
1133     <desc>Clessidra e' il primo MUD completamente in italiano mai creato.</desc>
1134     <desc>Su Clessidra potrete trovare solo aree originali e in italiano. Molte caratteristiche rendono Clessidra uno dei migliori, se non il migliore, MUD in Italia : Avanzati sistemi di spostamento sfide uno-contro-uno contro gli amici, o i nemici, L'arena e i combattimenti, Le sfide all'ultimo sangue e i MOB intelligenti con le loro Quest e tecniche di combattimento, un sistema di assegnazione di missioni casuali e un avanzatissimo sistema di Clan che permettera' guerre e conquiste. Un MUD che si evolve di continuo.</desc>
1135     <desc>Clessidra is the first all italian MUD ever created! On Clessidra you may find only all original Areas, all in italian! Many features make Clessidra one of the best, or the best, MUD in Italy : Advanced travel mode, fight one to one versus your friend, or enemy, The Arena and its fight, the Mortal Challenge, the intelligent MOBs and their Quest and fighting style, a random automatic mission assignament and for you and your friends you must try the advanced Clan system that allows wars and conquest. A MUD that evolves with new challenge, new rules, new skills!</desc>
1136   </mud>
1137   <mud>
1138     <name>Atonement RPI</name>
1139     <codebase>[Unknown] Advanced RPI Engine</codebase>
1140     <host>atonementrpi.com</host>
1141     <port>4500</port>
1142     <www>http://www.atonementrpi.com</www>
1143     <desc>Enter a dark story of mystery, survival-horror and science fiction. Led by an experienced staff of plot-twisting Storytellers and powered by superior code, Atonement re-invents what a RPG is capable of.</desc>
1144     <desc>---</desc>
1145     <desc>- A setting that combines elements from wonderful pieces of literature, beloved cult films and classic Survival Horror games to create a unique and mysterious Universe to discover! Story-lines that demand in-character consequences for in-character action, exploration, teamwork and all of your wits for survival!</desc>
1146     <desc>- Stellar MOB AI: be prepared to face enemies who know how to fight and are intelligent, are interactive, use strategies and formations, set traps and can use the environment around them to their advantage against you, and who grow in power as time goes on.</desc>
1147     <desc>- Our next generation of automated event scripting allows for a more immersive and interactive world than ever seen before on an RPI.</desc>
1148     <desc>- Our improved crafting system allows for a less confusing, more intuitive and powerful means to create within the world. On Atonement, crafts may not produce the same results in every room, allowing for a single craft to serve a multitude of potential purposes.</desc>
1149     <desc>- Profession code means an easier learning curve for new players. The three starting professions for the</desc>
1150   </mud>
1151   <mud>
1152     <name>Avendar: The Crucible of Legends</name>
1153     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified ROM</codebase>
1154     <host>avendar.com</host>
1155     <port>9999</port>
1156     <ip></ip>
1157     <www>http://www.avendar.com</www>
1158     <desc>Avendar: The Crucible of Legends is an entirely original fantasy world, with its own unique history, classes, areas, races, and code.  Our world history has evolved and developed organically over our ten-plus years of life, and this resounds in every facet of our elaborate and detailed gameworld.</desc>
1159     <desc>Currently, we have over 24 classes, 10 races, and over 800 skills and spells. The skill sets for our classes include the summoning and binding of demons into items, a novel system of psionic foci, archery, a complex, bias-based alchemical system, and spells that require multiple casters to complete.  Players can adventure and explore in this world, compete invididually or alongside others in the great Houses which fight ideological wars over the control over ten stones of power.</desc>
1160     <desc>Roleplaying is required at Avendar, and we encourage roleplayers with a detailed pantheon of 21 Gods and Demigods. (http://www.avendar.com/deities.php)  Playerkilling is also encouraged, though wanton murdering is not - we hold our players to high standards.</desc>
1161     <desc>Experience a world where simple descriptions can immerse you instantly.  Travail a world filled with intricate puzzles, complex, murky storylines, robust NPC banditry, and riddling imps.  Participate in epic quests and story arcs.  Come and see the rich world we have to offer with Avendar!</desc>
1162   </mud>
1163   <mud>
1164     <name>Scott's Meeting MOO</name>
1165     <codebase>[MOO]</codebase>
1166     <www>http://</www>
1167     <desc>This is a space I created for hosting pen-and-paper RPGs. With dice objects, recorders (for transcripts) etcetera. Nothing special.</desc>
1168   </mud>
1169   <mud>
1170     <name>Dare To Dream Moo</name>
1171     <codebase>[MOO]</codebase>
1172     <host>dtdream.cmoo.com</host>
1173     <port>9911</port>
1174     <ip></ip>
1175     <www>http://www.techie-web.com/</www>
1176     <desc>The theme is to dream, enjoy yourself in the game rooms, ride the rides, be sociable with friends, mostly, have fun here. D2D has much to offer the wide variety of players we have...a Role Playing Game area, Carnival Rides, Games, Rooms to talk and visit, or explore any of 6 different island groups, bet at the track, drive a racecar, or play the slots! A lot of the things we've done to D2D is to form friendships and have overall fun, even if alone. Teams for laser tag, fighting your enemies, battling it out in one of the StarKiller simulations, living out your fantasy, reaching for the stars, striving for your dream...</desc>
1177     <desc>The overall theme for D2D is to have fun, FUN!</desc>
1178   </mud>
1179   <mud>
1180     <name>Bad Trip</name>
1181     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily modified ROM 2.4</codebase>
1182     <host>badtripmud.com</host>
1183     <port>7778</port>
1184     <ip>216..240.158.18</ip>
1185     <www>http://www.badtripmud.com</www>
1186     <desc>Now under new ownership as of Spring, 2009.</desc>
1187     <desc>Welcome to an online world like none you've experienced. Bad Trip is wild, irreverent and most of all fun. If you're looking for a new mud, now is the time to try Bad Trip.  We are currently rebuilding our player base, so come give us a whirl.</desc>
1188     <desc>We have a new imm staff, but are continuing with the best in the tradition of Bad Trip-ness.</desc>
1189     <desc>Some of the things we have going for us are:</desc>
1190     <desc>* An active staff who constantly strive to improve the game (Currently undergoing a major overhaul!) * A unique token system for improving your character and gear (New tokens on the way!) * Friendly and mature players who are glad to assist you and answer questions * A clan dedicated JUST to helping newbies called 'Oracle'. * Frequent Imm-run quests awarding prizes and equipment. * A multiple remort/rebirth process which lets you further specialize and master your skills. * An automated quest system that allows you in time to earn amazing equipment, and many other prizes. * So many unique things, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't play this mud. * We are irreverent, off-beat, and laid back. Try us. You'll like us!!</desc>
1191   </mud>
1192   <mud>
1193     <name>Blood Calls Blood</name>
1194     <codebase>[Rom] As The Wheel Weaves derived codebase.</codebase>
1195     <host>bloodcallsblood.com</host>
1196     <port>2300</port>
1197     <www>http://</www>
1198     <desc>Blood Calls Blood is a heavily rp encouraged mud based on Robert</desc>
1199     <desc>Jordan's Wheel of Time books. The original game and codebase, As The</desc>
1200     <desc>Wheel Weaves, has been open since 1998. The most current incarnation</desc>
1201     <desc>of it  - The Shadows Embrace - has been recently (and most likely</desc>
1202     <desc>temporarily) shutdown due to hosting issues.</desc>
1203     <desc>The mud is currently undergoing a large revamp in terms of both code</desc>
1204     <desc>and areas, but is fully functional and playable. We generally have</desc>
1205     <desc>8-20 people on at a time, and are looking for more to come and expand</desc>
1206     <desc>our playerbase enjoy themselves.</desc>
1207     <desc>See you soon!</desc>
1208     <desc>The Aww/Tse/BcB Staff</desc>
1209   </mud>
1210   <mud>
1211     <name>DragonBall: Infinity</name>
1212     <codebase>[Smaug] Heavily Modified</codebase>
1213     <host>dbinfinity.bounceme.net</host>
1214     <port>4000</port>
1215     <www>http://dbinfinity.bounceme.net</www>
1216     <desc>As you may have heard, the DragonBall Saga codebase leaked a while back. We got ahold of the code and started up our own MUD. Before you judge, please note that Warren, the original owner of the Saga codebase, has given permission for us to use the code.</desc>
1217     <desc>DragonBall and DragonBall Z are highly popular anime series', based off the manga created by Akira Toriyama. DragonBall GT was not created by Toriyama, but is still just as popular as the original shows and mangas.</desc>
1218     <desc>DragonBall Infinity offers several of the things seen in the popular series. Races such as Saiyans, Nameks, Bio-Androids, Androids, even Ghettis; and more races are still in the works. Skills and abilities such as Super Saiyan, the Kamehameha wave, Kaioken Attack, and much more features bring the series straight to your computer.</desc>
1219     <desc>We feature an exclusive RolePlay storyline, derived from the series themselves. RolePlay is highly encouraged, with new plot twists forming every day.</desc>
1220     <desc>Come, join us. We are confident you'll like our MUD.</desc>
1221   </mud>
1222   <mud>
1223     <name>Transformers Universe</name>
1224     <codebase>[MUX] TinyMUX #36 [2002-Oct-23]</codebase>
1225     <host>tfu.mu-world.net</host>
1226     <port>1976</port>
1227     <ip></ip>
1228     <www>http://tfumux.wikia.com</www>
1229     <desc>This MUX is dedicated to RP between pre-movie Transformers (with some comic influences) and comic-based G.I. Joes (with some cartoon influence). It's application-based, and charstaffers are on hand to get new players approved.  The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the player base is large enough to find RP but small enough that everyone's contributions can be felt.  Log on and give us a try!</desc>
1230   </mud>
1231   <mud>
1232     <name>Star Wars: Knights of Darkness</name>
1233     <codebase>[SWR] SWKoD (Alpha)</codebase>
1234     <host>mud.swkod.com</host>
1235     <port>5555</port>
1236     <ip></ip>
1237     <www>http://www.swkod.com/</www>
1238     <desc>Affectionately known as KoD by its loving players, Knights of Darkness is the second oldest and longest-running Star Wars-themed SWR still in existence.  Over the past year or so, we've lost a lot of steam, for various reasons, but now, we have an almost entirely new staff (with a few old faces still hanging around, as well) and we're on the move to take the Star Wars MUD scene back by storm. We've just moved to a brand new dedicated server with a 10mbps connection, and the coders are now hard at work implementing some long-needed changes that are sure to make the experience more enjoyable and exciting than anything any other SWR can even dream of offering.</desc>
1239     <desc>Set about 27 years after the Battle of Yavin, Knights of Darkness currently resides in an alternate Star Wars universe whose history has been developed based on years of player interaction and the weaving of hundreds of plot lines.  In its current incarnation, the Star Wars Galaxy is once again under the reigns of the Empire, as a crumbling Republic struggles to exist at all in the face of such an all-encompassing power.  Tensions are high - and that only makes the RP that much better!</desc>
1240     <desc>And it's about to get even more exciting - change is just around the corner, and along with it will come the most detailed character customization any SWR has ever seen.  Without getting into too much detail, let's just say you DON'T want to miss it!</desc>
1241     <desc>Come over and play KoD - if you don't want to download a client, you can even use the Flash MUD client on our website, which, in and of itself, is full of wonderful things, and even more to come.  Join up now, and be a part of the action, the fun, and the wonder that is yet to come!</desc>
1242   </mud>
1243   <mud>
1244     <name>Barren Realms</name>
1245     <codebase>[Merc] merc2.2 heavily modified</codebase>
1246     <host>barren.barrenrealmsmud.com</host>
1247     <port>8000</port>
1248     <www>http://www.barrenrealmsmud.com/</www>
1249     <desc>THE TOP SIX REASONS: Why You Should Check Out Barren Realms</desc>
1250     <desc>6. Remort to demons - a completely customizable and unique race unlike anything MUDS have ever seen before - no equipment, only limbs and body parts that do interesting and evil things!</desc>
1251     <desc>5. Choose from these races: Dwarves (warriors), Druids (clerics), Elves (mages), Illithids (psionicists), Avians (half-human, half-bird), Humans (martial artists) and Kender (thieves).Cross-training Availability - You have the opportunity to practice some spells and skills of other races.</desc>
1252     <desc>4. A unique stat enhancing (training) system that allows you to improve your stats without using your practice sessions after the first level.</desc>
1253     <desc>3. Hands-on help for new players. Barren's players will help you out!</desc>
1254     <desc>2. Easily customizable ansii color, allowing you to personalize the color settings for channels, an area for PK, and 100+ innovative areas...ranging from original fantasy areas to puzzle-type areas and more!</desc>
1255     <desc>And the Number 1 reason you should try Barren Realms is...simply...our people....the best and friendliest on the Net. Come by and visit a while.</desc>
1256   </mud>
1257   <mud>
1258     <name>BatMUD</name>
1259     <codebase>[LP] Customized LPC driver.</codebase>
1260     <host>batmud.bat.org</host>
1261     <port>23</port>
1262     <ip></ip>
1263     <www>http://www.bat.org/</www>
1264     <desc>BatMUD is one of the oldest still running LPMUDs (it has been online since 14th April 1990), and has an average of over 300 users online (over 450 at peak hours) from all regions of the world.</desc>
1265     <desc>Despite its age, the MUD is constantly evolving which makes it both challenging and entertaining to new and old players alike. Due to the rich set of features, BatMUD may be a bit overwhelming for a  newcomer, but more experienced players often help if asked politely, and registered newbie helpers are available to guide fresh players.</desc>
1266     <desc>BatMUD features a detailed combat system, player to player commerce, playerbuilt cities, seafaring vessels, mounts and hundreds of custom zones. The unique atmosphere of BatMUD has given birth to many clones, including two sibling sites: BatMUD classic (BatMUD as it was in 1994) and HardCore BatMUD (fast powerplay with permanent deaths). However, the original remains among the largest and most feature-rich MUDs on the Internet.</desc>
1267   </mud>
1268   <mud>
1269     <name>AuroraMUSH</name>
1270     <codebase>[MUX] Somewhat hacked MUX 1.6 - soon to move to 2.0</codebase>
1271     <host>amush.cx</host>
1272     <port>4190</port>
1273     <ip></ip>
1274     <www>http://www.amush.cx/</www>
1275     <desc>AuroraMUSH is a small, friendly social MUSH. Connect, chat, hang out, etc. Come and enjoy yourself.</desc>
1276     <desc>Character approval: Anyone can create a character, but unless a staff member grants residency, that character only has guest status and will be deleted upon disconnection.  Alternatively, character requests will be accepted via e-mail.</desc>
1277   </mud>
1278   <mud>
1279     <name>ShinyMud</name>
1280     <codebase>[Mythran] 30%+ original code</codebase>
1281     <host>shiny.nerp.net</host>
1282     <port>9000</port>
1283     <ip></ip>
1284     <www>http://</www>
1285     <desc>On ShinyMud, you will find a host of features that are either completely new, or much improved over stock Mythran.  The multiclass system allows you to gain levels in up to four out of eight classes, with experience requirements (and gains) increasing often (optimized for addictiveness!).</desc>
1286     <desc>We also feature: multiclass skills; an expanded clan system which allows clans to declare war or conquer areas to help with purchasing clan equipment; a unique and optional religion system which provides mild subtle bonuses as you level; a Final Fantasy-like system of elemental strengths and weaknesses; magic resistance; magic power, which increase or decrease the effectiveness of your spells; and dozens of genuinely new skills based on custom-built game mechanics.</desc>
1287     <desc>At the moment, Shiny is about 75% comprised of stock areas, though they've been altered in subtle ways, and there are always more areas on the way.  To this end we are hiring builders (building is via OLC) to expand the mud universe.  Creativity is essential.</desc>
1288     <desc>ShinyMud is the third incarnation of a mud run by administrators with a decade of mud-building experience.  As such, the game is quite stable, and many long-running Envy and Mythran bugs/issues have been fixed (e.g., no KILLER flags, ever!).</desc>
1289     <desc>Newbies and experience mudders alike are welcome.</desc>
1290   </mud>
1291   <mud>
1292     <name>Tempest</name>
1293     <codebase>[MUX] MUX - Tempest Modified</codebase>
1294     <host>game.tempestmux.com</host>
1295     <port>5555</port>
1296     <ip></ip>
1297     <www>http://www.tempestmux.com</www>
1298     <desc>Tempest is an Old World of Darkness MUX, set in the fictional city of New Haven, Virginia.   We support Humans, Mortal+ (Psychics and Priests), Shifters and Vampires (Camarilla, Sabbat, Independent and Anarch).</desc>
1299     <desc>New Haven is a unique city, in that there is a large section of the city that restricts supernatural powers -- within this part of the city, humans have as good a chance at survival as anyone - possibly better!</desc>
1300     <desc>Join us at tempest.muxnexus.com port 5555 or port 5555</desc>
1301   </mud>
1302   <mud>
1303     <name>Aeonian Dreams: Reawakened</name>
1304     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily Modified</codebase>
1305     <host>aeonian-dreams.net</host>
1306     <port>4000</port>
1307     <ip></ip>
1308     <www>http://www.aeonian-dreams.net</www>
1309     <desc>Aeonian Dreams is a MUD unlike any you have played before. We are dedicated to building an interactive, lush world, which YOU do the main part in creating. You have the ability to research your OWN spells (yes, that's right! We have no set spells. You make your own), run your OWN shop and make money, smith and craft your OWN items, to name a few of our features. We are a great mud, whether you like roleplay, adventure, hack'n'slash, puzzle solving, running your own MUD business, or simply hanging around and talking with other players. Our immortal staff is friendly and attentive to your concerns, and our players are excellent people. Here is a list of our major features: * Clans * Remorting * Ranged combat * Interactive NPCs * Hundreds of quests * Shops run by players * Customizable prompts * Player-created spells * New zones added monthly * Smithing and crafting systems * Dedicated and friendly players and staff * Immortals who listen to your ideas and bug reports * Extensive skill selection and character customization</desc>
1310     <desc>Drop by and give us a try. You will love it.</desc>
1311   </mud>
1312   <mud>
1313     <name>The Cult</name>
1314     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
1315     <host>yuss.org</host>
1316     <port>6660</port>
1317     <www>http://www.yuss.org/~thecult</www>
1318   </mud>
1319   <mud>
1320     <name>City of Serenity</name>
1321     <codebase>[Custom] TwilightMu* 0.2B</codebase>
1322     <host>cityofserenity.genesismuds.com</host>
1323     <port>23</port>
1324     <www>http://twilightmu.org</www>
1325     <desc>Perhaps you have seen this world before. Perhaps it is all too familiar. Yet, to fully understand it, you must look at it in a different light: a soft flame kindled for millennia and held up against the growing darkness that surrounds it. The century to come will almost extinguish that fire. In the decades that follow, technology revolutionizes the world, aristocracy becomes an anachronism, gentlemanly behavior becomes obsolete, and world wars ravage the planet. The idealists of that brave new world become even more jaded and degenerate, forgetting the propriety and etiquette of the Victorian era. Forget these shadows of a future past. History has yet to be written, and the protagonists of our Passion Plays may rewrite them in their own image.</desc>
1326     <desc>Welcome to another realm, one shrouded by fog and lit by flame. City of Serenity is like that of our own world, but is one in which monsters prowl the night. They could just as well survive in the shadows of our own world -- or at least in the shadows of our past. Later generations of vampires herald this time as the height of their unseen civilization. Yet, the mists of time are like mists over Venice; It distorts all we think we perceive.</desc>
1327   </mud>
1328   <mud>
1329     <name>BlackMUD</name>
1330     <codebase>[Silly] Derived Diku/Silly</codebase>
1331     <host>blackmud.com</host>
1332     <port>2000</port>
1333     <ip></ip>
1334     <www>http://www.blackmud.com/</www>
1335     <desc>The world of Entia is again at war.  The forces of chaos once again seek to destroy the world itself.  It is a time of fear and darkness.  It is a time for those with courage, to step forward and defend their beliefs, and their very existence.</desc>
1336     <desc>BlackMUD is a Diku and Silly based MUD, although it has become something far more than either.  The world of Entia is a wonderous and challenging place.  It boasts over 70 original areas, made up of over 16000 rooms, all designed around a comprehensive world theme and history.</desc>
1337     <desc>Good role-playing is encouraged and rewarded.  With a wide array of races, cities, classes and sub-classes, BlackMUD offers the player a wide world of adventure and excitement.</desc>
1338   </mud>
1339   <mud>
1340     <name>Primal Darkness</name>
1341     <codebase>[LP] Nightmare/Carnage</codebase>
1342     <host>primaldarkness.com</host>
1343     <port>5000</port>
1344     <ip></ip>
1345     <www>None</www>
1346     <desc>Pull up a log and warm yourself by the fire. Let me tell ye of a world of fantastic magic. A world in a struggle between darkness and light. Aye, a world of grand adventure and wonderful tales of deeds and quests beyond your imagination. I tell ye now of Primal Darkness. A world you just may come to call home.</desc>
1347     <desc>Our realm is in dire need of you good traveler. Whether ye be good or evil, vile or heroic, ye are welcome here! Our realm is growing, new discoveries await the bold and adventurous sort. Many an adventurer has traveled this realm and I invite you to join us in creating the culture and history of this world!</desc>
1348     <desc>Whether you prefer might or magic, leading the charge or lurking in the shadows, Primal Darkness boasts twenty three start races, three quest races, five start classes and twenty one subclasses to suit your adventuring needs, and a custom remort system allowing you to save all your hard work while trying out new races and/or classes. The world has zoned player killing (pk) supported by a justice system, player built and ran guilds, a fully sail-able ocean with customizable ships and ship battle system, a fully flyable sky with mapping system, mud-wide auction line, a coliseum in which to prove your battle prowess, and much more.</desc>
1349     <desc>Primal Darkness supports over thirty areas to explore with more being rumored at even now. PD also has an active building community dedicated to helping the mud expand and grow. Active staff and helpful players help make PD the unique experience it has become. We hope you will join us in the game world by logging in and playing at mud.primaldarkness.com:5000 for your next great adventure.</desc>
1350   </mud>
1351   <mud>
1352     <name>Terra</name>
1353     <codebase>[Smaug] Under Heavy Construction</codebase>
1354     <host></host>
1355     <port>1043</port>
1356     <ip></ip>
1357     <www>None</www>
1358     <desc>Terra will be a medieval fantasy MUD when it is finished. Currently it is not open to players. We are seeking a dedicated base coder.</desc>
1359     <desc>Welcome to Terra: a world of vampires and werewolves, of elves and dwarves, and of magic. Here there be dragons and danger, beings from other dimensions, and a world desperately in need of a savior. Battle the Ancient Gods themselves in a desperate attempt to stop them from killing the Gods and destroying the world, or just try to get used to life in the big city. Visit an empire that spans half a globe ruled by an immortal, and discover a country ruled by a government its own citizens don't know exist. Fight the Illuminati, or ally with them, and travel a world nearly the size of earth where magic and combat are common skills if you want to walk out of town and come back alive. This is a world where ANYONE can learn magic, and everybody alive who travels can fight well. Bandits and brigands rule the roads, and most of the world is fractured and politically divided.</desc>
1360   </mud>
1361   <mud>
1362     <name>Star Wars Reality</name>
1363     <codebase>[SWR]</codebase>
1364     <host>swr.game-host.org</host>
1365     <port>4000</port>
1366     <www>http://</www>
1367     <desc>Star Wars Reality As it was in it's prime re-hosted and open for play.</desc>
1368   </mud>
1369   <mud>
1370     <name>Acadiana(MOO)</name>
1371     <codebase>[MOO]</codebase>
1372     <host>acadiana.kydance.net</host>
1373     <port>4000</port>
1374     <www>http://acadianacentral.com</www>
1375     <desc>Acadiana is a text based game paralleling life in the modern day world mixed with an occasional dose of the supernatural. The game is set in a large metropolitan area consisting of six major cities surrounded by ever expanding smaller territories.  The environment is constantly changing and growing. The staff strive to provide many opportunities for players to expand on their characters personal, public, and business life.  Please be aware Acadiana is run by a very small group of friends so at times staff support can be minimal.</desc>
1376   </mud>
1377   <mud>
1378     <name>Shadow of Eternity</name>
1379     <codebase>[Rom] (VERY Heavily Modified)</codebase>
1380     <host>shadowofeternity.com</host>
1381     <port>7003</port>
1382     <ip></ip>
1383     <www>http://www.shadowofeternity.com</www>
1384     <desc>'In the shadows of another existence, feuding immortal deities battle for supremacy over the physical world.  Their war has raged for all eternity, unseen by mortal eyes -- Until now.'</desc>
1385     <desc>Many exciting and well balanced classes, races, and skills immerse a player within the deepness that is Dystansia, a realm where your faith is determined prior to your existence. As a pawn within this power struggle of gods, you must convert those around you, or smite them into the plane between life and death.  Lead a kingdom to glorious battle, fight solo hand to hand, smooth talk your way into political power, form raiding parties with other mortals, create and manage a kingdom of thousands, or ride galantly upon the back of a dragon for all to see.  The choices are your own... Or are they?  Can you exist within the Shadow Of Eternity</desc>
1386   </mud>
1387   <mud>
1388     <name>Star Trek: Interregnum</name>
1389     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH version 1.8.3 patchlevel 6 [01/01/2008]</codebase>
1390     <host>tkhasi.betterbox.net</host>
1391     <port>4342</port>
1392     <ip></ip>
1393     <www>http://tkhasi.betterbox.net</www>
1394     <desc>\"The year is 2390. The Federation as you once knew it, no longer exists. The combined might of the Tri-Powers could not withstand the Dominion onslaught. On the very streets they once defended, the Federation's political and military leaders were slaughtered. Yet, even in these dark times, the spirit of the Federation could not be crushed. Out of the devastation arose The Pacific Alliance and the Coalition for Unity, each seeking to rebuild the former Federation under it's own philosphies. Spouting about the need for a stronger military emphasis, Alliance party members verbally challenged the more traditional Coalition. In a time when the former Federation worlds are seperated, each party seeks to bring them into it's fold. Starfleet, ever steadfast in it's directives, finds itself split in it's support for these vying fledgling politic powers, each of whom believe themself to be the legitimate UFP.\"</desc>
1395     <desc>Star Trek: Interregnum seeks to embody a universe not too disimiliar from the Birth of the Federation. The goal of the game is create an environment where player actions both matter, and serves to drive the MUSH forward. Even though, it is Federation vs Federation, all races remain playable. Featuring both a custom version of ASpace, and it's own unique Econ system, STI's codebase serves primarily to drive roleplay forward and arbitrate possible conflicts. Stop by and help mold the universe.</desc>
1396     <desc>PLAYER COMMENTS:</desc>
1397     <desc>Aradan, player since Jan '05, \"this is the only MUSH to successfully code ship-seperation... it allows very interesting roleplay and combat experiences. Once a player even stole the stardrive section of a starship.\"</desc>
1398     <desc>Gurenk, player since Oct '05, \"I like everyone so much.\"</desc>
1399     <desc>Tuan, player since Jan '05, \"Player VS Player combat is good too...coded objects with different settings and attacking modes which take your own skills and stats into account as well as your opponents.\"</desc>
1400     <desc>Buffy, co-owner since Mar '01, \"What I really like the most is the integration and complexity of code here, it requires thought and player cooperation which encourages RP.  Through teamwork, we've really been able to accomplish alot in Administration.\"</desc>
1401     <desc>Kose, player since May '03, \"What makes this the best Star Trek MUSH out there is the uniqueness and advancement of the systems, the friendliness of the players, and the fairness of the adminstrators.\"</desc>
1402   </mud>
1403   <mud>
1404     <name>AVATAR Mud</name>
1405     <codebase>[Dikumud] Diku/Merc with 13+ years of modifications!</codebase>
1406     <host>avatar.outland.org</host>
1407     <port>3000</port>
1408     <ip></ip>
1409     <www>http://www.outland.org</www>
1410     <desc>Somewhere between real and imaginary lies the world of Avatar, a second home where many adventurers have made life-long friends and established reputations for themselves by achieving Heroic, Lordly, and even Legendary levels of power.  When first entering the world of Avatar, new players can select a race from our wide selection of 24 base races and a class from our 7 starting classes. However, these are only the beginning of our character offerings. With time and experience, players can unlock a number of prestige and remort classes, as well as remort races.  Avatar is a massive world divided into different tiers of players. New players begin as Mortals and by leveling and gaining experience they become Heroes. Both tiers of players exist on Midgaardia, a realm that has over 200 different areas to explore. Lords are former Heroes who achieved a sufficient level of power. They are charged with the responsibility of protecting Midgaardia from the evil of the outer planes. Lords make their home on Thorngate (a small town that exists in the universe) and travel to Avatar's 11 different planes of existence, fighting those who would seek to invade. Occasionally, a Lord will reach such a high level of power that he/she will be able to ascend to the Legend tier. Little is known about the Legends, but it is rumoured that they are champions of the Gods, fighting for a cause that they are not even aware of.  Even with Avatar's high level of re-playability and the many different ways one can experience the game, what keeps new players (and existing ones) coming back is the people. Our diverse player base is filled with friendly and helpful individuals who make it a great place to play.  Additionally, the dedicated Immortals, Angels, and Track Staff are available to help improve Avatar and making sure it remains a safe and family-friendly place to play. Come and find out for yourself - we look forward to welcoming you to the AVATAR family!</desc>
1411   </mud>
1412   <mud>
1413     <name>The Burbs</name>
1414     <codebase>[Unknown] EwToo/summink</codebase>
1415     <host>Burbs.org</host>
1416     <port>4567</port>
1417     <ip></ip>
1418     <www>http://www.Burbs.org/</www>
1419     <desc>The 'Burbs is a social type talker with multiple rooms. The system rooms all have a suburbs-like description, hence the name.</desc>
1420     <desc>New players may log in at any time but must ask a Superuser for 'residency' in order to have their character saved.</desc>
1421     <desc>Once a resident you will not only be saved, but will be able to send mail to other players, created rooms of your own, have a friends list, set sessions, and post news.  This is a very friendly atmosphere, troublemakers are not tolerated!</desc>
1422     <desc>Feel free to stop by and check it out. You are not required to have residency to visit.  You must, however, have a valid email address in order to be granted residency.</desc>
1423     <desc>Hope to see you soon! -'Burbs Staff</desc>
1424   </mud>
1425   <mud>
1426     <name>Burning</name>
1427     <codebase>[Dikumud] Heavily modified since 1988</codebase>
1428     <host>burningmud.com</host>
1429     <port>4000</port>
1430     <ip></ip>
1431     <www>http://www.burningmud.com</www>
1432     <desc>Burning Mud offers a fun dynamic environment, with new places of adventure added often. You can develop your character to a high powered adventurer, or explore a huge world, Burning provides an ideal environment for all types of mudding. Various means are used to ensure mobiles are diverse and unique. Enviromental changes are made possible through room progs and custom code.  A personal spirit helps the novice mudder learn their way around, so being a newbie on burning is not so daunting for the novice. Immortals and Elders are available to answer questions and give suggestions in order to help the novice mudder develop into a fully experienced player. A togglable hints channel gives the new player suggestions of useful information.  At level 50, players may choose either a secondary class or the same class, to create either an expert or a more diverse character. Once reaching level 50 with the secondary class, statistics may be improved via the meta shop.  A functioning arena is available for controlled PK games.  There are over 100 automatic quests, plus imm-led quests. Quest Points earned can be used to buy Orbs and powerful scrolls and potions.  The Well contains 20 levels of over 6000 randomly generated rooms and mobs. The mobs in The Well have fragments, which can be used to gain a super race called K'ta'viir (KTV).  All in all, Burning MUD is an enjoyable place to come forget the frustrations of every day life. Come join us!</desc>
1433   </mud>
1434   <mud>
1435     <name>The Burning Eye</name>
1436     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified [Burn1.7]</codebase>
1437     <host>mud.burning-eye.net</host>
1438     <port>4000</port>
1439     <www>http://www.burning-eye.net/</www>
1440     <desc>The Burning Eye is back!  Formerly the Rebirth of Arda, we have returned.</desc>
1441     <desc>We have tried to make our mud as new and balanced as possible without losing the best parts of a Rom code base.  The Burning Eye has many improvements and additions to make a good challenge for even the most experienced mudder.</desc>
1442     <desc>While any previous experience is an asset, newbies are welcome. We have tried to cover everything with our comprehensive help files so feel free to come enjoy an interpretation Tolkien's Middle Earth.</desc>
1443     <desc>The Burning Eye features a selection of intelligent mobs who will act 'intelligently' when fighting, casting or hunting and avoiding the players.  They will also use equipment that is lying around, even if its your weapon and they disarmed you. Also they all have classes and are equal to the players in almost every way.</desc>
1444     <desc>We feature 100 mortal levels, 12 Races, 14 Classes, 6 Clans and over 350 Skills and Spells.  No Level Restrictions on Eq - rather your options are determined by Size, Race, Align &amp; Class.</desc>
1445     <desc>Limited Pkill and Limited corpse Looting is allowed.  Mounts, Gravity, Languages, Background Skills, Autoquest, Study, Traps, Mob and Object Programs, Truly Unique items, Room Affects and much more.</desc>
1446     <desc>We have individuals who are actively working to retool current areas that are out of theme and replace them with more appropriate selections.  Our immortal staff is active and new features are under constant implementation.  The immortal staff is happy to listen to the ideas and opinions of the players on a wide range of matters.</desc>
1447     <desc>Come and try The Burning Eye, we know you will like it!</desc>
1448   </mud>
1449   <mud>
1450     <name>Cajun Nights MUSH</name>
1451     <codebase>[MUSH] RhostMUSH Alpha version 3.9.0RL(A) patchlevel 4 #9</codebase>
1452     <host>cajun.cernu.us</host>
1453     <port>7373</port>
1454     <ip>DHCP</ip>
1455     <www>http://cajunnights.com</www>
1456     <desc>Cajun Nights, New Orleans by Night, has been running for over 10 glorious years now with a good playerbase and a great team of staffers. All our supernatural spheres are active, as is the crime/civil/law sphere and we are running regular cross sphere plots to involve mortals and super alike.</desc>
1457     <desc>Rhost is our game server and it gives us several terrific features. Obfuscation and the Umbra are now coded, as are the Auspex and Mind Shield effects that go along with it. Our new queue system gives the staff more information about what player requests are still pending and what needs to take place to get them resolved in a timely fashion.</desc>
1458     <desc>Our mortal and mortal+ sphere has many openings for those who prefer playing characters without supernatural abilities. Whether you want to be the high-society type or be involved in the University or one of the street people, there are plenty of opportunities.</desc>
1459     <desc>If the world of crime--being one of the bad guys or being one of the people trying to catch them -- is your thing, there are plenty of openings. There are openings for everyone from mooks and drug-pushers to white-collar criminals. Things are as open on the other side of the street as well -- patrol cops, state police, FBI agents, to name a few.</desc>
1460     <desc>The shifter sphere is a terrific place to serve Gaia. There are openings for every tribe except Red Talons, and for every auspice. Kinfolk are needed as well, and we are also accepting bete/fera. The Umbra will be very important in the stories to be told in the coming months, so those of you with an interest in Terra Incognita may find it an especially good place to play.</desc>
1461     <desc>Kindred: There are openings for all Camarilla clans, including the Gangrel (who, in our chronicle, have never left the Camarilla) and for Setites as well.</desc>
1462     <desc>New Orleans hosts a vibrant Voodoun community, which anyone, mortal or super, is welcome to join. Not everyone is chosen for a special relationship with the lwa, but each spirit is seeking followers right now. We operate our own version of Voodoun, developed for us by Sam Chupp and recently updated by our own staff.</desc>
1463     <desc>Last but certainly not least, Cajun Nights offers a large Mage sphere. New characters are welcome, but we are a bit pickier about which traditions are available. Acolytes and consors are being accepted almost across the board.</desc>
1464   </mud>
1465   <mud>
1466     <name>Reinos de Leyenda 2</name>
1467     <codebase>[LP]</codebase>
1468     <host>www.reinosdeleyenda.es</host>
1469     <port>23</port>
1470     <ip></ip>
1471     <www>http://www.reinosdeleyenda.es</www>
1472     <desc>Bienvenidos a Eirea, un mundo de fantasía e imaginación.</desc>
1473   </mud>
1474   <mud>
1475     <name>Blackburn</name>
1476     <codebase>[Custom] Ruby</codebase>
1477     <host>blackburn.ath.cx</host>
1478     <port>4444</port>
1479     <ip></ip>
1480     <www>http://blackburn.ath.cx/</www>
1481     <desc>Blackburn is a fantasy mud that's fun and easy to play. It is in development and has a small world, but it has character and attention to detail that make it very enjoyable.</desc>
1482   </mud>
1483   <mud>
1484     <name>CamelotAdventures</name>
1485     <codebase>Unique/Java</codebase>
1486     <www>http://www.camelotadventures.com/</www>
1487     <desc>CamelotAdventures is a brand new MUD on the market in its late developmental stages.  It is being coded from scratch in Java, the future of the internet. The entire game will of course be original, and pay-to-play.  The entire game engine will be unlike anything you are used to.</desc>
1488     <desc>We are currently looking for Beta Testers, Builders, and Coders (Java Programmers).  Builders need not know any programming to apply.  All positions are compensated in one shape or another.</desc>
1489     <desc>Beta Tester application can be found on out website, at http://www.camelotadventures.com.  Builders and Coders need to send a Bio of themselves to CamelotArt@aol.com, soon to be Camelot@camelotadventures.com.</desc>
1490   </mud>
1491   <mud>
1492     <name>Carrion Fields</name>
1493     <codebase>[Rom] 15+ years away from ROM 2.3</codebase>
1494     <host>carrionfields.com</host>
1495     <port>4449</port>
1496     <ip></ip>
1497     <www>http://forums.carrionfields.com/dc/dcboard.php</www>
1498     <desc>We are one of the muds which people try to imitate, rather than an imitator.  We feature an array of races and classes which have enough variety to make each character a unique experience, not just the same thing with a few different skills.  Warriors specialize in weapons and can learn the secrets of the 36 Legacies of the Macalla. Shapeshifters can learn from ~100 different forms.   Necromancers can risk their existence to transform into the undead.  Thieves can customize their skill list as they train among various masters. Paladins can earn additional communes befitting the virtues they best espouse.  The list goes on!</desc>
1499     <desc>A large world: 250+ areas (~23000 rooms), all written especially for CF, including many puzzle/quest based 'exploration areas'.  Extensive help files (1600+) both in the game, during character creation, and on our web page if you want to read them safely.  Player Killing among characters you'd be competitive with.  A deep roleplaying environment with a flexible reward system.  Hundreds of built-in quests, plus custom ones run live by our staff. A system of religions where Immortals tattoo their followers and empower priests.  Eight highly detailed Cabals to join for protection, power, and camaraderie.  Nine different ways to earn experience.  Tight game balance which offers a challenge even to experienced players.  We have been open to the public for over eleven years!</desc>
1500     <desc>Carrion Fields is COMPLETELY free to play.  No pay-for-perks arms races, no hidden subscriptions, no trial periods.   While our extensive commerce system makes copper coins coveted within the game, real-life money won't do you a cent of good.  Don't be fooled by games that say \"free\" but don't mean it!</desc>
1501   </mud>
1502   <mud>
1503     <name>TradeWars 2002</name>
1504     <codebase>[Unknown] TradeWars 2002</codebase>
1505     <www>http://www.goosemoose.com/</www>
1506     <desc>Did you play TradeWars in your BBS days? Never played before?? Check out this awsome multiplayer game.</desc>
1507     <desc>Take over a univers of 10k sectors. Rule the galaxy. Compete with other corporations. Build up planets with cannons and blast your oponents!</desc>
1508     <desc>Check out this real time TradeWars game. Over 100 people can be online at one time. Many custom and unique ships, planets, and alien races!</desc>
1509     <desc>Go to http://www.goosemoose.com and click on games. This mud is entirely free.</desc>
1510     <desc>Take over the Galaxy today!!!</desc>
1511     <desc>Goosemoose</desc>
1512     <desc>webmaster@goosemoose.com</desc>
1513   </mud>
1514   <mud>
1515     <name>CastleMUD</name>
1516     <codebase>[Circlemud] Version 3.0 rewritten with Custom code</codebase>
1517     <host>castle.mudsrus.com</host>
1518     <port>4000</port>
1519     <ip></ip>
1520     <www>http://castle.mudsrus.com/</www>
1521     <desc>CastleMUD offers a unique world, built with the role- player in mind. The game has a rich, constantly evolving storyline where the actions of the players shape the land's events. The immortals are both friendly and active in running unique quests and participating in the 'in- character' roleplaying.</desc>
1522     <desc>Features include a dynamic quest system, intelligent creatures, hundreds of skills and spells (both class and cross-class based), custom-made clothing, twenty unique classes, and much more.</desc>
1523     <desc>We require each player to submit a quality story for their character, insuring that each is a well thought out addition to the gaming world and role-playing atmosphere. Our playerbase is small, but is extremely dedicated, passionate, and creative in playing their characters. We are very newbie friendly, and will work with new players to get them acquainted with the game's commands and original environments.</desc>
1524     <desc>Please read our webpage before entering the game world. It offers beginning tips as well as history and story info.</desc>
1525   </mud>
1526   <mud>
1527     <name>Chalacyn Nights MUD</name>
1528     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
1529     <host>mud.chalacyn.com</host>
1530     <port>1000</port>
1531     <ip></ip>
1532     <www>http://www.chalacyn.com/</www>
1533     <desc>5 years in development, we've been open over 10 years to players seeking fun and quality.  You'll find yourself challenged here, with long term levels that promote a true sense of achievement.  We sport countless features, the scenario being fully integrated with a stable, unique game engine...here's a partial list: * Experience rewards for exploration, combat, quests and assisting new players * Protected status at low levels while you learn to play * A simple but smart banking system * Configurable sounds and music with MSP * Combat is completely controlled by you (no autocombat) * Interactive NPCs who'll trade, arm wrestle you, offer you rumors or quests &amp; more * Player-influenced politics for war or peace * Gambling * Randomized items to keep you guessing * Settable moods for speech and actions * Player owned and stocked shops * Stability and speed!  You will not lose valuable time to crashes, dedicated T1 * Chaos (PK) and law (no PK), either can duel in arenas or during war * Skills gained gradually that improve with actual use * 400+ help files on commands, spells and concepts * Customize! Set your colors, aliases, even anti-latency measures * Original ANSI art * Competent, fair and often present admin * 150+ spells &amp; lots more effects * We strive to please, come and visit!</desc>
1534   </mud>
1535   <mud>
1536     <name>Champions MUSH</name>
1537     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
1538     <host>tangent.dune.net</host>
1539     <port>6363</port>
1540     <ip></ip>
1541     <www>http://www.championsmush.com</www>
1542     <desc>Champions MUSH is an online version of the role-playing game Champions, created by Hero Games. (http://www.herogames.com/) We are now using the 5th Edition Rules for conflict resolution (combat, contests of skill, etc.).</desc>
1543     <desc>We are set in the city of Colonial Bay, Virginia, USA. The time is the future, the year 2058. Superheroes fly the skies and patrol the city in search of crime to stop and villains to put behind bars. In their spare time, they get to know each other and are able to form teams to combat the villains that plot more havoc each day.  We have solo heroes as well as team heroes.</desc>
1544     <desc>Champions MUSH relies on plots created and run both by the players and the MUSH's GameMasters (GMs). We allow players to play heroes only. Each player is allowed three characters maximum.  Champions MUSH is diverse in its characters and type of play.  Please come and take a look around at this small and friendly MUSH. The system is complicated but loved and cherished by many in table top games. This is a game that requires great patience and skill. Great rewards to those who come and try.</desc>
1545   </mud>
1546   <mud>
1547     <name>CheesyMUD</name>
1548     <codebase>[Circlemud] CheesyMUD v3.13</codebase>
1549     <host>cheesymud.com</host>
1550     <port>4001</port>
1551     <ip></ip>
1552     <www>http://www.cheesymud.com/</www>
1553     <desc>Tired of looking for the Seven Keys of Krel'len Kan'kefrous?  Do you laugh when people tell you how an elf is 'supposed to talk'?  Then come on down to CheesyMUD for a breath of fresh air and a side order of insanity!  For starting players, we have a comprehensive tutorial and help files.  For the experts, we have a unique battle system (with fair experience!) that will be sure to challenge. And, if you're lucky enough to become a builder, we have a custom online building environment, complete with an online programming language (no more reboots for new code!).</desc>
1554     <desc>So, if you're looking for a MUD with a friendly, social environment, no PK, no rent, unrestricted multiplaying and grouping, and a battle system that does all the math for you, then stop on by!  For more information, check out http://www.cheesymud.com/</desc>
1555     <desc>We hope to see you there!</desc>
1556   </mud>
1557   <mud>
1558     <name>Blue Earth</name>
1559     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
1560     <host>blueearth.genesismuds.com</host>
1561     <port>2583</port>
1562     <ip></ip>
1563     <www>http://blueearth.wikidot.com</www>
1564     <desc>What most people see is a small mining town that's well past it's glory days, but below this shabby exterior lurks an underbelly that's magical, mystical and at times just downright weird. The old mine, long dormant, is being reopened by a large corporation when miners start going missing. A series of what appear to be coyote attacks have people locking their doors earlier these days. And now there's rumors of vampires in the night, like out of the movies. Who will investigate the mysteries of Blue Earth? Who will stop the nights of terror? And who will dare to hunt what's hunting the residents of the town?</desc>
1565     <desc>We are a small but original game with a modern fantasy theme that takes it's inspiration from television shows like Supernatural, Buffy, Dresden Files and True Blood. We encourage use of genuine mythos from any culture on good old planet Earth. Not every vampire is the classic Western World's idea of a vampire and sometimes what looks like trailer trash is a hero just waiting to prove themselves.</desc>
1566     <desc>Blue Earth needs you!</desc>
1567   </mud>
1568   <mud>
1569     <name>Tales of Ta'veren II</name>
1570     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
1571     <host>tales.mushserver.com</host>
1572     <port>6250</port>
1573     <ip></ip>
1574     <www>http://www.users.on.net/~charmer/</www>
1575     <desc>On Tales of Ta'veren II, a time of great change has come to the world. The Dragon Reborn, savior of mankind, marches his legions onwards in an epic struggle against the Shadow, and for the sake of his own empire. Noble houses, Queens and Kings, vie for power against one another in an intricate and intriguing manner known as Daes Dae'mar. While common citizens find themselves pulled into the weavings of the wheel of time. Everyone has a part to play, even if they do not know it. A new age is about to occur, the wheel turns, but will it be an age of men and women, or a dark age of complete shadow?  Come to a MUSH with high quality players with an emphasis on role-playing and plots. New to Robert Jordan? No problem! The staff and helpers will educate one and all, and if you are not ready to make your own character, then choose from a list of pre-made characters, complete with built in relationships, secrets, and plots. Get started on your own character today, or take one we've offered to you! Quality fantasy role-playing awaits.</desc>
1576   </mud>
1577   <mud>
1578     <name>Materia Magica</name>
1579     <codebase>[Custom] IEN (Interactive Entertainment)</codebase>
1580     <host>materiamagica.com</host>
1581     <port>23</port>
1582     <ip></ip>
1583     <www>http://www.materiamagica.com/</www>
1584     <desc>Materia Magica is an award-winning, free, feature-rich text- based multiplayer fantasy where action, adventure, and immersive role play occur in real time, twenty-four hours a day.  Explore over eight million locations within the vast world of Alyria, select from a vast variety of fascinating weapons, armor, and artifacts, meet and interact with thousands of unique creatures, all while experiencing the adventure simultaneously with hundreds of other players!  Materia Magica is multiplayer interactive fantasy, which means you are taking an active part in a living story. The choices you make can shape and mold the world around you. Since the game is text-based, you aren't limited by someone else's vision - your own imagination is all that is required to vividly illustrate the life and experiences of your character.</desc>
1585     <desc>Materia Magica also provides its own free, no-download-required, in-house Java-based game applet, the Moongate Client. Play from any computer with Internet access! The Moongate Client will save your settings to the server so you can play from anywhere with a web browser and Java support, while taking advantage of standard features such as customizable key bindings, triggers, aliases, variables, buttons, and many others.</desc>
1586     <desc>Online for over thirteen years, Materia Magica is one of the longest-running, constantly-developed multiplayer games available.</desc>
1587   </mud>
1588   <mud>
1589     <name>DBS:OS</name>
1590     <codebase>[Smaug] DBS 2.0 Modified</codebase>
1591     <host>dbsos.wolfpaw.net</host>
1592     <port>7777</port>
1593     <ip></ip>
1594     <www>http://dbsos.wolfpaw.net</www>
1595     <desc>For young players and old. For those who remember the glory that was Dragonball Saga. Or for those want to experience it for the first time. Dragonball Saga: Old School has everything you could want.</desc>
1596     <desc>We have a character creation system that features our own unique visions of Dragons, Genies, Kaios, and Demons. As well as your favorites Saiyans, Halfbreeds, Humans, Androids, Bio-Androids, Nameks, and Icers.</desc>
1597     <desc>Your favorite moves from the series are here too. You can use the classic Kamehameha wave, or turn your victims into candy with the Genies Candy Blast technique, you can even freeze time with the Kaio's Time Stop.</desc>
1598     <desc>Our stat systems features an in-depth and well thought out Damage Plus and Defensive system.</desc>
1599     <desc>For those of you who are inclined to Roleplay we have a wonderful reward system waiting for you, as well as some of the most creative roleplayers you will ever meet. Our Admins are friendly and helpful, as is our player base. So come on over and check us out, you'll be happy you did.</desc>
1600   </mud>
1601   <mud>
1602     <name>Starfall Saga</name>
1603     <codebase>[MUSH] Pennmush v. 1.8.3p9</codebase>
1604     <host>starfallsaga.com</host>
1605     <port>3016</port>
1606     <ip></ip>
1607     <www>http://www.starfallsaga.com</www>
1608     <desc>Starfall Saga is a fantasy MUSH, set on the world of Tiwanaku.</desc>
1609     <desc>Five hundred years after the fall of the old nation, the mage city of Triskelion flourishes in the Macuil Mountains, ignorant of the past science and technology that once made its people great. Times are peaceful for the Triskeli, and they flourish under the guidance of their benevolent goddess, but in the wilds, enemy tribes are stirring, and in the dark edges of the world, the shadows of a past long since lost are resurrecting, threatening to throw an unsuspecting people into chaos.</desc>
1610     <desc>Come, join the Triskeli people. Climb the social ladders as a noble, fight in the militia as a ranger. Forge your own unique path, and always, uncover the secrets that lie hidden off the shores of the Starfall River.</desc>
1611   </mud>
1612   <mud>
1613     <name>Xen-Mud 4: The Four Kingdom's</name>
1614     <codebase>[GodWars] (Heavily Modified)</codebase>
1615     <www>http://</www>
1616     <desc>Xen-Mud 4: The Four Kingdom's</desc>
1617     <desc>This MUD is still in need of a server.. Know any drop me a line at Xen-Mud4@yahoo.com</desc>
1618     <desc>--Leer</desc>
1619   </mud>
1620   <mud>
1621     <name>Brigadoon</name>
1622     <codebase>[Rom] 2.4 beta</codebase>
1623     <host>izumaru.dyndns.org</host>
1624     <port>9000</port>
1625     <ip></ip>
1626     <www>http://izumaru.dyndns.org:9001/</www>
1627     <desc>Brigadoon is a newbie friendly mudding environment with lots of new creative ideas and growth opportunity. With 23 standard races, 16 remort races and 14 classes to choose from, you'll never have to do the same combination twice as you enjoy our level 121 remort based system, or level to your hearts content. There are no limits! Join clans and meet new and interesting people, participate in clan quests or individual quests being held by our experienced immortal staff. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and use our note systems. Everyone is so helpful that it makes a great environment for first time mudders, who soon become old school addicts! Raise clan ranks, get your own clan room and organize your own ideas! Our staff is always curious about what our mudders have to say. Take your daily life's frustrations out in the many areas and mobs that you are sure to recognize! Explore original areas, identify items, wands, potions and other spell-giving equipment. Compare races/classes to come up with your perfect mix and match, most races have something different to offer. What else can we say? Come in and try it for yourself! Words can't describe your experiences playing Brigadoon.</desc>
1628     <desc>Who is online?  http://izumaru.dyndns.org:9001/wholist</desc>
1629   </mud>
1630   <mud>
1631     <name>Wisney World II</name>
1632     <codebase>[Circlemud] 3.0 pl8</codebase>
1633     <host>wisney.kicks-ass.org</host>
1634     <port>5000</port>
1635     <ip></ip>
1636     <www>http://www.geocities.com/wisneymud/</www>
1637     <desc>Welcome Wisney folk old and new!</desc>
1638     <desc>While we may have only been on our new server a month, and have jumped around for a while, Wisney World has been a staple since the early 1990's.  Wisney is best known for its unique zones, and unique players. There is an abundance of experiences and opportunities for new players and plenty to keep our old players comfortable. If you're one of us already, come on in, visit with us for a while. And if you haven't experienced the Wonderful World of Wisney, theres an entire world at your fingertips. We'll see you there!!</desc>
1639   </mud>
1640   <mud>
1641     <name>Safe Haven in Time</name>
1642     <codebase>[Unknown] TCZ Custom Code Based on TinyMUD and UglyMUG</codebase>
1643     <host>lguystillfly.no-ip.org</host>
1644     <port>8342</port>
1645     <ip></ip>
1646     <www>http://</www>
1647     <desc>Safe Haven in Time is a custom talker social MUD. Users may chat with  one another, build rooms for others to visit, play games, write custom commands, and more!</desc>
1648   </mud>
1649   <mud>
1650     <name>Battletech: The Frontier Lands</name>
1651     <codebase>[MUX] Realtime Battletech Extensions (BTMux)</codebase>
1652     <host>frontiermux.com</host>
1653     <port>5555</port>
1654     <ip></ip>
1655     <www>http://btmux.com</www>
1656     <desc>The Periphery planet of Randis IV explodes with conflict as rapidly growing city-states battle for dominance over one another. Using a handful of scavenged and stolen Battlemechs, tanks, choppers, and aerospace fighters from all over the galaxy, the uprising political entities mercilessly fight it out with one another.</desc>
1657     <desc>The players take the role of a soldier on the front lines of one of four factions, earning their own mechs and promotions but still upkeeping an affiliation with their city-state. This is all done in real-time and runs using a heavily version of TinyMUX where the players are actually able to pilot the units he or she choses.</desc>
1658     <desc>We are a comparatively new game considering how many years some of the other Battletech MUXs have been running, but we have a well-equipped staff that is ready to help out any newcomers.</desc>
1659     <desc>Stop on by and give us a try!</desc>
1660   </mud>
1661   <mud>
1662     <name>Castle Arcanum</name>
1663     <codebase>[Envy] Envy 2.0 Heavily Modified - ARCode</codebase>
1664     <host>castlearcanum.com</host>
1665     <port>3888</port>
1666     <ip></ip>
1667     <www>http://www.castlearcanum.com</www>
1668     <desc>- Unique mob programs enhance gameplay - Configurable and personalized player-owned rooms - Object programs that add life to the surroundings - Room programs that can give the element of motion - Almost all original areas - Strong player base - Customizable interface and color scheme - Automated quests and trivia game - Staff-sponsored quests - Casino games like blackjack that allow wagering - Other games offer friendly competition like Connect 4 - Arena area allows PK without losing exp. or eq. - User friendly MUD school with extensive help files - Storage lockers that save through reboots - Corpse retrieval avaible for a price - Unique multiclass system - Advanced command aliasing - Always friendly staff - Rated: Netscape Search Editor's Choice listing for MUDs - Rated: Lycos Top Rated website listing in the \"MUDs and Other Online Communities\" category - Rated: One of the top Internet games for kids by about.com - Featured MUD listing at fullwebinfo.com and dirt.dmoz.org - Plus much more, with more added all the time!</desc>
1669   </mud>
1670   <mud>
1671     <name>The Cold Dark</name>
1672     <codebase>Cold</codebase>
1673     <host>ice.cold.org</host>
1674     <port>1138</port>
1675     <ip></ip>
1676     <www>http://ice.cold.org:1180/</www>
1677     <desc>The Cold Dark is the primary development site for ColdCore. Discussions and questions in regard to ColdCore are welcome.</desc>
1678     <desc>It also has two realms. The first is open-themed, named Taobh Thiar (Gaelic for Beyond). The second is based in the realm of En Requiem (http://www.cold.org/EnRequiem).</desc>
1679   </mud>
1680   <mud>
1681     <name>IcewindMUD</name>
1682     <codebase>[LP] MudOS</codebase>
1683     <host></host>
1684     <port>2021</port>
1685     <ip></ip>
1686     <www>http://www.icewindmud.org/</www>
1687     <desc>This was then: There was world ruled by a generous king who was kind to all of his people. But amidst the dark corridors of the king's castle evil lurked. The king's magician had vicious plans to take over and rule with darkness at his side.. he opened a portal to the underworld.  An army of dark minions swirled out thrue the portal and into the peaceful kingdom. But the dark forces were treacherous and betrayed the magician.</desc>
1688     <desc>The kingdom was swiftly overthrown, many people were killed and tortured. People fled and sought shelter, they gathered in small tribes and soon found that the only place where they could be safe from these evil forces was underground. They started building underground complexes, magically hiding the entrances from the dreaded army above..</desc>
1689     <desc>Evil ruled the surface for many, many years. Man lost count of how long they had been underground and the surface was soon but a legend of old times.</desc>
1690     <desc>This is now: As time went by and evil ravaged the surface, the climate started to change.The surface started to become a dark and desolate place, haunted by cold winds. Evil slowly retreated and eventually light came back to the kingdom. But the climate never changed back and the kingdom will never be the same again. With the return of light man began to open their well-covered hatches from below and take a glimpse of the outside world. Seeing little danger, young and brave adventurers soon started to explore the surroundings.</desc>
1691     <desc>You are one of those adventurers and it is your task to give Bards of the future something to sing heroic songs about around campfires once again.</desc>
1692     <desc>Soon you will be able to join an entirely new guild!</desc>
1693   </mud>
1694   <mud>
1695     <name>neoNecronomicon</name>
1696     <codebase>[Unknown] Original code running on a Mac OSX</codebase>
1697     <host>neon.ods.org</host>
1698     <port>8010</port>
1699     <ip>neon.ods.org</ip>
1700     <www>http://digilander.libero.it/fabriziovenerandi/neon/neonbase.htm</www>
1701     <desc>The first MUD in Italy.</desc>
1702     <desc>This is a MUD that use the MUD system of play and the TEXT ADVENTURE puzzle system, in a world where the fight is not the heart of the game. We have not many rooms, around 800, because are very hard to explore, and nobody ever did it. We made this MUD writing the code by zero, and it worked from 1990 to 1994 on videotel.</desc>
1703     <desc>Now we are back on internet and we are testing the MUD for the telnet system (before we used the minitel). The world is a allegoric, medioeval and satiric. A client in JAVA is coming.</desc>
1704     <desc>The language is only italian.</desc>
1705   </mud>
1706   <mud>
1707     <name>Dragon Ball Lore</name>
1708     <codebase>[Smaug] Heavily Modified</codebase>
1709     <host>dblore.dyndns.org</host>
1710     <port>7000</port>
1711     <www>http://s1.zetaboards.com/dblore/index/</www>
1712   </mud>
1713   <mud>
1714     <name>Cowboy Bebop: Bittersweet Symphony</name>
1715     <codebase>[SWR] (Bebop Modified)</codebase>
1716     <host>new.site.soon</host>
1717     <port>4567</port>
1718     <www>http://</www>
1719     <desc>This is a new version of a MUD once great MUD gone bad. The MUD is based off of the anime \"Cowboy Bebop\", which takes place in the far future, where space travel is regular, but at the same time with a feel of current time technology as well.</desc>
1720     <desc>The owners, and builders, and all very happy to help you in anyway possible. Each and every member of the staff is here to help. All ideas are welcome, and will be reviewed by the full staff.</desc>
1721     <desc>This is a well built MUD, with new areas, and codes, in progress. Please, feel free. Come by, give the MUD a try. I am positive you will have a pleasurable experience.</desc>
1722     <desc>MUD Staff</desc>
1723   </mud>
1724   <mud>
1725     <name>Crimson MUD 2</name>
1726     <codebase>[Dikumud] Ubuntu Linux system</codebase>
1727     <host>mud.crimson2.com</host>
1728     <port>4000</port>
1729     <ip></ip>
1730     <www>http://www.crimson2.com</www>
1731     <desc>Crimson MUD II is a place you can lose yourself in for days, months and years. We are a long established MUD, offering over 80 zones to explore. It provides 40 mortal levels, and a special Avatar level for those who strive to be the best. A new level is in the works for those who aspire to be the best in PK.</desc>
1732     <desc>You may find a bonanza of treasures for your own pleasure, friends in unlikely places, maybe even enemies. There are thousands of quests for all to earn many prizes. The Questmaster may turn you into a powerful beast if you show great devotion, even reward you with some of the most powerful equipment in the realm. If you feel you need a group of friends with a common goal, join one of the clans. They will help, guide, and even \"promote\" you. There are many benefits to being in a clan. Your clannies will guide you, help you when in need, and have a little fun.  You can share your great treasures with you clannies or hoard them for yourself.</desc>
1733     <desc>A wide variety of equipment and spells are available to all levels of player. Our player base spans North America, Australia, Asia and Europe, offering players a wide range of cultures to interact with. There's no rent to hold you back, just quit when you're done and come back and pick right back up.</desc>
1734   </mud>
1735   <mud>
1736     <name>Lost Wishes</name>
1737     <codebase>[LP] MudOS TMI-2 Fully customized</codebase>
1738     <host>lost.wishes.net</host>
1739     <port>5555</port>
1740     <ip></ip>
1741     <www>http://lost.wishes.net/</www>
1742     <desc>You have found the one and only Lost Wishes Mud. Since 1995, we have been keeping people like you off the streets.  Lost wishes has everything you have been looking for in a mud, but have never been able to find in one place. An original code base supports a truly amazing mudding experience. New players can begin their experience in Mud School, where 12 grades of step by step tutorial make you a mudding pro in no time. Once out, explore the four huge domains, encompassing over 20,000 original rooms. Esdragen is a massive land of light and dark, past and future. Mainland is home to the bustling City of Windaria, set against a backdrop of deserts, mountains, and plains. Emerald is the sparkling jewel of a continent as its name implies, but along with the wondrous beauty there is much that is evil. Although Nautica is itself an island, it also is composed of countless islands throughout the world. To explore the lands separated by seas, you can charter a ferry, rent, or even own, one of the variety of boats.  Before setting out too far, join one of more than a dozen of our original guilds, each with something different to offer. Whether you wish to be a powerful mage, a rock hard gargoyle or a top notch warrior, we have guilds suited to these (and many, many more) styles! Add to that fully customizable player creation that lets you choose from one of nearly twenty different races. There is no maximum level which means you can play until your heart's content. Tons of colorful weapons, equipment, and other useful items await your discovery. And there are plenty of quests throughout the four domains that can bring you fame and fortune for more than just killing.  What really makes Lost Wishes special is the people that inhabit it. Although role playing is acceptable here, it is neither required nor enforced, so if you want to assume your character's persona or just want to be yourself, you will be welcome. The atmosphere is very open and friendly, so you can make friends, join a clan, or even party with people to kill things. And while there is almost always a trivia game or chat going on, you can turn off comm lines if you wish. Even though the mud doesn't endorse PK, there are simulated PK areas like the arena, or the Dark Realm, if that strikes your fancy.</desc>
1743   </mud>
1744   <mud>
1745     <name>The Criterion</name>
1746     <codebase>[Silly] Some modfications to rules</codebase>
1747     <host>criterionmud.net</host>
1748     <port>3999</port>
1749     <ip></ip>
1750     <www>http://www.criterionmud.net/</www>
1751     <desc>Medieval times rule supreme at Criterion!  Be a Druid who can talk to Nature, or a Monk who can fight people with his bare hands, or even an Elementalist who can call upon the elements to destroy his foes!  We also have the standard Fighers, Clerics, Thieves and Mages.</desc>
1752     <desc>Pure classes get some bonuses making them worthwhile.</desc>
1753     <desc>Area creators rejoice!  We have web page area editing - no more natigating menus - every stat for an object is visible on one page, making it easy to view at a glance what an object is about.  We online editing (mobile, objects and rooms), aliases, ANSI color, and sounds via the MSP protocol and the web interface.</desc>
1754     <desc>You can now log in through the web!  Some graphics are included and more are on their way.  Text displays continuously, no need to refresh.</desc>
1755     <desc>- 100+ areas, at least 12 of them new.  We're moving to remove the less exciting stock ones as we make new ones. - Player killing, but only in certain areas. - Fully automated arena where you can duel with other players. - Random objects - some items are never the same!</desc>
1756   </mud>
1757   <mud>
1758     <name>OtherSpace</name>
1759     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH with HSpace 5.0</codebase>
1760     <host>jointhesaga.com</host>
1761     <port>1790</port>
1762     <ip></ip>
1763     <www>http://www.jointhesaga.com/otherspace</www>
1764     <desc>OtherSpace Website: http://www.jointhesaga.com/otherspace Telnet: jointhesaga.com 1790</desc>
1765     <desc>The old gods are dead. Centuries in the future, new gods struggle to repair expanding rifts in the space-time continuum. They're buying time for refugees flung to this era, to this place, in the dimension known as Hiverspace.</desc>
1766     <desc>The old gods – the Kamir and their creation, the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind – got their start here. Now, both are gone from this place. But the realm is strewn with the remnants of those ancient powerful civilizations – from the genetically engineered races that share the planet Kamsho to the scattered artifacts that have treasure hunters and power- hungry tyrants chasing down clues.</desc>
1767     <desc>Zar Hideg Fekretu, ruler of the brutal Koltkamir government, has embarked on an ambitious bid to control the worlds of Hiverspace, bombing or otherwise attempting to eliminate anyone who stands in his path.</desc>
1768     <desc>Meanwhile, refugees and native Hiverspacers alike are thrown together aboard the sentient starship known as Comorro Station, dodging the Zar's minions and seeking new worlds to call home.</desc>
1769     <desc>The old gods are dead. Their toys remain.</desc>
1770     <desc>Who will claim them first?</desc>
1771     <desc>Connect to Otherspace at Jointhesaga.com:1790.</desc>
1772   </mud>
1773   <mud>
1774     <name>Dalines By Night</name>
1775     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.0, Java browser front end.</codebase>
1776     <www>http://www.dalines.com/</www>
1777     <desc>A very small MUSH at the moment, under heavy construction and looking for both coders and builders to help us expand more quickly. It is set in southwestern France, in the modern day. A cold-war situation is growing between the sects.</desc>
1778     <desc>This is a World of Darkness MUSH, largely Vampire-oriented to begin with, though we are working to encompass the rest of the systems.</desc>
1779     <desc>We are very newbie-friendly. Those who are new to the World of Darkness, or MUSHing, are welcome.</desc>
1780   </mud>
1781   <mud>
1782     <name>The Edge</name>
1783     <codebase>[Unknown]</codebase>
1784     <host>the-edge.isunlimited.net</host>
1785     <port>2310</port>
1786     <ip></ip>
1787     <www>http://</www>
1788     <desc>This is an Old World of Darkness Game. Currently we are only accepting base races: Garou, Mage, Mortal+, Vampire, Mortal and Demon.</desc>
1789     <desc>We're a new game with friendly experienced staff.</desc>
1790     <desc>The Edge is currently focused on Haplin, Minnesota. A happy little town that is full of the bizarre. There are always strange stories of urban legends coming out of this place. Till about 20 years ago Haplin was rarely visited by outsiders. This changed when the interstate was dirverted along the Snake River. Thus Haplin became a major rest stop along a long road. It also brought newcomers to the city. Over the years some have started businesses meant to thrive on the new tourism effect the town has generated. Others come to investigate the strange and the bizarre.</desc>
1791   </mud>
1792   <mud>
1793     <name>Cryptal Abyss</name>
1794     <codebase>SMAUG</codebase>
1795     <www>http://www.portal.gs/CryptalAbyss/</www>
1796     <desc>This is my firt attempt at going public with a mud, so I'm not sure what to say. This mud has been around for about 2 months, as of 8/16/99 we are open for the public. Cryptal Abyss is based on SMAUG, so it has a few areas from Realms of Dispair, but most of the areas are custom. We will be adding new races and classes soon. Once you reach level 50, you may be able to become an immortal. There is layerable equipment, which means that you can wear many pieces of eq at once, in the same location. Before connecting, you will need to go to the webpage to get the current IP. Directions on how to change the IP is on the webpage. You don't have to come to this mud, but if you want to, you're welcome to it!</desc>
1797     <desc>----Danielle, Founder of Cryptal Abyss</desc>
1798   </mud>
1799   <mud>
1800     <name>Stained Death</name>
1801     <codebase>[Rot] Paradox (Modified)</codebase>
1802     <host>www.frostmud.com</host>
1803     <port>8112</port>
1804     <www>http://</www>
1805     <desc>When death comes to a player, the killer is stained by their victims forever. No matter how many battles are won the stain of death will always be right behind you, following you in the shadows. The stained death will torment you throughout your journeys. It will be your beckon to greatness and power. Only with the best equipment and the best use of your spells and skills will you be able to redeem your name and strive to break away from your stained death.</desc>
1806     <desc>Currently looking for Builders, or any ideas to improve the MUD. Programmers must undergo an extensive interview before being considered for hire. This is DUE to the high rate of malicous activity by scam artist looking to destroy or steal anothers game.</desc>
1807   </mud>
1808   <mud>
1809     <name>Aarils</name>
1810     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
1811     <host>aarils.game-host.org</host>
1812     <port>4530</port>
1813     <www>http://aarils.webs.com</www>
1814     <desc>It is said that a very rare, special kind of butterfly one day accidentally crossed over from the realm of Aarils and came to the real world – this world.  A kind of chemical found in the powder on its wings caused it to create a temporary gateway between its world and this - a procss still today considered by some as magical, and by the more synical - simply too advanced for current science.  It came through that portal and sat down on a man’s arm.  The man tried to slap the butterfly and managed to crush the butterfly’s wings… and some of the powder on its wings came on the man’s hand.</desc>
1815     <desc>That night the man had a dream about another world, another realm of reality too distant from this and completely alien.  Upon waking up he wasn’t at all sure whether he had dreamt it all, or if it really existed.</desc>
1816     <desc>By the next day, the powder had been completely absorbed into his body and created a gateway in his mind.  And the next night, he dreamt again.  And the next, and the next, until he finally came to the realization that it was more than just a dream.  He was living - in this reality, this alien realm.  And he learned that he had the power to control his visits to this world.</desc>
1817     <desc>He was the first of the visitors who came to Aarils.  Nobody knows how the gateway between this world and that of Aarils remained open – even after this man had died.  Some say it was not in his mind at all, but a physical gateway – a portal – that opened between this world and Aarils, allowing anyone who seeks it out to find it, and enter.</desc>
1818     <desc>Today, the gateway exists, and people from this world enters Aarils in search of a new life, new riches and new happiness.  And some find their heart's longing, while others find only despair and heartache. The portal is clear; the gateway open.  The opportunity is yours. Will you be a hero or a foe, a wealthy traveller or a bandit, a farmer or a thief, a tailor... a shopkeeper...  The world is endless and the choices unlimited.  Come live the life you always thought you deserved!</desc>
1819   </mud>
1820   <mud>
1821     <name>Pokemon Palladium (PX4)</name>
1822     <codebase>[MUCK] ProtoMUCK 2.0</codebase>
1823     <host>px4.kitsunet.net</host>
1824     <port>2069</port>
1825     <ip></ip>
1826     <www>http://px4.kitsunet.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page</www>
1827     <desc>A world in which pokemon have grown to walk on two legs, think and converse, Pokemon Palladium offers the player to live out roles as a pokemon or a humanoid pokemon, dubbed the Pokemorph.</desc>
1828     <desc>In this world pokemorphs take over for where the human would be: Acting as trainers, gym leaders, nurses and rangers. They also keep their pokemon powers, being able to do just as much as their pokemon bretheren.</desc>
1829   </mud>
1830   <mud>
1831     <name>CyberASSAULT</name>
1832     <codebase>[TBA] [Converted from Circle30bpl11]</codebase>
1833     <host>cyberassault.org</host>
1834     <port>11111</port>
1835     <ip></ip>
1836     <www>http://www.cyberassault.org/</www>
1837     <desc>Pain slams into you as you open your eyes. The radioactive desert sands blister your skin and suck away your last ounces of strength. Struggling to your feet you take inventory:  wounded body, a chaingun with one last clip of ammo, one fragmentation grenade, and the iron will to look past those odds.  Corpses of Blackhand's entire regiment litter the ground around you.  Only a few survivors remain, and calling them survivors is a stretch.</desc>
1838     <desc>Wild bolts of lightning blast across the sky, announcing the death of Yet another of the reborn. In the tracks left by the lightning,graceful, metal wings can be seen, beating against the gray clouds. She is coming for you, the reborn.  Slapping your last clip into your chaingun, you watch as the  avenging angel drops out of the sky and lands before you, folding her wings around her body like a cloak. A Black metal hand draws a white blade from the glinting scabbard at her hip. As the avenging angel raises the blade to strike, you compress the trigger and begin firing.</desc>
1839     <desc>A hail of bullets wash over the winged woman, most just bouncing off her black skin like sand in the wind. Grimly, you pull the pin on the grenade and hold your last hope in your hand. You may be dead a minute from now, but you are determined not to go alone... This is your last stand, this is war, this is, CYBERASSAULT...</desc>
1840     <desc>CyberASSAULT Features: -A post-apocalyptic, sci-fi theme including holographic simulator areas and tons of pop-geek-culture references. -Fast-paced melee, grenade or clip-dependant gun combat! -A great active Immortal staff that's always working!! -Bionics, lockers, PK (limited), remorts, remort classes -item customization, player, ongoing and imm-run quests -lots of custom skills and psionics -a awesome fun non-stock world! -a great newbie zone! For the advanced or newbie MUDder. -RP Friendly...Well... Friendly all around!! -Player fishing! -Custom scripted weapons!</desc>
1841   </mud>
1842   <mud>
1843     <name>CyberSphere</name>
1844     <codebase>[MOO]</codebase>
1845     <host>cs.netsville.com</host>
1846     <port>7777</port>
1847     <ip></ip>
1848     <www>http://cs.netsville.com</www>
1849     <desc>CyberSphere is one of the orginal role-playing MOO's. For years now, many a soul has made CyberSphere their home.</desc>
1850     <desc>CyberSphere is set in New Carthage, a bustling metropolis. The wastelands of the American Southwest lurk behind the city wall, and the corporate powers that pull the citizen's strings lurk behind the inner wall.  A wide variety of options are available for characters.  Be a decker in the beautifully-crafted matrix system, a mechanic keeping others cars on the road, a bounty-hunter, a reporter, or work for one of the soulless megacorps.  The world is constantly changing and improving, and boasts a variety of code systems to handle many situations.  Above all, though, is the role playing.  A dedicated hardcore group of players have been keeping the city alive, but they could use some new blood to let.... I mean greet.  So join us today!</desc>
1851   </mud>
1852   <mud>
1853     <name>SilberLand</name>
1854     <codebase>[LP] minor patches applied to 3.2.1@141</codebase>
1855     <host>mud.silberland.at</host>
1856     <port>4711</port>
1857     <ip></ip>
1858     <www>http://www.silberland.at/</www>
1859     <desc>Silberland (SL) is a german-spoken LPmud in Austria. It is 24 hours reachable. The players may become Seers ('Seher', hi-level player) or Wizards ('Magier')  after fulfilling a number of quests and exploring the world sufficiently.</desc>
1860     <desc>SL features  regions of different themes, size and levels. Seers have the opportunity  to build their own houses  and are able to utilize magic gates  to walk shorter paths for long distances.</desc>
1861     <desc>Silberland is open to up to 100 players with an average of 40 to 50 during daytime. It offers extensive communication features such as a mail system (including a gateway to the internet), newspaper, channels, and more, newbies are most welcome and helped around a lot by others.  You can have a (limited) look around at our website without even required to login!</desc>
1862   </mud>
1863   <mud>
1864     <name>Daedal Macabre</name>
1865     <codebase>[Rom] Has bare traces of Rom2.4</codebase>
1866     <host>www.daedal-macabre.org</host>
1867     <port>9000</port>
1868     <ip></ip>
1869     <www>http://daedalmacabre.forumotion.com/</www>
1870     <desc>Welcome to Daedal Macabre.  We're a smoothly running, modified ROM2.4. bug free. We have 19 classes to choose from, including the standard ones you all know, as well as specialized ones like druids, monks, psionicists, six-stage maturation dragons, and merchants.</desc>
1871     <desc>We have exotic character races, such as Tabaxi (a race of panther-like humanoids), Wraiths, Abashi (minor demons), githyanki, githzerai and giants. Remort races include turning your drow elf into a Drider, your good- aligned player into a Treant, Deva, or Phoenix, your evil-following characters into Succubi, Incubi, Liches, or even Illithids (mind flayers). Also we now have a new remort for all alignments-Elementals.</desc>
1872     <desc>You can create your own fully customized armor, jewelry, clothing, weapons, and containers by gathering materials, and taking them to the proper shop, making almost all player equipment unique. Mage-types can also create their own wands, staves, scrolls, and potions, while merchants can create just about anything, including tools and specialized items.</desc>
1873     <desc>Game-play features also include mounted combat, customizing and personalizing mage spells to make them unique to you, dragon breath attacks, owning your own personal home that remains part of the world forever, a combative clan system, automated and immortal-run questing, farming, digging for treasures, fishing for fun, food, and profit, and a rock-solid server and staff.</desc>
1874     <desc>Come join us in our exclusive reality.  We have a playerbase of exquisite people who will all amuse, frighten, entertain, aid, joke with, and enrich you.  If you like to roleplay, decapitate monsters, chat with new friends, and enjoy a well-balanced game, you may just want to stop by... You won't need your real life anymore.</desc>
1875   </mud>
1876   <mud>
1877     <name>Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL)</name>
1878     <codebase>[Rom] DSL 3.3, Rom2.4</codebase>
1879     <host>dsl-mud.org</host>
1880     <port>4000</port>
1881     <ip></ip>
1882     <www>http://www.dsl-mud.org/</www>
1883     <desc>Online for over 13 years now, DSL will forever be one of the long standing muds online.  Rich in features, DSL offers more than 40 classes and 40 races. Our remort system offers Chromatic and Metallic Dragons as well as Demons, Angels, our original neutral god servant, the Balanx and many other lesser remorts such as Giants.  With roleplaying required, we offer both hack and slash player killing if you join a clan or you may choose not to player kill and join a kingdom where you would concentrate on defending your kingdom or taking over others.  We offer major quests as well as several smaller ones daily.  The world of DSL is rich in history that the players have shaped. Nothing is off limits when done with sound and proper role-playing.  Our world also has vampires and manatonics (think of manatonics like a cross between a Jedi Knight and the immortal from the highlander series) and are about to introduce a special reclass known as the slayer to hunt them.  DSL offers a fully functional Gladiator League where the champions are treated like todays rock stars. We have ship combat, a kind and caring immortal staff, active builders and coders for new content and a stern yet fair rule set to prevent cheating and harassment.  Become King or Queen or even a Dictator, or serve as a Knight or any rule you strive for. (and convince others you are worthy of)  Anything is possible for your characters on DSL.  Come join the hundreds of other players and help shape the world of Algoron and make your characters actions count..</desc>
1884   </mud>
1885   <mud>
1886     <name>Dark Rifts</name>
1887     <codebase>[Unknown] SCB (1.0.700111) derived from TMI-2</codebase>
1888     <host>darkrifts.net</host>
1889     <port>5000</port>
1890     <ip></ip>
1891     <www>http://www.darkrifts.net</www>
1892     <desc>A world within a world--the planet Torlall. One that existed twice but was tied together by strands of energy. Brought forth were the Elements--Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. They created many marvelous places and beings, but could not decide. So the Immortals stepped forth, to govern Magic and Science.</desc>
1893     <desc>The \"Dark Rifts\" refers to what mortals believe is the nothingness. This nothingness spans between the two realms--Magic and Science. Without the Dark Rifts, Torlall would not be as it is today.</desc>
1894     <desc>We feature 4+ cities, 9 professions/guilds, and over 65 unique areas. Professions such as PsiCorps and Martials Artists, amongst others, can be found in the realm of Science. Gracing the lands of Magic are guilds such as the Chaos Wizards, Qanai-Katal, and Boch Larude. The wide variety of areas in each realm allows for continued progression of mortal characters.</desc>
1895     <desc>There are 15 races to choose from, some found only on select realms. Examples of some races are: Avariel, Brakian, Halfling, Koa, Ssirith. Our races are diverse in their characteristics, slight drawbacks, and advantages.</desc>
1896     <desc>DR has a dedicated group of coders and players that regularly log in. On January 11, 2007, our status officially changed from beta to live. The mud experienced a period of downtime in late 2007/early 2008, but now has a new, stable home.</desc>
1897     <desc>Visit our web site to see what's going on: http://www.darkrifts.net/</desc>
1898   </mud>
1899   <mud>
1900     <name>Reality Bytes</name>
1901     <codebase>[Smaug] heavily modified</codebase>
1902     <host>jupe.no-ip.com</host>
1903     <port>2360</port>
1904     <ip></ip>
1905     <www>http://jupe.no-ip.com/~jupiter/rb.html</www>
1906     <desc>I started out with an Ack! mud years ago, but grew tired of being so limited. I switched to Smaug and started to modify it to my liking. I added customized color, races, classes, remort system, usable furniture, players houses, auto quests, sound and a host of other modifications! I tried to make a mud that was easy to follow. A mud where newbies could learn and experienced players could be challenged. Along the way I had plenty of help building unique areas and coding special spells and skills. Of course, as with any mud, the most fun is when the player base is large. We allow grouping and in some cases (hard areas) it is encouraged! Drop by and give us a try! I think you'll like it.</desc>
1907   </mud>
1908   <mud>
1909     <name>Dark Gift</name>
1910     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.0 pl4</codebase>
1911     <host>darkgift.mushpark.com</host>
1912     <port>6251</port>
1913     <ip></ip>
1914     <www>None</www>
1915     <desc>Dark Gift, formerly known as the Damned, is one of the original World of Darkness MUSHes, as well as the longest continuously running.  The game is set in a Gothic punk version of Pittsburgh in the early years of the twenty first century.  We support Vampire: the Masquerade and Werewolf: the Apocalypse as well as Gypsies, Hunters, Mortals with Numina, and of course, mortals.</desc>
1916   </mud>
1917   <mud>
1918     <name>Dark Pawns</name>
1919     <codebase>[Circlemud] Dark Pawns 2.2.5</codebase>
1920     <host>darkpawns.com</host>
1921     <port>4300</port>
1922     <ip></ip>
1923     <www>http://www.darkpawns.com/</www>
1924     <desc>Dark Pawns, now in its seventh year of continuous operation, strives to bring you a quality fantasy RPG experience.  We feature a robust, stable codebase with quality staff and players.  Our focus is on mudding and game playing as a community, with an emphasis on gameplay in the long term.</desc>
1925     <desc>Come by and play Dark Pawns for a couple of hours, and you'll find that you've found yourself your new favorite game.</desc>
1926   </mud>
1927   <mud>
1928     <name>Dark Risings</name>
1929     <codebase>[Rom] Rom 2.4 (heavily modified VAMPIRE mud)</codebase>
1930     <host>titan.mudmagic.com</host>
1931     <port>1313</port>
1932     <ip></ip>
1933     <www>http://www.darkrisings.net/</www>
1934     <desc>Welcome to Dark Risings  Imagine yourself a werecreature, skulking through the deep forest after the moon has caused you to involuntarily transform into a beast of unimaginable terror.  Or...a hunter that specializes in running the creatures of the night into the ground, and has the power to do it.  Or...a Gypsy, persecuted by outsiders, loved beyond all measure by the family you cherish in return, skilled in dance and storytelling, haunted by the leeches and undead which fill the night.  Or...a scholar of the arcane, with the power to change the very fabric and nature of the world through unique magics which only you have mastered.  Or...a merchant, wealthy beyond the dreams of most, fearlessly leading your clan against the most dire monsters in all the realms for one reason: profit.  Or...imagine yourself minding your own business when before your eyes a man shifts into mist, or a woman's caress turns into the bite of a vampire.  Imagine becoming ensared in dark and secret intrigue.  Imagine earning the trust of a patriarch, and becoming one yourself.  All of these roles and more are yours for the exploring at Dark Risings.  Any new character has a 7% chance of being a werecreature mutation of your chosen race.  Vampires are hand-picked by patriarchs based on the strength of roleplay.  Dark Risings has made sure to preserve that familiar feel of a ROM MUD.  Creating a new character is easy; simply choose the default of the class you want to play and you will have all the essential skills and spells picked for you to optimize your playing experience.  As you become familiar with the game, you can re-create your character to choose a wider variety of skills and spells, or create new characters for an entirely different playing experience. With 14 races, 14 classes, and 7 guilds, the possibilities are virtually endless.  Our mantra is \"equal but different\", and you will find each different race and class to be unique but carefully balanced.  We have a large variety of new and unique areas and features, as well as areas which retain the basics of stock ROM but which have been heavily polished and revised to enhance game play. For example, we have dozens of original built-in miniquests which offer rewards in the form of gold, items, equipment, and bonus XP if you choose to explore while you level.  This is a constantly evolving process; we work every day to create new miniquests and to enhance the feel of the game.  Role playing is heavily encouraged, with a name &amp; description approval process (online, no emailing required) and valid in-role reasons for PK (player killing) attacks required.  We have lots of quests and the kind of game balance only achieved from years of live play and adult admins with several decades of combined experience. Player Killing (PK, PvP, Player Conflict) is a part of this, although with care it can be entirely avoided without hugging saferooms all day if you so choose.  We have a NB channel where you can ask ANY question about the game and get an immediate answer (usually from several sources).  We also have an extensive helpfile system designed to give hints and tips to all of our players, not just the ones who have been with us for years.  Annoying things that Dark Risings is missing?  There's no rent, no hunger, no thirst, and resting heals you as fast as sleeping.  We pride ourselves on being a player-centered mud.  What this means to us is that we ask for and incorporate player input on all major decisions about the game.  We have an \"idea\" board from which we have implemented many, many good ideas submitted by our players. We also strive to embed player-run RP into the game itself, by building items, rooms, and even entire areas to reflect the contributions of players.  We feel that Dark Risings is a tapestry of RP, and every player's thread is important to the whole of the game.  We have an excellent base of mature and highly skilled role players who make Dark Risings an excellent and exceptionally fun game to play.  Come see what makes Dark Risings in the top ranked MUDs on the Mud Connector!  Join our family, make friends, fall in love!  It happens every day.  Right now, we have 35 people playing and having fun as I write this.  You could be the 36th.  When you log on, be sure to read \"Help New\" which is an index of help files designed to make getting used to Dark Risings easy.</desc>
1935   </mud>
1936   <mud>
1937     <name>Lands of M'dhavian</name>
1938     <codebase>[Rot] heavily modified</codebase>
1939     <host>mdhavian.servegame.org</host>
1940     <port>7500</port>
1941     <ip></ip>
1942     <www>http://mdhavian.servegame.org</www>
1943     <desc>The great Schism that recreated our world. Shrouded in the mists of time, there are many opinions about it. We are certain it happened, although few agree on the time in history. Yet all agree that many of the current races were born from the Schism, along with the current magic born of the Schism's world altering destruction.</desc>
1944     <desc>The bloodmage, Meyunt, has scarred us. Our first lesson, that even though the days of the ancient Schism are over, the echoes of its impact echo forward into the future. Our world changes and so have we. For now we have bought peace for ourselves and our children. Nobody knows what might come next. We pray and hope for the best and await this future brought forth in the Lands of Mdhavian...</desc>
1945     <desc>Opened April 2008 and at the moment have 80 areas, 6800 rooms, 14 races, 9 classes for first tier and 9 classes for second tier. Help discover the history of this land and seek out your own adventures. With a completely original world and new areas being put in this world promises great adventure. Builders are welcomed.</desc>
1946     <desc>Features: �Automap to show your area and the terrain �Mounts, riding,  mounted combat and mount equipment �Racial languages, and the ability to learn them by listening �Bows and ranged firing �Teaching system that allows players to teach skills to others �Player Created Clans and Clan Houses �Restring on items to make them unique �Automated quest system and quest items �Easier casting using shorthand like 'cu cr' for 'cure critical' �The ability to 'mentally' talk with other players �Moons with phases �Opportunities for player owned houses and land �Companions gain levels along with you �Savable Books, Journals and Writing �Crafting system to create your own items</desc>
1947   </mud>
1948   <mud>
1949     <name>Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy</name>
1950     <codebase>[SWR] Bebop 1.0</codebase>
1951     <host>cb-sc.com</host>
1952     <port>4567</port>
1953     <www>http://cb-sc.com</www>
1954     <desc>Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy has been in existance since May, 2003 and boasts one of the most advanced and original codebases in recent years.  The mud is based on the anime Cowboy Bebop, and Bebop ONLY.  No Dragonball Z, pokemon, etc.  It is a project of creating an immersive RP atmosphere combined with cutting edge code and player interaction.</desc>
1955     <desc>The mud is OPEN SOURCE and gladly accepts code submissions that comply with the \"todo\" list, and boasts its own wiki at cb-sc.com for development in both code and building--not to mention info regarding the game itself.  The development has been moving along at a rapid rate due to the active work of several coders and even more builders.</desc>
1956     <desc>The gameplay is getting more intense and balanced by the day on Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy, be it in space or on the ground. Players can be a bounty hunter, crime boss, police chief, or any assortment of crafters and merchants.  With more than 50 areas and thousands of rooms, any player is sure to find something they like!</desc>
1957   </mud>
1958   <mud>
1959     <name>Cantr II</name>
1960     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
1961     <www>http://www.cantr.net</www>
1962     <desc>A webbased and textbased multi-player simulation where you can explore the world, get into politics, get rich or become a criminal. You can start several characters. It is not like most MUDs, as there are no races or skills or quests, but you simply play a human character in a world comparable to ours, in which you can help develop its society. It's all about 'reinventing' politics, economics and other societal institutions. Just have a look at the website for a more detailed explanation.</desc>
1963   </mud>
1964   <mud>
1965     <name>Darker Realms</name>
1966     <codebase>[LP] LPMud with custom modifications</codebase>
1967     <host>darkerrealms.org</host>
1968     <port>2000</port>
1969     <ip></ip>
1970     <www>http://www.darkerrealms.org/</www>
1971     <desc>Darker Realms opened in 1990 and is quite possibly the oldest still-running LP style mud in the USA.  DR was the first mud to offer quest-based advancement, and still maintains a large number of challenging and interesting quests.  Although a number of guilds have cropped up, DR is still based on the traditional LP mudlib. Ergo, it lends a classic feel to what we believe is a classic game. There are about 600 active players, but rarely more than 25 or so on at a time.  DR has almost never been down for more than a weekend, and recently moved to a much faster machine, so it probably *isn't* the slowest LP in existance anymore :)</desc>
1972   </mud>
1973   <mud>
1974     <name>DustMARE</name>
1975     <codebase>[Unknown]</codebase>
1976     <host>winds.org</host>
1977     <port>4000</port>
1978     <ip></ip>
1979     <www>http://dustmare.freewebpage.org/</www>
1980     <desc>DustMARE is runs on the MARE codebase which most people may not be familair with. We have many unique features such as mining, fishing, weapon forging (not implemented as of yet.) We offer help to newbies and encourage new players unfamilar with MARE codebase.</desc>
1981   </mud>
1982   <mud>
1983     <name>GATEWAY - The MU* Community (formerly Online Gaming Resource)</name>
1984     <codebase>[MUX] MUX 2.6</codebase>
1985     <host>connect.mu-gateway.net</host>
1986     <port>6700</port>
1987     <ip></ip>
1988     <www>http://www.mu-gateway.net/</www>
1989     <desc>GATEWAY - The MU* Community (formerly OGR) is dedicated to providing resources for the MU* community. It was created on the premise of providing a positive environment where players and staff in the MU* community can meet to chat, promote their games, and to share their ideas and knowledge.</desc>
1990     <desc>Features on GATEWAY include gaming options (mini-MUs, table tops and freestyle gaming), game embassies, events (classes, workshops, discussions, etc.), bulletin boards and web-based discussion forums, banner exchanges, and much more.</desc>
1991     <desc>Drop by our website at: http://www.mu-gateway.net/ Or visit us at: connect.mu-gateway.net 6700 or 6677</desc>
1992   </mud>
1993   <mud>
1994     <name>Time Of Sands</name>
1995     <codebase>[LP] Heavily modified H7</codebase>
1996     <host>qase.dyndns.org</host>
1997     <port>6666</port>
1998     <www>http://</www>
1999     <desc>Time of sands is seeking coders, builders and playertesters.</desc>
2000   </mud>
2001   <mud>
2002     <name>Lua-Uhane</name>
2003     <codebase>[LP] Nightmare based mudlib</codebase>
2004     <host>luamud.org</host>
2005     <port>5444</port>
2006     <ip></ip>
2007     <desc>Lua-Uhane is a Nightmare based LPMud with a fantasy theme.  All of the classic Nightmare classes and races exist on Lua in addition to some new ones.  There is a fiarly large number of areas suitable for newbies and high mortals.  There is even a complete newbiew realm that includes several quests.</desc>
2008     <desc>Lua-Uhane was once one of the most popular Nightmare derivatives and is currently making a comeback!  Please login and have some fun!</desc>
2009   </mud>
2010   <mud>
2011     <name>Darkover</name>
2012     <codebase>[Circlemud] DIKU/Circle v2.2 (97% rewritten to Custom)</codebase>
2013     <host>darkover.isilm.com</host>
2014     <port>5000</port>
2015     <ip></ip>
2016     <www>http://darkover.isilm.com/</www>
2017     <desc>Darkover is the result of over fifteen years of blood, sweat, and tears from the Immortal staff.  Inspired from many different sources and backgrounds, we have worked to provide a unique and enjoyable world and gaming system.</desc>
2018     <desc>Some of our features include: 1. A huge world of entirely original areas 2. Many of our areas change in a planned manner, often reflecting the progression of the mud's time 3. Built-in quests as well as Immortal run quests 4. Alchemy system allowing classes to make unique items 5. Custom mobprog system providing a more reactive world 6. 16 playable races and 31 playable classes 7. 50 levels plus -unlimited- remorting 8. A friendly, no-pkill atmosphere</desc>
2019     <desc>These are but a few of Darkovers many features.  Please visit our homepage if you would like to learn more about the details of what we have on Darkover.</desc>
2020   </mud>
2021   <mud>
2022     <name>Star Wars: Galaxy at War</name>
2023     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
2024     <host>www.starwarsmu.com</host>
2025     <port>5201</port>
2026     <ip></ip>
2027     <www>http://swgalaxyatwar.wikia.com</www>
2028     <desc>Star Wars - Galaxy At War is a new MUSH set at the dawn of the Knights of the Old Republic era</desc>
2029     <desc>It is roughly 3,960 years before the battle of Yavin as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. The galaxy is still reeling from the recently ended war with the Mandalorians as well as the loss of more than a third of the Galactic Republic navy to the rogue jedi known as Malak and Revan who have fled into the unknown regions. The jedi strive to support the Republic while trying to rebuild their reputation and their ranks. The Mandalorians, following the death of Mandalore the Ultimate, have scattered throughout the galaxy with no purpose or direction. Pirates, Smugglers, Hutts, and worse all begin to take advantage of the weakness within the Republic for their own personal gains. Attacking convoys and settlements all along the fringe and even within Navy patrol zones. Meanwhile the Sith grow in numbers as young jedi are lured to the draw of power as opposed to the dogmatic views of the jedi...</desc>
2030     <desc>With one war ended there is hope for peace in these dark times, but the control of the Republic and the Jedi is fragile. Even without a war looming over their heads the citizens of the galaxy are overwhelmed by lawlessness and strife while whispers grow of a new threat on the horizon, promising the transform everything they know once again into a Galaxy at War.</desc>
2031   </mud>
2032   <mud>
2033     <name>The Great Hunt</name>
2034     <codebase>[Dikumud] Heavily Modified</codebase>
2035     <host>tghmud.org</host>
2036     <port>8500</port>
2037     <www>http://tghmud.org</www>
2038     <desc>The Great Hunt is an intense player vs. player environment, which has countless modifications of spells, skills, and melee to enhance the combat experience. It is not uncommon to see hour long battles of epic proportion. The game play and balance are finely tuned to create a pure adrenaline rush unlike any other game.</desc>
2039     <desc>Despite the competitive environment, entry into the mud is friendly. A leveling system involving quests and interaction with your guild master will teach you everything you need to know about the game. In general the players are friendly and helpful. The Player vs. Player experience is not intense until level 50, so its relatively safe to learn the game in peace until you are ready to fight.</desc>
2040     <desc>There are also many unique areas, including 'artifact areas' such as the Tower of the Necromancer, or the Ogre Cavern, which provide unique puzzles and extensive mob artificial intelligence. There are also lots of custom additions such as potion brewing.</desc>
2041     <desc>The admin and developer team is dedicated, the server is stable, and the mud has been around since 1994. Roleplay is not required, but is certainly welcome.</desc>
2042   </mud>
2043   <mud>
2044     <name>Primordiax</name>
2045     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
2046     <host>primordiax.com</host>
2047     <port>3000</port>
2048     <ip></ip>
2049     <www>http://www.primordiax.com</www>
2050     <desc>Primordiax is the newest fantasy MMORPG/MUD from Frogdice, Inc. It is a graphical/text hybrid MUD with extremely deep gameplay and a richly designed, hand crafted world.</desc>
2051     <desc>* Free to play forever.</desc>
2052     <desc>* No downloads. No installation. Playable in your browser.</desc>
2053     <desc>* Virtual World that players can affect in a real and permanent way: living, breathing, evolving ecosystem, a closed and fully player controlled economy, world technology that advances directly through community and player actions and decision making.</desc>
2054     <desc>* Crafting system as deep and feature rich as most combat systems.</desc>
2055     <desc>* Deep combat system with enormous tactical variety: flanking positional attacks, combos, group combos, and more.</desc>
2056     <desc>* Custom artwork available for your character (by our artists).</desc>
2057     <desc>* Extremely detailed world lore built upon by players and staff.</desc>
2058     <desc>* In Character Enforced (ICE) Environment with OOC channels.</desc>
2059     <desc>* Double blind auction system that is the backbone of the economy.</desc>
2060     <desc>* Detailed skill and ability systems with skill synergies, hundreds of abilities &amp; spells, and an unlimited respec/retraining system.</desc>
2061     <desc>* Crafting characters earn their xp through crafting and trade. Support characters earn xp through support activities (healing, buffing, picking locks, etc.) as well as combat.</desc>
2062     <desc>* Developed by Frogdice, a company with over 15 years of experience developing online role playing games.</desc>
2063   </mud>
2064   <mud>
2065     <name>Carnipelago</name>
2066     <codebase>[MUX] MUX</codebase>
2067     <host>carnipelago.wolfpaw.net</host>
2068     <port>3336</port>
2069     <www>http://carnipelago.com/</www>
2070     <desc>An original-themed role-playing and social MU*. Carnipelago is a group of islands on a newly formed planet inhabited by the descendants of clowns, carnies, acrobats and sideshow freaks. Carnipelago features an amusement park, lots of searooms, a jungle, an academy, three small villages, a large Native underground and a volcano.</desc>
2071     <desc>Players may create any of four classes: Natives, Citizens, Servants, or Tourists (for layback social interaction and exploration.). There are four Native Tribes, only one of which accepts Citizens. Citizens and Natives may build homes and businesses.</desc>
2072   </mud>
2073   <mud>
2074     <name>DarkWind</name>
2075     <codebase>[LP] Heavily Modified</codebase>
2076     <host>darkwind.org</host>
2077     <port>3000</port>
2078     <ip></ip>
2079     <www>http://www.DarkWind.org/</www>
2080     <desc>Darkwind is a heavily modified LP Mud, consisting of lots of great features:</desc>
2081     <desc>* 12,000+ rooms * Multiple continents * 16 Races: Darkwinder, Glavian, Barbarian, High elf, Dark elf, Duergar, Stone dwarf, Uruk, Northman, Arctic elf, Hyperborean gnome, Ice ogre, Ice gnoll, Souvraeli, Desert nomad and Desert dwarf * 12 Guilds: Bard, Cleric, Charlatan, Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Garou, Thief, Druid, Fighter, Psionicist and Swashbuckler * Player owned pubs &amp; inns * Player owned ships * Player owned pets * Clans!</desc>
2082     <desc>And, the list goes on!</desc>
2083     <desc>Please come check us out sometime: telnet://darkwind.org:3000 - The Admin of Darkwind</desc>
2084   </mud>
2085   <mud>
2086     <name>Dartmud</name>
2087     <codebase>[LP] LP Mud 3.1.2</codebase>
2088     <host>dartmud.com</host>
2089     <port>2525</port>
2090     <ip></ip>
2091     <www>http://www.dartmud.com/</www>
2092     <desc>* Continuously operating since 1991 * Tons of quests, 100% original areas. * Consistent, Medieval fantasy feel. * Skill-based mud, no classes or levels at all. * 14 races, 6 never seen elsewhere. * Complex combat system with customizable fighting styles. * Elaborate NPCs which can respond to a variety of stimuli. * 'Real' wilderness system with varied terrain, top-down view. * Numberless interface, describes most variables using adjectives. * Player crafting skills and player-based economy. Farmers and cooks can make a good living growing and selling food. Smiths can forge weapons and armor. Lots more to do than just kill things. * Multiple languages, cities, and cultures. * And, of course, an original spell system.</desc>
2093   </mud>
2094   <mud>
2095     <name>Dawn of Demise</name>
2096     <codebase>[Smaug] Derived from SMAUG 1.4</codebase>
2097     <host>tdod.org</host>
2098     <port>4000</port>
2099     <ip></ip>
2100     <www>http://tdod.org/</www>
2101     <desc>The Great War of the Mages, the Arcanix, nearly destroyed the world, and all man's glorious works.  The Protectors of Life managed to defeat the Lords of Chaos, and lock them out of the Realm.  But now, several centuries later, the magic of the seals has been weakened.  One of the Evil Lords has managed to cross the boundaries between the Planes, and seeks to revive the Arcanix.  Only a single Protector stands against him.  He desperately seeks aid for his beleaguered world, and has sent out his call across the multiverse. Even though the call was meant for aid, the Evil Lord has managed to slip some of his evil minions through the gate, and so the battle rages on.</desc>
2102     <desc>The forces of Chaos have found a strong foothold, and it is feared that once again the world stands at the Dawn of Demise.</desc>
2103     <desc>Dawn of Demise implements many new features and ideas not seen in other muds.  A small list of our unique features include:</desc>
2104     <desc>* Advancement to level 100 and dual classing. * Pets save and level like player characters. * A unique automated quest system that offers enhancements to your character and their items. * An advanced and balanced monetary system. * An arena that allows any players to battle without repercussions. * Unique areas, and tons of them.  None of these cut and paste areas either.  DoD has been around for over seven years and alot of thought has gone into the creation and development of our areas. * Many unique spells and skills developed by our team (just to list a few): -Cast spells effects that stay in rooms and even roam for a length of time. -Creating and setting of traps. -A unique mapping system if you have the skill or spell. -And much more...</desc>
2105   </mud>
2106   <mud>
2107     <name>Forsaken Future</name>
2108     <codebase>[Smaug]</codebase>
2109     <host>Damsol-hosting.com</host>
2110     <port>7001</port>
2111     <www>http://Damsol-hosting.com</www>
2112     <desc>Created by kalthizar and Malik and still runs</desc>
2113   </mud>
2114   <mud>
2115     <name>Hideaway MUSH</name>
2116     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH 1.7.7pl34 with minor hacks to the source.</codebase>
2117     <host>azhrael.serveftp.net</host>
2118     <port>4201</port>
2119     <www>http://None</www>
2120     <desc>WARNING: ADULT CONTENT</desc>
2121     <desc>It's not known when or how the Island known as Hideaway came into exsistance. It was simply there, exsisting in a state outside of time itself. Every so often, in different places in the world, the boundaries of the Island would encroach into one of the many worlds in the multiverse and a portal would open. Sometimes for days, sometimes for only moments. Of course, it was inevitable that eventually people would fall into those portals and end up upon the Island.</desc>
2122     <desc>At first, only a few appeared, many baffled as they discovered only females seemed to be able to exsist on the Island. The men who found themselves upon the island were changed by the place's magic. Those first arrivals found the fishing around the island to be plentiful and prosperous, and so a small fishing village, the village of Hideaway, was born there in the sheltered cove. Over the years, however, more and more people began to appear, the appearance of portals in the real world beginning to grow more frequent. The population began to grow, forming and shaping into an open, friendly environment for all kinds of women, with all kinds of different interests. Now, a few hundred years after the first few people found themselves transported to Hideaway, the little village has grown into a bustling town, full of lively activity and fun.</desc>
2123     <desc>HideawayMUSH is a place designed to be a safe, open and friendly place for lesbian interaction. We welcome female and male players alike, but for thematic reasons we only allow female characters. This is ment to be a place where womyn can go to explore various aspects of themselves and generally have fun in a roleplaying setting.</desc>
2124   </mud>
2125   <mud>
2126     <name>Dead of Night</name>
2127     <codebase>[Dikumud] Heavily customized</codebase>
2128     <host>deadofnight.org</host>
2129     <port>5000</port>
2130     <ip></ip>
2131     <www>http://www.deadofnight.org/</www>
2132     <desc>The full moon shone brightly over Pangaea, casting deep shadows among the warehouses along the docks.  On nights like this, the city gates were locked tight, with extra guards posted.  Sane people were asleep in their houses, or drinking in a busy tavern, forgetting the terrors happening beyond the safety of the city walls. Tonight the mood was much more somber than the typical nightly ruckus which normally filled the bars.  The full moon alone meant that the dead would be out in full force, but the recent bloody assaults by the hill giants in the forests to the north would contribute many fresh members to the army of the dead. There was some hope tonight.  A band of Mystic Knights had recently arrived in town, fresh in from their battles on the wild southern continent. They would do their best protect the few people who hadn't made it to the city, and fragment the army enough to prevent a full assault. But everyone knew a few wouldn't get a chance to see the sun rise.</desc>
2133     <desc>DoN is also home of DoNClient, a new mud client written for the players of DoN, but useable anywhere.</desc>
2134   </mud>
2135   <mud>
2136     <name>Dead of Night LPMud</name>
2137     <codebase>[LP] Amylaar LPMud</codebase>
2138     <host>deadofnight.com</host>
2139     <port>3443</port>
2140     <ip></ip>
2141     <www>http://www.deadofnight.com/</www>
2142     <desc>A light fog rises from a nearby swamp, and a hazy mist falls from the deceivingly clear sky. A crimson moon floats alluringly over a distant mountain, calling you to adventures untold. Yet, one thing makes you nervous: it is far too quiet in the Dead of Night.</desc>
2143     <desc>DeadOfNight is a gothic fantasy, in which characters try to conquer the rising shadows and chaos. With thousands of combinations of race, class, profession and secondary profession, each character has an incredible range of choices during character creation. Choose from 13 races, (the most popular being: vampyr, demon, werewolf and drow) each with their own unique racial abilities, 4 classes (Rogue, Cleric, Fighter, Mage), Each with their own special abilities, and you can even choose to join 2 professions.</desc>
2144     <desc>DeadOfNight has many features to make the game more enjoyable. Color support, party system, player run clans, and many ways to interact with other players and non-player characters. And don't forget to 'help mudsex' and mudhead your friends, or do the whorehouse quest!</desc>
2145     <desc>Combine these features with DeadOfNight's extreme stability, fast internet connection, and popularity, and you have a truly remarkable role playing experience. Stop by anytime, DeadOfNight is extremely newbie friendly.</desc>
2146   </mud>
2147   <mud>
2148     <name>Eternity's Trials</name>
2149     <codebase>[Rom] ET modified</codebase>
2150     <host>etrials.game-server.cc</host>
2151     <port>9000</port>
2152     <www>http://etrials.game-server.cc/</www>
2153     <desc>Evil killers are needed for the darkness clan.  Rise in power with the aid of evil, mighty Exodus.  Join his reign of terror today! Crush the pacifist majority.  Surpass everyone and even assault your own clanmates!</desc>
2154     <desc>-no rules, no imms, player-controlled mud -unrestricted player killing after level 40 -current clans: darkness (evil), rose (good) and syndar (neutral) -Races: Centaur  Cyclops  Draco  Dryad  Dwarf Elf  Fiend  Giant Gnome Goblin Halfling  Human Illythid  Lizardman  Pixie Shadow  Troll  Wendigo -Classes: Bard  Cleric  DarkKnight  Druid Mage  Necromancer  Ninja Paladin  Psionicist  Ranger  Thief  Warrior -no experience loss -new skills, spells, items, commands and areas every month -some of the latest things added: *cleric and mage spell, rekindling: rekindles lights. *new ranger skill, steak: cuts steaks(food) out of a corpse. *new necro skill, drain: drains blood(food/drink) out of a corpse. *enhanced perception now detects sneak (ranger/thief/ninja ability). *mark command: create your own personalised recall room anytime. *5 new spells for druids every 30 levels: spells summon an elemental. *void is gone, one justs goes afk after 22 ticks. *shopkeepers will tell you what time they re-open. *you now only need one hand free to cast spells. *you can see any classes skills and spells now: seespell &amp;lt;class&amp;gt;. *mobs can't pick up furniture on which players are resting. *you can now buy items 5 levels above your level. *ambrosia, aka godsend, the best spellup, added as qwest item. *clerics can now uncurse their own stuff. *healers can uncurse others' stuff. *grouping range increased to 30 levels. *new area: Sawred's Grand Isewynd for levels 30+. *much better xp for groups. *more xp for killing aggressive mobs. *consider command: level range expanded. *remove curse now castable on others, only removes the maladiction. *creation re-roll stats improved. *easier to scribe and brew multiple spells now. *closed doors viewable with autoexit on. *searching reveals hidden and blended characters. *new level 60 bard spell: screech.</desc>
2155   </mud>
2156   <mud>
2157     <name>Deeper Trouble</name>
2158     <codebase>[LP] LDMud, 3.2.9-dev.452</codebase>
2159     <host>deepertrouble.demon.net</host>
2160     <port>4242</port>
2161     <ip></ip>
2162     <www>http://www.deepertrouble.demon.net/</www>
2163     <desc>For those of you who have not yet been in Deeper Trouble, let me tell you that it is very old. It goes back to 1990 and was created by a handful computerscience students.</desc>
2164     <desc>Artesia - as the world is named - is, and always will be, strictly fantasy-based, and although it has its roots in the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien, many other species that share its theme and spirit also populate it these days.</desc>
2165     <desc>It is constantly being improved and new additions and changes come often. This is no DIKU style MUD. It is complex by nature and thus very challenging and exciting.</desc>
2166     <desc>One can here enjoy wandering about in a large world, either alone or in a party with other players. Since the different areas and puzzles are very distinct, although not by theme or connection, there is always a new challenge waiting for any adventurer regardless of skill and experience. Players also tend to stride to become the best.</desc>
2167     <desc>There is also a social aspect to the game. Many new friends have been made, and also real-life gatherings are being arranged now and then so that the true people of Artesia may exchange gossip, face to face and over a mug of dark ale. :-)</desc>
2168     <desc>Welcome to Deeper Trouble already!                           - Zordiac@DeeperTrouble</desc>
2169   </mud>
2170   <mud>
2171     <name>Delphine</name>
2172     <codebase>[LP] LDMud</codebase>
2173     <host>delphine.org</host>
2174     <port>23</port>
2175     <ip></ip>
2176     <www>http://www.delphine.org/</www>
2177     <desc>The main idea in Delphine MUD is that your race defines what kind of a character you are. For example, orc fighters with their scimitars made of hardened steel are quite different from their elf counterparts.</desc>
2178     <desc>Equipment saves over linkdeath and quitting, so you don't have to worry about the shiny sword you just found and the next lesson is beginning in two minutes..</desc>
2179   </mud>
2180   <mud>
2181     <name>Delusion</name>
2182     <codebase>[Aber] VME</codebase>
2183     <host>delusion.mud.de</host>
2184     <port>6715</port>
2185     <ip></ip>
2186     <www>http://www.delusion.de/</www>
2187     <desc>Delusion is one of the biggest AberMUDs still in existence. With a massive amount of about 80 quests it makes reaching immortality a challenge for even the most experienced players. The combination of the brandnew VME codebase together with the look and feel of an AberMUD makes it easy for new players to get used to the game and all its complexity. Runners can choose between several races and join or leave a certain guild at their desire. Delusion is very fast-evolving and the friendly team of administrators is constantly working on new additions and challenges for your gaming enjoyment. Playerkilling on Delusion is not permitted, except for Thursday evenings, when there are regular playerkiller tournaments.</desc>
2188   </mud>
2189   <mud>
2190     <name>TriadCity</name>
2191     <codebase>[Custom] server currently in beta</codebase>
2192     <www>http://www.smartmonsters.com</www>
2193     <desc>TriadCity is a large-scale multiuser role-playing game with a literary orientation, currently in beta.</desc>
2194     <desc>While role-playing MUDs are fairly common, this one is different.  Where most MUDs focus on 'kill the monster' style adventuring, TriadCity explores themes which have been central to Western culture: good and evil, city and country, nature and civilization, personal and collective identities, violence and nonviolence, freedom and slavery.</desc>
2195     <desc>'Literary orientation' means that narrative techniques from the novel and other traditions are incorporated, such as voice, point of view, characterization, plot, and so on. Various forms of subjectivity are imposed on the characters which players create, some relative, some radical. This means that character histories and views of the world are potentially unique to each individual player.</desc>
2196     <desc>We opened to the public on 10/1/01 and are just starting to build our player base.  We hope you'll check us out, and will tell us what you think!</desc>
2197   </mud>
2198   <mud>
2199     <name>DelusionsMUCK</name>
2200     <codebase>[MUCK] TinyMUCK (Fuzzball)</codebase>
2201     <host>DelusionsMUCK.com</host>
2202     <port>4999</port>
2203     <ip></ip>
2204     <www>http://www.DelusionsMUCK.com</www>
2205     <desc>Delusions is a social-based MUCK with an emphasis on enjoyment. The management is fun-loving and willing to answer any questions you have. There is a lot to explore and many things to see. Contains one of the largest libraries of spells for MUCKs. Database size = 13,200+ objects. No player-command logging!</desc>
2206     <desc>Among the multitude of features you will find on Delusions are ANSI-colors (paint the world!), Highlighting (have friends' messages show up in colors), FamilyMagic (keeps track of your family tree!), SpotMagic (helps you lie, sit, stand and swim in a logical way), Pathfinder (helping you plot the route between two locations on the Muck), Guide/Helpsystem (Del is *VERY* userfriendly), Hintcookies (giving you helpful hints every time you connect), MrTutor (step-by-step tutorials), Linewrap (in-server!! no more cut-off lines), TravelMagic (catch a wagon and ride through the worlds), Online-Games (poker, hearts, labyrinths, chess, purity test, combat games, 4-in- a-row) Welcome!!</desc>
2207   </mud>
2208   <mud>
2209     <name>The Den</name>
2210     <codebase>Fuzzball fb5.64</codebase>
2211     <host>mserv2.sgeinc.com</host>
2212     <port>8888</port>
2213     <ip></ip>
2214     <www>http://www.wizvax.net/ice/index.html</www>
2215     <desc>The Den Muck has a social and an adult side. You must certify your age to access the adult side. Come visit, and check us out!</desc>
2216   </mud>
2217   <mud>
2218     <name>BrutusMUD</name>
2219     <codebase>[Circlemud] Started as CircleMUD but has been completely rewritten from scratch</codebase>
2220     <host>brutusmud.net</host>
2221     <port>4444</port>
2222     <ip></ip>
2223     <www>http://brutusmud.net/</www>
2224     <desc>BrutusMUD offers 4 basic classes from the beginning, however at level 30 you specialize into one of 3 advanced classes (3 for each basic class). After reaching level 60 you can advance to legendary levels which offers new skills and spells and generally greatly enhances your character. To reach 5th legendary level, you have to come through special challenge, which will test your knowledge of your character. Thus only the best players can ever reach 5th legendary level. Of course you can try until you learn enough to succeed. Successfully completing the challenge opens whole new range of possibilities to advance your character far beyond limits of lower legends. But only few reached this status, and they are honored as gods among other mortals.</desc>
2225   </mud>
2226   <mud>
2227     <name>Desolation</name>
2228     <codebase>[LP] Lima Mudlib, version 1.0a8 (LPMud)</codebase>
2229     <host>desolation.org</host>
2230     <port>7878</port>
2231     <ip></ip>
2232     <www>http://www.desolation.org/</www>
2233     <desc>Desolation is not an emulation, but a continuation of Wasteland. An LPMud, picking up where WL left off. You can join one of the many guilds in development, including the Desert Rangers, the Badland Originals, and the Association of Irradiated Mercenaries. Wield a wide range of weapons, be it a crowbar, or an assault rifle, whatever suits your style.</desc>
2234     <desc>Explore a world full of wreckage, carnage, and radiation. Visiting such places as Quartz, a lovely town under the mob rule of Ugly John and his gang of thugs. Lovely Las Vegas, a town of evil, corruption, casinos, and prostitution. Junktown, a small tribal village, built from a land fill.</desc>
2235     <desc>Desolation - More reactor leaks than any other mud!</desc>
2236   </mud>
2237   <mud>
2238     <name>Tank Mage Deathmatch</name>
2239     <codebase>[Unknown] Modified Tank Mage Deathmatch</codebase>
2240     <www>http://www.tankmagedeathmatch.com</www>
2241     <desc>Tank Mage Deathmatch is based on Ben White's Tank Mage Deathmatch, the winning entry from April 2000's 16k Mud Server Competition. The mud demonstrates the next stage in the evolution of MUDs -- A fully integrated browser client. Right now the technology is only supported by Google Chrome, but in about a year every major browser will support the technology.</desc>
2242     <desc>NOTICE</desc>
2243     <desc>You must use Google Chrome to play Tank Mage Deathmatch.</desc>
2244     <desc>PLAYING</desc>
2245     <desc>Each player will start in the designated start room. You can move between rooms using, n, s, e, w, u, d commands, depending on exits. You will also start with a number of health points (HP).</desc>
2246     <desc>The aim of the game is to defeat other players in magical and melee combat by spending attack points (AP) to cause each other damage. Damage is represented as a loss of HP. If your HP drops to zero or below, you can consider yourself killed, and you will restart in a randomly selected room.</desc>
2247     <desc>Powerups also appear from time to time in selected rooms, and have various beneficial effects.</desc>
2248     <desc>COMBAT</desc>
2249     <desc>Combat is based on attacks and spells. Attacks are performed by spending AP; the attacks either damage the opponent or are blocked. Spells can be cast by invoking the required runes at a cost of AP; spells either protect, do damage, or are negated if the target has invoked the negation runes.</desc>
2250     <desc>Maintaining invoked runes also costs AP; if the player does not have enough AP to maintain invoked runes, then the runes are automatically invoked.</desc>
2251     <desc>Every three seconds, you receive another (HP + 7) / 8 AP to spend, up to a maximum equal to your HP. No matter what the cost of something, if you have at least 1 AP, you can perform it; this ensures that players close to death can still do something useful.</desc>
2252     <desc>Moving from one room to another costs 2 AP, and all invoked runes are revoked. Changing targets also causes all runes to be revoked.</desc>
2253     <desc>TARGETING</desc>
2254     <desc>You will target all your actions at a specific player. This player must be in the same room as you for you to target them. All rune invocations are recorded relative to this player. Invoked runes are lost when changing targets or moving from room to room.</desc>
2255     <desc>If you use the target command with no parameters, then you will target the first player in the room (other than yourself). If you want to target a specific player in the room, you can enter either their name or number as a parameter. To determine their number, use either the look or who command.</desc>
2256     <desc>ATTACKS</desc>
2257     <desc>Attack costs, damage, and negations: Lunge 1 AP, damage 1 HP, negated by Chop or Block Hack 1 AP, damage 1 HP, negated by Lunge or Block Slash 1 AP, damage 1 HP, negated by Hack or Block Chop 1 AP, damage 1 HP, negated by Slash or Block Block 3 AP, damage 0 HP</desc>
2258     <desc>Your attack will be blocked by your target if one of the negation attacks was performed within the last 9 seconds, and it was among the last three attacks.</desc>
2259     <desc>COMBO ATTACKS</desc>
2260     <desc>If you perform certain attacks in the right order, you will receive a bonus attack, or combo attack. Combo attacks can only be blocked by the target if they have performed all the listed attacks within the last 9 seconds, and they were among the last three attacks performed. Once you perform a combo, the attacks you used for it can no longer be used as defences from other attacks.</desc>
2261     <desc>Shield Rush: Damage: 3 HP Requires: Block, Block Blocked by: Block</desc>
2262     <desc>Forward Combo: Damage: 3 HP Requires: Lunge, Slash Blocked by: Block and Hack</desc>
2263     <desc>Reverse Combo: Damage: 3 HP Requires: Hack, Chop Blocked by: Block and Slash</desc>
2264     <desc>Body Strike: Damage: 3 HP Requires: Hack, Slash Blocked by: Block and Chop</desc>
2265     <desc>Overhead Chop: Damage: 5 HP Requires: Chop, Lunge Blocked by: Block and Lunge</desc>
2266     <desc>RUNES</desc>
2267     <desc>Spell rune invocation costs (and maintenance costs): Maintenance costs are charged every three seconds. Invoked runes are automatically revoked when changing targets, moving from room to room, used in a spell, or automatically used to defend against a spell. Rune of Air 1 AP (1 AP) Rune of Fire 2 AP (1 AP) Rune of Water 1 AP (1 AP) Rune of Earth 1 AP (2 AP)</desc>
2268     <desc>SPELLS</desc>
2269     <desc>Spells can be cast after the required runes have been invoked. Area effect spells do normal damage to the target, and half damage to all others in the room (excluding the caster).</desc>
2270     <desc>Magic Missile: Cost: 1 AP Damage: 2 HP Requires: Rune of Air Negated by: Rune of Earth</desc>
2271     <desc>Fireball: Area Cost: 2 AP Damage: 6 HP Requires: Rune of Air, Run of Fire Negated by: Rune of Water</desc>
2272     <desc>Stone Skin: Defensive Cost: 1 AP Protection: 8 HP Requires: Rune of Water, Rune of Earth</desc>
2273     <desc>Ice Shards: Cost: 2 AP Damage: 5 HP Requires: Rune of Water, Rune of Air Negated by: Rune of Earth, Rune of Fire</desc>
2274     <desc>Poison Cloud: Area Cost: 2 AP Damage: 6 HP Requires: Rune of Water, Rune of Fire Negated by: Rune of Air</desc>
2275     <desc>POWERUPS</desc>
2276     <desc>Powerups appear from time to time in selected rooms. If there are players in the room, then the first player in the room will receive the powerup. Otherwise, the first player to enter the room will receive the powerup. Rune powerups are the only way to get runes.</desc>
2277     <desc>The following powerups are available:</desc>
2278     <desc>Rune: Earth, Air, Fire, or Water (randomly selected) Health Bonus: increase your HP Sword Bonus: increase your sword damage, to a maximum of +3 Rune Bonus: increase the damage of spells, up to +2 per rune</desc>
2279     <desc>DEATH</desc>
2280     <desc>After being killed, all your runes will automatically be revoked. You may have a random number of runes deducted, and sword and rune power bonuses will also be randomly lost. On return from death, you will receive a random number of HP, and will restart in a randomly selected room.</desc>
2281     <desc>COMMANDS</desc>
2282     <desc>score, go &lt;dir&gt;, target, target &lt;player&gt;, look, look &lt;dir&gt;, say, shout, who, invoke &lt;rune&gt;, revoke, cast &lt;spell&gt;, attack &lt;type&gt;, help, quit, i</desc>
2283     <desc>Shortened aliases are available: n north e east s south w west u up d down l look ln look north ls look south le look east lw look west lu look up ld look down t target ia invoke air ie invoke earth if invoke fire iw invoke water r revoke cm cast magic missile cf cast fireball cp cast poison cloud cs cast stone skin ci cast ice shards ah attack hack as attack slash ac attack chop al attack lunge ab attack block</desc>
2284     <desc>TIPS</desc>
2285     <desc>When you see a player, use t to target them. Sword attacks can be performed using ah, as, ac, and al. You'll want to use ab to block attacks. Remember that a single ab will block attacks for 9 seconds, if you only use two other sword attacks. Doing a shield rush (ab,ab) will remove your blocks and leave you vunerable to attack. If you want to do a combo attack, perform a block first to leave you at least partially protected from attack. To block a combo attack, you'll have to anticipate what your oppenent is going to perform, and perform the negation move. This is virtually impossible if your opponent has a lot of AP. The Overhead Chop is the most powerful combo (chop-lunge). So if your opponent starts a chop, try to do a lunge to block it. Then return with a Forward Combo (slash, since you already have the lunge). This also means that if you do an Overhead Chop, immediately follow up with a hack to defend against a Forward Combo. Then you can finish with a chop or slash for another combo.</desc>
2286     <desc>You will want to get hold of powerups, especially health bonuses. These are the only way you can recover lost HP.</desc>
2287     <desc>Tank Mage Deathmatch is based on Ben White's Tank Mage Deathmatch, the winning entry from April 2000's 16k Mud Server Competition. The mud demonstrates the next stage in the evolution of MUDs -- A fully integrated browser client. Right now the technology is only supported by Google Chrome, but in about a year every major browser will support the technology.</desc>
2288     <desc>If your oppenent starts invoking runes, try to figure out what spell they're casting. Hopefully you'll either have the runes invoked already to be able to counteract the spell, or be able to quickly invoke them. Otherwise, try running or getting stuck into them with your sword.</desc>
2289     <desc>Lastly, try not to move from room to room too quickly, because it wastes AP.</desc>
2290     <desc>THE MAP Here is the current map:</desc>
2291     <desc>3 / 2--0  15 /   |  | 1    |  6--13 |  |   | 11-10-8--4--5---9 16 /     /   |   | 12----7   14  17</desc>
2292     <desc>0 The Village Church 1 Wizards' Hall (Rune bonus) 2 The Elevator 3 The Church Attic (Rune Power bonus) 4 The Village Green 5 The Village Square 6 Bargain Bazaar (Sword bonus) 7 The Deep Well 8 The only road out of town 9 The Esplanade 10 Troll's Bridge 11 The Dark Forest (Rune bonus) 12 Troll's Lair (Sword bonus) 13 The Jetty 14 Harry's Place (Health bonus) 15 The Pub (Health bonus) 16 Swimming at Sea 17 The Corn Fields (Health bonus)</desc>
2293   </mud>
2294   <mud>
2295     <name>Disciples of Destruction</name>
2296     <codebase>[GodWars] Utopia/D.O.D v.2</codebase>
2297     <host>dragonabyss.ath.cx</host>
2298     <port>7000</port>
2299     <ip></ip>
2300     <www>http://</www>
2301   </mud>
2302   <mud>
2303     <name>Avatar West</name>
2304     <codebase>[Merc] Using the AVATAR MUD Codebase</codebase>
2305     <host>avatarwest.outland.org</host>
2306     <port>3000</port>
2307     <ip></ip>
2308     <www>http://www.outland.org/</www>
2309     <desc>Avatar West is a mud using the same areas and code as AVATAR but with a different level structure.  What we've done is create a remort or 'Incarnation' process that will cycle you through the 50 base levels of the traditional AVATAR.  Every time you cycle through, you are reincarnated as a new race-class combination which is picked randomly.</desc>
2310     <desc>We have all of AVATAR's experimental and grandfathered classes as well as all of the NPC races (making the total 40!) for this.  You could end up reincarnated as a Golem Sorcerer or a Goblin Monk.  With 9 classes and 40 races, there is plenty of variation.</desc>
2311     <desc>Enjoy and you are welcome to play!  Avatar West plans on being around for a long time and has the same technical and developmental staff as the traditional AVATAR.</desc>
2312   </mud>
2313   <mud>
2314     <name>Realms of Corl</name>
2315     <codebase>[MUSH] [MUSH]</codebase>
2316     <host>chaos.caile.org</host>
2317     <port>4201</port>
2318     <ip></ip>
2319     <www>None</www>
2320     <desc>Corl is an original fantasy-medieval themed mush. It has a limited combat system that supports roleplay and an 'after- life' that allows players a chance to continue interacting after death. It is political in nature with established factions all battling for power. There are positions open for nobles as well as for commoners.  There are several areas open for exploration but the majority of the rp at this time is focused in the capital city.  The magic system is currently being coded.  Unlike most muds, your skills are not limited by your trade and you can learn anything you wish.. provided you can find someone to teach you.  Players are allowed to create or buy their own equipment with base damage. Specialty eq must be approved by an admin and justified.  The history files have been installed recently, giving the story of the world in which we are playing and several plots have been established based on this history.</desc>
2321   </mud>
2322   <mud>
2323     <name>Earth 2438</name>
2324     <codebase>[SWR] FotE - Major Modifications</codebase>
2325     <host>df.moocowpenguin.com</host>
2326     <port>9700</port>
2327     <ip></ip>
2328     <www>http://fote.gageendal.com</www>
2329     <desc>The year is 2438, exactly four hundred years after the discovery of ancient technology on the planet Mars on the second manned shuttle to the red planet. Mankind, in our arrogance, took the technology and turned it into the fuel of our weapons of destruction against each- other. Theories that World War IV would be fought with sticks and stones were greatly over-enthusiastic. WW III lasted nearly twelve years and lost nearly 200 million souls from across the globe.</desc>
2330     <desc>By the year 2099, the first fully functional spaceport was created on our moon. Luna Base, as it was once called, served as an inter- national space port for all of the Earth. It was also the cause of the first interstellar war, and World War Four. This war was fought almost entirely in space, though many ground troops died, mostly the fight was against technology's power in space. Trillions of  dollars were lost durring the war and none of the sides ended up the winner. The end of that war was literaly the lack of firepower in the year 2138. The final seasefire was declared on May 3rd, 2140 at the White House when all of the main leaders of each of the countries, along with all of their cabinet seats signed a document that allowed for nearly full use of the Spaceport by all countries.</desc>
2331     <desc>A Subclause of the treaty is that all countries would meet at the Capitol  Building in Washington D.C. every two years. Since the signing of that treaty, not a single member has ever missed a meeting.</desc>
2332     <desc>New colonies begun to form on the other satelites in the system. The Under-Ice colony of Europa, Io's subterranian colony on it's orbit around Jupiter. There are even rumors of unclaimed colonies that have begun to be sighted on the Asteroid Belts.</desc>
2333   </mud>
2334   <mud>
2335     <name>DiamondGate</name>
2336     <codebase>Envy</codebase>
2337     <host>mud.diamondgate.com</host>
2338     <port>4000</port>
2339     <ip></ip>
2340     <www>http://www.diamondgate.com/</www>
2341     <desc>DiamondGate is a Envy-based mud (which is Merc 2.2 derived). Significant enhancements include:</desc>
2342     <desc>- Multiclass - players can level in all 5 classes) - ANSI color support - players can use color themselves too, in titles, communications, etc. - clans - private rooms for players - OLC (online construction) - a bookstore (with real books that you can read) - many new and original areas - rich set of social commands - warm and friendly staff :) - unique bard class - portals, teleportals, etc - CHAOS mode</desc>
2343     <desc>After two years of development and testing, DG is now OFFICIALLY open for play.  We welcome all to come and join us.</desc>
2344   </mud>
2345   <mud>
2346     <name>Lands of Myst</name>
2347     <codebase>[Circlemud] heavilly modified</codebase>
2348     <host>prelovac.com</host>
2349     <port>4000</port>
2350     <ip></ip>
2351     <www>http://prelovac.com</www>
2352   </mud>
2353   <mud>
2354     <name>Supremacy</name>
2355     <codebase>[Ack!mud] ASSAULT 3.0</codebase>
2356     <host>slackhalla.org</host>
2357     <port>6464</port>
2358     <ip></ip>
2359     <www>http://</www>
2360     <desc>Supremacy is a stock ASSAULT 3.0 MUD. People can build a base and then choose to defend it, attack the bases of other people armed with a Kalashnikov and a stack of C4, or a combination of both.</desc>
2361     <desc>There are no big plans, just bug fixes, minor improvements, and giving people who liked the original Assault: High Tech War a place to hang out.</desc>
2362   </mud>
2363   <mud>
2364     <name>Everwar (Rebirth)</name>
2365     <codebase>[Emlenmud] Heavily modified EverwarMUD 4.0</codebase>
2366     <host>everwar.mudhosting.net</host>
2367     <port>4242</port>
2368     <ip></ip>
2369     <www>http://everwar.mudhosting.net</www>
2370     <desc>Everwar Rebirth is based on the popular EmlenMUD codebase and is forked from the original Everwar which has been up and running for over 7 years.  The core theme is centered around a struggle between the forces of light and dark as they battle it out throughout a massive custom world.  There are a total of 18 races (9 per side) and 13 extremely balanced professions to choose from ranging from the devestating warrior, to the ellusive assassin.</desc>
2371     <desc>Work together with your alignment to track and crush the opposing force and loot them of their possessions.  We also have a ranking system where payers can accumulate war points and increase in power as they slay other players.</desc>
2372     <desc>From a PVE perspective we offer:</desc>
2373     <desc>* A world brought to life with advanced trigger system * Comprehensive quest and crusade system * Hundreds of custom armors, weapons and gems. * Robust forging system for the creation of items. * Unique dungeon instances (random every time) * Dynamic drop system (diablo style loot) * Overhead mapping feature, no need for custom maps.</desc>
2374     <desc>We will be launching on the 1st of October, if you're looking for an adult oriented PK mud then give us a try.</desc>
2375     <desc>Visit our website at http://everwar.mudhosting.net/forum for more information.</desc>
2376   </mud>
2377   <mud>
2378     <name>ugradMUD</name>
2379     <codebase>[Circlemud] 3.1</codebase>
2380     <host>micromud.mcp-server.com</host>
2381     <port>5556</port>
2382     <www>http://</www>
2383     <desc>After nearly 4 years of development, several false starts, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, ugradMUD (named after the server it originated on) is finally opening for it's first real round of beta testing.</desc>
2384     <desc>We are based on CircleMUD 3.1, and have taken full advantage of the helpful tbaMUD community by using their guidance and adminstrative code.</desc>
2385     <desc>Theme: Medieval Fantasy Genre: Hack and Slash, RP Optional</desc>
2386     <desc>We have two factions, light and dark. In our beta stages, we are only opening the light races, to ensure that newcomers have a 'polished' experience. We have 4 races in total, and 14 classes. There are 100 mortal levels. Again, only half of both will be available during our early beta stages.</desc>
2387     <desc>Each race has its own unique hometown and newbie zone. This is no small claim; and it has been the main reason that has delayed beta opening for so long.</desc>
2388     <desc>Hope to see you around.</desc>
2389     <desc>Thanks goes to this whole CircleMUD community, without which this game would have died out a long time ago.</desc>
2390   </mud>
2391   <mud>
2392     <name>DiscordiaMUSH</name>
2393     <codebase>TinyMUSH</codebase>
2394     <host>discordia.nevermind.com</host>
2395     <port>4201</port>
2396     <ip></ip>
2397     <www>http://discordia.nevermind.com/discordia/</www>
2398     <desc>Discordia is the religion of chaos. Discordianism understands that organization is the work of the Devil. The whole Material Universe is exclusive property of the Greco-Roman Goddess of Chaos, Eris.  In 'Principia Discordia', Discordian Society co-founder Kerry Thornley states, 'If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then dis-organized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe..'</desc>
2399     <desc>DiscordiaMUSH is a relaxed social place to be.</desc>
2400   </mud>
2401   <mud>
2402     <name>Discworld</name>
2403     <codebase>[LP] Discworld LP</codebase>
2404     <host>discworld.imaginary.com</host>
2405     <port>23</port>
2406     <ip></ip>
2407     <www>http://discworld.imaginary.com:5678/</www>
2408     <desc>Discworld is a flat world ten thousand miles across that rests on the backs of four elephants who stand on the shell of Great A'Tuin, the sky turtle, as he, or, as it might be, she, swims through space. From Ankh-Morpork, jewel (okay, so it's a carbuncle) of cities, venture hubwards across the brassica'ed Sto Plains to the Ramtops, cross the Circle Sea to the dark and mysterious continent of Klatch.</desc>
2409     <desc>Discworld combines the humour and richness of Terry's books with a high-quality mud that appeals to both fans and those who have never read his work. As a very kind reviewer said: 'With fish, wombles, intelligent shades of blue, straw dummies, shiny plaques, mended drums, Shifty Jim, Ankh-Morpork pence all on a very chilly spindlewinter's afternoon, Discworld had me laughing at every second turn, and left me wanting to read more.</desc>
2410     <desc>'The feeling I got from the mud was one of fun, quirkiness, and constant surprises. I spent a whole lot more time on there than I expected, but it was time well spent!'</desc>
2411   </mud>
2412   <mud>
2413     <name>Deckeon</name>
2414     <codebase>[Rom] Gutted and Modified Shadowrun style.</codebase>
2415     <host>deckeon.mine.nu</host>
2416     <port>2065</port>
2417     <ip></ip>
2418     <www>http://www.deckeon.net</www>
2419     <desc>The year is 2065. The world has changed. Ravaging diseases and computer viruses have brought humanity the brink of disaster.  Magic has returned to the world allowing those with the will to use it, extraordinary powers and abilities.  The lines between man and machine have blurred as science finds new ways to incorporate cybernetic wonders into flesh.  Data pirates in the new world called Deckers, interface with the virtual reality of the matrix to plunder one of the worlds remaining commodities; information.  Unexplained Genetic Expression as it is called changed the race lines from color to species as Trolls, Elves, and other creatures of legend emerged from all walks of life.  Corporations who are powers unto themselves put on a warm and fuzzy face to the public while striking each other in silent shadow wars using freelance agents known as Shadowrunners.  This is Shadowrun, and the setting for the MUD known as Deckeon. For nearly a decade Deckeon has strived to recreate the Third edition Shadowrun game in a role playing enforced MUD.</desc>
2420   </mud>
2421   <mud>
2422     <name>Calim's Revenge</name>
2423     <codebase>[GodWars] /Dystopia 2</codebase>
2424     <host>chaoticushosting.com</host>
2425     <port>6666</port>
2426     <ip></ip>
2427     <www>http://</www>
2428     <desc>Calim's Revenge, one of the FIRST Dystopia2 based MUDS is back!</desc>
2429     <desc>We offer all of the usual Dystopia 2 stuff!</desc>
2430     <desc>Come give us a try!</desc>
2431   </mud>
2432   <mud>
2433     <name>CharmedMUSH</name>
2434     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
2435     <host>charmedmush.com</host>
2436     <port>1820</port>
2437     <www>http://www.charmedmush.com</www>
2438     <desc>CharmedMUSH is an in-development Harry Potter-themed MUSH. We are based at the start of the 1998-1999 school year. The student population of Hogwarts is greatly diminished. Fear still resides in many parent's despite Voldermort's downfall. Now... A new year is starting. The focus is shifting.</desc>
2439     <desc>Come be a student, a teacher, or a citizen of the Wizarding World.</desc>
2440   </mud>
2441   <mud>
2442     <name>Code:MUSH</name>
2443     <codebase>[MUSH] Modified (I think)</codebase>
2444     <host></host>
2445     <port>4201</port>
2446     <ip></ip>
2447     <www>http://codemush.proboards105.com/index.cgi</www>
2448     <desc>No description yet. We curently have to shut down the MUSH alot.</desc>
2449   </mud>
2450   <mud>
2451     <name>Divine Blood</name>
2452     <codebase>[Rom] Rom24b6[Modified]</codebase>
2453     <host>mud.divineblood.org</host>
2454     <port>4000</port>
2455     <ip></ip>
2456     <www>http://www.divineblood.org</www>
2457     <desc>Divine Blood is set in a medieval fantasy atmosphere. We offer 4 base classes, 4 remort classes, and 8 races. Players are allowed to customize each character to be unique from any other player. PlayerKilling is optional with a well balanced and sophisticated PK system. Players may join or create new clans, while having the option of purchasing clan enhancements such as more rooms, guards, shopkeepers, and more. The mortal levels range from 1-91, and remort system is functional. Immortal run quests and a Autoquests are also available, along with equipment bought with quest points. The Autoquest code has been specially modified for a PK/NON-PK mud environment. We have something for everyone. Anyone can easily learn to play Divine Blood whether you are a newbie to muds or a veteran of another code base. The only requirement is for players to follow the rules, use common sense, RP a little, and, most importantly, enjoy the game. Recent modifications to Divine Blood: * special non-pk/pk equipment * modified autoquest code for more balance * sophisticated pk system * modified clan system * room/obj progs * randomized stats on equipment per reset</desc>
2458   </mud>
2459   <mud>
2460     <name>Furscape</name>
2461     <codebase>[MUCK] ProtoMUCK</codebase>
2462     <host>furscape.servegame.com</host>
2463     <port>2001</port>
2464     <ip></ip>
2465     <www>http://furscape.servegame.com/dokuwiki</www>
2466     <desc>Furscape is a multilateral world that plays 200 years from now, an original, furry-themed science fiction universe where so-called \"recoms\", beings bred by combining human and animal DNA, are the predominant species. Most of mankind has perished in an apocalyptic war 150 years ago, and the furries (recoms) escaped the slaughter by fleeing to colonies on the moon, on Mars, and in the asteroid belt. The discovery of hyperspace jumpgates and polywell fusion reactors has led to massive space exploration, and furs now live on various worlds and space stations. Alien species have been discovered. Factions have formed, ranging from free trader associations to bounty hunter and pirate alliances, military organizations, and mysterious intelligence agencies.</desc>
2467     <desc>-- Some technical info: Some of our worlds allow for free, large scale roaming, making use of the well-known Terraform system. Worlds are original, with their cores hand-built by dedicated realm managers, many of them large enough to be considered a small MUCK of their own.</desc>
2468   </mud>
2469   <mud>
2470     <name>Grendel's Revenge</name>
2471     <codebase>[Custom] Based on DGD</codebase>
2472     <www>http://www.skotos.net/games/grendel</www>
2473     <desc>Long ago Uthgol, the world of Grendel's Revenge, was at peace. Trolls, dragons, vampires, and the rest of Grendel's children warred against each other, and all was well. But then, the uglies came. The humans. A new age is dawning and a new war has begun. As a monster of Uthgol-- chimera, humanoid, or undead -- you must become one of the instruments of Grendel's Revenge. Loot! Spoil! Slay! Hoard!</desc>
2474     <desc>Become a member of one of 45 races of monsters, choosing between hundreds of special abilities. Create your own clans and build your own lairs. For decades they've been killed, enslaved, burgled, and generally taken advantage of. Now it's the MONSTER's turn to get even.</desc>
2475   </mud>
2476   <mud>
2477     <name>Dominia MUD</name>
2478     <codebase>[Circlemud] heavily customised</codebase>
2479     <host>mud.dominiamud.net</host>
2480     <port>3333</port>
2481     <ip></ip>
2482     <www>http://www.dominiamud.net</www>
2483     <desc>Dominia Mud is based on the popular card game 'Magic: The Gathering' by Wizards of the Coast. Your adventure begins in the fabled City of Brass, where members of all races and classes mingle without restriction. As a beginning character, you are given the choice of playing one of twelve classes, and one of eight races, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages.</desc>
2484     <desc>Chaos Mages are masters of destructive and combat magic, Saboteurs can build bombs capable of destroying entire rooms, Necromancers swell their armies of followers with the bodies of their enemies, Hunters shoot their prey from many rooms away with deady accuracy, and the remaining eight classes have similarly clearly defined areas of expertise.</desc>
2485     <desc>Above level 11 players may multiclass freely, at a cost in 'credits' much greater than the single credit required to level in the primary class.</desc>
2486     <desc>Our community of players consists of a mix of magic addicts from around the world and non-magic players who found themselves strangely unable to stop playing.</desc>
2487   </mud>
2488   <mud>
2489     <name>Dark Forces MUSH</name>
2490     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
2491     <host>darkforces.arthmoor.com</host>
2492     <port>5555</port>
2493     <ip></ip>
2494     <www>http://darkforcesmush.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Forces_MUSH_Wiki</www>
2495     <desc>Dark Forces MUSH offers a rare opportunity to play in a game in which all the major spheres of old World of Darkness are combined. Players can choose to be a Shifter(Garou, Changing Breeds, Kinfolk), Vampire, Mage, Changeling, or even an ordinary human.</desc>
2496     <desc>Highly valuing quality role-play, Dark Forces MUSH focuses on Player- Character interaction and growth, with each player contributing to make the story memorable and fun. The staff is newbie-friendly and willing to help players, and they seek to maintain a comfortable, entertaining role-play experience for all.</desc>
2497     <desc>As you can see if you visit the wiki, player sheets and backgrounds, as well as NPCs, are public information. This is to encourage an open, honest atmosphere and player communication. Dark Forces MUSH is all about having fun and creating a good story together.</desc>
2498     <desc>The game is set within the fictional city of Crystal Springs, CO. The Garou are busy struggling to rebuild their Sept, and a pact has been made with the local vampires. They won't fight each other, for now. Mages continue to slink back into the area, lured by the powerful supernatural forces nearby. Changelings, too, have been spotted. With so many gathering into one place, it's bound to get interesting. Hopefully not interesting enough to wake the slumbering Bane...</desc>
2499   </mud>
2500   <mud>
2501     <name>Shockwave Realms</name>
2502     <codebase>[CoffeeMud]</codebase>
2503     <host>shockwave.servegame.org</host>
2504     <port>5555</port>
2505     <ip></ip>
2506     <www>http://shockwave.servegame.org/</www>
2507     <desc>Shockwave Realms is a new MUD that hopes to build a strong community of friends who roleplay and build worlds together. Our world contains creatively designed areas from the mudding community. I did not write the areas, and I am interested in expanding the game world with unique and original ideas. We are looking for builders and coders familiar with the CoffeeMUD system. If you are able to help us expand our world, please drop me a line at veritedonato@gmail.com :)</desc>
2508   </mud>
2509   <mud>
2510     <name>RuneWars</name>
2511     <codebase>[Smaug] Modified</codebase>
2512     <host>tangent.dune.net</host>
2513     <port>4400</port>
2514     <ip></ip>
2515     <www>None</www>
2516     <desc>RuneWars is a mud based in SmaugFUSS1.9 that has had many aspects of Dystopia (GodWars) integrated into it. We are attempting to achieve a GodWars like Pkill system in a Smaug base. To balance character development and advancement for peacefuls a level system that is heavily based on questing is being implemented. Currently we are in the development phase and will accept anyone who wishes to build. Once the first phase of coding and building are completed those who have contributed the most will be retained as Administrators for the opening. If you wish to have a friendly, always active place to build simply log in and leave a note on the Darkhaven board (the room you drop in after creation). Your character will be advanced and given vnums within 24 hours, if not sooner.</desc>
2517     <desc>-Yeshivah, Creator and Coder of RuneWars</desc>
2518   </mud>
2519   <mud>
2520     <name>PernWorld</name>
2521     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
2522     <host>pernworld.net</host>
2523     <port>3333</port>
2524     <ip></ip>
2525     <www>http://www.pernworld.net</www>
2526     <desc>Based on Anne McCaffrey's DragonRider of Pern series.  Timeline is over 100 turns after AIVAS and the events in All the Weyrs of Pern to avoid any conflict with Anne's characters or book events.</desc>
2527   </mud>
2528   <mud>
2529     <name>Redwall</name>
2530     <codebase>[MUCK] Nameless MUCK Code 1.21</codebase>
2531     <host>redwall.realm.limitless.org</host>
2532     <port>4203</port>
2533     <ip></ip>
2534     <www>http://redwall.realm.limitless.org</www>
2535     <desc>Based on the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques, Redwall MUCK offers players a chance to RP in the world of Redwall. It is set many generations after the Redwall Series ends, so, while many of the same organizations exist, none of the characters from the books are still alive. The technological level of Redwall is roughly equivalent to that of Medieval England. Building is welcomed.</desc>
2536   </mud>
2537   <mud>
2538     <name>Dragon Swords</name>
2539     <codebase>[Merc] 14 years of modifications</codebase>
2540     <host>dragonswordsmud.com</host>
2541     <port>1234</port>
2542     <ip></ip>
2543     <www>http://www.dragonswordsmud.com/</www>
2544     <desc>Dragon Swords Mud has been enslaving players since 1995. We have lots of stuff to do. There's hundreds of areas, thousands of levels, limited arena pkill, questing, mining, sieges and more. Come check us out.</desc>
2545     <desc>Dragon Swords Mud has been enslaving players since 1995. We have lots of stuff to do. There's hundreds of areas, thousands of levels, limited arena pkill, questing, mining, sieges and more. Come check us out.</desc>
2546     <desc>**Dragon Sword has 12 races** Human Dwarf Elf Half-Elf Kender Gnome Half-Giant Half-Orc Draconian Shadow Sprite Orc</desc>
2547     <desc>**14 Player Classes** Mage Cleric Thief Warrior Knight Ranger Sage Bard Druid Priest Assassin Psionist Necromancer Monk</desc>
2548     <desc>At level 100 a player can choose a second class and gain skills from that class. At 200 they can pick a triple class and gain even more skills and spells. There are also study skills which are high level and special only to the primary class. Once a player gets to 400 they have the option to remort and be born with strengths their character did not originally have. Each time a player remorts they choose a remort skill and gain more base character bonuses. There is also an alternative leveling method called tier leveling. This can only happen with a player is at level 400. They can gain tier levels to purchase special perks such as player restores, immblessings and double exp for a time.</desc>
2549     <desc>When a player isnt leveling they can be part of a clan, do quests, mine for gems and join sieges. We have global quests which award quest points which can be spent on character enhancements. Dwarves can mine for gems which can be embedded into weapons and armor for eq bonuses. Player and immortal run arena battles happen often so people can battle pkill. Same with sieges. Dragons come down and invade the town of Midgaard and players join the siege to fend off the dragons and win a blessing for the entire mud as well as quest points.</desc>
2550     <desc>Dragon Swords has been around for a long time and been through a lot. It has changed hands many times and had many contributors. Even so we've managed to survive and keep moving forward in an age of 3D massively multiplayer games. We still have players and staff who are on everyday. Some of who have played for over 10 years. There are players from all over the world and of all ages. There are more men than women as in most gaming communities. Women, we need you! But even with the limited female pop we've had quite a few marriages and relationships come out of Dragon Swords over the years. Its got history.</desc>
2551     <desc>So hurry up and join us. Get addicted and play everyday!</desc>
2552   </mud>
2553   <mud>
2554     <name>Dragon's Den</name>
2555     <codebase>[Custom] LPMud (MudOS)/Dragon mudlib</codebase>
2556     <host>dden.discordia.org</host>
2557     <port>2222</port>
2558     <ip></ip>
2559     <www>http://dden.discordia.org</www>
2560     <desc>Thousands of years ago, Dragons ruled this young world. Filled with ambition and aspirations of ultimate power, the Dragons challenged the Gods for supremacy. The Gods, victorious, banished the Dragons to the  farthest reaches and the deepest depths of this world.</desc>
2561     <desc>After all these years of being forgotten , the Dragons are reawakening, growing in numbers, and planning their triumphant return to power. The Den of the Dragons is once again causing mayhem throughout the lands.</desc>
2562     <desc>Welcome to... The Dragon's Den!</desc>
2563     <desc>The Dragon's Den is an LP-style MUD, currently running under MudOS and our own Dragon Mudlib. Features include robust guilds that influence all aspects of your gaming experience, races, quests, player-controlled clans, and a very friendly player base. Please feel free to look around and learn more about the Den, one of the oldest continuously operating muds in existence.</desc>
2564     <desc>All of this combined is what makes this a MUD to come back to time and time again. Countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment await you on...</desc>
2565     <desc>Dragon's Den!</desc>
2566     <desc>Update: The Dragon's Den is currently undergoing a massive recode, however, during this process, the original Den is open and fully functional and current players will be given first opportunity to explore the new mud when it is ready.</desc>
2567   </mud>
2568   <mud>
2569     <name>As The Wheel Weaves</name>
2570     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified</codebase>
2571     <host>aww-mud.org</host>
2572     <port>6500</port>
2573     <ip></ip>
2574     <www>http://aww-mud.org</www>
2575     <desc>Welcome to As The Wheel Weaves.</desc>
2576     <desc>You ever wonder what it's like living in Robert Jordan's fantasy world? Well here's the perfect opportunity. As The Wheel weaves is a fun WoT based mud that has been going for roughly 8 years and keeps expanding each and every day.</desc>
2577     <desc>Here is a short list of what to expect -</desc>
2578     <desc>Fun leveling system - easy to learn. Fully Functional Rebirth System. Multiple and New Skills. Quests - Quest Skills - Quest Items. Multiple Races to choose from. (From: Manetheren To: Two Rivers) TONS of Guilds to interact with. (Guild/Remort Equipment) Great -WoT- Roleplaying. Newbie Friendly (Big Understatement) Very Helpful Immortal Staff All around good environment. Easy to learn and SUPER fun to play.</desc>
2579     <desc>I should know, I have been here for 8 years. :P Just give it a shot, promise it'll be worth it.</desc>
2580     <desc>~Dracus Arkvan</desc>
2581   </mud>
2582   <mud>
2583     <name>Asgard</name>
2584     <codebase>[Rot]</codebase>
2585     <host>asgardian.dune.net</host>
2586     <port>4444</port>
2587     <www>None</www>
2588     <desc>Our mud is loosely Norse Mythology based, with active gods, and quests. Role Play is encouraged, but not required. We have a multi tier system for classes, and race evolution system. We support both PK, and Non-PK characters and clans. Players are allowed to customize each character to be unique from any other player. Player killing is optional with a well balanced and sophisticated PK system. Players may join or create new clans, while having the option of purchasing clan enhancements such as more rooms, guards, shopkeepers, and more. We also have an extensive random/unique equipment drop system. Immortal run quests and a Auto quests are also available, along with equipment bought with quest points. We have something for everyone. Anyone can easily learn to play Asgard whether you are a newbie to muds or a veteran of another code base. Very friendly and helpful atmosphere, and players.</desc>
2589   </mud>
2590   <mud>
2591     <name>Dragonball: Ground Zero</name>
2592     <codebase>[Smaug] DBSC2.5.2</codebase>
2593     <host>evileyehosting.com</host>
2594     <port>1907</port>
2595     <ip></ip>
2596     <www>http://dbgroundzero.proboards91.com/</www>
2597     <desc>DragonBall Ground Zero welcomes you!  We are not going to be just one of the</desc>
2598   </mud>
2599   <mud>
2600     <name>Radairk</name>
2601     <codebase>[Smaug] FaerieMUD 1.0, strong customization from Smaug.</codebase>
2602     <host></host>
2603     <port>9000</port>
2604     <www>None</www>
2605     <desc>New Italian MUD, with double commands Italian/English, systematic adding of areas with a current average of one new every 1, 1.5 months, entire management entrusted to the players through the Councils whose members are such for election, innovations as: the Legends, beings of multidimensional capacity, the Lords, that beyond managing own areas can do quest or organize events with a set of widened and originals commands beyond the usual immortal ones, integrated economy with possible interaction of the pgs Merchants, several classes of Paladins with a lot of new skills, 22 cults rpg managed entirely from the same pgs, possibility of create own Guild with relative new class, organizations widened between Clans, Orders and Guilds. Possibility of building a personal abitation. Under construction, opened to beta-tester players.</desc>
2606     <desc>---</desc>
2607     <desc>Nuovo MUD Italiano, con doppi comandi, sistematico aggiornamento di aree con una media attuale di una nuova ogni 1, 1.5 mesi, gestione interamente affidata ai giocatori col tramite dei Consigli i cui membri sono tali per elezione, innovazioni quali le Leggende, esseri dalle capacita' multidimensionali, i Lords, che oltre a gestire proprie aree possono indire quest od organizzare eventi con set di comandi ampliati ed originali oltre ai classici immortali, economia integrata con interazione possibile dei pg Mercanti, varie classi di Paladini con decine di nuove abilita', 22 culti rpg interamente gestiti dai pg stessi, possibilita' di creare proprie Gilde con relativa classe, organizzazioni possibili ed ampliate tra Clan, Ordini, Gilde, possibilita' di avere abitazioni proprie. In costruzione, aperto ai testers, molte altre features a breve termine.</desc>
2608   </mud>
2609   <mud>
2610     <name>Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance d20 Edition</name>
2611     <codebase>[Circlemud] Strict D&amp;D 3.5e Rules</codebase>
2612     <host>d20mud.com</host>
2613     <port>6070</port>
2614     <ip></ip>
2615     <www>http://www.ageoflegends.com/</www>
2616     <desc>Welcome to Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance d20 Edition!</desc>
2617     <desc>This new edition of the classic dragonlance mud uses strict D&amp;D 3.5e rules in all that it does.  We intend to cater not only to dragonlance mud fans, but to fans of the d20 and D&amp;D 3.5e systems as well.</desc>
2618     <desc>Role playing is expected on this dragonlance mud, though it is not enforced.  We have done what we can to foster a good role playing environment by including skill and dice rollers for players to use, as well as other role playing tools and commands.  If you are not a role player all we ask is that you do not disrupt the role playing of others.</desc>
2619     <desc>As far as game features on our dragonlance mud goes, we have plenty.  At the current state of the game, we have 7 of the basic classes done, with plans to complete two more before exiting beta, and we also have 4 prestige classes, 3 of which are knight of solamnia classes.  Once the core rules are finished to a 'T', the large amount of our development time will go towards implementing new prestige classes, including all that are in the d20 SRD.</desc>
2620     <desc>We use a spell memorization system with spellbooks for mages, and we have an ascii map system borrowed from tbaMUD.  Our dragonlance mud also has a fighting formation system, with positions for polearm users and ranged combat.  We have all of the basic dragonlance races as well as several advanced races for good role players.  We have plans to implement a crafting system as well.</desc>
2621     <desc>So come on by and check us out at Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance d20 Edition.  There's nothing like it anywhere else on the Internet, and we know 1 hour with us will have you feeling the same.</desc>
2622   </mud>
2623   <mud>
2624     <name>MurderKillZone</name>
2625     <codebase>[GodWars] Seeds of Hate</codebase>
2626     <host>frostmud.com</host>
2627     <port>8268</port>
2628     <ip></ip>
2629     <www>http://</www>
2630     <desc>A newer mud....</desc>
2631     <desc>All about killing.... or gettin killed.</desc>
2632     <desc>Come see us, not much code changes so far. adding areas is my main concern at first.</desc>
2633     <desc>Come one come all builders and coders needed.</desc>
2634     <desc>Thanks</desc>
2635     <desc>Josh</desc>
2636   </mud>
2637   <mud>
2638     <name>Four Color Comics</name>
2639     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
2640     <host>fourcolor.genesismuds.com</host>
2641     <port>5555</port>
2642     <ip></ip>
2643     <www>http://fourcolorcomix.com/</www>
2644     <desc>Four Color Comics is an original comic setting.</desc>
2645     <desc>Players are encouraged to help us build a vibrant world.</desc>
2646     <desc>We utilize Mutant and Masterminds 2E.</desc>
2647     <desc>We have the highest stats of any original setting superhero MU*.</desc>
2648     <desc>To log into the game, point your telnet client of choice to:</desc>
2649     <desc>fourcolor.genesismuds.com 5555 ( 5555)</desc>
2650   </mud>
2651   <mud>
2652     <name>DragonMud</name>
2653     <codebase>TinyMud</codebase>
2654     <host>dragonmud.com</host>
2655     <port>4201</port>
2656     <ip></ip>
2657     <www>http://www.dragonmud.com/</www>
2658     <desc>DragonMud is the oldest TinyMud style MU* in existence, (predating Islandia by a few months) and has been continuously online since Thanksgiving of 1989. At the heart of DragonMud is an early 1800's walled city known as TinyLondon.  Perpetually pre-industrial and heavily sprinkled with magic, TinyLondon is a city of cobblestones, carriages, gaslamps, stone bridges and ancient towers. The colorful populace is made up of pirates, infiltrators, thieves, vampires, wizards, questors, merchants, poets, gypsies, ambassadors from other realms, Grand Dames and new immigrants.  DragonMud is not a hack-n-slash, rape-kill-n-plunder environment. A certain level of manners and civility is expected of all citizens. The creation and maintenance of DragonMud is focused on a commitment to user's privacy and autonomy. Patience, tolerance, fairness, understanding, wit, charm, style, curiosity and creativity are values most prized by the citizens of DragonMud.</desc>
2659   </mud>
2660   <mud>
2661     <name>Star Wars: Shattered Alliance</name>
2662     <codebase>[SWR] SW:SA - Custom codebase</codebase>
2663     <host>samud.bespin.org</host>
2664     <port>4000</port>
2665     <ip></ip>
2666     <www>http://www.geocities.com/sw_shatteredalliance/</www>
2667     <desc>Star Wars: Shattered Alliance is quite possibly the most heavily roleplay oriented Star Wars MUD of it's kind. Straying from the typical classed system of RiP, SWR, and FotE, we have developed a classless system, in which you can purchase your abilities, feats, and special equipment through the means of Character Points, which are explained in-depth within the game. There are multiple skills, weapons and items -as well as a personalised stat code- to make your character as unique as possible. The way things are worked out here, the chances of seeing two characters with the same skills will be almost impossible...</desc>
2668     <desc>If you're tired of MUDs that promote themselves with new and exciting prospects and fail to actually produce anything, then Shattered Alliance is for you. Drop by if you think you can handle our warped senses of humour... -Omega.</desc>
2669   </mud>
2670   <mud>
2671     <name>Dragons of Exile</name>
2672     <codebase>[Smaug] Modified</codebase>
2673     <host>dragon.tnweb.com</host>
2674     <port>4000</port>
2675     <ip></ip>
2676     <www>http://dragon.tnweb.com/</www>
2677     <desc>Dragons of Exile places a heavy emphasis on the dragon race. If you been searching for A mud the does the dragon race correctly you found the right mud. Our mud is the first mud to allow a true, realistic chance to actually play as the dragon. Though be warned, although the dragon race is much more powerful than any other they are much harder to level. We also feature unique multi-classing with up to three possible classes. Come stop by and check us out!</desc>
2678     <desc>*Dragon Broods are now installed(dragon clans) *Necromancer class is now added *New spells added to a variety of classes *Deities coming soon! *New zones added as well</desc>
2679     <desc>DoE is back online after a extended hiatus.  I am currently looking to hire/promote a few longtime players to IMM status to oversee the day to day operations of the mud.  Please feel free to send me a mudmail or an email with information etc.</desc>
2680     <desc>Happy Mudding, Val</desc>
2681   </mud>
2682   <mud>
2683     <name>Dragons' Star</name>
2684     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily Modified Circle 3.0</codebase>
2685     <host>dracon.net</host>
2686     <port>4242</port>
2687     <ip></ip>
2688     <www>http://www.dracon.net/</www>
2689     <desc>Ever want to sail across the stars in your own spaceship? Take a shuttle to a dangerous top secret mission?  Dragons' Star, a space-themed Diku- style MUD, allows you to do all this and more in a futuristic, cyberpunk environment.  Dragons' Star has an original background story and complex race information--great for roleplayers! There is no charge for rent, and food/drink are not needed. Our best features include:</desc>
2690     <desc>* Player customizeable characters based on alien races. * Realistic space travel, including shuttle transit system and multi-room, maneuverable spaceships (own your own Millenium Falcon!). * Over 400 skills and spells to choose from! * Areas that come alive and react to players, area specific weather &amp; more! * Staff run and automatic Quests. * Message Boards and Mail accessible from anywhere. * Customizable IRC-like Chat system called Quick Chat.</desc>
2691     <desc>New player to Dragons' Star?  Ruby Dragon Outpost, the center for learning and research, has special school simulations you can attend to find out much more about the game.  So, what's stopping you?  Become part of the adventure at Dragons' Star today! And may the Dragons guide your path...</desc>
2692   </mud>
2693   <mud>
2694     <name>Core</name>
2695     <codebase>[LP] MudOS: Colonylib</codebase>
2696     <host>www.coremud.org</host>
2697     <port>4000</port>
2698     <ip></ip>
2699     <www>http://www.coremud.org/</www>
2700     <desc>650 years into the future, mankind has established colonies on various planets.  \"Core\" takes place on one of those colonies: the furthest colony from Earth thus established, on a planet in the Hermes 571-G system.</desc>
2701     <desc>Tired of playing \"stock\" MUDs?  Core's gaming world is entirely original, and much of the code has been written from scratch.</desc>
2702     <desc>Core has a player-run economy.  Buy a Personal Mining Dome (PMD), build it wherevere you want on the wilderness map, and setup your own shop.  Adjacent PMDs can be linked together to form Clusters, which grants a transporation vehicle back to The Company's central complex.</desc>
2703     <desc>Advance to level 3 and you'll automatically be issued free housing.</desc>
2704     <desc>The \"newbie experience\" was completely revamped in 2007.  As soon as you step off the immigration shuttle, you'll receive an optional NPC-guided tutorial quest that'll get you equipped and teach you some of the basics.</desc>
2705     <desc>When your mining shift isn't on duty, put on an Environment Suit and explore Core's unique wilderness map.  Hang out in the player-run pubs, try your luck at gambling or the Stock Market, or challenge someone to a game of CoreQuad.</desc>
2706     <desc>The weapon system was rewritten in 2008.  In fact, the game continues to be updated and improved.  The central \"changelog\" is posted on our public web forum for all to see: http://www.coremud.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=959</desc>
2707     <desc>The MUD's server was moved in Summer 2008 to a server hosted by mudmagic.com, so we're no longer running off the Administrator's DSL line.  Say good-bye to the lag monster!</desc>
2708     <desc>Visit Core and you just may join our crew of devoted addicts!</desc>
2709   </mud>
2710   <mud>
2711     <name>TestMUD3</name>
2712     <codebase>[Chronicles] testmud</codebase>
2713     <host>testmud.com</host>
2714     <port>1001</port>
2715     <ip></ip>
2716     <www>http://</www>
2717     <desc>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus sed dolor. Suspendisse potenti. Phasellus est erat, porttitor sed, dictum in, venenatis sit amet, metus. Pellentesque vel augue id felis pellentesque sagittis. Proin auctor aliquet nisl. Nunc cursus ligula sed arcu. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Nullam id tellus ornare nibh cursus porta. Integer sed arcu vitae lectus ornare auctor. Nullam a est vitae risus pharetra ultrices. Fusce molestie.</desc>
2718     <desc>Curabitur est quam, bibendum non, posuere at, aliquet sed, enim. Maecenas fermentum, orci eu mollis porttitor, nisi lacus tempus augue, nec imperdiet purus sapien eget risus. Curabitur tempor risus a magna. Vivamus placerat velit eget augue. Nullam vitae lorem. Mauris a orci.  Nam laoreet arcu non orci. Vivamus ut sem. Nulla id nisl nec est congue gravida. Etiam ornare augue et mi. Sed nec risus a magna ullamcorper mollis. Maecenas rhoncus erat a nibh. Quisque pretium pellentesque, risus tortor elementum ipsum, id iaculis sapien neque sit amet lorem.</desc>
2719     <desc>Nulla mattis arcu ac tortor. Mauris tellus. In urna ante, faucibus nec, adipiscing sit amet, suscipit quis, odio. Etiam gravida. Donec diam mauris, tincidunt nec, volutpat eu, lacinia vitae, enim. Ut a enim at dui ultricies consequat. Nam tellus augue, ornare vel, vulputate in, tempus quis, velit. Sed quis diam. Nulla facilisi. Nunc pharetra lorem sit amet ante. Nullam eu lectus. Etiam aliquam, nibh sit amet lobortis aliquet, nisi lectus interdum sapien, id interdum augue turpis dignissim elit. Integer nulla neque, blandit vitae, tempor sed, auctor imperdiet, eros. Nunc mauris neque, faucibus eget, interdum id, imperdiet id, leo. Phasellus adipiscing risus ut odio. Etiam leo pede, condimentum placerat, sodales eu, laoreet in, sapien. Proin eu nulla non dui posuere commodo.</desc>
2720   </mud>
2721   <mud>
2722     <name>Mud Dweller</name>
2723     <codebase>[Unknown] Worldgroup v3.20NT v1.1g + mods</codebase>
2724     <host>mud.muddweller.com</host>
2725     <port>23</port>
2726     <ip></ip>
2727     <www>http://www.muddweller.com/</www>
2728     <desc>MajorMUD based RPG</desc>
2729     <desc>+ Newbie Friendly + All Mods Online + TWO Mudops to help with MUD Play + Over TWO Years online + Dedicated T1 Connection for fast MUD Play</desc>
2730     <desc>Try us today!!</desc>
2731   </mud>
2732   <mud>
2733     <name>The Stolen City</name>
2734     <codebase>[Rom] Modified for 2 years to Stolen City version 0.78b</codebase>
2735     <host>slayer.kyndig.com</host>
2736     <port>1313</port>
2737     <ip></ip>
2738     <www>http://ambition.kyndig.com</www>
2739     <desc>***** We are currently closed for updates 3/18/05 - we expect to be closed for several months time - when we are again open, this description will be updated appropriately *****</desc>
2740   </mud>
2741   <mud>
2742     <name>Gundam Wing Endless Waltz</name>
2743     <codebase>[SWR] Modified Some</codebase>
2744     <host>messiah.ath.cx</host>
2745     <port>5206</port>
2746     <www>http://</www>
2747   </mud>
2748   <mud>
2749     <name>Dreams</name>
2750     <codebase>[Envy] Modified</codebase>
2751     <host>mud.dreamsmud.com</host>
2752     <port>3000</port>
2753     <ip></ip>
2754     <www>http://www.dreamsmud.com/</www>
2755     <desc>Dreams is an extremely fun mud based in the world of fantasy. We offer very friendly disciplined players dedicated to making our world an enjoyable environment for any newbie. Our knowledgeable immortals have implemented many new and fresh experiences to keep our playerbase entertained. Here's a small sampling of our best:</desc>
2756     <desc>* From classic horror themes to cartoons, Quake, anime and the X Files, our original areas are fun for both the exploring and kamikaze mob killer alike, some even having 300+ rooms. * Bloodbath Tower, one of the coolest Quest Areas in existence in use for the top-tiered players, which offers awesome merge quests, its own unique token system and a continuous fun challenge even for the seasoned veterans. * Various fun quests, including trivia, extreme hot potato, scavenger hunts, scrabble, socket games, dice, paintball hot potato and even mob creation/building contests. * And of course, the players and staff's personal favorite, Dreams has a MASSIVE top-tier Smurfs zone, offering hundreds of unique and hilarious mobs and objects, and a final Pokemon inspired Smurf card quest bound to keep any player up late collecting.</desc>
2757     <desc>Finally, what fantasy would be complete without a tiered remort system that gives access to lots of spells and skills and many unique clans full of wonderful like-minded individuals with their own guilds and clan member rooms to enjoy. So come and visit, the smurfs will be thankful for your blood.</desc>
2758   </mud>
2759   <mud>
2760     <name>Buddee's Mud</name>
2761     <codebase>[AFKMud]</codebase>
2762     <host>dragonballchronicles.info</host>
2763     <port>7777</port>
2764     <www>http://</www>
2765     <desc>a good mud</desc>
2766   </mud>
2767   <mud>
2768     <name>The 7th Plane</name>
2769     <codebase>[GodWars] Extraordinarily Modified - Planar ver. 2.3.11</codebase>
2770     <host>7thplane.net</host>
2771     <port>8888</port>
2772     <ip></ip>
2773     <www>http://www.7thplane.net</www>
2774     <desc>The 7th Plane is a highly customized game, featuring a completely original world and mythos. The primary foci of the game are PvE and character building, but there are also options for PvP and RP. The general goal is to allow for PvE, RP and PvP to integrate together seamlessly. Some of the game’s more prominent features are listed below:</desc>
2775     <desc>- Unique classes, with each having drastically different styles of progression and game play</desc>
2776     <desc>- Medium sized, original world with spatially realistic layout, making it highly walkable</desc>
2777     <desc>- NPCs that have complex and interesting behavioral routines, and few game mechanics to differentiate them from PCs</desc>
2778     <desc>- Deeply involved crafting system: create weapons, armors, items and structures from up to 90 different resources</desc>
2779     <desc>- Physics based game mechanics, such as: falling from heights, sinking in water, dragging heavy objects and characters, solar/lunar cycles with tides and seasonal changes producing dynamic weather that has tangible effects on the game world and characters in it</desc>
2780     <desc>- Skinning/butchering systems that allow for the full dissection of any creature, NPC or PC, dead or alive…</desc>
2781     <desc>Furthermore, The 7th Plane has almost 100% up-time and has been around for 7 years now. It is still in active development, and we welcome new ideas and suggestions for improvements from our players. You are cordially invited to join our community and become a part of the ever-growing world.</desc>
2782     <desc>Sincerely, The 7th Plane Administrative Staff</desc>
2783   </mud>
2784   <mud>
2785     <name>Wheel of Time: Winds of Change</name>
2786     <codebase>[Custom] C# based</codebase>
2787     <host>mud.winds-of-change.org</host>
2788     <port>4000</port>
2789     <ip></ip>
2790     <www>http://www.winds-of-change.org</www>
2791     <desc>600 years after a final battle, which turned out not to be very final rumours about a group of people who can tap into the True Power at will are spreading...</desc>
2792     <desc>Winds of Change has an intriguing setting after the books by Robert Jordan, where Saidin is no longer tainted and the True Power is accesible by some individuals without going through the Dark One, but at a heavy cost. We are trying to create a unique code setting, where a real channeling system, form combat, mob factions and advanced skill code are just a few of them.</desc>
2793     <desc>The mud is still very much in its development stages and suffered from a few heavy setbacks, but we aren't willing to give up. We're looking for some mature and talented coders/builders who are interrested in dedicating their time to create this as much as we are. We have a user friendly OLC for building and will be happy to teach you everything you need to know to use it.</desc>
2794     <desc>Feel free to drop by for a chat, everyone is welcome!</desc>
2795   </mud>
2796   <mud>
2797     <name>Ivalice</name>
2798     <codebase>[Rom] IV:C</codebase>
2799     <host>ivalicemud.com</host>
2800     <port>6712</port>
2801     <ip></ip>
2802     <www>http://www.ivalicemud.com</www>
2803     <desc>Welcome to Ivalice - A MUD based upon Square's ever popular Final Fantasy games.</desc>
2804     <desc>Ivalice has been running for 10+ years - One of the best things about Iv is that it is based on Final Fantasy ... It is not a Final Fantasy clone game, and no previous FF Knowledge is needed to enjoy! Come join the Unique Mudding Experience!  Players have their choice of more than twenty different FF inspired classes and homelands to choose from! Perhaps you wish to play as a Dancer from Damcyan?  Or perhaps a Rune Knight from Vector?  Or maybe a Caller from the Village of Mist?  Ivalice offers many different choices, and there is no limit to the number of characters and classes you can create and try out.</desc>
2805     <desc>Ivalice is a large world with more than 18,000 rooms and it is growing larger by the day thanks to the staff of Builders who continually create new areas or tweak old ones.</desc>
2806     <desc>We are a highly encouraged Roleplaying MUD, offering custom and unique skills and gear in exchange for 'Roleplay Points', a specific race selection and features a highly involved questing system. Armor, weaponry and other gear can be  obtained for a character of any level, some even boasting slots for shards of materia!</desc>
2807     <desc>Ivalice has an Overworld Map, like any true RPG, and a unique client companion (works with ANY MUD client, including telnet) to visually draw the map, complete with a 'walking' character and music!</desc>
2808     <desc>If you're looking for a mud with a laid-back, friendly atmosphere Ivalice is the place for you.  The mud features a highly involved staff of Immortals and Enforcers who are around to keep the peace, answer your questions, validate names descriptions and backgrounds, and to relax and talk.</desc>
2809     <desc>- But don't take our word for it - Enter the Realm of Ivalice - You'll never be the same again. </desc>
2810   </mud>
2811   <mud>
2812     <name>DUMII</name>
2813     <codebase>[DUM] DUMII</codebase>
2814     <host>dum.acc.umu.se</host>
2815     <port>2001</port>
2816     <ip></ip>
2817     <www>http://dum.acc.umu.se/</www>
2818     <desc>In DUMII you start your life as a young adventurer, and then set out to explore the world to gain power as well as treasures, finding adventures and friends along the way. Unlike most other muds, you don't gain any experience for killing things, but there are still plenty of foes to fight. When the gods notice your progress, you are challenged with a quest to solve on your way to eternal fame and immortality.</desc>
2819     <desc>DUMII has a high quality standard with both its world and its features. Some of the features are:</desc>
2820     <desc>* Classless &amp; raceless system (be any class/race you want). * Four different alignments, with different quests to solve. * Player-run guilds. * No rent for your saved equipment. * Very friendly parser. Either of 'get the egg from the basket.' or the abbreviated 'g e b' is valid. * Very newbie friendly, with well-written help pages and friendly players to help you. No detailed character creation. * An extensive list of original actions/socials is available to all players, with free-text emote commands available to responsible role-players as well. * Built-in macros/aliases, automapping and word wrapping. You can set your page width and page height, and the server will adapt to it. * There are no fixed colours anywhere; all colours can be changed to your own preferences. * Many games are available like Fourday's Bindings or Kalah. * You can buy your unique, personal home and it can be located almost anywhere in the world.</desc>
2821   </mud>
2822   <mud>
2823     <name>Dune</name>
2824     <codebase>[LP] LP-Mud</codebase>
2825     <host>dune.servint.com</host>
2826     <port>6789</port>
2827     <ip></ip>
2828     <www>http://dune.servint.com/</www>
2829     <desc>Have the choice of joining one of nine Houses Major in your quest for glory in this thrilling role playing adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune universe. Dune MUD's all -original world is just the finely tuned mix of theme and practicality needed to make the magical and deeply moving universe Frank Herbert created into a MUD.</desc>
2830     <desc>Dune is an old MUD that has survived the years with its great originality, awesome gameplay, and friendly playerbase. Tired of mages, thieves, elves, and fireballs? Dune is your ticket to happiness.</desc>
2831     <desc>Unlimited Levels + Unlimited Stats + 30,000 Rooms + Frank Herbert's imagination = Unlimited Fun</desc>
2832     <desc>Stop by to see what we're talking about.</desc>
2833   </mud>
2834   <mud>
2835     <name>Dune III</name>
2836     <codebase>[MUSH] Pennmush</codebase>
2837     <host>dune3.mushpark.com</host>
2838     <port>3333</port>
2839     <ip></ip>
2840     <www>http://www.dune3.net/</www>
2841     <desc>Dune III MUSH is set roughly 100 years prior to the opening of Dune, with House Corrino being firmly in control of the Imperium. Houses Atreides and Harkonnen are not nearly so pivotal to the plot as they are in the novel, though they do have a presence in the game. The Fremen, an unknown entity at this point in the timeline, have no real contact with the Known Universe. The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood remains quietly but firmly intertwined in the affairs of the Imperium, the true depth of their subtle influences sensed by none beyond their order. Kaitain, the Imperial Seat, is the center of role-play, although RP on the hereditary and contractual fiefs of the Houses Major is supported and encouraged.</desc>
2842     <desc>Politics and intrigue are the hands which weave intricate storylines and plots amongst the players. To ensure the focus remains on the RP, DuneIII does not employ the use of a combat system, and economy is only minimally coded to support the CHOAM contract system. You will find no hack and slash gaming on DuneIII; the outcome of physical clashes will be determined based on consent between the players involved. The tenet of IC (In Character) Actions leading to IC Consequences (ICA=ICC) is a concept of importance to all.</desc>
2843   </mud>
2844   <mud>
2845     <name>Duris: Land of BloodLust</name>
2846     <codebase>[Dikumud] 99% rewrite of Gamma Diku</codebase>
2847     <host>mud.durismud.com</host>
2848     <port>7777</port>
2849     <ip></ip>
2850     <www>http://www.durismud.com</www>
2851     <desc>Duris is one of the most popular race war based pkill muds of all time back in the 90s before it shutdown it averaged 200+ players almost 24/7, Now Duris is back and better then ever! The mud is VERY customized and is NOT for the faint of heart. With an overhead graphical map system, and over 150 000 rooms, Duris can take months if not years to totally explore. With a complex Guild/Clan and trade system, player controlled ships and ship battles, guild halls, random equipment drops and many many other advanced features Duris provides new and expert mudders alike with a level of mudding excitement not found any place else.</desc>
2852     <desc>Duris is built around the constant war between the good and evil races of Faerun where the players are split between the two sides.</desc>
2853     <desc>Gather your forces of light and descend into the darkness of the UnderDark, where the evil duergar and drow dwell. Battles occur dayly with old heros dying and new being born. Are you up for the Duris experience? There is only one way to find out...</desc>
2854   </mud>
2855   <mud>
2856     <name>Ultimate War Universe</name>
2857     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH 1.8.3</codebase>
2858     <host>uwu.isunlimited.net</host>
2859     <port>2401</port>
2860     <ip></ip>
2861     <www>http://</www>
2862     <desc>Ultimate War Universe is a Mud set in the future where your people are fighting many wars. work your way up through the ranks to find out what has happened to your glorious leader, how the enemy know about your weapons, and ultimately what is project BACTA?</desc>
2863   </mud>
2864   <mud>
2865     <name>ArsonMUD</name>
2866     <codebase>[Custom] Custom Python based on CircleMUD</codebase>
2867     <host>arsonmud.mine.nu</host>
2868     <port>9999</port>
2869     <ip>arsonmud.mine.n</ip>
2870     <www>http://arsonmud.webs.com</www>
2871     <desc>After the fall of all major governments excepting that of the Atlantic Union, the world is corrupt with crime and bloodshed. The former welfare state has now become a ruthless Empire, seeking to extinguish the emerging Avite resistance; former slaves and outcasts of society. The earth is scarred with urban sprawl, the only places where metallic buildings and deep artificial caves are not constructed are upon the treacherous outskirts of the continents, now ruled by revolutionary tribes and self-liberated cyborgs. Even a central intelligence has arisen from what was known before as the internet. People of all financial and social backgrounds use this virtual reality like a drug, plugging into it for entertainment, cybercrime profit, or long distance buisness. But outside the cities and wastelands, bitter conflicts arise between the Union and those who resist it.So from droid hunters, Union marines, hackers, anarchists, biopunks, and spaceship designers, find your place amongst the fog of the world of ArsonMUD.</desc>
2872     <desc>ArsonMUD is a very new and fresh MUD, trying to build a larger playerbase for intense roleplay. We work upon the concepts of cyberpunk, biopunk, and other dystopian styles to create an original and innovative new experience.</desc>
2873   </mud>
2874   <mud>
2875     <name>judymud slug version</name>
2876     <codebase>[Custom] Judymud rebuilt from scratch by slug.</codebase>
2877     <host>blackshell.com</host>
2878     <port>2150</port>
2879     <ip>blackshell.com</ip>
2880     <www>http://www.pbase.com</www>
2881     <desc>Chat with old friends, build an area, play the very stable rewritten dikumud, JUDYMUD! Judymud was rebuilt from scratch by slug, because at the time, Mel's versions on judy.indstate.edu 2150 were becoming unstable.  It has slowly become a chat for the former players, but it also is still playable, and extremely builder capable -- just ask to have a char given builder status, and start a different character to play with. From newbie on, you can create your own areas after you create a character for BUILDER status, and play your own areas, or the orig. dikumud areas. Since judymud's creator, Mel, has left judy.indstate.edu 2150 down indefinitely, a few of us</desc>
2882   </mud>
2883   <mud>
2884     <name>Unwritten Legends</name>
2885     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
2886     <host>www.unwritten.net</host>
2887     <port>6666</port>
2888     <ip></ip>
2889     <www>None</www>
2890     <desc>Set in the expansive world of Thrael, Unwritten Legends is a text-based, multiplayer role-playing game of epic proportions.  Boasting unprecedented staff interaction and plot development, Unwritten Legends is committed to providing the finest interactive fantasy fiction the web has to offer, allowing you mold the history and set the storylines.   Come explore a magical world composed of breathtaking locations, where amazing characters and terrifying monsters roam.  Create an alternate persona from our huge array of races and professions then join friends as you adventure throughout the lands.   Will you be a halfling thief or a dark elfin wizard; a dwarven peasant or a vulfen noble?  Live the fantasy!</desc>
2891   </mud>
2892   <mud>
2893     <name>Eclipse of Fate: A World Reborn</name>
2894     <codebase>[Circlemud] heavily modified Circle 3.0 bpl 8</codebase>
2895     <host>eclipseoffate.com</host>
2896     <port>8002</port>
2897     <ip></ip>
2898     <www>http://www.eclipseoffate.com</www>
2899     <desc>* Many unique zones not found anywhere else populate our world * Transports and mounts (subdue and rideability factors) * Artificial intelligence for mobs * Gambling * Delayed spells * Realistic race characteristics * Pkill and bounty system * Clan code * Object materials and condition * Damage and repair for objects * Climate options within rooms and a coordinate system * The ability to smell/touch/feel/listen in rooms for added realism * AUTOQUESTING as well as immortal run quests * Many, many more things  The best feature on our MUD is the way our players and immortal team work together to make Eclipse of Fate a fun place to be.  We have T1 connectivity with a server that features dual Athlon MP processors.  You will be happy you stopped by to visit.  We have worked hard to make your experience a unique one. At Eclipse of Fate, 'The Magic is Back!'</desc>
2900   </mud>
2901   <mud>
2902     <name>HolyQuest</name>
2903     <codebase>[Custom] C++</codebase>
2904     <host>www.holyquest.org</host>
2905     <port>8080</port>
2906     <ip></ip>
2907     <www>http://www.holyquest.org/</www>
2908     <desc>Recently, the elders of Israel traveled to Hebron where they anointed David as king of all the tribes of Israel, just as the Lord had promised through Samuel the prophet.  Although the Israelites still have many enemies, David's kingdom now stretches from Kadesh and Tadmor in the north to Sinai in the south. He rules from his new cedar palace in Jerusalem which was built using workers and materials sent by Hiram, king of Tyre.</desc>
2909     <desc>The Ark of the Covenant is in Jerusalem in a tent which David pitched for it. At Gibeon, the Levites present burnt offerings, morning and evening, in accordance with the Law of the Lord. Now, David wishes to build a temple for the Lord, but alas, that task will pass to his son. David must prepare the way for what is to come, by vanquishing Israel's enemies and bringing peace and prosperity to the kingdom.</desc>
2910     <desc>Come and join David and his mighty men in their HolyQuest!!</desc>
2911   </mud>
2912   <mud>
2913     <name>Edge of Darkness</name>
2914     <codebase>[Dikumud] Heavily modified DIKU</codebase>
2915     <host>eod.ath.cx</host>
2916     <port>2001</port>
2917     <www>http://www.ofdarkness.net/</www>
2918     <desc>Welcome to the mystical fantasy world that is The Edge of Darkness. Within this ancient alternate reality lies a vast medieval realm know as Doraak, filled with adventure, danger and wonders beyond imagination. Almost every type of terrain conceivable can be found within Doraak's ever expanding boundaries..from the icy arctic wastelands to the mine-filled Tahrenian mountain ranges of the dwarves. There are the sprawling grasslands of the west and the great barren deserts of the far south. There are numerous islands in the northern and southern oceans and there are the measureless swamps of the east. There are all these regions, plus hundreds more just waiting to be explored. And throughout all of these lands lie countless ancient forests, some of which are bright and pleasant, yet others are damp, dark and perilous. In this realm, any path can lead to discovery, adventure...or death!  These wild, rugged lands are only recently beginning to yield to the influences of civilized society, as the many humanoid races of Doraak struggle to establish small pockets of civilization amongst the far-reaching and untamed wilderness. There are a number of cities and villages that can provide safe haven to a weary adventurer. However, even these seemingly peaceful towns can offer far more than just a good night's rest, to the inquisitive or careless explorer.  In spite of humankind's best efforts, there are still dark forces at work within Doraak, which seek to undermine all that has been accomplished. Both the minions of evil and the misguided good lurk everywhere throughout the realms, and beyond, building strength and patiently waiting for their time to come again...  So come and test your might, your skill and your cunning against all that The Edge of Darkness has in store...for the world of Doraak awaits its next savior...or victim!</desc>
2919   </mud>
2920   <mud>
2921     <name>De Digitale Metro</name>
2922     <codebase>[MOO]</codebase>
2923     <host>moo.demetro.nl</host>
2924     <port>8888</port>
2925     <ip></ip>
2926     <www>http://www.demetro.nl/</www>
2927     <desc>De Digitale Metro is the first and biggest Dutch Moo. It was created in 1994 by Michael van Eeden for the Amsterdam Digital City. Not it is an independant moo. The base of the moo was the Amsterdam subway, but many things have been build: lots of features, games, etc. It is newbie friendly: people are always willing to help (well, almost always).</desc>
2928   </mud>
2929   <mud>
2930     <name>Elendor</name>
2931     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH (heavily modified)</codebase>
2932     <host>mush.elendor.net</host>
2933     <port>1892</port>
2934     <ip></ip>
2935     <www>http://www.elendor.net/</www>
2936     <desc>Founded in 1991, Elendor is the premiere J.R.R. Tolkien based world with 2000+ users and 5500+ rooms. Set between the times of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Elendor is devoted to providing a quality roleplaying environment where activity is primarily social and interactive rather than automated. On Elendor, players may take on a character from any of 5 different races and 22 different cultures of Middle-earth, each of which has a dedicated staff of players ready to help you learn the game and how to play. The staff on Elendor is especially helpful and friendly to players who are new to Tolkien and/or to MUSHing in general.</desc>
2937     <desc>The roleplaying environment on Elendor consists of a beautiful and accurate representation of Tolkien's land of Middle-earth where room descriptions change dynamically with the time of day, seasons, and weather. Elendor has an extensive global command system that includes a finely-tuned skill/stat-based combat system, a full economic system with several forms of currency, an elaborate language system with support for 19 different spoken and written Tolkien languages, and a convenient wardrobe system with which you can create a detailed col- lection of descriptions for your character. Elendor also provides a custom designed chat system with over 100 channels and its own mailer system equipped with over 100 bulletin boards where players plan game activities and discuss Tolkien's writing.</desc>
2938   </mud>
2939   <mud>
2940     <name>Elephant Mud</name>
2941     <codebase>[LP] MudOS v22</codebase>
2942     <host>elephant.org</host>
2943     <port>23</port>
2944     <ip></ip>
2945     <www>http://www.elephant.org/</www>
2946     <desc>Elephant Mud is one of the older, larger and more advanced muds out on the net today, with a wealth of experience behind it. Offering a wealth of features not found on its competitors, it brings totally unique guilds, noble Houses, sophisticated multi-classing, bloodlines, stamina, player run newspapers, exploration rewards, and much much more to an arena awash with 'stock' alternatives.</desc>
2947     <desc>Elephant Mud allows PK, but it is socially controlled. The town Council can bounty, fine, jail and execute people for breaking the law. Laws are both set and enforced by players and Council have sophisticated investigative tools as their disposal. A clever criminal still has a chance of course, and the fight between law and chaos goes on eternally.</desc>
2948     <desc>The mud is set in a medieval/dark ages world, where magic, not science, is the key area of research. Humans, Dwarves, Elves and many other races rub shoulders and work with (and against) each other to defend, or bring down the town of Drakenwood and its environs. It is a dangerous world, but a world equally of great rewards, and truely has something for everyone.</desc>
2949     <desc>Elephant Mud has 3000-4000 regular players, many of which have been playing for in excess of 5 years with a notable number who have been here for 7, 8, 9 or even 10 years. With longevity like that we invite you to come and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about. Who knows, you may even decide to stay!</desc>
2950   </mud>
2951   <mud>
2952     <name>TimeSinks (of APA2)</name>
2953     <codebase>[MUSH] Tinymush3</codebase>
2954     <host>charis.servegame.com</host>
2955     <port>3652</port>
2956     <ip></ip>
2957     <www>None</www>
2958     <desc>With a change in codebase, our game has evolved into one able to accomodate a much larger selection of player driven characters and ideas.  Pokemon is still allowed and all older players are encouraged to continue if they like.  We are now a multiverse MUSH.</desc>
2959     <desc>The world is as it would be if Nikola Tesla had been able to accomplish his dream of free energy for the entire planet.  Only a hitch in the works tore the dimensions apart, leaving poor Nikola in the ether for a thousand long years.  What he did is forgotten, but it's ramifications remain.</desc>
2960     <desc>Steampunk (Jules Verne-ish), Fantasy realms, and the Ethereal are all represented here.  Name your species and decide where you want to be.  What time you want to live.  And how you want to change your reality.</desc>
2961   </mud>
2962   <mud>
2963     <name>Emperia</name>
2964     <codebase>[Rom] 2.4b6 GhostMud -heavily modified</codebase>
2965     <host>emperiamud.net</host>
2966     <port>5002</port>
2967     <ip></ip>
2968     <www>http://www.emperiamud.net/</www>
2969     <desc>Looking for a MUD to call home? A place where you can feel welcome and and have lots of fun too? Look no further my friend! Emperia was built just for you!</desc>
2970     <desc>Recently updated and expanded, Emperia is a non-pk, heavily- modified ROM mud with a unique fun atmosphere.   With a huge variety of races, classes, and spells, we pride outselves on our diverse themes. Our genres are as varied as we know MUDders are. Whether you love traditional fantasy and role playing, or are interested in a more casual environment, we're the MUD for you. Players are invited to explore our vast areas, join our many tribes, role play, or just chat with our wonderful base of experienced, friendly players and staff.</desc>
2971     <desc>Recent additions include: multi-level remort system, banking system, 20 new PC races, 21 new PC classes, paintball wars, and many new, original areas.</desc>
2972   </mud>
2973   <mud>
2974     <name>Eltanin Resurrection</name>
2975     <codebase>Gamma Diku / Eltanin</codebase>
2976     <host>celemir.net</host>
2977     <port>3000</port>
2978     <ip></ip>
2979     <www>None</www>
2980     <desc>One of the earlier Diku games on the 'net was Eltanin.</desc>
2981     <desc>Unfortunately, it met an untimely demise many years ago.</desc>
2982     <desc>Eltanin Resurrection is old Eltanin's code, and will be running without modification indefinately.  If you want to examine a vintage Gamma based Diku (or were a previous player), drop on by.</desc>
2983     <desc>Players that can prove they played the original Eltanin will have levels reimbursed.</desc>
2984     <desc>Features (vintage 1991-1992!): 30 levels, 8 classes.  (Mu/Cl/Th/Wa/Bard/Monk/Archer/Psionicist) Semi randomly loading useful potions/scrolls! Must use a scroll to recall! An early mount system! Limited equipment!  PK for it!  and more!  (or not)</desc>
2985     <desc>However, perspective players should be warned.  This MUD is harder than a typical 1999 era MUD.</desc>
2986   </mud>
2987   <mud>
2988     <name>Alter Aeon</name>
2989     <codebase>[Custom] DentinMud 2.10</codebase>
2990     <host>alteraeon.com</host>
2991     <port>3000</port>
2992     <ip></ip>
2993     <www>http://www.alteraeon.com</www>
2994     <desc>Alter Aeon is a Diku-like multiclass mud written entirely from scratch.  The five primary classes of mage, thief, cleric, warrior, and necromancer form the basis for various skill sets, but skill sets are not always restricted to single classes.</desc>
2995     <desc>We have options specifically for blind and visually impaired players, as well as extensive on line statistics and help.</desc>
2996     <desc>With pk arenas, clans, quests and a huge world to explore, there is something for everyone.  Come check us out!</desc>
2997   </mud>
2998   <mud>
2999     <name>Terra MOO</name>
3000     <codebase>[MOO] Geocorona's RPG Core</codebase>
3001     <host>moo.merseine.nu</host>
3002     <port>7777</port>
3003     <ip></ip>
3004     <www>None</www>
3005     <desc>Terra MOO is an original fantasy MOO based in the world of Terra. In this world, races are seperated by type - Water, Earth, and Sky. Each of these elements are at constant war, leaving its inhabitants at no peace.</desc>
3006     <desc>Players may choose from a multitude of original races from Kattaran to Ysbrithians, and even the standard Human if you'd like to start simple. We're extremely newbie friendly and roleplay friendly, although there are certain restricted areas available for 'roll'playing and adult RP. The MOO is intended to create a diverse community where every player's tastes are satisfied.</desc>
3007     <desc>We are currently open for testing and welcome players to wander around. Our estimated grand opening date is September 2004, when we will fully open the game.</desc>
3008   </mud>
3009   <mud>
3010     <name>Savage Realms</name>
3011     <codebase>[Dikumud]</codebase>
3012     <www>http://www.savagerealms.realbigdesigns.com/forums/index.php</www>
3013     <desc>Savage Realms is a role-play intense MUD currently in development.</desc>
3014     <desc>Information is provided at the website listed.</desc>
3015     <desc>E-mail our team members for more information.</desc>
3016     <desc>Bobby Millner(boblinski@gmail.com) Matthew Butler (MatthewButler3@aol.com)</desc>
3017   </mud>
3018   <mud>
3019     <name>Dragonlance Legends</name>
3020     <codebase>[Unknown]</codebase>
3021     <host>omen.genesismuds.com</host>
3022     <port>1388</port>
3023     <www>http://dl.genesismuds.com/</www>
3024     <desc>Dragonlance, forgotten realms based mud with unique classes, skills, leveling, questing, heart thumping war and fusion systems. You don't choose a class, you choose the skills according to how much your brain can hold, and the class will be assigned to you.</desc>
3025     <desc>This works great for multi-classing. The leveling system extends to 50 and upon there, you gain the ability to fuse with another player and restart at level 5. This fusion mixes both genes and race creating a more powerful next generation being something that was never been before. This makes for endless replaying and customising.</desc>
3026     <desc>During fusion any of the other players limbs and/or genes can be transferred to you and vice versa, but be careful, genes can also be lost. Stats and attributes will also increase or decrease accordingly. No two players will ever be the same. With the exception of standard weapon attacks, combat and spell casting time is not randomised, you employ full control of when you cast the next spell or strike the next hit through our unique action point system.</desc>
3027     <desc>Try us out to see it in action.</desc>
3028   </mud>
3029   <mud>
3030     <name>Crossroads: Multimush</name>
3031     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
3032     <host>mystra.isunlimited.net</host>
3033     <port>3523</port>
3034     <www>http://</www>
3035     <desc>Multimush is expanding its' grid to welcome new players!</desc>
3036     <desc>Ever wanted to be a pirate in deep space? What about the fearsome rivalries of pirates - the great Ninjas?</desc>
3037     <desc>They battle now - in space between their homeworlds.</desc>
3038     <desc>The heroic gritty Cowboys of Planet Texas try to keep the intergalactic peace between all factions from their desert, gold- ridden world.  Though with train robbers, horse thieves, indian agents and mexican bandits the Space Rangers often have their own things to do.</desc>
3039     <desc>Meanwhile, the Ninjas train to kill and hide in the misty, mountaineous and temple-dotted slopes of The Unknown Planet.  Sake pours in streams, there's always killing to be done and its' said, giant monsters come up occasionally to destroy the coastal cities.</desc>
3040     <desc>And drinking their sins away, the Space Pirates rumble, party and wench (As well as occasional off-planet plunderings) on the space- rock of Tortuga - home of the infamous mechanical parrot race, rum trees and all the bar fights and wenches you want.</desc>
3041     <desc>The dreaded bloat of the Bureaucracy reaches its' fingers out from the cloudy ring-planet of Corporat to bring all under its' heel... if it could just get through all the red tape it needs to dominate the universe!</desc>
3042     <desc>On the orb of the Enchanted Planet, dragons fly the skies - heroic knights rescue princesses and elves dance merrily in the forests, while wizards cast great spells and rabbits threaten the darker lands.  A tale like that of King Arthur and his knights, faeries dance and the wine flows, while challenges and tournaments abound.</desc>
3043     <desc>On Movieworld, most people prefer to live in Stunt City - where is typical to go to work riding atop a taxi cab, deliver letters by Motorcycling into the lobby, and other such things. It not only keeps the window-makers employed, but adds much spice to it.  A suburb of Film Noir Strip is known for its' private eyes and blood red lips while one street - Sesame Street - is much more lighthearted and has a fully operational theatre.</desc>
3044     <desc>The last, and most unusual World available is Skylaria - here, it seems that the dimensional rift has been broken, and people of all sorts have come through. Ninja Turtles, transformers - all let loose on the quiet, forested and beautiful lands of Skylaria. How will THEY change Fate?</desc>
3045     <desc>Join us today!  We're looking for IC and OOC leaders as well as builders.  Email us or @mail Blind or Sakka on the game if you dont see us on.</desc>
3046     <desc>crossroads.isunlimited.net:3523</desc>
3047   </mud>
3048   <mud>
3049     <name>Jellybean II</name>
3050     <codebase>[Smaug] Smaug</codebase>
3051     <host>jellybean.genesismuds.com</host>
3052     <port>4500</port>
3053     <ip></ip>
3054     <www>http://www.awktane.net/jellybean2</www>
3055     <desc>Jellybean is a mud known for its easy-going atmosphere, emphasis on fun rather than serious role play, friendliness to newbies and even some of the regular mortals :) , approachable immortals, and nearly 200 fun-filled, thematic areas to bash your brains out.</desc>
3056     <desc>Jellybean offers hassle-free recall, free healer, no rent, and nearly painless death. (Well, maybe not, but you wake up in a room with a real pretty nurse.)</desc>
3057     <desc>Some of the ... interesting areas of Jellybean include Megatropolis, Land of the Cult, Playboy Mansion, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.</desc>
3058     <desc>You are as likely to wield an electric violin as you are Glamdring, so be prepared for the unexpected! If you are looking for a fun, easy-going mud where a mature sense of humor is your best piece of equipment, jellybean just might be the place!</desc>
3059     <desc>Bunny action figures sold separately.</desc>
3060   </mud>
3061   <mud>
3062     <name>Elysium RPG</name>
3063     <codebase>[Custom] Elysium</codebase>
3064     <host>elysium-rpg.com</host>
3065     <port>7777</port>
3066     <ip></ip>
3067     <www>http://www.elysium-rpg.com</www>
3068     <desc>Become an Emperor ruling over one of the nine cities which are spread out across the three continents which make up Elysium, or perhaps gain favour from an existing Emperor and become one of his or her five ministers - researching new technologies and spells as the Minister of the Unknown, or even setting the tax rates and constructing vital industries as the Minister of State!</desc>
3069     <desc>If the political world isn't your speciality, rise up the ranks in your chosen guild, learning from 20 varied skills, each skill having around 20 abilities with which you can carry out such diverse tasks as summoning demons, forging weapons or cursing your enemies with disease and pestilence.</desc>
3070     <desc>Join your city's army, commanding legions of infantry or cavalry, making attacks upon other cities so that you may bring them under your Emperor's command! If land battles aren't your thing, the navy offers you the chance to secure your naval superiority over the other nations, through boarding or sinking enemy vessels!  Whatever path you choose for your character, Elysium will provide you with the depth and realism required for the ultimate in roleplaying!</desc>
3071   </mud>
3072   <mud>
3073     <name>Empire</name>
3074     <codebase>[Dikumud] Diku (modified gamma)</codebase>
3075     <host>wraith.aplus.net</host>
3076     <port>4000</port>
3077     <ip></ip>
3078     <www>http://empire.aplus.net/</www>
3079     <desc>Empire was created over 7 years ago, and has grown steadily ever since. This immense, all-original world began as a diku mud, but has since transgressed into something much more enjoyable.  A multi-continental world connected by ships and dragonflight forms an epic world with a large and long history.</desc>
3080     <desc>A system of introductions allows anonymous playing where others only see your descriptions rather than names unless you wish otherwise.  This along with a magic system that uses memorization instead of mana, learn by use instead of practicing, skill based intensity of spells rather than lost concentrations, along with years of other modifications and you've got something unique.</desc>
3081     <desc>We support the usual multiple coin types, bankers, colors, etc. that go with most muds.  Empires interface is dominated more by words rather than numbers and this adds to the role playing context.</desc>
3082     <desc>Give this mud a shot and you'll be listing it amongst your favorites for years.</desc>
3083   </mud>
3084   <mud>
3085     <name>Legends of Xenobia</name>
3086     <codebase>[AFKMud] modified</codebase>
3087     <host>xenobia.mudmagic.com</host>
3088     <port>1972</port>
3089     <ip></ip>
3090     <www>http://xenobiamud.proboards.com</www>
3091     <desc>That's right, Legends of Xenobia is back!  After an extended break, we are back online, and ready to go.  We are picking up largely where we left off, and are going to be moving in the direction we used to. If you played with us before, we eagerly await your return.</desc>
3092     <desc>If you've never seen our mud, allow me to provide a brief description. We are based on an entirely original world, that has over 20k rooms in numerous areas, and even an overland area for you to explore.  We have several cities, and a multitude of creatures and items in our world.</desc>
3093     <desc>We have some original classes and concepts, including squires, who can become Paladins and Anti-Paladins, and rogues which become Assassins. We strictly enforce RP, but our PK system is not restricted by code. PK must be RP'd to be legal, and we deal quickly and effectively with bad players.  We try hard to be as newbie friendly as possible, we have a helpful staff and our playerbase is quickly returning. In addition, we offer a system of faith-based Orders, that have places for players to assume leadership positions.</desc>
3094     <desc>If you're looking for a good place to RP with fun, friendly players, please check us out.  Also on the horizon is an OOC voice chat system that players will have access to, and a web page is in the works.  We had over 5 years of development before, and now we're back, and looking to move into the future.  Give us a shot, and I think you'll be pleased.</desc>
3095     <desc>Thanks for your interest in the Legends of Xenobia Mud!</desc>
3096   </mud>
3097   <mud>
3098     <name>The Lands of Draknor</name>
3099     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified</codebase>
3100     <host>www.draknor.com</host>
3101     <port>4000</port>
3102     <ip></ip>
3103     <www>http://www.draknor.com</www>
3104     <desc>The Lands of Draknor is a game based on books that I, Aarchane, am writing. Our cities are unique to our world. Our more than forty races are largely unique as well. But if you look, you will find some old favorites thrown into the mix as well. The other two programmers and I have now taken it upon ourselves to fully redesign each of our ten classes. This is going to be an exciting time!</desc>
3105     <desc>We are a VERY HIGHLY modified ROM that focuses first and foremost on our players desires.  We strive to be as newbie friendly as we can.  Draknor offers a game that is easy to use and easy to learn.  There are many levels, clans, abilities and more.  And for those that have attained level 80, an entire new system of hunting to counter the typical experience gain will be found. Making \"Everyday Hero\" a great deal more fun!</desc>
3106     <desc>We at Draknor hope to see you join us soon, we are a growing MUD that would love any support or input that you may have. Remember, a MUD is not what the Immortals make it. We are at the mercy of our players, and LOVE to make things that they suggest. Come and give us a try, you'll love it!</desc>
3107     <desc>Thanks, The Draknor Staff.</desc>
3108   </mud>
3109   <mud>
3110     <name>AnimeMUD</name>
3111     <codebase>[Rom] Authentic AnimeMUD Code Base</codebase>
3112     <host>animemud.genesismuds.com</host>
3113     <port>6000</port>
3114     <www>http://None</www>
3115     <desc>AnimeMUD has been a cornerstone in the community for the past 15+ years.  The current administration is the longest-tenured group since the originators back in the mid-90's.</desc>
3116     <desc>We are currently reconstructing the mud, so just stayed tuned and it will be reopened soon here.</desc>
3117     <desc>- Jolohendo</desc>
3118   </mud>
3119   <mud>
3120     <name>Act Of War : Return To Urth</name>
3121     <codebase>[Merc] its custom Merc/Rom Running out of Windows</codebase>
3122     <host>klinkwall.net</host>
3123     <port>4000</port>
3124     <www>http://none currently, a new hopepage will come up soon</www>
3125     <desc>Act of War is a fully functional PvP mud. It is cut into three kingdoms. Tier the defenders of the faith. Kael the embodiment of justice and war. UnderMountain hell on urth.</desc>
3126     <desc>Kingdoms fight a three sided battle to win for their own views. While RP is not widely used, it is accepted and tolerated. Newbies may be thought of as spies when they first create. Newbies who stay and level will see things will change. Most players are willing to help out newbies. Some players will be testing the newbies before helping.</desc>
3127     <desc>AoW has a small immstaff who attempt to help as much as possible. While always working from the shadows. Imm's have very, VERY, little interaction with the PBase. This is done as not to interfere with the flow of the mud.</desc>
3128     <desc>This is the \"original\" Act of War. There are others that host. This version was passed to Sagan by the creators. Imitations are out there. Please don't assume that all are as bad as those you have played.</desc>
3129     <desc>The last and most important part of the mud is PK. Everyone should remember that his is WAR! No one is safe, and everyone is a target. The question you must ask yourself... Are you willing to fight and die for your beliefs?!</desc>
3130     <desc>Welcome to the War!!!</desc>
3131   </mud>
3132   <mud>
3133     <name>Dark Prophets MUSH</name>
3134     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH 1.7.2pl34 modified with TAZ hacks</codebase>
3135     <host>darkprophets.the-wyvern.net</host>
3136     <port>1357</port>
3137     <ip></ip>
3138     <www>http://www.darkprophets.com/</www>
3139     <desc>On the south coast of Estria, between T'shombe Forest and the Great Ocean, rests the island city state of Anaj Naiesta. From the islands of Dhynara, in the east, come ships bearing spices and other wares. These diametrically differing cultures render Anaj Naiesta a place of unsurpassed diversity. It is  in this city that we set the scene.  Dark Prophets MUSH is a game focusing on quality role-play in an interesting environment. The theme is original, a tale of generic fantasy juxtaposed with an Arabian Nights style culture, and features despotic prophets, brave warriors, independent artists and wise sages. The game deals with the eternal struggle between the light and the dark, between what is right and what is wrong.  It should be noted that DarkProphets does NOT employ a combat system, an econ system, or even a magic system. This is an RP by consent mush, where we believe that through a minimal amount of code we can achieve a better quality of free-form rp.  That said, player backgrounds are encouraged after a player has been with us for a few weeks, and code does exist for taking care of that.  (Mailing List: darkprophets@yahoogroups.com )</desc>
3140   </mud>
3141   <mud>
3142     <name>Avatar 3 - The Crypt</name>
3143     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
3144     <host>play.avatardev.co.uk</host>
3145     <port>23</port>
3146     <ip></ip>
3147     <www>http://www.avatar.co.uk</www>
3148     <desc>Avatar has been through three episodes so far: Avatar 1 - The Tower, Avatar 2 - The Citadel and Avatar 3 - The Crypt being its latest offering.</desc>
3149     <desc>We are a friendly MUD even though getting to the highest ranks tends to be very difficult - many of our players have needed almost 1,000 hours to gain the adult god level.</desc>
3150     <desc>Quests vary between the, 'beat up this monster and nick its loot' type and the 'how the blazes do I make this pedestal work correctly?' type of puzzle.</desc>
3151     <desc>The humour could probably be described as 'quirky' or even 'downright odd'.</desc>
3152     <desc>The most-used phrase is, 'Examine everything to survive'!</desc>
3153     <desc>Before playing, please look at the website - it has lots of useful information there.</desc>
3154     <desc>Avatar has been around since just before the advent of the internet and we hope we will be here for a while still!</desc>
3155   </mud>
3156   <mud>
3157     <name>The Eternal City</name>
3158     <codebase>coldC</codebase>
3159     <www>http://www.eternal-city.com/</www>
3160     <desc>The Eternal City takes a leap above traditional on-line role-playing fare, by offering a world with fully developed political, economic, and military simulations, all from a first-person role-playing perspective. Not only will you be able to lead the simple life of a craftsman, or the exciting life of a mercenary hero, but with nearly total control over the environment--you will make and enforce your own laws, struggle with one another for political supremacy, even lead armies into the field.  If you can imagine it, you can do it in The Eternal City!</desc>
3161   </mud>
3162   <mud>
3163     <name>The Proving Grounds</name>
3164     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
3165     <host>matrix.drigon.com</host>
3166     <port>6432</port>
3167     <www>http://</www>
3168     <desc>Welcome to Pecan Valley! A peaceful suburban development, where men and women work, then come home to their loving families. It's a wonderful slice of America, even if the occasional villain decides to smash into the convenient store just as you've gone to grab some groceries. Be patient! A hero will be there in no time to save you...</desc>
3169     <desc>The Proving Grounds is an original-themed super hero MU*. Within the small city settlement of Pecan Valley, heroes and villains try to prove themselves worthy to join more global efforts to save or destroy the world. They hide themselves with secret identities and disguises, but when the clarion call sounds, heroes don their tights and villains brandish weapons. Come be on one side or the other, or stand in the middle as a civilian and watch the action fly!</desc>
3170     <desc>Players are allowed to have characters with unique origins and powers. You don't have to come from Earth to want to save (or conquer) it!</desc>
3171   </mud>
3172   <mud>
3173     <name>Dragon Ball Star</name>
3174     <codebase>[Smaug] 1.4a (Modified almost beyond recognition)</codebase>
3175     <host>zeno.biyg.org</host>
3176     <port>20000</port>
3177     <ip></ip>
3178     <www>http://zeno.biyg.org/~dbstar</www>
3179     <desc>We've been around for some time now.  DBStar is a mud where we emphasise having fun: There is a strong roleplay streak running through the mud that links with a 'fallout' style perks system, and a jobs system that is reminiscent of Final Fantasy games. A ship system, Housing systems, an extended stats system, hiscore boards, customized equipment, a dragonball wish system, extensive race and skill options, a skill capsule system akin to 'Dragonball Z : Budokai', rewards for dogged players, over 180 skills split between over 10 races, unique abilities like bodyswap, egg laying and genocide attack, poll and voting systems, and a unique 'train' command.</desc>
3180     <desc>There is no limit to player statistics, with technically infinite hitpoints and kipoints available, and players can indulge in side-missions, roleplaying, item hunting, and more real-life tasks, such as fishing, and creating their own items. Roleplay is automatically rewarded by the MUD, and the points gained can be used in a number of ways - Including Fusion. Points earned from completing missions goes towards jobs, or small rewards, like power increases or items.</desc>
3181     <desc>Now on a new, lag-free server with 100% uptime, we guarantee that playing DBStar will be one of the best things you've ever done!</desc>
3182   </mud>
3183   <mud>
3184     <name>Hell's Kitchen</name>
3185     <codebase>[GodWars] heavily modify</codebase>
3186     <host>hk.slayn.net</host>
3187     <port>8400</port>
3188     <ip></ip>
3189     <www>http://</www>
3190     <desc>Hell's Kitchen is nowon their 4 year ofbeing online. We are please to welcome you to our mud. The mud is based off of Jobo's Dystopia 1.2.7 &amp; SaGe's LoW4, but all in all its a Godwars. We are currently working on revamping alot of the mud. We also have a good and loyal Pbase. As well as the mindless pricks people love to hate.</desc>
3191     <desc>Currently we have the following classes: * Angel, Demon, Dragon, Drow, Undeadknight, * Tanar'ri, Monk, Ninja, Samurai, Vampire, * Werewolf, Shapeshifter, Cyborg, Wizard, Jedi, &amp; Sith.</desc>
3192     <desc>There are some new classes are in the making.</desc>
3193     <desc>Here is a list of things we have added to the code: * Custom Kingdom Code (with ranks &amp; alliances) * Legends(LoW4 * Status based pking and powers.(LoW4) * Unique Eq that randomly drops off mobs.(Custom) * True Arena, Death Arena, and a Regular Arena.(Custom)</desc>
3194     <desc>A dedicated team of Implementors, Admin, and Owners do their best to make this a nice place to spend your time, and to keep the mud running as well as possible.</desc>
3195     <desc>We hope you'll find the mud an enjoyable place to spend time, and welcome you to our mud.</desc>
3196     <desc>The Hell's Kitchen staff</desc>
3197   </mud>
3198   <mud>
3199     <name>Enchantment Under the Sea</name>
3200     <codebase>[Unknown] ArIEN/Amnuts 2.0.1 Base - Talker</codebase>
3201     <host>euts.org</host>
3202     <port>2000</port>
3203     <ip></ip>
3204     <www>http://www.euts.org/</www>
3205     <desc>Enchantment Under the Sea is the world's most popular NUTS based English language Talker -- Come join us under the sea!</desc>
3206     <desc>Meet hundreds of interesting and diverse users, play games, and get your own free email address and subdomain. MUD user friendly.</desc>
3207     <desc>&lt;a href='http://www.euts.org/cgi-bin/who.cgi'&gt;See who's online now!&lt;/a&gt;</desc>
3208   </mud>
3209   <mud>
3210     <name>Mystical Mud</name>
3211     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily Modified CircleMud</codebase>
3212     <host>mystical.slack-fu.com</host>
3213     <port>5000</port>
3214     <www>http://</www>
3215     <desc>After being down for several years, Mystical Mud has returned! For those of you who remember it, the mud has been restored prior to V.4.0, and is the mud we all knew and loved. Within 2 days of relaunch, we had 30 people back, all spread by word of mouth.</desc>
3216     <desc>For those of you brand-new to Mystical, we are a heavily modified CircleMud, with a fantasy/medieval theme. We are very newbie friendly, and offer a wide variety of classes/races, and an extensive selection of zones, skills, and spells. We offer limited PK to those who wish to PvP. We have a mature theme, and a staff of very skilled and dedicated builders and coders who continually make advances and improvements. Roleplaying events, such as Quests, offer a system by which the purchase of special equipment may be obtained (using Quest Points), and social events are held regularly for both fun and quest points as well. Here, friends made last a lifetime, as the MUD has many players who have been here longer than a decade.</desc>
3217     <desc>In the realm of Mystical, Darknights wage war against Paladins, Dragons soar the skies, and everywhere the struggle to gain power goes on. Alone, or with your comrades, you may seek power and glory with your blade, your spells, or both. Let the death cry of your foes be your battle song. Adventure, explore, battle, and overcome!</desc>
3218     <desc>Welcome to Mystical Mud! Stay awhile... Stay...FOREVER!</desc>
3219   </mud>
3220   <mud>
3221     <name>DragonStone</name>
3222     <codebase>[EOS] Highly Modified from EoS</codebase>
3223     <host>dragonstone.org</host>
3224     <port>1234</port>
3225     <ip></ip>
3226     <www>http://www.dragonstone.org/</www>
3227     <desc>Throughout the towns of Prexion, Aden, and Einar, many tales have been told of the legend of the DragonStone. Most believe the stories are that of a fool's imagination. Few, though, dare to venture beyond the towns to seek the truth..... Are YOU one of these?</desc>
3228     <desc>The Legend tells of a great Golden Dragon called Corin-Mur, who holds the stone within its lair. It is said that the stone holds the key to immortality.</desc>
3229     <desc>Choose from 16 races and 14 classes. Multiclass if you desire. Breathe life into whatever you create.</desc>
3230     <desc>There are many great tasks and quests to complete in your search for the DragonStone. You must seek the aid of others; alone, you are sure to fail. Join one of the clans, or seek help from the friends you will make.</desc>
3231   </mud>
3232   <mud>
3233     <name>Anime MUD</name>
3234     <codebase>[Rom]</codebase>
3235     <host>legacylost.genesismuds.com</host>
3236     <port>3600</port>
3237     <www>http://</www>
3238     <desc>For every adventurer, there was some point in time where you were a hero amongst the common-folk. You were a well-known, admired, and respected figure in your mudding community. It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to say you were writing your own legacy, but you just never realized it until it was over. You've longed to recapture that magic, but never knew, deep down, if it was possible.</desc>
3239     <desc>It is now.</desc>
3240     <desc>AnimeMUD has been an anchor in the mudding community for the last decade. Everyone has tried taking a shot at it, which had caused a lot of unnecessary changes, and a lack of stability. With any online MUD, a lack of stability leads to impending doubt. The doubt is over.</desc>
3241     <desc>The current owner has IMPed for the last 2.5 years on AnimeMUD, and Mudding for 15+ years. Don't expect this place to go anywhere. Ever.</desc>
3242     <desc>AnimeMUD offers revamped races, all perfectly balanced (it was a long time coming for that change to occur, previously). There's a brand new 'Adventure Point' system that overthrew the Quest Token regime. Humans have a chance to evolve to a Demon or an Esper, and Sayajins have a chance to evolve into a rare Super-Saiyajin evolution.</desc>
3243     <desc>Clans, Global Quests, Pk-Quests, a brand new 'Wish List' character upgrade system available on the Autoquest list. We have it all. There's a reason AnimeMUD has been here since the beginning. Jump on the bandwagon, and get ready to write your own legacy!</desc>
3244     <desc>- Jolohendo</desc>
3245   </mud>
3246   <mud>
3247     <name>Sword of the Seeker</name>
3248     <codebase>[CoffeeMud]</codebase>
3249     <host>swordoftheseeker.ath.cx</host>
3250     <port>5555</port>
3251     <www>http://</www>
3252     <desc>Sword of the seeker was started to give fans of the book series (Sword of Truth) and television show(Legend of the Seeker) a game world to play in. Most of the mud is true to the world of either the show or books, or both. Some things however, we feel would be lacking if we translated directly to a Mud setting, so there may be inconsistencies such as fantastical creatures and some classes and abilities never mentioned in the canon world. However, we think will these will only serve to enrich and add to the mud world we're re-creating. Thanks for reading, and we hope you'll join us!</desc>
3253     <desc>Currently seeking coder/s.</desc>
3254   </mud>
3255   <mud>
3256     <name>Clash of Worlds</name>
3257     <codebase>[SWR] SWR</codebase>
3258     <host>FrostMUD.com</host>
3259     <port>8288</port>
3260     <www>http://</www>
3261     <desc>Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a world where Gundam, Code Geass, Final Fantasy, and many other anime and video game genres were clashed all into one universe? Welcome to that world. Clash of Worlds: Fate of Eternity is a world unlike any you'll ever see before.</desc>
3262     <desc>Currently, we are undergoing our development stage and we are in the midst of hiring builders. If you think you are up for the task of being a builder, please log on and put in an application! If no IMMs are on at the time, try sending an email to the head Admin.</desc>
3263   </mud>
3264   <mud>
3265     <name>ShyeMUSH</name>
3266     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.0</codebase>
3267     <host>shye.org</host>
3268     <port>1701</port>
3269     <ip></ip>
3270     <www>http://www.shye.org/</www>
3271     <desc>An original Sci-Fi genre themed game, with basic Chargen methods.</desc>
3272     <desc>The unique feature of the game is the ability to add to the story of the game uniquely and become a part of a living history daing back since 1991.</desc>
3273     <desc>Currently under construction and testing, but RP is encouraged around the dust. :)</desc>
3274   </mud>
3275   <mud>
3276     <name>Exile</name>
3277     <codebase>[Circlemud] Circle3.0 heavily modified</codebase>
3278     <host>exile.lurker.net</host>
3279     <port>4000</port>
3280     <ip></ip>
3281     <www>http://exile.lurker.net</www>
3282     <desc>Exile is a MUD designed and built by serious MUD players for serious MUD play.  With 77+ completely original zones, a unique guild system, many races and classes to choose from, and a dedicated and helpful staff, Exile is built to please the players.</desc>
3283     <desc>Exile is stable yet always expanding, with new and exciting features constantly being added.  Exile is proud to offer players new challenges and enjoyment with every visit.</desc>
3284     <desc>Come experience the magic, mystery, and adventure of the world of Exile, and see why you will never need to search for another MUD.</desc>
3285   </mud>
3286   <mud>
3287     <name>Hesperia</name>
3288     <codebase>[Envy] Heavily Modded</codebase>
3289     <host>hesperia.mudhosting.net</host>
3290     <port>7100</port>
3291     <ip></ip>
3292     <www>http://hesperia.mudhosting.net</www>
3293     <desc>'Caught in the whirlwind of the War of Ages, the battle of the Immortals, lies the Hesperian Realm. From the Black Fortress and foul armies of the Dark Lord, all the way to the Paradise of the Covenant, you will recognize a theme of the utmost tragedy: a love story which shaped the perpetual war raging on Hesperia.</desc>
3294     <desc>Brutally thrown into this realm because of your own stupidity, you decide to make the best out of it. Motivated by the interest the Immortals seem to take in recruiting Earthlings, you vigorously start your career.'</desc>
3295     <desc>Hesperia is a medieval fantasy mud originating from an ENVY 2.0 base code. For three years non-stop our Staff has worked on the large Hesperia project, shaping an all original word of over 20000 rooms. There are over 400 spells and skills, numerous quests and games to try out, as well as the opportunity to join cults and progress through the 1050 levels we currently offer. We are a friendly place, so by all means step by and share in the fun!</desc>
3296   </mud>
3297   <mud>
3298     <name>Alienation</name>
3299     <codebase>[Custom] -classified-</codebase>
3300     <www>http://anation.cjb.net/</www>
3301     <desc>Alienation is a free multiplayer RPG played online, using only your web browser. Battle against NPC baddies or against online players and explore it's ever-expanding world. Alienation strives to become complex enough to rival some of the world's best MMORPG's. Currently in Open Beta.</desc>
3302   </mud>
3303   <mud>
3304     <name>Vortex</name>
3305     <codebase>[Unknown] Eos server type</codebase>
3306     <host>oblc.net</host>
3307     <port>3003</port>
3308     <ip></ip>
3309     <www>http://</www>
3310     <desc>Vortex is very fun, it makes you want more</desc>
3311   </mud>
3312   <mud>
3313     <name>Hysteria</name>
3314     <codebase>[Custom] Hysteria derived from iDiRT 1.82, 1994-1996 by Illusion,  Aberku 1.0 - 2.6 by Fulk.</codebase>
3315     <host>hyst.ath.cx</host>
3316     <port>2453</port>
3317     <ip></ip>
3318     <www>http://hysteriamud.wordpress.com/</www>
3319     <desc>Enter an enchanted land filled with legend and lore, fantasy and magic. Your goal may be to become a legend - a hero or villain capable of casting the most powerful magic and executing the deadliest of skills. Perhaps you're interested in collecting souls, or honing and enchanting an elite set of equipment. You will have the chance to do these things and more.</desc>
3320     <desc>Led by the Creators, Corwin and Edhadeya, as well as immortal Archwizards and others, the game stays fresh as the code is constantly updated with fun, new features! In addition, the powers occasionally even run special contests offering rare prizes and rewards. In addition, these immortals keep watch over the game to ensure that the mud remains fair for all so that everyone can enjoy the game equally. The immortals are completely open to player suggestions, and have utilized player ideas many times before.</desc>
3321     <desc>Mortals are encouraged to join guilds or create new ones, collect tokens and save them up for special eq, go on quests and journeys, and explore to find hidden treasures and secret puzzles.</desc>
3322   </mud>
3323   <mud>
3324     <name>Conquest</name>
3325     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
3326     <www>http://www.necronix.com/</www>
3327     <desc>Strategy role playing game (RPG) located at post Roman Britain , Saxon and Britons fight for the controll of England.</desc>
3328     <desc>The game is still under development, and it is a multi-user combination of MUD and Strategy (Armies) game.</desc>
3329   </mud>
3330   <mud>
3331     <name>Farvana MUCK</name>
3332     <codebase>[MUCK] Fuzzball</codebase>
3333     <host>crlh.tzo.org</host>
3334     <port>4201</port>
3335     <ip></ip>
3336     <www>http://crlh.tzo.org/iw-muck/</www>
3337     <desc>Ingvi's World is based on its creator's RPG world, and thus is a tour through his (sometimes demented :)) imagination.  The MUCK started out as an elaborate present built for a birthday LAN party, a puzzle for those attending to solve plus other places to explore.  Building on Ingvi's World is highly encouraged: there are no builder quotas and we intend never to have to impose them.  City areas stand ready for your imagination, along with wild lands.  New areas will be created on request.  Preybots have been implemented in the wild lands for those who like to hunt.  IW is a varied place, with room for the creativity of many minds.  Come build and (role)play with us!</desc>
3338   </mud>
3339   <mud>
3340     <name>Sin City MUX</name>
3341     <codebase>[MUX] 2.7.0.*</codebase>
3342     <host>sincity.mushpark.com</host>
3343     <port>5500</port>
3344     <ip></ip>
3345     <www>http://mux.zerbert.net/</www>
3346     <desc>SIN CITY MUX is on hiatus at the moment. Keep tabs on this site for more information down the road.</desc>
3347   </mud>
3348   <mud>
3349     <name>Fandra, Realm Of Destiny</name>
3350     <codebase>[Rom] AMUSEd 4.0, derived partially from Rom2.4</codebase>
3351     <host>portal.fandra.org</host>
3352     <port>23</port>
3353     <ip></ip>
3354     <www>http://www.fandra.org/</www>
3355     <desc>We allow player killing, but require roleplay. Fandra offers you a unique religions system and a beatiful world to explore. Some classes, like cleric and priestknight, fully depend on chosen god. Following a God gives additional skills, but makes you depend on your faithfulness, and on status of your Temple. Temples can be raided by followers of an enemy god, and you might loose recall and most of your prayers won't work until you re-raid.</desc>
3356     <desc>We have unique area set and solid world concept with creation story, map and such. No Midgaard. You can choose a town to live in.</desc>
3357     <desc>We have quests, both automated and provided by immortals. ANSI Colors are configurable. You can choose a different color for every channel, and for many events, like someone using a certain skill.</desc>
3358     <desc>Mobs and even some items act wise, and there are many quests within our areas. You won't get bored. Race/Hometown/Class/Religion combinations provide enough different roles for you to play.</desc>
3359     <desc>If you are new to online RPGs, that's the right place to start - Adventurer's Guild makes it's easy to learn to play. If you are an expirienced player, and tired of countless stock area bases with no concept, nothing new to explore and no role to play - Fandra will be a pleasant surprise for you.</desc>
3360   </mud>
3361   <mud>
3362     <name>STAR WARS: AGE OF ALLIANCES</name>
3363     <codebase>[MUSH] Join the Facebook Group for Community Updates!</codebase>
3364     <host>Starwars.Xidus.Net</host>
3365     <port>5500</port>
3366     <ip></ip>
3367     <www>http://starwars.xidus.net/</www>
3368     <desc>Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=103057989735354</desc>
3369     <desc>The Staff at SW:Age of Alliances is fully dedicated to making your STAR WARS dreams come to happen on our game. Do you want your own ship? Do you want your own Space Station? Do you want your own Fleet of Ships and a Space Station?</desc>
3370     <desc>Come and talk to us! We'll make it a reality. We're dedicated to the STAR WARS theme and even more dedicated to making the Galaxy come to life through role play and storytelling. SW:AoA is desperately searching for new souls to fill our galaxy and we'll do what it takes to make you happy and proud to call AoA your new MUSHing Home.</desc>
3371     <desc>Remember, what do you want to RP in the Star Wars Galaxy? Come and talk to our Staff about it and we'll see how we can make it happen!</desc>
3372   </mud>
3373   <mud>
3374     <name>Fatal Dimensions</name>
3375     <codebase>[Rom] ROM 2.4b6 Heavily Modified</codebase>
3376     <host>mud.fataldimensions.org</host>
3377     <port>4000</port>
3378     <ip></ip>
3379     <www>http://www.fataldimensions.org/</www>
3380     <desc>A fantasy based world. Fatal Dimensions is an exciting mud of discovery and experiences. Our world has been built on top of original ROM and high-quality home-made areas.</desc>
3381     <desc>The world of Fatal Dimensions has many of its secrets hidden and let the player into a fully interactive world, not just a hack and slash.</desc>
3382     <desc>Fatal Dimensions is more than a mud only, it can be a place to socialize, to exchange ideas about mudding, to gather information for other administrators.</desc>
3383     <desc>If you give Fatal Dimensions a try, you'll see that it is the base for a couple of weeks of fun, relaxation and strange experiences.</desc>
3384   </mud>
3385   <mud>
3386     <name>Fate</name>
3387     <codebase>[Emlenmud] FateCode (heavily modified Emlen)</codebase>
3388     <host>fate.fatemud.com</host>
3389     <port>7004</port>
3390     <ip></ip>
3391     <www>http://www.fatemud.com/</www>
3392     <desc>Based upon a heavily modified Emlenmud, Fate is a PKmud in which the forces of Good and Evil fight for supremacy. We offer a large variety of races, each with their own advantages.</desc>
3393     <desc>Besides the skills and spells available to everyone, our class-system allows you to specialize in a profession as you gain more experience. Upon choosing your profession, you gain access to specialized spells and skills. There also are numerous guilds, each offering a unique bonus.</desc>
3394     <desc>Numerous areas, filled with dangerous monsters and quests make this a challenging place, even for the most experienced players. This makes choosing your allies very important: In fact your survival often depends upon it.</desc>
3395     <desc>While death is not a permanent thing for normal charachters, we offer the more daring players the ability to play a 'hardcore' character. While this offers several large advantages over normal players, dying means exactly that: Your character is gone forever.</desc>
3396     <desc>Join the struggle and choose your own Fate.</desc>
3397     <desc>The Fate Admins</desc>
3398   </mud>
3399   <mud>
3400     <name>Star Wars: Reign of the Empire</name>
3401     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMush</codebase>
3402     <host>swroe.xidus.net</host>
3403     <port>2187</port>
3404     <ip></ip>
3405     <www>http://None</www>
3406     <desc>A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...  ________   ___   ____ / __   __| / _  |  _ ___&gt;  | |   |  _  ||    /__ |_____/ |_|   |_| |_||_|\\____| _  _  _   ___   ____    ____ | |/ | | / _  |  _   / ___| |   _   ||  _  ||    /__&gt; \\_/ \\_/ |_| |_||_|\\______/   Reign of the Empire  It  is dark  times  for the  Galaxy.  The Galactic  Empire,  seizing    control  of thousands of star systems, has begun  its final push to wipe out the last  remnants of the Old Republic. The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader continues his merciless campaign to slaughter what remains of the Jedi  to  end  all hope for  justice  and freedom throughout the galaxy.  From  the shadows  of a  thousand  cities and within the  hovels of  the Outer Rim, whispers of defiance have begun to spread across  the  galaxy.  Imperial  interests have  fallen  under  siege,  and  on  the horizon the threat of civil war looms.  Mon Mothma and  Senator Bail Organa  have dispatched  operatives to  seek out these insurgent  cells in  an attempt to  unite them under a single banner and bring back peace to the galaxy.</desc>
3407   </mud>
3408   <mud>
3409     <name>Lands of Delusion</name>
3410     <codebase>[Custom] [LoD 1.8]</codebase>
3411     <host>landsofdelusion.com</host>
3412     <port>9999</port>
3413     <www>http://landsofdelusion.com</www>
3414     <desc>Lands of Delusion has so much to offer. Unlike other MUDs we are the true Final Fantasy fanatics that started basic and built our way to what is now a great MUD. If you like Final Fantasy this is the MUD for you. The MUD has a great unique touch as well as an easy to understand feel. Aside from players and immortals being friendly and the areas being well known, there is alot more to it then that. This MUD has more then just PK, leveling your character up, casting some magic and just running around killing time while chatting. We offer CHOCOBO BREEDING, CLANS/GOVERNEMENTS (with divisions that hold ranks), new STAT SYSTEM, new LEVELING SYSTEM, new HELP FILE system, a very unique MATERIA SYSTEM, a VERY LARGE over view WORLD MAP, and much more. Did I mention everything within this MUD is completely themed from Final Fantasy? The areas are built straight from the games, 21 Final Fantasy races, 5 Final Fantasy clans, 8 Final Fantasy classes, random encounters (depending on your location), save points to recall back to that location, many channels to chat through, and much much more. The MUD is in BETA, so for you players that want to get a jump start on the others, get the feel for the MUD before it opens. Log on, chat a bit, explore the world of a true Final Fantasy themed/based MUD.  We are currently working on adding Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing.</desc>
3415     <desc>Any questions just ask me (Havoc) at AIM: HavocLoD, ICQ: 179735277, or log into the MUD and find out for yourself how great this game is.</desc>
3416   </mud>
3417   <mud>
3418     <name>Lurking Fear 3</name>
3419     <codebase>[Unknown] ROM, GW, Lurf</codebase>
3420     <host>lurkingfear.org</host>
3421     <port>4040</port>
3422     <ip></ip>
3423     <desc>All the LURF you love, without all the crap you hate...</desc>
3424     <desc>Lurking Fear III is BACK, based on the World of Darkness RPG Highly modified code dervived from GodWars, ROM, and Lurf1/2</desc>
3425     <desc>------------------------------------------------------------ - RolePlay enhanced PlayerKill, RP/PK Status based exp gains - Unique blend of PK and actual RolePlay (enforced/rewarded) - Clan and Sect hierarchy by class (Camarilla/Sabbat,Pack..) - Standard GodWars features, plus extensive Lurf originals - Realistic WoD classes - No Jedi, Highlanders, Amazons - Ever growing playerbase - Extra Random Objects, Mobiles, Areas. - Player Houses, Player created havens. - All old Areas standardized and themed, Many original - Too many features worth checking out to list</desc>
3426     <desc>Vampire  - 15 improved disciplines with up to 6 levels each - Generations, Clans, Prince, Primogen, blood hunts Werewolf - 8 improved totems, with 4 advanced spirits - Tribes, Alphas, Betas Mage     - Original mage code with 9 spheres with 6 levels each - Traditions, Archmages, Apprentices ------------------------------------------------------------</desc>
3427   </mud>
3428   <mud>
3429     <name>The Final Challenge</name>
3430     <codebase>[Dikumud] Heavily modified Diku/Merc</codebase>
3431     <host>mud.finalchallenge.net</host>
3432     <port>4000</port>
3433     <ip></ip>
3434     <www>http://www.finalchallenge.net</www>
3435     <desc>The Final Challenge began in March of 1994, and is more commonly known to those who play it as TFC or 'the mud'. It has a dedicated, addicted, &amp; friendly player base from all over the world that enjoys meeting new people and interacting.  TFC attracts a variety of types of players. You'll find players who place a heavy emphasis on role- playing, those who are PKers, those who enjoy the puzzles, challenges, and mobmasteries in the game, those who enjoy exploring the almost entirely unique 12,000+ room world, those who like to sit and chat, &amp; those who are a mixture of all of the above.  And you won't get lost in the crowd - since there are generally 20-30 people online at a time.</desc>
3436     <desc>TFC has a god-follower system and a variety of alignment flavors that a character can choose from.  Of course, characters can also go it on their own and remain unaligned.  Characters may dual and triple class as well. Players may also have multiple characters (and many do), so long as they are not online at the same time and are played as separate individuals. Stop by mud.finalchallenge.net 4000 and check it out for yourself.</desc>
3437   </mud>
3438   <mud>
3439     <name>Final Fantasy MUX</name>
3440     <codebase>[MUX] MUX</codebase>
3441     <host>giruvegan.savingthrow.org</host>
3442     <port>5403</port>
3443     <ip></ip>
3444     <www>http://ffmux.savingthrow.org</www>
3445     <desc>Welcome to Final Fantasy MUX! The game officially opened in the late nineties and has seen hundreds of characters both original and from the games, and certainly dozens of players whom have come and left their mark. Some have remained, some have moved on. That, though, is the beauty of the game.</desc>
3446     <desc>Final Fantasy MUX is a living, changing world where the actions of a dedicated player can change the face of the world's balance of power. Major political and social changes can and do happen, and players are encouraged to get active, take initiative, and become a part of history.</desc>
3447     <desc>The game is currently in its third generation of management, currently placing emphasis on the fact that FFMUX is a player’s game. Plots of every scale, both player and staff-driven, political and social movements of unprecedented size, and a community both dedicated and driven are at the core.</desc>
3448     <desc>Now is your best opportunity to become a part of that world and place your story in the pages of history!</desc>
3449   </mud>
3450   <mud>
3451     <name>Final Realms</name>
3452     <codebase>[LP] LP mud with MudOS</codebase>
3453     <host>castle.linpro.no</host>
3454     <port>4001</port>
3455     <ip></ip>
3456     <www>http://finalrealms.net/</www>
3457     <desc>Final Realms offers many things that you will not find anywhere else.  Our world contains over 25,000 custom made rooms.  Each race has their own city and language, as well as a common language that can be understood by all players.</desc>
3458     <desc>Unlike other MUDS, you will not find yourself maxing out your character within a week or two and growing bored.  We do not have a level limit that is even reachable within several years of play.  You will always be able to continue to grow and gain in power for as long as you choose too.</desc>
3459     <desc>Each character selects a race and guild from a vast assortment, and will learn a different variety of abilities and spells based upon your choice.  Players may also choose to reincarnate at level 21 for a chance to become a special race that cannot be chosen, although all reincarnations do not go well.  Players earn a title related to your development, rank and player-elected status with the option of hiding your title to keep your guild a secret.</desc>
3460     <desc>Final Realms also differs from others with built in systems similar to settings you would find on different clients for targeting, name coloring, movement, status window and other things to close the gap for players who have to use telnet.</desc>
3461     <desc>Players may create, organize and expand their own groups that are dedicated to specific purposes.  There are also many existing Clans, Groups, Houses, and Families that players can join, control and advance in rank.</desc>
3462     <desc>There are several hundred quests that populate Final Realms with puzzles, mazes, keys to find and doors to unlock.  Artifacts of great power and treasures of incredible value are guarded by dragons, demons and a vast assortment of other foul beasts.  Quests come in a variety of ways that will test your characters physical ability, your mental prowess or a combination of both to varying degrees of difficulty ranging from soloable, party or raid.  Magical items, spells and abilities are earned from their completion.  We also schedule and run an OMIQ (Online Mini Interactive Quest) about once every two months.  Always hugely popular with players, these quests offer very rare and powerful items that are only obtainable by winning.</desc>
3463     <desc>The combat system is highly developed and balanced between melee abilities and spells, making a fun and challenging PK environment. Each guild has there own unique commands and spells that grow in power as the player gains in levels and skills that are not only trainable but are also gained free by performing abilities that relate to them.</desc>
3464     <desc>If your ready for a truly unique experience, or want the competition we have to offer then login and feel free to ask anyone for assistance.  We are very newbie friendly, and you will be given a newbie tag on creation that makes it impossible for others to harm you until you have reached lvl 18 or exceeded 6 million experience.</desc>
3465   </mud>
3466   <mud>
3467     <name>Shadowrun Germany</name>
3468     <codebase>[MUSH] none</codebase>
3469     <host>germany.dnaco.net</host>
3470     <port>6250</port>
3471     <ip></ip>
3472     <www>http://cathouse.sindebauchery.net/germany</www>
3473     <desc>Berlin: the sprawling, chaotic metroplex where the only law is that there is no law. The City of Anarchy, where only the toughest and smartest can hope to survive. You think you're good, alter? Well, come to Berlin and prove it, because if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Shadowrunners are in high demand in this 'plex, what with everyone from the megacorps to the org-crime syndicates to the gangs, and everyone in between, all vying for their piece of the pie. But mediocre 'runners don't last long around here. You wanna stay alive, you gotta be good, mann.</desc>
3474     <desc>Shadowrun Germany MUX is set amid this chaotic yet lucrative hotbed of the Sixth World, based on the Germany Sourcebook and incorporating Third Edition rules and Expansions. We allow a wide variety of character classes restricted or disallowed elsewhere, including metahuman variants, ghouls, and even shapeshifters. Magical character slots are available, and other shadowrunner archetypes-- fixers, deckers, riggers, street samurai, mercenaries, demolitions experts, intrusion specialists, assassins, melee combat masters, and just about anything else you could think of--are allowed virtually without restriction. So come to Berlin, chummer, and see what it's like running in the darkest shadows to be found in 2061.</desc>
3475   </mud>
3476   <mud>
3477     <name>FinalFrontier</name>
3478     <codebase>[LP] LDMud 3.3</codebase>
3479     <host>FinalFrontier.mud.de</host>
3480     <port>23</port>
3481     <ip></ip>
3482     <www>http://FinalFrontier.mud.de/</www>
3483     <desc>FinalFrontier is the first science fiction MUD in german language. There are a few and growing planet systems to explore. You can play as onpressing Akaardianer, brave Rihannsu, intelligent Paksi, as J'naii-thief or normal human. Finally you may travel the known universe as a Traveller or create new worlds in space as a Q.</desc>
3484   </mud>
3485   <mud>
3486     <name>Multi MUD</name>
3487     <codebase>[Custom] Inspired by CircleMUD</codebase>
3488     <host>multimud.homeip.net</host>
3489     <port>6022</port>
3490     <www>None</www>
3491     <desc>MultiMUD is one of the very few French MUDs. Its code and universe are all original. The basic commands are slightly inspired by CircleMUD. The numerous realms of the MultiMonde are awaiting you and offer you lots of game possibilities: - random quests - highly customizable clans - crafting guilds - seven magic schools, many original skills - randomly generated special items - ships, pirate ships and mobs, cannons, fishing... - seasons, vegetals, planting, harvesting - regular imm driven quests - player kingdoms with shops, ressources, harbours... And the list is growing regularly. Don't hesitate and come to the amazing lands where everything is possible.</desc>
3492   </mud>
3493   <mud>
3494     <name>Star Wars - NEW GALACTIC ORDER</name>
3495     <codebase>[SWR] SWR-NGO (SWR Heavily Modified)</codebase>
3496     <host>sensenet.legions.org</host>
3497     <port>5555</port>
3498     <ip></ip>
3499     <www>http://www.legions.org/ngo/</www>
3500     <desc>* Original Worlds * Role-play enforced * 35+ Races * Killing is legal (if you can roleplay it) * Forceless (After playing for a week or so, you will understand why) * Marraiges, sex and children * Plenty of homes * Plenty of ships * Friendly staff that is willing to listen to your ideas to improve the mud * Unique weapons and armor * Bounty hunting allowed * Piracy allowed * Broken bones and doctors * Custom furniture and items available * Fast connection. * Server is a dedicated FreeBSD platform that automatically backs up the entire mud 2 times a day. * Timeline is set to height of the Empire, Rebel Alliance just formed. * Addition of new code on a regular basis. * No cloning. * Unique skills and race selection. * Player forums on homepage.</desc>
3501   </mud>
3502   <mud>
3503     <name>Universe Unlimited</name>
3504     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
3505     <host>universe.isunlimited.net</host>
3506     <port>9220</port>
3507     <ip></ip>
3508     <www>http://uumux.wikia.com</www>
3509     <desc>With unlimited possibilities come unlimited worlds, unlimited realities. Most of the time, each reality exists unaware of any other possibility, believing itself the only reality in existence. Sometimes they may meet for passing moments, creating chaos and confusion before fading back just as quickly into normality. And once in a while, these realities don't just brush past each other; they converge.</desc>
3510     <desc>Universe Unlimited is a mixed-theme super MUX with a unique, ongoing global TP. The world of UU is one of brave heroes, scheming villains and strange, unexplainable phenomenon. People are filled with both awe and fear at the rise of mutants and metahumans. Odd occurrences across the globe have raised worries about the stability of the world itself. Could these be the end times? The fallout from careless industry? Or is this is the beginning of a new age? Universe Unlimited is a world of adventure and wonder, mystery and intrigue. Enter the Universe, solve the mystery, and save the world...or worlds.</desc>
3511     <desc>Join us at universe.isunlimited.net:9220, or check out our wiki at http://uumux.wikia.com.</desc>
3512   </mud>
3513   <mud>
3514     <name>FluffMUCK</name>
3515     <codebase>MUF/MPI</codebase>
3516     <host>fluffmuck.org</host>
3517     <port>8888</port>
3518     <ip></ip>
3519     <www>http://www.fluffmuck.org/</www>
3520     <desc>FluffMUCK is a medium sized, furry themed TinyMUCK. We specialize in FUN! }:) Come on by and enjoy the company of others in a lighthearted social environment. There are also several Tinyplots going on at any given time. The theme is Furry/Anthropomorphic/Fantasy, with a bit of high-tech thrown in for good measure. Stop on by, all are welcome. }:)</desc>
3521   </mud>
3522   <mud>
3523     <name>Godwars: Apocalypse</name>
3524     <codebase>[GodWars] GodWars Deluxe</codebase>
3525     <host>amber.org.uk</host>
3526     <port>6660</port>
3527     <www>http://www.geocities.com/moghedien42/</www>
3528     <desc>COME CHECK OUT THE FUN!! -hundreds of new quests -new stances -vampires are being redone -MoonWalkers clan is now BACK -New leadership (Matuta, and Tijer)</desc>
3529     <desc>This is the longest running GW Deluxe mud.  It was one of the few, that originally started towards the back-end 1997.</desc>
3530     <desc>If you have played GodWars before, we offer the four most common classes (Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Mage), each having there own clans, and requirements for entry. We now have Highlanders like you've never seen in any other GodWars based mud, and a ton of new zones.</desc>
3531   </mud>
3532   <mud>
3533     <name>The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD</name>
3534     <codebase>[LP] Lima 1.0a6 / MudOS v22.2b12, slight server mods</codebase>
3535     <host>uossmud.sandwich.net</host>
3536     <port>9000</port>
3537     <ip></ip>
3538     <www>http://uossmud.sandwich.net/</www>
3539     <desc>This MUD is based on the more classic worlds of Squaresoft. We have recreated almost entire realms from from Final Fantasy 5, 6, 7, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana for your MUDding enjoyment, with odds and ends from other games. Using a Job System mostly based off of FFT and FF5, and special additions from everything to FF9 to Saga Frontier to Final Fantasy Legend, a player can change their abilities at most any point. We offer a newbie school to teach the intricacies and quirks of our MUD, which we strongly encourage using as this MUD isn't quite like your average MUD. We will also answer questions on the newbie channel that is automatically turned on for new characters, and raising other people from death is quite common. A very play-friendly MUD, with a lot to explore.</desc>
3540     <desc>As a note, while the descriptors say that we're not adult-oriented (there is no 'adult-oriented' play), the gossip channel is not necessarily somewhere you'd want a young child to hang out.</desc>
3541   </mud>
3542   <mud>
3543     <name>Crimson Nightmares</name>
3544     <codebase>[GodWars] Extremely Customized Gameplay</codebase>
3545     <host>crimsonnightmares.com</host>
3546     <port>8887</port>
3547     <ip></ip>
3548     <www>http://crimsonnightmares.com/</www>
3549     <desc>Welcome to Crimson Nightmares. This is an updated listing to the original. The code base is GW2K modified in an extreme manner. A lot of pride is taken, And every attempt is made to accommodate player ideas and suggestions. Players have been responsible for the idea's that created 2 new custom classes. We currently offer the following classes: Angel, Cyborg, Demon, Dragon, Drow, Elemental, Mage, Ninja, Phoenix, Vampire, and Werewolf. With the exception of Cyborg's, every class can be combined together giving us over 80 possible combo's of multiclassing (cyborgs are being added currently). We have a functional weather system, with random lightning that is real, meteor storms, and more being added weekly. Players can now create several custom messages to enhance thier gameplay to what suits them instead of pre-determined messages.</desc>
3550     <desc>We have re-worked our staff, and have changed our approach to player relations in the hopes of generating an even larger player base in the future. This MUD requires time and effort, and nothing is just handed to you here. If you want a MUD with a challenge, come check us out.</desc>
3551     <desc>Sincerely, The Staff of Crimson Nightmares</desc>
3552   </mud>
3553   <mud>
3554     <name>Dawn</name>
3555     <codebase>[LP] modified discworld</codebase>
3556     <host>dawnmud.com</host>
3557     <port>3000</port>
3558     <ip></ip>
3559     <www>http://dawnmud.com/</www>
3560     <desc>Welcome to Dawn, a discworld-based lpmud offering excitement and adventure to those brave enough to grasp it.  It is a world of stunning beauty and terrifying evil, where creatures long regarded as legendary beings of lore and myth are commonplace; lands of light and lands of shadow lie within the reach of all.</desc>
3561   </mud>
3562   <mud>
3563     <name>The Realms of Dark Shadow (legacy &amp; persist)</name>
3564     <codebase>[Dikumud] Diku gamma + Sequent + many unique unreleased mods</codebase>
3565     <host>darkshadowsdiku.org</host>
3566     <port>6666</port>
3567     <ip></ip>
3568     <www>http://www.darkshadowsdiku.org</www>
3569     <desc>One of the original, long running Diku MUDs complete with the original player file.  We welcome all old and new players as we assume our role as a leader in the field. Come, play and influence the changes.   First come, first heard.</desc>
3570     <desc>Help expand a legend and play with the legends.</desc>
3571   </mud>
3572   <mud>
3573     <name>Winter's Edge</name>
3574     <codebase>[MUX] MUX</codebase>
3575     <host>winter.mushpark.com</host>
3576     <port>3000</port>
3577     <ip></ip>
3578     <www>http://winter.mushpark.com/wiki</www>
3579     <desc>The time of darkness has begun again. The cold winds sweep out of the north, blowing snow and sleet ahead of it, the outriders of the cold fingers of death clutching at the throats of the unwary, the unprepared. Crossing virgin snow through the Taiga, the warrioress lifts a hand to shield her eyes against the blowing snow oblivious to the shadows unseen and unheard in the snow around her. Tightening the grip on her bow, she continues onwards, the message she carries safely tucked away in a traveling pouch, the seal of the kingdom declaring its urgency. Head down leaning into the blowing snow, unaware that as she moves into the darkening day something even darker than the approaching night now has her in its gaze. Rising up behind her, the ice worm takes careful measure of her, slipping along the top of the snow, freezing it as it moves into a solid sheet of ice beneath it. As the wind drops and the lady-warrior, a ranger by trade, hears the tell-tale snap of ice in her wake, she immediately whirls and comes face to face with the adversary, with icy death.</desc>
3580     <desc>A mother comforts a small child in the night, explaining away the faint screams as the cry of the wolf, hunting in the blizzard, but she knows the cold truth in her heart. Dark times are again on the horizon and simple folk know better than to try and rise up and challenge the creatures that come with the snow. Turning back the covers in her own bed, climbing in next to her husband, exhausted from the days labours, she says a silent prayer in the night. Hoping and praying - beseeching whatever gods may be for a hero, someone who will come and save them from the darkness as it rises.</desc>
3581     <desc>Sometimes the simple kindnesses bestowed upon the common people are enough to win their favour, answering a whispered prayer as the snow howls in around the eaves, lifting up a fallen comrade on the field of battle, researching the spell or potion that will save the wife of the village magistrate, miles from the heart of Vintermor and without hope other than what heros may come.</desc>
3582     <desc>This is the stuff of which reputations, livelihoods, legends are made of.</desc>
3583     <desc>o - Do you have what it takes to be a saviour to the people?</desc>
3584     <desc>o - Do you have what it takes to rise up and slay the wicked?</desc>
3585     <desc>o - Do you dream of victory in battle, to crush your opposition and oppress the weak, to bend them to your will?</desc>
3586     <desc>o - Do you lust for vengeance?</desc>
3587     <desc>o - Do you crave power?</desc>
3588     <desc>o - Which side of the coin do you pray will fall when the toss comes?</desc>
3589     <desc>Come find out if you have what it takes in the city of Vintermor.</desc>
3590     <desc>Tell me young hero, do you have what it takes?</desc>
3591     <desc>=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-</desc>
3592     <desc>We are currently looking for new players staff. Particularly PlotMasters, Dungeon Masters, and players willing to run Player Run Plots to help advance goals for themselves and their friends. Having experienced a slowdown in the general RP and PRP's that are being run on the game we want to take this chance to offer new players the exciting opportunity to come get your ideas out on the grid!</desc>
3593     <desc>We have opened the new Underdark area for play.  Balaam'Irie, the underdark city is one of intrigue, blood lust, murder and mayhem.  Come join us at Winter's Edge!</desc>
3594     <desc>Please join us at winter.mushpark.com 3000 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-</desc>
3595   </mud>
3596   <mud>
3597     <name>Dizzymud</name>
3598     <codebase>[Rom] Rom 2.4 Base 5 years of modifications</codebase>
3599     <host>mud.dizzymud.com</host>
3600     <port>4000</port>
3601     <ip></ip>
3602     <www>http://www.dizzymud.com</www>
3603     <desc>Welcome to the realms of DizzyMud</desc>
3604     <desc>Our mud is oriented around our players.  We are here to IMP ideas that are interesting and feasible.  We want to make the mud as enjoyable as possible to our players. Each player on our mud is allowed to have their own personal room located wherever they please.  The coding for these rooms can be done on their own, or our IMMs will be happy to do it for them.  We are changing all the time, so the best way to describe the mud is to have you examine it in person.  However, here are a few small details. [Color, 100 levels, PK within clans, many races, Qwests, Unusual spells and skills, Interesting areas, and friendly Immortals]</desc>
3605   </mud>
3606   <mud>
3607     <name>Frontier</name>
3608     <codebase>[Aber] LP Mud, 3.2 Amylaar driver</codebase>
3609     <host>frontier.mudservices.com</host>
3610     <port>7680</port>
3611     <ip></ip>
3612     <www>http://www.frontier.mudservices.com/</www>
3613     <desc>Welcome to the original Frontier LPMUD, first established in 1991!</desc>
3614     <desc>Frontier is a medieval-based LP that offers: * Original town layout * three (3) full-fledged guilds (Mages, Warriors, and Thieves) * eight (8) custom built races * an established set of twenty seven (27) exciting quests * limited player-killing for those that desire it * adventures full of mystery, suspense and fun * friendly, helpful staff</desc>
3615     <desc>We're serious about that last one.  :)  So drop on by and test drive a visit in Frontier.  We'd love to see you play your way to wizardhood.</desc>
3616     <desc>- Ploi the Insane</desc>
3617   </mud>
3618   <mud>
3619     <name>Edge of Midnight</name>
3620     <codebase>[Unknown] Heavily modified</codebase>
3621     <host></host>
3622     <port>8010</port>
3623     <ip></ip>
3624     <www>http://edgeofmidnight.org:27744/</www>
3625     <desc>Edge of Midnight V4.6</desc>
3626     <desc>We now have a custom java/mysql base.</desc>
3627     <desc>Heavily upgrading in progress main concern is a haven for adult mature players.</desc>
3628     <desc>Anything goes with certain restrictions no means no, no harassment of players who don't want it, no spoiling anyone elses fun and no rape unless its purely roleplay and agreed by both parties.</desc>
3629     <desc>In this world of politically correct subject matter I feel there is a place for people who are open and happy about there sexuality and want to explore the subject within a safe fantasy enviroment.</desc>
3630     <desc>Email greyarchive@greyarchive.org</desc>
3631   </mud>
3632   <mud>
3633     <name>Tarmon Gai'don</name>
3634     <codebase>[Rom] WoTMud Codebase.</codebase>
3635     <host>tarmongaidon.org</host>
3636     <port>5000</port>
3637     <ip></ip>
3638     <www>http://www.tarmongaidon.org</www>
3639     <desc>Tarmon Gaidon is the home of WoTMud, a ROM based mud engine designed to strictly adhere to the theme and systems of the Wheel of Time.</desc>
3640     <desc>First of all, Tarmon Gaidon has, for the last 10 years, kept strictly to the spirit and theme of the books. This strict adherence to the world of the Wheel of Time, as seen through the eyes of it's creator, has given Tarmon a reputation of being -the- place to come to if you are looking to immerse yourself in the Wheel of Time.  Tarmon Gaidon offers...</desc>
3641     <desc>. All-new, 100% original areas designed exclusively to fit the Wheel of Time world.  Possibly the most book-accurate on the net.</desc>
3642     <desc>. All 'Wheel of Time' races are supported. You won't find any elves or dwarves here.  Humans and Ogier are open, with Fades, Trollocs and Draghkar available by invitation.</desc>
3643     <desc>. Character Generation support: 3 classes, 20+ sub-classes &amp; talents and over 100  homelands/clans/steddings to optimize individual and unique characters.</desc>
3644     <desc>. Completely original guild system, featuring potential for over 2 dozen playable guilds.  Guilding is not mandated to role-play.</desc>
3645     <desc>. Role-play environments ranging from 100% IC areas, quests, fairs, and other events.</desc>
3646     <desc>. A completely IC channeling system, designed to follow the Wheel of Time One Power as close as possible.  Weaves and flows are dependent upon your strength in the power.</desc>
3647     <desc>. Realistic submission/ player death code (PK death) to disuade useless PK.</desc>
3648     <desc>. an intriguing `introduction` system, so if you have never met someone, you truly don`t know them. Players appear as `An Andoran`, etc. until Greeted.</desc>
3649     <desc>. A completely original and amusing optional WoT newbie area, along with newbie friendly players and immortals.</desc>
3650   </mud>
3651   <mud>
3652     <name>FurryMUCK</name>
3653     <codebase>[MUCK] Fuzzball MUCK 2.2fb6.x whatever</codebase>
3654     <host>muck.furry.com</host>
3655     <port>8888</port>
3656     <ip></ip>
3657     <www>http://www.furry.com</www>
3658     <desc>Furry is the largest and longest standing MUCK on the Internet to date (note MUCK, not overall MU*).  With a database well over the 160,000 item mark, and a regular nightly showing of 325+ players, it's an active social environment. The theme is centered around the roleplay of Anthropomorphics (characters combining animal and human traits such as werewolves; also 'funny animals', toons, etc.) but all who play with respect are welcome.</desc>
3659   </mud>
3660   <mud>
3661     <name>PythonMOO</name>
3662     <codebase>[MOO] +Server Edits</codebase>
3663     <host>pythonmoo.co.uk</host>
3664     <port>1111</port>
3665     <www>http://pythonmoo.co.uk</www>
3666     <desc>PythonMOO is connected by SunNET to Rupert, LogMOO and many others. PythonMOO has various features unseen in many other MOOs. PythonMOO is open to everyone and the programmers bit will be given on request. PythonMOO is designed for beginners and advanced MOO programmers.</desc>
3667     <desc>Some Extra additions include: MCP Userlist MCP ServerInfo MCP Beryllium Status XMCP +Whiteboard and Chess Board E_WEB MacMoose FUP And many others...</desc>
3668   </mud>
3669   <mud>
3670     <name>TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home</name>
3671     <codebase>[Dikumud] Heavily modified</codebase>
3672     <host>torilmud.org</host>
3673     <port>9999</port>
3674     <ip></ip>
3675     <www>http://www.torilmud.org</www>
3676     <desc>TorilMUD continues the tradition of Sojourn, Sojourn 2, Toril, and Sojourn 3...games that set the standard for Forgotten Realms based multi-user adventures.  For the past decade these games have entertained thousands from around the world.  Not with stunning graphics or 3-D sound effects, but with a rich text-based environment designed to stimulate the imagination and draw the player into a complex world full of heroes, villains, kings, and queens. Come join us in this latest incarnation and see why our game continues to enthrall players from around the world.</desc>
3677     <desc>We currently have over 50000 original rooms, over 12000 mobiles, and over 10000 objects to keep your attention, not to mention over 5000 quest entries and an active role playing campaign.</desc>
3678   </mud>
3679   <mud>
3680     <name>GarouMUSH</name>
3681     <codebase>MUSH</codebase>
3682     <host>garoumush.org</host>
3683     <port>7000</port>
3684     <ip></ip>
3685     <www>http://www.GarouMUSH.org/</www>
3686     <desc>The first of the White Wolf MU*s to focus on Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Garou has always emphasized responsive, cooperative roleplaying with an emphasis on good writing and clear communication. Players are screened through a registration process, and character growth and development come through roleplay.</desc>
3687     <desc>A complex world with lively GMs, focussing on story rather than individual characters. Please visit as a guest to find out more about the game and the application process.</desc>
3688   </mud>
3689   <mud>
3690     <name>Raccoon Muck</name>
3691     <codebase>[MUCK] Fuzzball</codebase>
3692     <host>tfmuck.tigerden.com</host>
3693     <port>6020</port>
3694     <ip></ip>
3695     <www>None</www>
3696     <desc>Hello and Welcome to Raccoon Muck. I'm the Head Wiz and Mayor, Nikon. I'd like to welcome you to the town of Big Coon. We're a small Califurnian mountain town by a lake. We accept all species, not just raccoons. So come and have fun.</desc>
3697   </mud>
3698   <mud>
3699     <name>Jusenkyo Mordor</name>
3700     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
3701     <host>eraniss.org</host>
3702     <port>4041</port>
3703     <www>http://jm.eraniss.org</www>
3704     <desc>This MUD is named Jusenkyo Mordor for reasons which are unlikely to become clear again at the moment. Suffice it to say, the action of the game takes place neither in Jusenkyo nor Mordor. Instead it takes place in a completely unique world held loosely together by conventions of convenience, innumerable influences from the realms of sci-fi and fantasy and just a touch of sanity added in a vain attempt to keep plots moving forward in a line slightly less circuitous than a M.C. Escher painting.</desc>
3705     <desc>The setting for Jusenkyo Mordor is the floating islands of Eraniss and the surface continent below. New characters first arrive in the crystal city of Girralatia through the Nexus. The Nexus is a strange mass of chaotic magic at a point near many other worlds or universes. It is the Nexus that plucks characters from their homeworld and flings them into this one while subjugating them to undesired physical changes and often not even allowing death as an escape.</desc>
3706     <desc>Eraniss is a tumultuous place, with imported technology, magic and ideas beginning to spread in a world where native magic is prevalent. Constant new arrivals add to the growing number of denizens, diverse in their culture, ideas, abilities and desires.</desc>
3707     <desc>Jusenkyo Mordor is a roleplaying MUD (originally based on the Mordor code base though the combat system, spells, stats, etc have been removed as the focus has shifted purely to free form RP).  JM is comprised of a small community of players most of whom take turns in GMing plot events and/or building/administrating a part of the game world.  The result is a unique roleplaying environment where everyone contributes to the evolution of the game.</desc>
3708     <desc>To help cut down on any OOC chatter within the MUD itself, RP sessions are usually organized on the MUD's &amp;lt;a href=\"irc://eldrasia.dyndns.org:6667/Botmud\"&amp;gt;IRC channel&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt; (eldrasia.lunarnet.org 6667 channel #botmud) so new players may log in to find that no one appears to be on the MUD at the moment.  That doesn't mean players aren't around for RP, though!  New players are encouraged to pop into the IRC channel as well as peruse the &amp;lt;a href=\"http://jm.eraniss.org\"&amp;gt;online wiki&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt; which has information regarding the game world, character bios, recent RP logs and other useful information.</desc>
3709   </mud>
3710   <mud>
3711     <name>The Gathering</name>
3712     <codebase>[Unknown] Gatherer</codebase>
3713     <host>gathering.org.uk</host>
3714     <port>5000</port>
3715     <ip></ip>
3716     <www>http://www.gathering.org.uk/</www>
3717     <desc>The Gathering is one of the oldest talkers still running. It is based around groups rather than rooms and to improve the experience, users can be in several groups at the same time.  This enables you to chat in one of the public groups, chat privately with friends or loved ones and discuss your favourite band with a group of fans.</desc>
3718     <desc>Unlike most talkers, there are no staff to manage interpersonal disputes.  Instead, users are given the power to protect themselves from verbal attack - even going as far as being able to ban other users.</desc>
3719     <desc>Combined with both these features are all the standard facilities you expect from a modern talker - mail, news, games, ANSI color - making it a fun and enjoyable play to chat for everyone.</desc>
3720   </mud>
3721   <mud>
3722     <name>GD2K - Gold Digger 2000 MUSH</name>
3723     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH 1.7.4 pl 10</codebase>
3724     <host>lyorn.kerch.com</host>
3725     <port>4210</port>
3726     <ip></ip>
3727     <www>http://www.leopard.net/~gd2k/</www>
3728     <desc>GD2K is based upon the comic book series 'Gold Digger' by Fred Perry. Gold Digger is a mix of fantasy, action- adventure, comedy, and many other things. The main characters include an Indiana Jones type adventurer, her adopted were-cheetah sister, the clone they accidentally created who is a mix of the both of them; an alien from another world; and an eight-year-old boy who is a genius at genetics and has created his own three-person army consisting of a ninja, a magic-user, and a genetically enhanced brawler. The adventurer, one Gina Diggers, is the daughter of an arch-mage father from Earth and a master armswoman/adventurer from the magical realm of Jade. Her sister Britanny is the last surviving were-cheetah, rescued by Gina's father from the brutal were-cheetah/were-wolf war 21 years ago, and brought back to Atlanta with his family.</desc>
3729     <desc>Gold Digger also includes leprechauns, troll archmages, harpies, evil sentient time-travelling dogs, Altantis, Shangra-La, were-creatures of many different kinds, and much more.</desc>
3730     <desc>Information on how to get a character is available on the GD2K website.</desc>
3731   </mud>
3732   <mud>
3733     <name>Genesis</name>
3734     <codebase>[LP] LPMud - CDlib 06.00</codebase>
3735     <host>genesis.tekno.chalmers.se</host>
3736     <port>3011</port>
3737     <ip></ip>
3738     <www>http://www.genesismud.org</www>
3739     <desc>Genesis is the original LPMud, though little remains of the stuff from the early days. The emphasis of the mud is to be a challenging game. Themes includes Tolkien, Dragon Lance and many others. The world is strictly medieval fantasy based.</desc>
3740     <desc>There are many features that sets it apart from most other muds. One of the most enjoyable aspects is the interesting and ever-changing interaction between different guilds. Relations range from alliance to uneasy truce with the occasional outbreak of war.</desc>
3741     <desc>Another special feature are events, that are planned and executed by a special team of wizards from time to time.</desc>
3742     <desc>Being a newbie you may find yourself in interesting, unusual and sometimes challenging situations. But as you learn the world you find yourself developing an authentic, popular and powerful character.</desc>
3743   </mud>
3744   <mud>
3745     <name>Genocide</name>
3746     <codebase>[LP] heavily modified Amylaar 3.2.1@141, from-scratch custom lib</codebase>
3747     <host>geno.org</host>
3748     <port>2222</port>
3749     <www>http://www.geno.org/</www>
3750     <desc>Genocide is not a typical mud; rather, it is a competitive wargame. Players compete against each other in \"wars\".  \"Levels\" are gained by killing other players in a variety of different war types, including team and non-team.</desc>
3751   </mud>
3752   <mud>
3753     <name>Rauvyon</name>
3754     <codebase>[Dikumud] SOD. Fully multi threaded.</codebase>
3755     <host>rauvyon.com</host>
3756     <port>7075</port>
3757     <ip></ip>
3758     <www>http://www.rauvyon.com</www>
3759     <desc>Pass beyond the border between the known and the unknown, into a world where great mountains rise and fall in a breath, and untamed magic runs rife through a land torn asunder by the prophecies of the dark fey.  Here, the weak are mere playthings, and those who would fight are too often turned, or destroyed. In the depths of these wild, long forgotten lands, boundless opportunities lie for those smart enough, or strong enough to take them.</desc>
3760     <desc>Offering a fully multi-threaded, stable environment derived from AD&amp;D 2E rules and set in an all original campaign world with vast possibilities.</desc>
3761     <desc>Coded Features Include: * Dynamic treasure tables and experience system. * Dynamic multiple attack system for mobs. * Tactical movement &amp; ranged combat with throwable weapons &amp; archery. * PvP sparring system, allowing lethal and non-lethal combat options. * Proficiency system with general and class based skills. * Spell system utilizing spellbooks, memorization and components. * Realistic weather system with temperature and climate effects. * Ecology with growing plants and fruit and nut bearing trees. * Vehicles (coaches, wagons, boats, etc.) &amp; player ridable mounts. * Databased character introduction system. * Weaponsmithing + draw and sheathe system for weapons. * 165 gem types with gem appraisal and cutting. * Layered wear system for clothing and eq. * Languages and literacy. * Multiple clans and organizations. * Room rental and home ownership system. * Realistic food and liquids with poisons and alcoholic affects. * Committed and dedicated staff with GM run quests and encounters run daily.</desc>
3762     <desc>The next best thing to that table top game you can never seem to get started.       --- Learn more at www.rauvyon.com ---</desc>
3763   </mud>
3764   <mud>
3765     <name>MUDII</name>
3766     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
3767     <host>mudII.co.uk</host>
3768     <port>23</port>
3769     <ip></ip>
3770     <www>http://www.mudII.co.uk/</www>
3771     <desc>MUDII is one of only two sites in the world hosting the latest version of MUD, the very first multi-player adventure game. MUD1 or EssexMUD (as the original MUD is now known as) was developed by Richard Bartle &amp; Roy Trubshaw in 1978 at Essex University, England. Since 1978 MUD has been in constant development resulting in a highly original and fun game that can be played here today.</desc>
3772     <desc>MUDII is a MUD that is set in a timeless alternative reality. This is a world where you can be who you want when you want. The community at MUDII is large and very friendly, they are always willing to welcome and help out newbies. Quests, Houses (guilds), competitions, events, mud-related online magazines and numerous associated websites are all part and parcel of this incarnation of MUD.</desc>
3773     <desc>MUDII was created in 2001 to run the game for the community that previously played on Wireplay. MUD2 had been running on Wireplay since August 1997 until the game was closed down there.</desc>
3774     <desc>MUDII is now entirely free to play.</desc>
3775   </mud>
3776   <mud>
3777     <name>God Wars: Rogue Edition</name>
3778     <codebase>[GodWars] God Wars / LoW</codebase>
3779     <host>godwars.com</host>
3780     <port>9000</port>
3781     <ip></ip>
3782     <www>http://www.godwars.com/</www>
3783     <desc>Welcome to the Rogue Edition. We have been established over three and a half years now, in that time we have added extra dimensions to the classic player killing MUD.</desc>
3784     <desc>We currently offer the following classes Werewolf, Vampire, Monk, Ninja, Drow, Mages, Demon, Amazon, Jedi and Templars. Each class is offered an extended skill and power selection. Also a sparring arena, detox, autoclass chambers, newbie experience and a new bounty system are available.</desc>
3785     <desc>If you are looking for something different from the many God Wars MUDs that have appeared, or want to play a MUD that will still be running after a week, then come to our dark realm.</desc>
3786   </mud>
3787   <mud>
3788     <name>Eaxia Online</name>
3789     <codebase>[Custom] EaxiaSEL engine, completely custom (from scratch)</codebase>
3790     <host>game.eaxia.com</host>
3791     <port>347</port>
3792     <ip></ip>
3793     <www>http://www.eaxia.com/</www>
3794     <desc>Eaxia Online features epic struggles of good versus evil in a fantasy, text-based world. Whether you've played a number of online, massively-multiplayer games, MUDs, and other RPGs or if you hail from a world of role-playing, pen-and-paper dungeon mastering, Eaxia Online holds a life of adventure for you.  Take up arms and live the life of a brave and noble paladin, questing for the holy sake of your diety or study the mystical arcane ways of the powerful wizards. Eaxia Online features five base classes to begin a life as and seventeen evolved classes to look forward to as well as over twenty unique races. Complete character customization is possible in Eaxia! We welcome you to come join us in an adventure unlike any other...</desc>
3795   </mud>
3796   <mud>
3797     <name>Beauty</name>
3798     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH3.x</codebase>
3799     <host>games.dragonpro.com</host>
3800     <port>6969</port>
3801     <ip></ip>
3802     <www>None</www>
3803     <desc>Beauty was originally loosely based on the BDSM books by Anne Rice titled 'Sleeping Beauty'. However, it has drastically changed &amp; very little has to do with the books at all. It is a fantasy place for RP with variences in sci-fi technology and a feudal type of society encouraging BDSM type of play/RP. Beauty chargen does not restrict race or abilities-most of everything is up to the player's RP ability. We try to accommodate all players here. We do not enforce BDSM play, or any other kind of play, in OOC area. On the grid, you are likely to see public BDSM displays.  The premise is simple: A magical island has an evil ruler, Masters/Mistresses and slaves. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. If you want to come and be a furry, warrior, wizard, dragon, cyborg, etc...you are welcome. The island is timeless so there are a variety of  races/types/creeds in play and everyone is also welcome to just come and hang out at the OOC Lounge. So come to Beauty and make it your home. It's a beautiful and fun place to be.</desc>
3804   </mud>
3805   <mud>
3806     <name>Arcadia</name>
3807     <codebase>[Rom] highly modifed; many customizations</codebase>
3808     <host>mud.arcadia.net</host>
3809     <port>4000</port>
3810     <ip></ip>
3811     <www>http://arcadia.net/MUD/</www>
3812     <desc>Arcadia is a Diku-based ROM derivative PKill MUD, with characters being protected from PK until level 8.</desc>
3813     <desc>The creation system is very newbie-friendly (though ANSI color is suggested) and we have an enhanced array of beginning races available. There are two levels of remortality (and more) for those who reach the maximum mortal levels, with extra races and classes available to them.</desc>
3814     <desc>Politics and role-play figure into the game with clans, sects, cartels, and guilds -- and we've introduced private housing player characters may purchase within their home cities, or rent within the more urban centers (character homes are, generally, inviolate and save any items in them through quit-outs and reboots).</desc>
3815     <desc>Arcadia has many new and original areas, and we're expanding all the time with new areas, new code, and new classes.</desc>
3816     <desc>The citizens of Arcadia invite you to come enjoy the Lands and to meet and make some new friends.</desc>
3817   </mud>
3818   <mud>
3819     <name>Dragonball: Battle Zone</name>
3820     <codebase>[Smaug] Heavily modified</codebase>
3821     <host>kigen.ath.cx</host>
3822     <port>1100</port>
3823     <www>http://www.codingdirect.com/dbbz/</www>
3824     <desc>This will be updated later when a storyline is formed.</desc>
3825   </mud>
3826   <mud>
3827     <name>Stargate: Omega</name>
3828     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
3829     <host>sgomega.mushpark.com</host>
3830     <port>2517</port>
3831     <ip></ip>
3832     <www>http://</www>
3833     <desc>On the eve of the end of Stargate SG-1's run on the Sci-Fi Channel, we at Stargate: Omega are pleased to announce the return of the game that started the recent trend of Stargate MU*’s! Journey back to the planet Edan and SGC’s Omega site!</desc>
3834     <desc>The United States government and its allies decided that in the case of a full invasion of Earth by the Gou'ald or another hostile alien race, there should be a secondary site that in the worst case could be used to keep our species alive. The site was named Omega Base because this is the End, it is the last stand for humanity. The base is filled with civilian and military officials from the US, Canada, England and Russia who work together to make Edan into a new world by means of the ARK Project, a biological terra-forming missive to populate the planet with Earth species and a full ecological food chain.</desc>
3835     <desc>One jump away is the mysterious planet of Unity which offers a large market and bazaar at an interplanetary nexus, a place for respite four the SGC members out so far from home. Also it is filled with many people and things that could help Earth or hinder it in its mission.</desc>
3836     <desc>We have a multi-year story arc in place that takes our game into new worlds and the chance to meet new races, all with the spirit and feeling of the series. Exploration is still one of the main goals of the SGC, working hand in hand with the ARK Project to make this world our best hope for survival.</desc>
3837   </mud>
3838   <mud>
3839     <name>HogwartsMOO</name>
3840     <codebase>[MOO] MOO 1.8.1 + WAIF &amp; FUP</codebase>
3841     <host>hogwartsmoo.net</host>
3842     <port>7500</port>
3843     <ip></ip>
3844     <www>http://hogwartsmoo.net/</www>
3845     <desc>HogwartsMOO was one of the first online Harry Potter themed roleplay games, and it is now celebrating its tenth year as an active MOO! The theme has split to an alternate universe, as none of the main characters from the books will ever show up, nor will the storylines contained in those books ever appear on-game.</desc>
3846     <desc>The game is set in the past, currently in the 1930's. There is ample opportunity for roleplay in any of a number of Wizarding areas, including, but not limited to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, and players are welcome to play any number of wizarding roles, student and adult alike.</desc>
3847     <desc>We have a fully developed grid with useful commands for logging, pose retrieval, detailed character information and many, many other features contained in-game. We do not, however, have any coded spells or equipment, nor 'skill levels' or stats, prefering instead for players to use their imaginations and roleplay appropriately and responsibly.</desc>
3848     <desc>Please feel free to visit our website, read a log or two, and give us a visit! Roleplay veterans and newbies alike are welcome to give us a try!</desc>
3849   </mud>
3850   <mud>
3851     <name>Star Wars: Ways of the Force MUSH</name>
3852     <codebase>[MUSH] pennmush.1.7.6.pl 5</codebase>
3853     <host>swwfm.net</host>
3854     <port>4201</port>
3855     <ip></ip>
3856     <www>http://www.swwfm.net/</www>
3857     <desc>The date is approximately 5,000 years prior to Episode 1, it is a time of struggle, exploration, and hope as the newly formed Republic grows with the aid from the Jedi Order. However, as in most cases, corruption begins out of good intent and the balance of the galaxy's opposing good and evil forces is once again put into play. Along with the struggle and hope, comes chaos and strife with the emergence of the Sith. It is a time of building, a time of subtleties, and a time of silence just before the storm. A thin line is walked between calm and chaos, but stretches tighter with each passing day.  The MUSH is open and IC. All players are welcomed, please log in as Guest and use the +register command.  Come and experience the Force for yourself!</desc>
3858   </mud>
3859   <mud>
3860     <name>Chaos In Babylon</name>
3861     <codebase>[GodWars] Godwars Fuss, 1996</codebase>
3862     <host>chaoticushosting.com</host>
3863     <port>1238</port>
3864     <ip></ip>
3865     <www>http://</www>
3866     <desc>Chaos in Babylon (Alpha)</desc>
3867     <desc>We are in HEAVY ALPHA stage and are looking for a semi experienced builder, along with a few players whom would not mind contributing bug testing, and feature testing.</desc>
3868     <desc>This shall be a mostly original mud. Feature rich with classes, professions skills, kingdoms, player created towns, and more. As areas are created, stock areas will be removed.</desc>
3869     <desc>If you are interested in building, or testing, please stop by, and drop us a note.</desc>
3870     <desc>Regards, Aleister</desc>
3871   </mud>
3872   <mud>
3873     <name>The Eternal Fantasy</name>
3874     <codebase>[LP] Highly modified LPC-based</codebase>
3875     <host>eternalfantasy.org</host>
3876     <port>3333</port>
3877     <ip></ip>
3878     <www>http://www.eternalfantasy.org</www>
3879     <desc>The Eternal Fantasy is a mud based on the popular game series 'Final Fantasy' by Squaresoft.</desc>
3880     <desc>The mud offers players a growing list of races, including Human, Elf, Moogle, Half-Elf, Half-Lunar, Kelban and Dwarf. Also, players can alternate between over 60 classes -- including knights, paladins, ninjas, assassins, archmagi, thief, and treasure hunters -- through a system borrowed from Final Fantasy Tactics.  This allows players to select both a primary class and a secondary class, combining the abilities of both.</desc>
3881     <desc>Four of Squaresoft's most popular games (Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 5 and Final Fantasy 6) are combined in an already large and constantly growing network of worlds with an overall plot that links all of them.</desc>
3882     <desc>Although it is currently still under Gamma testing, players and ancients (wizards) are newbie friendly, quests are plentiful, and there is much discovering to be made. Players are welcome to submit ideas, as well as contribute in world wide quests run by the administration. For the avid Final Fantasy fan, or just one looking for a mud to play, this game is definately something to consider playing.</desc>
3883   </mud>
3884   <mud>
3885     <name>Star Trek: The First Duty</name>
3886     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH 1.8.3p6 (w/ ASpace coming soon)</codebase>
3887     <host>alphawolf.us</host>
3888     <port>2390</port>
3889     <ip></ip>
3890     <www>http://</www>
3891     <desc>A description is forthcoming.</desc>
3892   </mud>
3893   <mud>
3894     <name>Terminus Faire</name>
3895     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
3896     <host>terminus.mushpark.com</host>
3897     <port>9999</port>
3898     <ip></ip>
3899     <www>None</www>
3900     <desc>At the very end of the Infinite Corridor, that hallway of 'back doors' into every conceivable dimension, is Terminus Faire. Terminus Faire is a year-round bazaar of the grandest sort. Travelers and merchants from every world and every plane of existence come together at Terminus Faire to trade their wares, be those goods, services... or information.</desc>
3901     <desc>Around the Faire, the City of Terminus has sprung forth over the ages. None can remember a time when the Faire and the City did not exist, as timeless as the Corridor itself. It always has been and always will be. Where the Faire is the center of commerce and tourism, the City is where the locals make their home and have their own... recreational activities.</desc>
3902     <desc>Terminus Faire is where tourist, merchants, and others come together to interact. It is a place where gods and demons consort with the most mundane of the mundanes. It is a place of business... and of recreation - where the powerful and powerless alike can explore their desires. Whatever those desires might be.  Terminus Faire. The end of the line is where pleasure begins.</desc>
3903     <desc>=--------------------------------------------------------------------=</desc>
3904     <desc>Terminus Faire is an adult-themed game built to encourage roleplay of all adult types - from politics to intrigue, from erotic to violent - youll find it all at Terminus Faire. terminus.mushpark.com 9999</desc>
3905   </mud>
3906   <mud>
3907     <name>Forgotten Realms of Myth</name>
3908     <codebase>[Dawn] Slightly Modified</codebase>
3909     <host>bacchus.brotay.net</host>
3910     <port>5300</port>
3911     <www>http://</www>
3912     <desc>The Forgotten Realms of Myth is an RP oriented fantasy mud. We offer races ranging from your common human to that of orcs, drow and even creatures such as demons.  We offer several base classes as well as remort classes and remort races. The level system ranges from 1 to 91 for players. Level 91 being hero level.  Player suggestions are welcome.</desc>
3913   </mud>
3914   <mud>
3915     <name>The Original Emperia</name>
3916     <codebase>[Rom] 2.4b6 + GM [Heavily Modified]</codebase>
3917     <host>emperia.org</host>
3918     <port>5002</port>
3919     <ip></ip>
3920     <www>http://www.emperia.org/</www>
3921     <desc>High up on the mountain, I look out over the land of Emperia and it brings a smile to my lips. Evil, goodness and neutrality all lurk within the races that dwell there. The busy streets of Midgaard are filled with many different peoples, but they all seem to live together in peace. As I look over to Valhalla, I see the gods smiling; even at times lending a helpful hand to mortals in need of help. Many of the creatures have banded together as tribes to help each other out, and they are filled with the comradely and brotherhood of belonging. I have watched these creatures of every race and alignment band together to protect what is theirs. Against other creatures who were bent on tearing their world asunder, even the young heroes of this world will fight for it. This world we call Emperia calls out to those who are looking for a home--you are welcome here.</desc>
3922     <desc>Emperia is a flourishing mud, with a diverse player base and an experienced staff dedicated to creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for all.  Emperia is continuously improving and some of our features include:</desc>
3923     <desc>* Flourishing community with active tribes and roleplaying. * Over 100 areas, many revamped, but most new! * Immortal and player run quests; personal quests available! * A tiered remort system to keep leveling interesting! * 20+ unique races with special abilities. * 20+ classes with new skills/spells. * Store your goodies in your very own locker! * Arena to safely battle your friends! * Opportunities for players to build areas. * And much, much, more!</desc>
3924   </mud>
3925   <mud>
3926     <name>5 Kingdoms of Mercator</name>
3927     <codebase>[Circlemud] HEAVILY MODIFIED</codebase>
3928     <host>mercator.dune.net</host>
3929     <port>2411</port>
3930     <ip></ip>
3931     <www>http://mercator.dune.net</www>
3932     <desc>Sixteen races living in five kingdoms seperated by oceans.</desc>
3933     <desc>Sail by ship, fly by dragon or ride your steed across the rolling mountains and barron deserts to find riches and grow in power and skill.</desc>
3934     <desc>Six master classes each with three entirely unique sub-classes allow for hundreds of unique paths to choose from.</desc>
3935     <desc>The land of Mercator is waiting.</desc>
3936   </mud>
3937   <mud>
3938     <name>Harshlands</name>
3939     <codebase>[Dikumud] Heavily Modified</codebase>
3940     <host>mud.harshlands.net</host>
3941     <port>5555</port>
3942     <ip></ip>
3943     <www>http://www.harshlands.net/</www>
3944     <desc>Harshlands is a FREE roleplay intensive, skills-based MUD set on the island of Harn (Columbia Games). Standard 'hack and slash' play is seriously dissuaded, with levels, classes and experience points non-existent. Players can choose to pursue careers, including herbalist, journeyman craftsmen, soldier,criminal, clery, law enforcer and many more.</desc>
3945     <desc>Players proving to be skilled and dedicated are offered choices that include shop ownership, master level craftsmanship, nobility and many advanced professions. For those unfamiliar with Harn, it is a world based on a composite of 9th-12th century Britain.  The world has over 16,000 original rooms in smoothly integrated universally consistant zones, ten deities, five human ethnic and cultural groups, and three non-human races selectable by players of proven ability.</desc>
3946     <desc>While the thrust and focus of the game is serious roleplay, the world remains a deadly and harsh environment, where life is risky and death is permanent. Recently upgraded code includes account system, wound-based combat system with wound treatment/infection code, upgraded AI, crafts, and numerous small refinements to promote RP.</desc>
3947   </mud>
3948   <mud>
3949     <name>Askala, The Shroud of Darkness</name>
3950     <codebase>[AFKMud] Highly Modified</codebase>
3951     <host>runmuds.dyndns.org</host>
3952     <port>2000</port>
3953     <www>http://</www>
3954     <desc>Askala, The Shroud of Midnight has just been launched</desc>
3955     <desc>THERE WILL BE MORE TO COME HERE!</desc>
3956   </mud>
3957   <mud>
3958     <name>4 Dimensions</name>
3959     <codebase>[Circlemud] bpl15 modified</codebase>
3960     <host>4dimensions.org</host>
3961     <port>6000</port>
3962     <ip>4dimensions.org</ip>
3963     <www>http://4dimensions.org</www>
3964     <desc>4 Dimensions is set at a time after a massive nuclear war has caused great rifts in the Time Warp of Universe. Due to those rifts, generally known as 'Time Traps', you can travel freely between different time periods. Some enterprising people have set up a Travel Agency, making it easier for adventurous Travellers to explore the different Dimensions of Time.</desc>
3965     <desc>There are 4 main 'Worlds' that you can visit; Pre Historic, Medieval, Old West and Future, each with 100% unique zones - you won't find any stock areas in 4D. This makes our mud especially interesting for those that like the extra challenge of exploring and solving Quests. Even our Mud School is customized, with 4 grades (one for each Dimension) and a unique 'Quest Academy' at the top, teaching some of the tricks of mudding, that usually only very experienced players know about.</desc>
3966     <desc>At present there are over 200 zones, more than 70000 rooms and over hundred built-in Quests of varying difficulty. Many of our long time players build for us, so the world is growing at a steady rate. With the Quest prizes you can buy some of our special 'features' like crash-proof houses, and personalized equipment, pets, mounts and vehicles.</desc>
3967     <desc>4D is and will always be totally free to play, although we have more features than many Pay-to-Play Muds. Our remort and skill system is very advanced, allowing you to continuously improve your character. The full potential of the Game only unfolds as you play it, but already in Mud School you'll get a taste of what to expect later on.</desc>
3968     <desc>So come and enjoy one of the most developed and original free Muds on the net! Some of the content in the zones is a bit 'mature', so this is not a mud for the very young or very prudish.</desc>
3969   </mud>
3970   <mud>
3971     <name>Arda MUD</name>
3972     <codebase>[Smaug] heavily modified</codebase>
3973     <host>arda.pp.ru</host>
3974     <port>7000</port>
3975     <ip></ip>
3976     <www>http://www.arda.pp.ru</www>
3977     <desc>Live in the world of Tolkien's Middle Earth. Explore deep dungeons and climb high peaks. Mostly original world, almost every area has secrets and mini-quests. Be a good citizen of Bree, or become a creature of evil and reside in Carn-Dum. Different classes, including Knight of Arnor and Barrow Wights. Every race has unique abilities - orcs skin corpses, dwarves craft powerful weapons, elves sing magical songs, and many others...</desc>
3978     <desc>Everyone who speaks russian, welcome! You can play even you do not have cyrillic keyboard and fonts.</desc>
3979   </mud>
3980   <mud>
3981     <name>Heavy Gear Mux</name>
3982     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
3983     <host>hgmux.org</host>
3984     <port>6132</port>
3985     <ip></ip>
3986     <www>http://www.hgmux.org/</www>
3987     <desc>Welcome to Khayr ad-Din, 'city of trash,' home to Rovers, renegades, mercenaries, Duelists and lowlifes from all over Terra Nova. Enter the gritty and realistic world of Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear, a new experience in science fiction. Giant Robots _not_ included.</desc>
3988   </mud>
3989   <mud>
3990     <name>X-Men: Alpha</name>
3991     <codebase>[MUSH] Tinymush 3.0</codebase>
3992     <host>xma.digimoon.org</host>
3993     <port>4040</port>
3994     <ip></ip>
3995     <www>http://lyssa.org/xma/</www>
3996     <desc>Based in a Year One universe, XMA offers a somewhat different theme, combining several elements, and veers off into its own direction. At the core of the game is the idea of balance. For every good, there's a corresponding evil. For everyone fighting for a certain dream, there's an opponent bent on squashing it. For the X-Men, it is the Hellfire Club. For the New Mutants, it is the Brotherhood's Hellions. For the Morlocks, its the evil that consumes the underbelly of New York. And for the Brotherhood itself, its the Friends of Humanity and the schemers of the world.</desc>
3997     <desc>After a tragic accident several years ago, the X-Men and the high school students have fallen under the wing of Magneto, a close friend of their former mentor. Established in New York, they attend the Massachusetts Academy, an Upper West Side boarding school with one of the best reputations in the world. As each group grows more organized, change comes in shocking and new ways. With several forces scheming in the backgrounds, each team will have their hands full in the quest for survival, and ultimately, balance.</desc>
3998   </mud>
3999   <mud>
4000     <name>Storms of Time</name>
4001     <codebase>[Merc] MrMud 1.4 - Emud 3.0</codebase>
4002     <host>slackhalla.org</host>
4003     <port>4321</port>
4004     <ip></ip>
4005     <www>http://slackhalla.org/~emud</www>
4006     <desc>Storms of Time is an old school Mortal Realms derived Hack and Slash mud with an emphasis on exploring, solving interesting area based quests, multi-playing (can login up to five characters at once), easy corpse retrieval, and optional pk without equipment looting.</desc>
4007   </mud>
4008   <mud>
4009     <name>Warhammer MUD, Wolfenburg</name>
4010     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
4011     <www>http://www.wolfenburg.com/</www>
4012     <desc>Adventure in the World of Warhammer, a MUD based around the Warhammer game (from games -Workshop). Fully endorsed and licenced by GW.</desc>
4013     <desc>Choose from 26 classes be it a Bretonnian Knight to a witchhunter.</desc>
4014     <desc>Adventure in a huge world full of skinks, squigs, bloodletters and gobbo's.</desc>
4015     <desc>Go to www.wolfenburg.com and download the client software now.</desc>
4016   </mud>
4017   <mud>
4018     <name>Star Wars: Imperial Awakening MUSH</name>
4019     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.0</codebase>
4020     <host>starwars.ironglove.com</host>
4021     <port>4203</port>
4022     <ip></ip>
4023     <www>http://www.starwars.ironglove.com</www>
4024     <desc>Starwars Imperial Awakening (started Jan 2002) is 4 years after Return Of The Jedi. The Empire, run by Grand Admiral Thrawn, is working to not only pull the Empire together, but to win the battle against the Rebel Alliance. Princess Leia, Captain Margo Wethers, and General Crix Madine are dealing with a vast number of victories as the Rebel Alliance, under the direction of the New Republic Council, push towards their goal of forming the New Republic.</desc>
4025     <desc>The last year has found both Rebel and Imperial forces in a sector of space that had previously been inaccessible. The battle for the Jedi Holocron has been won by the Rebels, and all have returned to normal space now that Nablis is once again shut off from the outside Galaxy.</desc>
4026     <desc>Much to the dismay of the Empire, the Rebels have gained much while they were occupied in Nablis, and to further concern the Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn himself has been captured when he returned ahead of the ISD Chimaera in an effort to save Coruscant (which he was successful in doing).</desc>
4027     <desc>SWIA is in a state of rebuilding its playerbase, so there are many FC's available along with great potential for independent characters.</desc>
4028     <desc>Join us at 'starwars.ironglove.com 4203'. Factions are still growing, Feature Players are still available, and we have regular Events for all players to get involved in.</desc>
4029   </mud>
4030   <mud>
4031     <name>Dragonball Advent Truth</name>
4032     <codebase>[Circlemud] CWG Rasputin 3.5.31 (Heavily Modified)</codebase>
4033     <host>www.advent-truth.com</host>
4034     <port>1280</port>
4035     <ip></ip>
4036     <www>http://www.advent-truth.com</www>
4037     <desc>The truest form of DBZ a mud can provide. Allowing you to live out your DBZ based character to the fullest extent of your imagination.  Featuring the following but not limited to;</desc>
4038     <desc>Destructible environments, fully explorable space, private ships that you can own to explore space, dynamic gravity system with gravity generators that can be programmed to a specific setting, and a dynamic wish system that summons Shenron and allows you to speak wishes like in the show.</desc>
4039     <desc>These are to name but a tiny fraction of what Dragonball Advent Truth offers. Won't you come experience the true beginning of DBZ mudding with us? You won't regret it. Leave the past behind.</desc>
4040   </mud>
4041   <mud>
4042     <name>He-MUSH 2: The Fright Zone</name>
4043     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
4044     <host>omen.genesismuds.com</host>
4045     <port>2095</port>
4046     <ip></ip>
4047     <www>http://</www>
4048     <desc>Masters of the Universe game where player determines theme, no admin rules and regulations, just good, clean barbaric fun.</desc>
4049   </mud>
4050   <mud>
4051     <name>Hidden Worlds</name>
4052     <codebase>[Merc] Diku</codebase>
4053     <host>hwmud.mudmagic.com</host>
4054     <port>4000</port>
4055     <ip></ip>
4056     <www>http://www.hwmud.org</www>
4057     <desc>Out of the ruins of Old Thalos City emerged MERC's Midgaard, the center of the Hidden Worlds. Its environs are inhabited by the creatures of fantasy and magic.  HW is based on Merc/Diku mud code and has been around since 1992. If you like the Merc system, then you will love us. Some areas have been kept from the original Merc world for players familiar with them.  Our creation team is working to keep the good old Merc Diku feeling with new and custom areas. If you are looking for a simple, fun mud with a good social atmosphere, give HW a spin. This isn't Circle, Envy, Merc II, Rom, Rot, Smaug or other variants of Merc. It's the way mudding used to be. And we like it like that.  We support limited player killing, clans, quests, marriages, chaoses and lots of hack and slash. There are more adventures to enjoy than we quickly describe, so come and experience them for yourself!  Join us and journey through the Hidden Worlds of your imagination.</desc>
4058   </mud>
4059   <mud>
4060     <name>Hollow World</name>
4061     <codebase>[Circlemud] Deeply modified</codebase>
4062     <host>mud.hollow-world.net</host>
4063     <port>3007</port>
4064     <ip></ip>
4065     <www>http://www.hollow-world.net/</www>
4066     <desc>The Hollow World</desc>
4067     <desc>The planet of the Known World is not a solid ball like our Earth is. In fact it's hollow. A tiny sun hangs in the center of the hollow, and vast polar openings permit travel between the inner and outer worlds. The interior landscape is called the 'Hollow World', a place of acient mystery.</desc>
4068     <desc>The polar openings leading into the Hollow World are so huge that their cruvature is very, very gradual. That, combined with the fact that these regions are perpetually shrouded in fog, means that people can travelfrom the outer world to the inner (or vice-versa) without being aware of it.</desc>
4069     <desc>The interior sun sheds daylight at all times in the Hollow World; night never falls, and creatures susceptible to sunlight (such as vampires)  are rare indeed.</desc>
4070     <desc>The interior world has long been hidden from the outer world- the few outer-world explores who have found it have either died there, stayed there willingly, or returned without publicizing their discovery. To this day, the existence of the Hollow World is not generally known in the outer world.</desc>
4071   </mud>
4072   <mud>
4073     <name>HoloTrek</name>
4074     <codebase>[ColdMud] Cold Genesis</codebase>
4075     <host>holotrek.org</host>
4076     <port>1701</port>
4077     <ip></ip>
4078     <www>http://www.holotrek.org/</www>
4079     <desc>HoloTrek is a Star Trek-themed role-playing game on a timeline that branched from the events of TNG/DS9 around the first season of DS9.  The game attempts to remain true to the Star Trek universe; canon is highly regarded.</desc>
4080     <desc>Players may choose to join the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Rihannsu (Romulan) Empire, the Ferengi Alliance, or the Cardassian Union.</desc>
4081     <desc>The game is primarily role-playing, but is supported by advanced space, combat, skills, and economic systems.  A full commodities market economy is available for those that wish to strike out on their own as freelance traders, merchants, pirates, mercenaries, and spies.</desc>
4082     <desc>HoloTrek welcomes both experienced and new roleplayers to the game.  Good roleplay is rewarded; players who develop good roleplaying skills will find their characters growing in power and influence.</desc>
4083   </mud>
4084   <mud>
4085     <name>Banana MUD</name>
4086     <codebase>[Mythran] Put a banana in your ear</codebase>
4087     <host>bananaworld.com</host>
4088     <port>1234</port>
4089     <www>http://bananaworld.com</www>
4090   </mud>
4091   <mud>
4092     <name>The Lands of Shannara</name>
4093     <codebase>[Rom]</codebase>
4094     <www>http://</www>
4095     <desc>The Four Lands is a mud based on Terry Brooks Shannara series. We are a brand new ROM based mud, with all new races and and classes. We are looking for a few people to fill Immortal positions - Coder, Builders, Quest Imm, Role-play imm, etc. Currently, the game is closed to players to give the Immortals time to create the world which is Shannara. Anyone wishing to fill an immortal position should contact Saint at one of the following : Yahoo - daperfectma AIM - Daperfectma E-mail - daperfectma@aol.com</desc>
4096   </mud>
4097   <mud>
4098     <name>Space Game</name>
4099     <codebase>[Unknown] web browser/test based game</codebase>
4100     <www>http://www.spacegame.org</www>
4101     <desc>The current state of the game, we are fighting for power not just for us, but for race's empire. We are trying to expand our borders and hope that when it meets up with the enemy race, we will be able to hold our ground and force the wall of opposition back in their face! So here is a  quick description to back up the name...</desc>
4102   </mud>
4103   <mud>
4104     <name>Star Wars: Shattered Equinox</name>
4105     <codebase>[SWR] Heavily Modified SWRIP1.0</codebase>
4106     <host>mud.shatteredequinox.com</host>
4107     <port>6666</port>
4108     <ip></ip>
4109     <www>http://www.shatteredequinox.com/</www>
4110     <desc>It is a time of unrest for the galaxy. The Galactic Civil War has ended, but the strain that it caused still weighs heavy. War may be over but the fighting continues - at times just as fierce and deadly as during the height of the Rebel insurrection.  The fledgling New Republic is making small steps at restoring some order to the vast regions decimated by conflict. Bringing together countless unique species and civilizations, under the flag of peace and harmony rather than conquest and submission is a task harder than anyone would have believed.  The Empire is a remnant of its once glorious military. Forced to surrender great amounts of territory to better protect itself, but they have not surrendered their dedication to the ideal crafted out of the evils of Palpatine.  Independents have a greater vision of the galaxy now. Smuggling remains a strong source of income and many believe that it will expand even more now. Pirates operate in the relative open. With both the New Republic and Empire strained beyond compare, pirates are capable of picking and choosing their targets with little fear of governmental retaliation. The Civil War may have ended. But the galaxy has yet to see a time of peace. Conflict is all anyone knows, and they will not see it erased so easily.  The possibilities are endless. This is a time for all to make a difference from the smallest of characters, to the leaders of vast governments. Everyone has a place - and each place is unique in its necessity.</desc>
4111   </mud>
4112   <mud>
4113     <name>UrMud</name>
4114     <codebase>[Custom] java-based</codebase>
4115     <www>http://www.urmud.com/</www>
4116     <desc>We're just starting out, so while the UrMud is quite good, there's plenty more coming.</desc>
4117     <desc>Here's what we have so far: o huge self-growing world, over a billion tiles... in any direction o houses and clan halls are cheap (lots of room, right?) o advanced combat system, including ranged combat o real economy and ecology ( carvers need more wood? price goes up. - wolves eat sheep, which eat grass ) o smart AI NPCs that go about their business</desc>
4118     <desc>Coming Soon: o build houses, shops, farms, mines, castles - and hire NPC farmers, crafters, shopkeepers, guards, ... o skill system - time+money based, not exp based o complex and variable magic system</desc>
4119     <desc>Many seem to like the non-combat options, such as gathering and woodcutting. Roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded, but not enforced. No powertripping imms here.</desc>
4120     <desc>There's plenty of room for everyone, so come over and join the fun!</desc>
4121   </mud>
4122   <mud>
4123     <name>VerminMud</name>
4124     <codebase>[Custom] [Custom]</codebase>
4125     <host>vermin.game-host.org</host>
4126     <port>23</port>
4127     <ip></ip>
4128     <www>http://verminmud.org</www>
4129     <desc>VerminMud is built completely from scratch. The driver and mudlib are written in Java. We have a graphical editor for worldbuilding.</desc>
4130     <desc>The basic theme is medieval fantasy and very similar to popular LPMuds like BatMud and ZombieMud. Also the user commands should be familiar to players of the above muds. Currently we have eight operational guilds, dozen races, over 100 skills and a vast outerworld complete with multiple layers supporting flying, mountaineering and underwater travel.</desc>
4131   </mud>
4132   <mud>
4133     <name>Hyperborea</name>
4134     <codebase>[LP] with ANSI color support</codebase>
4135     <host>hyperborea.net</host>
4136     <port>2000</port>
4137     <ip></ip>
4138     <www>http://www.hyperborea.net/</www>
4139     <desc>H Y P E R B O R E A land of the north hyperborea.net:2000</desc>
4140     <desc>Hyperborea is a game set in Medieval European Roleplaying Style. Our goal is to provide a high quality, social game that is fun to play.</desc>
4141     <desc>Having been around since 1993, Hyperborea has developed into a very stable game with many interesting areas to explore and quests to solve.</desc>
4142     <desc>Hyperborea is a game running on a modified LPMUD lib. Some of our features are: (optional, player settable) ANSI color, (voluntary) quests with a quest point system, guilds, identify command to find out detailed information about any object, changing seasons, friendly people and much more!</desc>
4143   </mud>
4144   <mud>
4145     <name>Dragonfyre</name>
4146     <codebase>[Circlemud] Rasputin Code</codebase>
4147     <host>dragonfyre.ca</host>
4148     <port>7676</port>
4149     <ip></ip>
4150     <www>http://dragonfyre.ca</www>
4151     <desc>Dragonfyre is a experimental mud. A combination of ideas and code. Work on this mud mostly offline and completely experimental. If you happen to venture on to this domain and find something wrong, please email myself or if you have an thought on an existing idea please let me know. I am not actively looking for builders or players but never reject the lost or wondering soul. Send me an email or drop online. -Tasis Dragonfyre.ca</desc>
4152   </mud>
4153   <mud>
4154     <name>Iconoclast</name>
4155     <codebase>[Circlemud] Circle 3.0 (Highly Customized)</codebase>
4156     <host>iconoclast.org</host>
4157     <port>7777</port>
4158     <ip></ip>
4159     <www>http://www.iconoclast.org/</www>
4160     <desc>Iconoclast MUD has been in continuous operation since 1996, making us one of the longest-running Cyberpunk/Gothic-themed MUDS on the Internet. We've long been one of the top Sci-Fi RP MUDS listed on the search engines, and a significant portion of our players have been with us since the beginning for that very reason.</desc>
4161     <desc>Iconoclast is set at the dawn of the 22nd Century, and is based around the people and events associated with the free city of New Aurora. Genetic alteration, cybernetic enhancements, neural interfaces, excessive violence, corporate control, rampant gang and cult activity and a worldwide Matrix are accepted as the norm. The 6000+ room Iconoclast world itself is 100% original, and designed to be realistic without being detrimental to play. The focus is on quality, not quantity.</desc>
4162     <desc>Our customized code (a Circle 3.0 derivative) encourages role- playing while allowing a more traditional hack-and-slash style of play for those who enjoy that. Combat works differently than on other MUDS; there are no levels or experience points as such, but there is plenty of room for self-directed advancement to high levels of power and influence.</desc>
4163   </mud>
4164   <mud>
4165     <name>IgorMud</name>
4166     <codebase>[LP] DGD</codebase>
4167     <host>igormud.org</host>
4168     <port>1701</port>
4169     <ip></ip>
4170     <www>http://www.igormud.org/</www>
4171     <desc>IgorMud is a world of imagination, with swashbuckler pranksters, proud and lordly knights, tech-wizards with their robots, rangers praising the moon, demonic warriors with enslaved zombies, and spiritualists in search of perfect order.</desc>
4172     <desc>And those are the players!</desc>
4173     <desc>IgorMud players fight terrible monsters and hideous creatures, then lounge about in our famous Spice Club, or their own private rooms, or take in a Shitar concert, and brag of their kill and eat spicy kabobs and drink firebreathers with friends, guild mates, and team members. As they become more powerful and skilled they even build their own castles and invite friends to visit!</desc>
4174     <desc>IgorMud is place of great adventure, a small virtual town with characters of all sorts.  We have a fantastic newbie school and areas for our newcomers, and intimate families and friendly clubs.  We have six guilds, and weapon specializations (which come in handy when fighting the trolls, the klingons, the vampires, the horrible Big Potato, Tigger, the lemming invasion!)</desc>
4175     <desc>IgorMud is home to players from around the world, not only from Sweden, but from the Netherlands, Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and many other places. Come join us; we have a place for you.</desc>
4176   </mud>
4177   <mud>
4178     <name>Illusia: Quest for the Eternals</name>
4179     <codebase>Custom/Graphical</codebase>
4180     <www>http://www.illusia.com/</www>
4181     <desc>Illusia is a multiplayer graphical world that will redefine your idea of gaming on the Internet.  With incredible 3D areas to explore and hundreds of characters, both computer and player-controlled, to interact with, Illusia: Quest for the Eternals at last brings true commercial-quality computer gaming to the Internet.  Visit our home page today for the latest information!</desc>
4182   </mud>
4183   <mud>
4184     <name>Illusions of the Mind</name>
4185     <codebase>[Rom] Rom 2.4</codebase>
4186     <host>omen.digital-genesis.com</host>
4187     <port>9100</port>
4188     <ip></ip>
4189     <www>http://www.tibernas.com/</www>
4190     <desc>The world of Tibernas has elves, orcs, dwarves, humans, serdaen (huge flyers), cresnars (lizard-like humanoids), half-ogre, half-elves and shifters. Come be a mage, druid, paladin, bard, necromancer, cleric, thief, or barbarian.  Playerkilling is restricted to a 6 level range that is player enforced by the society of [JUSTICE]. We are very newbie friendly. P.S. If you are new to muds ask a [SAGE] member for advice they can be very helpful. Highest Mortal level is 60.  WEBSITE: tibernas.ak.net Recently added a Broswer Applet to connect through port 80. Check top of main web page at tibernas.ak.net for connection link!</desc>
4191     <desc>Backup site is located at tibernas.ak.net Port 9100</desc>
4192     <desc>Watch out for the shifters!  Come, enjoy yourself and remember, this is all an Illusion!</desc>
4193   </mud>
4194   <mud>
4195     <name>AniMud Evolution</name>
4196     <codebase>[Smaug] DBSaga (Soon to be fully Customized)</codebase>
4197     <host>crazee-records.ath.cx</host>
4198     <port>1901</port>
4199     <ip></ip>
4200     <www>http://www.angelfire.com/anime6/animeevolution</www>
4201     <desc>AniMud Evolution is a mix of the anime shows Sailor Moon andInuyasha.The timeframe is just after the Inner Senshis meet the Outer Senshis.A new threat arises and the Sailor Senshis must call on Inuyasha to assist them.  New allies and old friends come together on AniMud Evolution to defend the universe from the Crimson Eclipse which is being casted by the Shadow Soldiers from the planet Karaki. Come join us on AniMud Evolution and prepare to be amazed!</desc>
4202   </mud>
4203   <mud>
4204     <name>Puzzlebox MUCK</name>
4205     <codebase>[MUCK] fbmuck6</codebase>
4206     <host>puzzleboxmuck.org</host>
4207     <port>8890</port>
4208     <ip></ip>
4209     <www>http://www.puzzleboxmuck.org</www>
4210     <desc>Puzzlebox is a science fiction/transhuman/\"postfurry\" MUCK set in a dreamlike city on a cryptically hyperintelligent megastructure. Most characters are furries with futuristic trappings, but all sorts of strange cosmic beasties abound. Food, shelter, and even healthcare are available at the blink of an eye, so there's nothing left to fight over except for ideas -- and no way to fight over them except for art and seduction.</desc>
4211     <desc>Puzzlebox is different from many other MU*'s in that it takes place in a richly developed original world, but it's still fairly freeform and loosely regulated. While we hope you'll find our players to be fun and friendly, we also pride ourselves on investing serious thought and, more importantly, emotion into our virtual lives. At its best, Puzzlebox is also a social experiment, a work of collaborative art, a philosophical conundrum, a laboratory for identity play, and sometimes a bit of group therapy. :)</desc>
4212     <desc>Membership is by application only -- intellectually curious, open-minded people who play well with others, daydreamers and romantics preferred. Please visit our webpage or email functionxor@gmail.com for more information.</desc>
4213   </mud>
4214   <mud>
4215     <name>Imperial Gizmo DikuMud</name>
4216     <codebase>[Dikumud] Heavily Modified, type of mud is custom</codebase>
4217     <host>gizmo.camalott.com</host>
4218     <port>6969</port>
4219     <ip></ip>
4220     <www>http://merlin.camalott.com/~gizmo</www>
4221     <desc>Gizmo is derived from Diku Code. Its been heavily modified and changed to meet the needs of the players. Some of the things Gizmo has to offer is:</desc>
4222     <desc>.oOo. Extensive Player Base, there is always someone logged on. :) .oOo. Multi-Playing up to a maximum of 4 characters. .oOo. SOLO Character Benefits. .oOo. Meta of Stats (STR/INT/WIS/DEX/CON Hps, Mana, Moves and Age) .oOo. 10 differant classes to choose from. .oOo. Friendly players and Immortals. .oOo. Clan Housing System .oOo. Special Rengeration Rooms .oOo. 180+ Zones, with new ones being added all the time .oOo. Special Procedure Code (Makes things exciting!) .oOo. Arena for PKing without worry of stat loss. .oOo. 50 Mortal levels, 10 Immortal levels .oOo. ANSI Color, highly configurable, use in titles, and all means of communication. .oOo. Quests run by Immortals, and Quests within the areas. .oOo. Very stable environment, with new code added all the time. .oOo. Player's data modified all the time, allowing more possibilities for game play. (no loss of players).</desc>
4223   </mud>
4224   <mud>
4225     <name>Petria MUD</name>
4226     <codebase>[Rom] remort, clan (level 10+) + pk, 111 levels, 4000+ rooms</codebase>
4227     <host>mud.petria.net</host>
4228     <port>6600</port>
4229     <ip></ip>
4230     <www>http://www.petria.net/</www>
4231     <desc>Petria es un MUD divertido, con multiples opciones y clanes para seguir adelante. Tienes 8 clanes para escoger y 3 reinos para aliarte, un sin numeros de equipos y armas y 111 niveles disponibles.</desc>
4232   </mud>
4233   <mud>
4234     <name>Imperium</name>
4235     <codebase>[Dikumud] Diku (Modified)</codebase>
4236     <host>imperium.genesismuds.com</host>
4237     <port>40000</port>
4238     <ip></ip>
4239     <www>http://imperium.genesismuds.com</www>
4240     <desc>Imperium is a mud offering a variety of classes and races, each with a unique set of abilities in a huge, all-original world.   A multi-continental world which is still expanding, even after years of growth.  Imperium uses a zone docking system to allow fast travel with minimum lag. The zones are all unique, featuring many different themes, some new, some recognizable.  There are always places to adventure.  Geared towards both roleplaying and combat, pking is allowed within certain restrictions.  Multiple characters are allowed, up to two online at a time.  Imperium's features include increased AI for mobs, multiple coin types, spell components, a unique introduction system, a wide variety of classes and unique spells, and huge travelling terrain with inns scattered throughout the continents.  The Imms are both helpful and professional, having had many years of both roleplaying and MUD experience.</desc>
4241   </mud>
4242   <mud>
4243     <name>Ethereal Mists</name>
4244     <codebase>[GodWars] Godwars Deluxe Heavily Modified</codebase>
4245     <host>omen.genesismuds.com</host>
4246     <port>3500</port>
4247     <ip></ip>
4248     <www>http://etherealmists.genesismuds.com</www>
4249     <desc>Dare you enter a world where the rules of right and wrong no longer apply? A world controlled by gods, where mortals cower in the corners of the night trembling in fear until they are taken by the beasts that roam this realm; taken to be taught to rise to power? Be it of the Mystics of the Magi or the Beast of the Garou, many shall perish before the journey's end. Can you be the one to rise to power and command your forces against those that plague to overthrow you? Do you dare to challenge those that stand against you? Enter the mists and find out.....</desc>
4250     <desc>So come, stop by, relax, hang your hat, and enjoy your stay here, at the Ethereal Mists.</desc>
4251     <desc>The EM Staff</desc>
4252     <desc>EM has had some updates, two newer classes have been added those being Dragons and Highlanders. Also the traditional statcap of 30k has been increased to 100k. Self-classed Hybrids are also available.</desc>
4253   </mud>
4254   <mud>
4255     <name>Voregotten Realm</name>
4256     <codebase>[MUCK] Fuzzball TinyMUCK 2.2fb6.11(with patches)</codebase>
4257     <host>vore.got-game.org</host>
4258     <port>8888</port>
4259     <ip></ip>
4260     <www>http://vore.got-game.org/VoregottenRealm/</www>
4261     <desc>Somewhere in Brittany (France) is a magical forest, the forest of Broceliande, home of Merlin, the druid and enchanter. It is well known that Merlin is used to travel through time, but what is unknown of the crowd is that Merlin did setup a magic cave acting like a portal leading to various worlds and epochs... There is one thing in common to the worlds that this cave allows to reach: in these worlds, death is usually not a permanent status and most of the ones who perish by accident do resurrect after a while. It is actually a good thing, because the said worlds are small and closed, very few of their inhabitants being able to escape them... and food is rare, leading to a merciless competition for survival where the predators try to feed on the preys...</desc>
4262     <desc>Voregotten Realm is a vore-themed, free-form, role-playing MUCK, but it also offers a BDSM-biased area and another area designed especially for macrophiles and microphiles. As far as vore is concerned, you are welcome to RP any kind of vore you want: soft, mild, hard, gory, cooking, consensual or not, sexual or not... anything ! As for the characters' races, all are welcome: humans, furries, scalies... anything fancying you is fair game (we encourage creativity and imagination). The MUCK offers medieval fantasy, contemporary and futuristic / sci-fi settings, therefore suiting anyone's needs.</desc>
4263     <desc>Voregotten Realm provides a complete and coherent set of commands, as well as some unique features, to be discovered on its website... :-)</desc>
4264   </mud>
4265   <mud>
4266     <name>Infinite Planes</name>
4267     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily modified Circle</codebase>
4268     <host>ipmud.com</host>
4269     <port>4545</port>
4270     <ip></ip>
4271     <www>None</www>
4272     <desc>Infinite Planes is a heavily modified Circle-base MUD that has been around since early 1994.  We are very stable, and have hundreds of original zones specifically written for Infinite Planes, along with some zones that were ported from other MUDs for use at Infinite Planes.  We offer an enriched playing atmosphere with a wide array of player classes and over 600 skills and spells to choose from.  We have a dedicated building staff that strives to add new areas on a very regular basis, and a great coding team that has devoted several years of effort to code new features to make the game even more enjoyable for our players.  If you are looking for a vast world to explore in, filled with intelligent creatures and adventure, and are looking for a MUD that offers both hack-and-slash adventure as well as quest-oriented character building, we invite you to give us a try.</desc>
4273   </mud>
4274   <mud>
4275     <name>ABM</name>
4276     <codebase>[MUSH] Stock pennmush with slight mods</codebase>
4277     <host>babymud.game-host.org</host>
4278     <port>4201</port>
4279     <ip></ip>
4280     <www>http://</www>
4281     <desc>A basic mush type game for me and my friends</desc>
4282   </mud>
4283   <mud>
4284     <name>Shattered Dreams</name>
4285     <codebase>[Rom] rot,diku,merc,sd</codebase>
4286     <host>sdmud.com</host>
4287     <port>7000</port>
4288     <ip></ip>
4289     <www>http://sdmud.com</www>
4290     <desc>Shattered Dreams is an extremely featured and interactive MUD, with hundreds of commands to make the game easier and funnier. The two owners are both old pk'ers and we've been balancing the game to make pk'ing funny and balanced for everyone. There is even a special clan that people can join if they wish to learn how to pk.  Our unique stances system makes hacking and slashing that much more entertaining and advanced. We have both Pk and Non Pk clan structure. The fun on Shattered Dreams is unlimited.Strive for Victory in Hero and Ancient Tournaments!Throw that hot potato away! Tag the enemies in Freeze Tag and much much more.</desc>
4291     <desc>We're looking forward to seeing you there &amp; don't hesitate to ask us any questions.</desc>
4292     <desc>Rhaelar &amp; Sina</desc>
4293   </mud>
4294   <mud>
4295     <name>Acropolis</name>
4296     <codebase>[Rom] Rom2.4 very heavily modified</codebase>
4297     <host>acro.game-host.org</host>
4298     <port>5500</port>
4299     <ip></ip>
4300     <www>http://acro.game-host.org:81/~acro/</www>
4301     <desc>Acropolis is a MUD that is designed with the newbie in mind.  Role-playing is accepted and encouraged, but not necessary.  If you're new or old to mudding stop by, you'll have a great time! Here is a brief summary of what we have to offer:</desc>
4302     <desc>* Random equipment based on a set of weapon/armor flags. Included in the random equipment system are a few new item types: bows, arrows, materia, and more.</desc>
4303     <desc>* PK Arena for non-PK or PK players.  We have one of the most popular arenas out there because we have added so much to it.  There are three types of wars: Single, Team, and Clan, and you can win everything from gold to potions to practices and trains in the arena without worrying about losing exp/equipment/etc.</desc>
4304     <desc>* Many new classes, races, skills and spells.  A lot you have never seen before because we made them ourselves.</desc>
4305     <desc>* Remorts, imm and auto quests, a few other 'arenas', friendly staff always ready to help new players, beautiful ANSI color, neat clan system, dedicated player base, the list goes on and on.  Stop by today and see what your missing!</desc>
4306   </mud>
4307   <mud>
4308     <name>Hell</name>
4309     <codebase>[MOO] Heavily Modified MOO</codebase>
4310     <host>hellmoo.org</host>
4311     <port>7777</port>
4312     <ip></ip>
4313     <www>http://hellmoo.org</www>
4314     <desc>HellMOO is a post-apocalyptic hellscape role-playing game. It is a very challenging role-playing environment. Imagine a city filled with people who have nothing to lose, most of whom would murder you given the chance. Now imagine that they're starving, irradiated, and angry. Add to that hideous, unthinkable abominations that are the product of irresponsible genetics research and generations of radiation poisoning and pollution. Now imagine that multinational corporations are the only organizations cuthroat enough to have come out of the collapse of civilization with any real collective power, and that there are now no restrictions on them using that power however they like. There are so many ways to die here, and thanks to the corp's technology, you can keep coming back and experience each and every one of them. Not even suicide can get you out of hell.</desc>
4315   </mud>
4316   <mud>
4317     <name>X-men : Another Day Dawns</name>
4318     <codebase>[MOO]</codebase>
4319     <host>kydance.net</host>
4320     <port>3113</port>
4321     <ip></ip>
4322     <www>http://x-menanotherdaydawns.wikidot.com</www>
4323     <desc>The Liberty Island incident changed a lot of things. The public is more aware of mutants than ever, and there's even more coverage of the subject of the emergence of mutants as a new race of humanity.</desc>
4324     <desc>Some people react with curiosity, compassion, wanting to understand and accept those among them who may be a little different. But like the generations of history before now, there are even more people who just can not, and will not, accept those who are different more easily.</desc>
4325     <desc>Magneto is currently still in prison, Rogue is still at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the X-men are still fighting the good fight awhile the Brotherhood tries to regroup from losing their leader.</desc>
4326     <desc>Taking place several months after the end of X1, the game will be implementing plots and ideas from the later movies, while not following the same arcs, allowing for more freedom and development of characters.</desc>
4327     <desc>FCs and OCs are both welcome, with several of the more prominent FCs still available. Other Marvel characters available.</desc>
4328     <desc>Come join the fun, and help us shape the story!</desc>
4329     <desc>We are currently considering thematic reboots. Don't be shy, come check us out and put in your two cents!</desc>
4330   </mud>
4331   <mud>
4332     <name>Ishar</name>
4333     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
4334     <host>ishar.com</host>
4335     <port>9999</port>
4336     <ip></ip>
4337     <www>http://www.ishar.com</www>
4338     <desc>A cool breeze in a desert of mediocre muds.</desc>
4339     <desc>Gather friends together in the splendor of Mareldja to head out exploring the vast all-original fantasy world of Ishar, written from the ground up as a challenge for those who seek it.</desc>
4340   </mud>
4341   <mud>
4342     <name>Moonlit Tavern</name>
4343     <codebase>[MUSH] RhostMUSH Alpha 3.9.1RL(A).p1</codebase>
4344     <host>agrajag.rpg-works.net</host>
4345     <port>4242</port>
4346     <www>http://moonlittavern.wikidot.com</www>
4347     <desc>Moonlit Tavern is based on the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.</desc>
4348     <desc>It's set in a dark urban Boston, this is where horror and suspense will be explored.</desc>
4349     <desc>You can choose to play a human, a human +, shifter, vampire or even Fae.  Staff are friendly and open.</desc>
4350     <desc>Currently we are in Beta so we'd like to see as many people log in as we can and test the system and grid.</desc>
4351     <desc>Thanks for dropping by!</desc>
4352     <desc>Moonlit Tavern Staff.</desc>
4353   </mud>
4354   <mud>
4355     <name>Sonic the Hedgehog: New Horizons</name>
4356     <codebase>[Unknown] ProtoMUCK-Cygwin 2.0b7.07 (Muck2.2fb6.01)</codebase>
4357     <host>sth.sthnh.com</host>
4358     <port>8888</port>
4359     <ip></ip>
4360     <www>http://sthnh.com</www>
4361     <desc>It's been two hundred years since that day when Robotnik's doomsday machine exploded in the plains near the great city that is now Mobotropolis once more and old heros appear from the past as new evils await in the sidelines to arise and spread terror in the hearts of all.  Come and be part of our epic struggle to keep our world from reverting into the days of chaos.</desc>
4362   </mud>
4363   <mud>
4364     <name>JediMUD</name>
4365     <codebase>[Dikumud] Originally a modified Sequent II</codebase>
4366     <host>jedimud.com</host>
4367     <port>4000</port>
4368     <ip></ip>
4369     <www>http://www.jedimud.com/</www>
4370     <desc>JediMUD has been running more-or-less continuously since Summer, 1992, and was voted Mud Connector's Mud of the Month in September, 1995.  One of the few surviving pioneers of the early Diku era, JediMUD continues to grow and thrive. Come experience mudding history; come experience the glory of JediMUD.</desc>
4371   </mud>
4372   <mud>
4373     <name>Scourge of Time</name>
4374     <codebase>[Rom] Rom 2.4 modified</codebase>
4375     <host>scourgeoftime.com</host>
4376     <port>7474</port>
4377     <ip></ip>
4378     <www>http://www.scourgeoftime.com</www>
4379     <desc>Once a land ruled by dragons, giants, and powerful immortals, one millennium later the power of magic has been replaced by technology and a powerful corporation pulls political strings from behind the scenes.  A terrible industrial accident creates a time rift joining the two eras of the world of Jhoira together.  Now the ways of magic are returning to the land of the future and time travelers attempt to alter the past with seemingly no affect. However, no one knows for sure since all records of the centuries between have disappeared.</desc>
4380     <desc>Scourge of Time is mainly a hack and slash mud with optional arena killing and roleplaying.  There are 401 mortal levels, separated into 4 tiers.  Once at 401 players are able to obtain superhero levels.  Once you have 3 remorts you can gain Legend levels which make your character even more powerful. Along the way players mayenter challenges (rebirth/reawakening/ renewal) where theycan gain new spells and skills for their class or (with an etl penalty) gain groups more suited for other classes.</desc>
4381     <desc>Also: - Casino where you can win questpoints and gold - get precious gems by digging or randomly from certain mobs, use these to improve equipment - lockers - imm run clans - mortal run tribes - if you can't stop questing, you can spend your qp to forge equipment to improve it even further. New: - Group2 skills improved, some 2nd tier mobs made easier - chance to get \"hours up\" spell when you complete quest - removed pkill, added arena areas for those that want PvP.</desc>
4382   </mud>
4383   <mud>
4384     <name>Lost Kingdoms</name>
4385     <codebase>[Circlemud] highly modified</codebase>
4386     <host>lkmud.org</host>
4387     <port>4545</port>
4388     <www>http://www.lkmud.org</www>
4389     <desc>Lost Kingdoms is a hack n' slash based mud.  The emphasis is on killing mobs for eq, as eq plays a large part in character strengths.  LK is also a limited PK mud, and this is chosen at the time you reach level 30 out of 50 mortal levels.  Currently we are only beta testing as we only have roughly 10 zones completely done, with 10 more planned.  LK is all original except for the sewers under the start town, that was modified from stock.  So if you want to play and possibly build, then come check us out.</desc>
4390   </mud>
4391   <mud>
4392     <name>Belleza</name>
4393     <codebase>[Dawn]</codebase>
4394     <host>magick.lost-monkeys.net</host>
4395     <port>4444</port>
4396     <ip></ip>
4397     <www>http://magickstone.net</www>
4398     <desc>Over the past 3000 years, the mystified sites of the world had made its way into vanishing from the earth. Slowly, each mark of their existence became nothing but clouded dust. Their ancient civilizations are now nothing but a myriad of fiction. The disappearance of their world as we all know no longer is remembered by most and with knowing this, some fear that whatever hurdle and struggles that they went through over history, we are more susceptible as a human race to repeat it. Some feel that tales and evidence of the ancient civilizations were just made up from hearsay; but then there are some that do not believe that they were even human in the first place.</desc>
4399     <desc>As time progressed in this century, there has been tales of a stone that is capable of giving the holder the key to the ancient civilizations. Powers of its deepest and strongest of magick is contained within the stone. Most have thought that this powerful stone has been created by the ancients, to allow them to jump across worlds of their reality into ours. Somehow, as legend was told, it did not happen this way, but in fact the land that they arrive from was a utopia for those who felt that they did not belong to fellow Earth. It was an escape among escapes. Lives could start over, races could change, and you could always visit Earth (Common), but would you miss it? The ability to have that second try at life was and IS very well possible in the world of Belleza.</desc>
4400     <desc>What will be your destiny?</desc>
4401     <desc>Rumor has it that those with the will to change and to explore a great experience among the Belleza realm need only to mutter their interest, and the gates shall open forth to a new grand adventure!</desc>
4402   </mud>
4403   <mud>
4404     <name>Corporate Expanse: From the Cradle</name>
4405     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH 1.8.3p6</codebase>
4406     <host>corpexpanse.com</host>
4407     <port>7117</port>
4408     <ip></ip>
4409     <www>http://www.corpexpanse.com/cradle</www>
4410     <desc>The Earth year is 2748, and humanity has taken its first tentative steps into deep space. After centuries of research and a millenium of thoughts and dreams, the secrets of faster-than-light space travel have been granted to humanity by a mysterious, powerful alien species, and, after years of preparation, humanity has at last left its own solar system, colonising the distant world of Epsilon Indi III.</desc>
4411     <desc>However, right now humanity is a very, very small fish in the biggest of ponds. Not only is the new colony, christened Persephone, mankind's first departure from its solar system, but it is also humanity's new centre of alien trade and diplomacy. It is meant to be a shining beacon of mankind's power and progress. The reality, however, is quite different, and the two hundred thousand citizens of Persephone must realise that they are merely pieces on quite a large chess board.</desc>
4412     <desc>From the Cradle is an originally-themed science fiction MUSH set as the human race takes the biggest step in its long history. It is a political game, with ambassadors, diplomats, and bureaucrats jockeying for power and prestige. It is a military game, with the officers of a virginal and hastily-arranged space force trying to look the great powers of the galaxy in the eye. It is a home for farmers, merchants, traders, labourers, tourists, and wanderers gathering on humanity's first new frontier in centuries.</desc>
4413     <desc>A character-driven roleplaying game, From the Cradle welcomes all of those who wish to dive into a character on humanity’s final frontier. From the Cradle uses a FUDGE-based stats system, and those familiar with FUDGE can have a character ready in about fifteen minutes.</desc>
4414   </mud>
4415   <mud>
4416     <name>Dragon Ball GT - Hybrid Thunder</name>
4417     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified</codebase>
4418     <host>reign.sytes.net</host>
4419     <port>1037</port>
4420     <www>http://</www>
4421     <desc>This mud is not a big cliche like all the other dbgt/dbz/db muds out there, but its getting tehre so dont worry. Im not going to make a world just like that of Dragonball GT. Im not gonna stop at the moves that they have in DBGT either, its just to limiting so expefct alot more out of this mud then your gunna get out of others. So far I only have up to Oozaru's or rather if your not a regular japanese speaker the giant monkeys that Saiyans turn into when tehres a full moon, I have custom transformation messages, and We are working on getting in custom fighting moves for added fun. The fighting system is one where you actually have to pay attention while fighting, cause the muds not gonna do your fighting for you. We have alot of stuff finished and the code is clean. Try to enjoy yourselves here.</desc>
4422     <desc>Sometimes the server is down so dont think the mud is dead and gone just because you cant connect. This normaly happens later at night, or perhaps not at all most times.</desc>
4423     <desc>This mud is based off from DBArena by Antor (c) 2001</desc>
4424   </mud>
4425   <mud>
4426     <name>Dragonball Truth: The Legend Continues</name>
4427     <codebase>[AFKMud]</codebase>
4428     <host>divineright.org</host>
4429     <port>9996</port>
4430     <www>http://dbtfl.forumotion.net/index.htm</www>
4431     <desc>A roleplaying dbt, Grubby and Songi owned.</desc>
4432   </mud>
4433   <mud>
4434     <name>Kerovnia</name>
4435     <codebase>[LP] LD-2.4.5-Kerov on LDMud 3.2.9</codebase>
4436     <host>kerovnia.com</host>
4437     <port>1984</port>
4438     <ip></ip>
4439     <www>http://www.kerovnia.com/</www>
4440     <desc>You enter the room through a small, creaky wooden door.  A soft glow is coming from the light of a small fire.  Across the room you see a wizened old sage sitting at a table.  As you slowly approach, he looks up and says, 'Put thy name here...'  He hands you a golden quill and turns a large tome around for you to sign.  Looking at the tome, you already see these signatures in golden ink, and then a place for yours underneath.  Come enter our world...your world of adventure.</desc>
4441     <desc>'||'  |'                                             || || .'      ....  ... ..    ...   .... ... .. ...   ...   .... ||'|.    .|...||  ||' '' .|  '|.  '|.  |   ||  ||   ||  '' .|| ||  ||   ||       ||     ||   ||   '|.|    ||  ||   ||  .|' || .||.  ||.  '|...' .||.     '|..|'    '|    .||. ||. .||. '|..'|'  ''''''''' ''''''' ''''''' ''''''' '''''''' '''''''' '''' '''''''</desc>
4442     <desc>Open since -*- September 1st, 1992 11:48:32 AM EST \"And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start, to mold a new reality, closer to the heart...\"</desc>
4443   </mud>
4444   <mud>
4445     <name>Kingdoms</name>
4446     <codebase>[LP] LPC</codebase>
4447     <host>kingdoms.se</host>
4448     <port>1812</port>
4449     <ip></ip>
4450     <www>http://www.kingdoms.se/</www>
4451     <desc>Kingdoms mud is a medieval fantasy based LPmud. We're based on our own mudlib. The mud features several guilds as well as some races, most of whom are humanoid. With a multitude of quests and exploration we can offer far more than only monster-bashing. The latter is of course provided as well, but beware, combat is deadly to say the very least. Player-killing is somewhat limited, but game mechanics takes care of that. It's part of the game, nothing that is required.</desc>
4452     <desc>Running since spring 1992 we're one of the older muds still up. You are welcome to the Kingdoms, to explore and enjoy.</desc>
4453   </mud>
4454   <mud>
4455     <name>Wintershade MUCK</name>
4456     <codebase>[MUCK] Glow</codebase>
4457     <host>wintershade.net</host>
4458     <port>2003</port>
4459     <ip></ip>
4460     <www>http://wintershade.proboards.com</www>
4461     <desc>Once upon a time, there was a caring monarch amongst the ruling class.</desc>
4462     <desc>These are not those times.</desc>
4463     <desc>Wintershade is an anthro roleplaying MUCK with a medieval theme.</desc>
4464     <desc>More information can be found at the forum.</desc>
4465   </mud>
4466   <mud>
4467     <name>DragonBall Evolution</name>
4468     <codebase>[Circlemud] DBE</codebase>
4469     <host>evolution.wolfpaw.net</host>
4470     <port>1874</port>
4471     <ip></ip>
4472     <www>http://www.evolutionmud.com</www>
4473     <desc>DBE is one of the longest running DBZ MUDs online that continues to expand everyday. This MUD takes a mixture of roleplaying and PK to create an unique Dragonball experience. Each of the races will give you a different style of gameplay while RPing and PKing. Even though DBE is based on Dragonball, that does not mean other themes or influences won’t exist in the MUD. As the name of the MUD says, DBE is an evolution of the DBZ theme. If you’re looking for a different view on the anime, then you should give DBE a try.</desc>
4474     <desc>DBE Includes:</desc>
4475     <desc>* 17 races that make up 4 different race types(Attack, Defense, Healer and All-Around) * 100 skills split between all the races * Skills that upgrade through transformations * 14,000 rooms * 7 planets, Majinia, Outer Space, Afterlife/Heaven and Hell * 80+ quests to set out on * over 4,000 items can be bought, found or created * 7 clans * Weekly events and Double Experience weekends * 24/7 PK Dragonball Hunt * Zones and Bosses that require groups with tanks and healers * PK Wars and RP events held often * Food and water are actually useful by restoring pl, ki and fatigue * Bloodlust which is full PK mode that offers multiple buffs * Houses, custom items and pets can be earned * Optional Newbie Academy with rewards when completed * Multiple types of scouters and radars that show different information * Powerlevel gains kept within range of the Frieza Saga * Level based system with virtually no cap * Dedicated staff, most have been with DBE for years * Freedom of Speech if not being malicious * Newbie friendly environment(ask for Ozma if any help is needed) * Stable server and no intentions of shutting down, DBE is here to stay</desc>
4476     <desc>If any of that sounds appealing, stop by and join in the fun.</desc>
4477     <desc>Hope to see you there, Ozma and the Staff of DBE</desc>
4478   </mud>
4479   <mud>
4480     <name>Pokemon: Blastoff!</name>
4481     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
4482     <host>omen.genesismuds.com</host>
4483     <port>2090</port>
4484     <ip></ip>
4485     <www>http://</www>
4486     <desc>Pokemon: Blastoff! MUSH seeks to appeal to all players who enjoy the Pokemon franchise and wish to roleplay in its wide world -- from Kanto to Sinnoh and 1998 to now.</desc>
4487     <desc>The theme takes place in a time just before the events of the game and anime and feature characters are currently unavailable, though they do exist. Players are encouraged to instead make their own characters, whether they're a trainer or a pokemon!</desc>
4488     <desc>Currently, there's no coded combat system or anything fancy, and the grid is small to allow people to more easily meet each other. Our chargen is all ingame. We hope to see you on P:B! for a fresh, brand-new adventure!</desc>
4489   </mud>
4490   <mud>
4491     <name>By Right of Blood</name>
4492     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH (modified)</codebase>
4493     <host>brob.genesismuds.com</host>
4494     <port>6070</port>
4495     <ip></ip>
4496     <www>http://www.wix.com/Zyrilius/ByRightOfBlood</www>
4497     <desc>**LOOKING FOR CODERS/STORYTELLERS!!!!**</desc>
4498     <desc>Welcome to By Right of Blood: San Francisco By Night! A game based off the Old World of Darkness Series. By day, San Francisco is as we all know and love her. Bustling, scenic, tranquil metropolis by the Bay, from the tight streets of Oakland to the shining San Francisco Bay, birds chirp in their trees, children file off to school, business men watch their fortunes rise and fall with the tides. Then the sun sets. A howl pierces the night, and the time is come for all good children to be in bed. This is their time. This is the Devil's time. Everything you think you know, every story you have ever heard about witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and wizards. They are all true. They are all real; they are all out to get you. Brave, eternally vigilant Hunters stand against the ever-deepening tide, their vengeful blades poised to strike back against the forces of darkness, but every night the battle takes its toll. Every night fewer eyes watch over the innocent lambs of sleeping Humanity, every night the Enemy multiply. For some it is a call to arms; pleas to fight ever harder as the odds become that much steeper, that much more impossible. Laughing at their plight, the Vampires of the Sabbat stand in bloodstained victory. The Camarilla is broken. Their homes destroyed, their Elysium kept mobile in order to keep the truth of their weakened numbers a precious secret. The Sabbat, the Glorious Sword of Caine, revel in these war-scorched nights. It is a time like unto the Old Days, with the strongest ruling like gods amongst men and even the weakest having mortals to push around. Even Vampires have to look over their shoulders sometimes. Waiting in the darkest places where even Caine's Chosen dare not look, a new threat awaits. More secretive even than the Mages, to whom everyone could be an enemy, their last sanctuary destroyed, and any mortal is a walking landmine of danger, there exists an enemy none dare cross directly. Its name unknown, its origins only hinted at, a force is gathering that awaits only the appropriate time to unleash Hell itself. Whispers in the quiet reaches of Vampire and Mage society, hints that a true Demon, and who can stand against a creature that has carried the Words of God in its now wretched hands. Moreover, in the crossfire, alone against the sweeping winds of evil, are the innocent, the \"normal,\" those people who lack the sense, the fear, the will to simply, hide in their homes when the sun goes down. Every war has its bystanders, every war zone its casualties, every story its heroes. The Children of Seth, mortal men and women, go about their everyday business well into the night, unaware or unafraid of the horrors lurking about them. Werewolves? Mere myth? Wizards? Long since dead. Vampires? Cute, harmless, emasculated shadows of their former selves for twelve-year-old girls to squeal over, but who will preserve them when the harsh fire of reality burns away their illusions? Come, oh traveler, and join us. Here at By Right of Blood, we always welcome new blood into the fold. Staff and Player alike, we greet you with open arms. Anything we might do to make your stay with us as pleasant as your character's is brutal. We work together to create the world you want, the RP you long for, the stories that will keep you coming back night after night. Our spheres are currently expanding, and we are currently accepting Vampire: The Masquerade, Mage: The Ascension, Hunter: The Reckoning, as well as Mortal and Mortal+ classes. We are currently not accepting Werewolf, and accepting Demon applications on a strictly limited basis.</desc>
4499     <desc>We are also looking for Storytellers and reliable coders who are familiar with Tiny and able to have reliable on-game time.</desc>
4500   </mud>
4501   <mud>
4502     <name>Underworld - The Evolution</name>
4503     <codebase>[Rom] Rom - With major enhancements/changes/addons</codebase>
4504     <host>underworldevo.homeip.net</host>
4505     <port>4000</port>
4506     <ip></ip>
4507     <www>http://</www>
4508     <desc>Underworld, Evolutions. This game is the culmination of a few dedicated, very experienced mudders who have a special affinity for Vampires and Lycans. Underworld is based on the rom codebase with major modifications to optimize the players experience in the game world.</desc>
4509     <desc>At the moment of this submission, we are very new area wise, in fact, we dont even have any original areas! :) We have just finished up with the basic coding aspect, though we are always looking for experienced coders - Now we will begin building the world.</desc>
4510     <desc>Underworld Evolutions will be set in a modern world - something that has never been done successfully on a rom codebase, but that is about to change. All player testers are welcomed, RP is already in swing. If your intrested in building, drop on in and contact one of the Immortals, they will be happy to hear you.</desc>
4511     <desc>So, drop on in and give us a try. We'll do our best not to disapoint you, but be forewarned - we are an infant mud. I cannot stress this fact enough. We tend to take things slowly to make sure perfection is achieved, rather then a hastily thrown together codebase. So come and roleplay, and offer your ideas. Hope to see you there.</desc>
4512   </mud>
4513   <mud>
4514     <name>Lambda Moo</name>
4515     <codebase>Lambda Core</codebase>
4516     <host>Lambda.moo.mud.org</host>
4517     <port>8888</port>
4518     <ip></ip>
4519     <www>None</www>
4520     <desc>Lambda moo is the original moo that developed the core code for all the moos you will likely visit.  We have guest sign ins and if you like the place you can request a permanent character name.  You may make friends and influence your fellow moo'ers by running for a open position on the board of directors.  Thereby influencing where the moo will grow in the future.</desc>
4521   </mud>
4522   <mud>
4523     <name>Marvel MUCK - Heroes of New York</name>
4524     <codebase>[MUCK] Proto Muck</codebase>
4525     <host>wolfsinger.com</host>
4526     <port>3763</port>
4527     <www>http://mmheroes.wikidot.com</www>
4528     <desc>New York is not your average city. It is a world where the strange is commonplace, magic is mundane and wonders sometimes slip beneath notice. It is a city brimming with heroes, villains and everything in between. Some of these people have their eyes set on global salvation (or conquest), playing roles in galactic diplomacy or challenging otherworldly horrors. But there is another layer to the superhuman community, the ones who call New York their home, their territory or their turf. The ones who do not play a role in the galactic happenings, the world events or even the national news. These are the Heroes of New York. Whether these are heroes to the citizens of the Big Apple, or heroes of their own selfish goals is up to them.</desc>
4529     <desc>And here on the streets of the city, there are goals a-plenty. The students of the Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters only want to explore and enjoy the city, while the dangerous Friends of Humanity want to end the genetic anomoly that is mutantkind. The Morlocks want only to survive and the Brotherhood of Mutants wants to dominate the city. Members of AIM want their own piece of the world, while the Heroes for Hire want a slice of the pie.</desc>
4530     <desc>The world fears what's different, and that often amounts to mutantkind. Most people feel that these are non-humans, a species to be watched, feared and controlled to the best of their abilities. The political climate is unfriendly for these mutants, but smiles on heroes that are (or were once) their own: Supersoldiers and those who received their powers from an accident are sometimes untouched by public scrutiny while still others can't help but always be in the spotlight in the worst way possible. What is to come of this city, from this tension and uneasiness?</desc>
4531     <desc>This is Marvel: Heroes of New York. This is a game based on the street level Marvel Comics characters, before the happenings of House of M, and not necessarily following in the canon's footsteps. Here, it is you who helps write the story.</desc>
4532   </mud>
4533   <mud>
4534     <name>The Land of Drogon</name>
4535     <codebase>UberMUD</codebase>
4536     <host>land.drogon.net</host>
4537     <port>6123</port>
4538     <ip></ip>
4539     <www>http://www.drogon.net/tlod/</www>
4540     <desc>It's a olde-fashioned MUD in the classic style of 'Colossal Cave' or 'Zork'. There is treasure to be found, puzzles to be solved and monsters to be killed.</desc>
4541   </mud>
4542   <mud>
4543     <name>The Sea of Storms</name>
4544     <codebase>[Smaug] Very heavily modified</codebase>
4545     <host>tsosmud.org</host>
4546     <port>7070</port>
4547     <ip></ip>
4548     <www>http://www.tsosmud.org</www>
4549     <desc>The Sea of Storms is a Wheel of Time MUD based on very heavily modified SMAUG and is primarily focused on role play.  The code is designed to emulate the world created by Robert Jordan in exquisite detail and provide the basis for an in depth role playing environment.</desc>
4550     <desc>We are also one of the only true leveless WoT MUDs out there. Advancement is based upon use and observation of skills, weaves, flows, and weapon forms.</desc>
4551     <desc>Perhaps the biggest bonus, however, is that our timeline is independant from that of the books.  This allows the players at The Sea of Storms to truly be in control of their own environment, and not be subject to the same tired plotline where everyone knows what's going to happen.</desc>
4552     <desc>Get involved in political intrigue in Cairhien, rise through the ranks of the Aes Sedai, fight alongside the Borderguard, or even just run your own shop.  The possibilities are endless.</desc>
4553     <desc>Just some of our innovative code features include a totally unique channeling system; an all-original combat system with weapon forms for six different weapons totalling almost 300 forms; there's also multi-guilding, color customization, and weapon and armor forging to match our custom layering system. Other features to be found include a dreamworld, wolfkin, angreal, ter'angreal, and pets/mounts that will save right along with you.</desc>
4554   </mud>
4555   <mud>
4556     <name>Beyond Despair</name>
4557     <codebase>[LP]</codebase>
4558     <host>beyonddespair.genesismuds.com</host>
4559     <port>3500</port>
4560     <ip></ip>
4561     <www>http://beyonddespair.genesismuds.com</www>
4562     <desc>Beyond Despair is a unique medieval fantasy world where characters can build up their person in nearly anyway they wish. Players have to option of choosing several different classes(magi, warrior, etc), and several skills of their choosing based upon their classes. Players can also choose a guild which is like a profession stressing the importance of both combat and economics. We are still in the process of building our world but what we have will not leave you dissapointed.</desc>
4563   </mud>
4564   <mud>
4565     <name>Marvel Unlimited</name>
4566     <codebase>[MUX] MUX #6 [ALPHA]</codebase>
4567     <host>mud.themudhost.net</host>
4568     <port>2050</port>
4569     <ip></ip>
4570     <www>http://themudhost.net/~worldgate/index.php/Main_Page</www>
4571     <desc>Welcome to Marvel Unlimited MUX! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to recreate, or rather, reinvent the classic characters you've come to know so intimately over the years? Here, you can do exactly that. While the year is 2001, the newest era of Super Heroes has just begun, Mutant hysteria is on it's upswing, teenagers across the country are spawning powers heretofore unknown. And the populace has just begun to feel the effects of Super villains, and the chagrin of their newfound place at the bottom rung on the evolutionary ladder.</desc>
4572     <desc>The basis of our theme is that which exists in the Ultimate series as published by Marvel comics, and our system, is not at all dissimilar from most consent based MU*s. Set in the present, characters that would be termed as FCs (Feature Characters), are rewound to their origin point, and that origin, placed into a current day context. This allows for all characters in Marvel comics to be translated here, albeit a bit different then you may suspect. Thor, Iron Man, Magneto, all of whom should make an appearance here, should be recognizable to their canon counterparts, but certain liberties can be taken.</desc>
4573   </mud>
4574   <mud>
4575     <name>AARIT</name>
4576     <codebase>[Custom] Written in python: http://code.google.com/p/aaritmud/</codebase>
4577     <www>http://www.aarit.it</www>
4578     <desc>We have a special vision in our own world, emotions and personality can change what we feel and see, a sunset, a table, a meadow, nothing is ethernal, nothing is immovable. We have set a world world where your action becomes part of a great plan evolving while you're still there breathing. Aarit will allow you interpret a role without having to following stiffly rules that would limit your imagination and letting you manage the opportunity to create different styles of playing without having to start from scratch if you think you made a mistake to include the initial characteristics. Become a part of a world where peace and quiet now rampant in any place where all sorts of discomfort and hostility is handled with attention from several existing breeds. Rediscover old rivals over the centuries are remembered only through the history books and tales handed down orally, seem to have returned to resume their place on top of the evolutionary chain. Explore the remote forested regions of Karpuram where something dark and evil is gaining strength for the attack and return to be talked about herself. In a region trumpeted for its neutrality and its disinterest to World events, the malaise of a people away and defeated will come to be felt all his anger. Meet Kurooth the centaur, current ruler of Myrmidons Clan and commander in charge of the humanoid races that exist on Aarit who apparently has just opened a general meeting to discuss about some items come from remote corners of the kingdom. Fight against what it considers unfair and defend your rights and those the people you knew during your journey, forming groups and clans to dominate or simply enjoy the best in the World you were born. Play your role at best trying to impersonate the choosed character or take a break in the tavern enjoyng yourself with the other adventurers, remembering that even the simple talking can make your gaming experience unique and unrepeatable.</desc>
4579   </mud>
4580   <mud>
4581     <name>Galactic Trader</name>
4582     <codebase>[Custom] GalTrader 4.55, revision 4.4</codebase>
4583     <host>gt.gamingmuseum.com</host>
4584     <port>23</port>
4585     <ip></ip>
4586     <www>http://www.galtrader.com</www>
4587     <desc>Galactic Trader is a multiplayer space trading game loosely based on the PC game 'Elite'. It's reminiscent of old BBS door games, but is coded for OpenVMS based Alpha and VAX systems. In the original, players would make money buying and selling goods (some illegal) and evading cops and hostile aliens in the hopes of racking up enough credits to buy a better vessel or weapons. Successful players achieve fame on the high score list. In Gamingmuseum.com's enhanced version, players can now join the Imperial Navy or Galactic Police, or even become a member of the hostile Thargoid race. There are many new ships and new equipment, such as tractor beams and fusion torpedoes. Players can build their own bases and outposts. Capital ships can carry fighter squadrons, and mount multiple laser cannons.</desc>
4588     <desc>Support is available in the Galtrader group on Yahoo! Groups.</desc>
4589   </mud>
4590   <mud>
4591     <name>Shoujo-Ai MUSH</name>
4592     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
4593     <host>mush.shoujoai.com</host>
4594     <port>4201</port>
4595     <ip></ip>
4596     <www>http://mush.shoujoai.com/</www>
4597     <desc>Shoujo-Ai MUSH, running PennMUSH, is centered around the theme of an all female, lesbian world. It is set on a small, isolated island named Yuriba that is located in the Devil's Triangle ( similar to the Bermuda Triangle) some distance off the coast of Japan. The environment is built on a simple reality: \"All life is female.\"</desc>
4598     <desc>Shoujo-Ai MUSH is largely social RP oriented but welcomes purely social players as well. The MUSH is based on the anime subgenre 'shoujo-ai', or 'love between girls'. While the in character world has it's own culture and history, much of the overall flavor remains anime and manga influenced. The environment is designed to allow a primary focus on social and relationship RP, rather than combat.</desc>
4599     <desc>Further details about the MUSH and the world it is set in can be found at our webpage or our wiki at http://yuriba.wikia.com/.</desc>
4600   </mud>
4601   <mud>
4602     <name>Palavi</name>
4603     <codebase>[Dawn]</codebase>
4604     <host>blinksoft.com</host>
4605     <port>6969</port>
4606     <ip></ip>
4607     <www>None</www>
4608     <desc>It is a small mud now but is growing a steady pace. Dragonetti and Kira hope to slowly add in new areas as we get them. Builders are welcome but as asked to play a little before requesting a builder position.</desc>
4609     <desc>About the mud. We are a fantasy based mud with 2 active and helpful admins. We do allow pk but it must be done with a role play reason. There is an automated questmaster as well as quests run my mobs in some zones. Group tells are useable on this dawn and there is a engagement/marriage system in place with a private channel for spouses and soon there will be an auction system. Beyond the stock dawn colors you can also color your says, emotes, spouse channels and gtells. There is also more then the standard dawn log in races including a volendrian race which is similar to a vampire but with some interesting difference.</desc>
4610     <desc>Please stop in, say hi, play a few levels and bring your friends, we are not bit now but we can be with your help.</desc>
4611   </mud>
4612   <mud>
4613     <name>Dragonball Unleashed</name>
4614     <codebase>[Unknown] DBSC</codebase>
4615     <host>swu.genesismuds.com</host>
4616     <port>4030</port>
4617     <ip></ip>
4618     <www>http://swu.genesismuds.com</www>
4619     <desc>----------------------------------------------- Dragonball unleashed is still mostly stock dbsc codebase. I can only promise you that balance and equality are the first priorities on my list. You will NEVER have to worry about rigged or cheating players and alts here.</desc>
4620     <desc>Altho we are mostly stock, I have many plans for this codebase that will give the players more to do than the usual pl grind.</desc>
4621     <desc>We are currently filling all immortal positions including: Builders, Enforcers, RP admin, and I have an opening for one more coder as well. I'm also willing to let new builders come here to learn. I will help however I can.</desc>
4622     <desc>Stable and faster server, 99.9% uptime. -----------------------------------------------</desc>
4623     <desc>Timeline and history still open for debate. This is truly a mud where the fate of the mud is ran by the players. (Voting/Poll system)</desc>
4624     <desc>Stop on in and chat on the OOC channel or play the mud. Looking for good RP? Game characters are strictly RP only. There is no mixing of the two, I don't tolerate it.</desc>
4625     <desc>I welcome you to Dragonball Unleashed</desc>
4626     <desc>I</desc>
4627   </mud>
4628   <mud>
4629     <name>Lands of Stone</name>
4630     <codebase>[Mordor] Modified as Flint</codebase>
4631     <host>mud.landsofstone.org</host>
4632     <port>4801</port>
4633     <ip></ip>
4634     <www>http://www.landsofstone.org/</www>
4635     <desc>This is a fantasy world rediscovering itself, slowly the explored boundaries are pushed back and new lands and peoples discovered, with much more to be found. As time passes secrets are uncovered, dangers surmounted and kudos gained by the brave.</desc>
4636     <desc>The use of quests is extensive with levelling quests and title quests available and more being designed at all times. We use an entirely player driven clan system where they can create and maintain their own groups with options for alliances should they be necessary. Another approved form of player killing is through the use of Assassin Contracts to add that personalised touch to a pkill.</desc>
4637     <desc>This engine has been heavily modified over time and continues to be so to meet the demands of the database and players.</desc>
4638     <desc>We hope you enjoy our world and if visiting consider staying.</desc>
4639   </mud>
4640   <mud>
4641     <name>Land of Neverending War II</name>
4642     <codebase>[Dawn] Modified</codebase>
4643     <host>fleamuds.mine.nu</host>
4644     <port>4000</port>
4645     <ip></ip>
4646     <www>http://fleamuds.mine.nu:4001</www>
4647     <desc>Hello, After years of running the Land of Neverending War of my own code i decided to run an other mud. I have the server, i miss only players and admins now. The mud is opened for BETA testing for now.</desc>
4648     <desc>Everyone Welcome.</desc>
4649     <desc>Flea.</desc>
4650   </mud>
4651   <mud>
4652     <name>Spellbound</name>
4653     <codebase>[Unknown] [MAngband 0.7.2]</codebase>
4654     <www>http://gamedude.klaanit.net/~spellbound</www>
4655     <desc>[This game requires a client program, easily acquired from under the homepage link.]</desc>
4656     <desc>Spellbound is a free online multiplayer roguelike game. To win the game, you must build up a character and live and grow in the Forgotten Realms's City of Splendors, Waterdeep. You must be powerful enough to defeat Bane the Black Lord's last avatar, as he has fortified himself 5000 feet under the city, in the infamous Underdark, and is mustering an army of power unseen before. As you work towards this near-impossible goal, you will chart unexplored reaches of the Underdark, do battle with legendary creatures, and find lost artifacts. And of course throughout your journeys you will encounter many other adventurers -- whether they be friend or foe is up to you to decide!</desc>
4657     <desc>..based on Angband by Ben Harrison and MAngband by Keldon Jones. If you loved Nethack, Angband, Rogue, Omega or other ASCII-based games of the past, you will love this one.</desc>
4658   </mud>
4659   <mud>
4660     <name>Marvel: The Rift</name>
4661     <codebase>[MUX] 2.9</codebase>
4662     <host>muxmadness.com</host>
4663     <port>2010</port>
4664     <ip></ip>
4665     <www>http://marvel-the-rift.wikidot.com/start</www>
4666     <desc>What if everything, everyone you knew, you suddenly didn't? Your surroundings look as familiar as they did yesterday, the skyline of New York just as you remember it. Yet, something gnaws at you, tickling at the back of your mind to tell you all is not as it seems.  You don't remember what happened to leave you on the outskirts of New York City, without anything but the clothes on your back, whatever is in your pockets or carried with you. Did you hit your head? Was there some sort of skirmish or fighting you don't remember taking part in that left you here? Clearly you weren't robbed, so just what in the heck happened?  There's a train station nearby, and you have the means to buy a ticket into the city or to Westchester. You board thetrain, seeing all the same familiar things you normally notice about the area, as you head home. You maybe even start to see some familiar faces, people you notice every day but perhaps don't actually know.  Then there are the people you do know. Friends, comrades, enemies, even lovers, who may or may not know you. At least, not the you that you are, the you that you remember being. They may have a whole different recollection of you, or none at all. What has happened to you, to those you love and hate?  The Rift has chosen you. Whether it will choose the friends and foes you know or not, remains to be seen.  Welcome to Marvel Universe : The Rift!   The premise here is, pick a character you love, and pick and choose their history! You can use the Movies, Comics, or even the Cartoons! All we ask is that you stay true to the core of the character, for whichever history/ies you choose! You can mix and match!  The Rift has created a place much like the regular Earth most characters know, and whether it's a god seeking some sort of perfection, or a god that's like a kid with an ant farm, one thing remains the same: The Rift only chooses one of each incarnation. One Wolverine, one Ironman, one Spiderman, and so on.  (Original Characters are welcome too!) Are you brave enough to risk falling through the Rift?</desc>
4667   </mud>
4668   <mud>
4669     <name>Ginzuishou MUX</name>
4670     <codebase>[MUX] v2.0</codebase>
4671     <host>heimdall.play-hookey.com</host>
4672     <port>1998</port>
4673     <ip></ip>
4674     <www>http://ginzuishou.wikidot.com/</www>
4675     <desc>The Silver Millennium. A harmonious society spread over the ocean of stars and connected by the planets encircling the brilliant sun. While the sun may be the center of this galaxy, it is the pearlescent Moon that is the heart of this extensive kingdom, under the rule of an angelic Queen. The Golden Elysium, an empire expanding over the verdant land on the Terran planet. An empire that stands beside the Moon, but unknowing of the worlds beyond its own skies. Magic and sword play is what they have in common and it is now that their paths intertwine.</desc>
4676     <desc>Osaka, Japan. Year 1993. The scene is set at the boarding school for the elite, Osaka Seiko Gakuin, and envelopes around the lives of the students and their lives while attending the educational facility. However, something is amiss; strange occurrences have been happening, things that cannot be simply explained. It is the handful of brave students that will unravel the mysterious events, or will they?</desc>
4677     <desc>The future of the planet Earth is held within the hands of the Queen of the White Moon Court, who has resurrected the times of the Silver Millennium and created the utopian society of Crystal Tokyo, along with other cities that have been crystalized. While locations of civilization have been reduced from those in the 20th century, this has allowed the remainder of the planet to go back to its natural environments and climates. Technology has advanced, a grand academy arisen to teach those the threads of magical studies, and people live for centuries rather than decades. All was peaceful, until the wisps of Chaos were reborn and darkness started to extend its shadowy clutches toward this utopian society. Will warriors of the light step up to the darkness that looms forth?</desc>
4678     <desc>Three eras all located within our universe. In any case, any world, any era, time is of the essence.</desc>
4679   </mud>
4680   <mud>
4681     <name>Eternia</name>
4682     <codebase>[Unknown]</codebase>
4683     <www>http://eternalescapes.bb3host.com</www>
4684     <desc>Disappear into a place of unfathomable enchantment; a place of your Eternal dream. Drown yourself in the rich atmosphere of the imagination and breathtaking stories. Retreat from the restraints of your daily life. Become intoxicated by every spectrum of emotion as you breath life into your characters.</desc>
4685     <desc>Enjoy a world inspired by the very people who play them. Come live in worlds of dreams. Come to your Eternal Escape.</desc>
4686     <desc>Eternia, along with Eternal Escapes community, is at the very beginning of its creation. We are currently looking for -CODERS- and anyone that possess an imagination, who would be willing to start from scratch, becoming apart of the founding team.</desc>
4687     <desc>Mini-versions of Eternia have been ran on pre-built/temporary platforms.The test became popular. If you would like to learn more and are interested, please contact me at, *** pakhnu@email.com.</desc>
4688     <desc>Please, also feel free to visit,</desc>
4689     <desc>*** eternalescapes.bb3host.com.</desc>
4690   </mud>
4691   <mud>
4692     <name>XK4</name>
4693     <codebase>[LP] Custom Mudlib</codebase>
4694     <host>xk4.us</host>
4695     <port>4000</port>
4696     <ip></ip>
4697     <www>http://</www>
4698     <desc>XK4 is a firefly themed LDMud. We are in the process of building areas to help support the theme as we have switched fairly recently to the Firefly theme from a generic scifi theme. Our lib is completely custom and offers many features.</desc>
4699     <desc>Some of these features include:</desc>
4700     <desc>Finite State Machine for NPC AI A* pathfinding Fully functional space system Custom combat system Skills system that advances only through use SQL-based help system Many Many Many more custom built systems</desc>
4701     <desc>Come check us out. xk4.us port 4000</desc>
4702     <desc>-=Zanz=-</desc>
4703   </mud>
4704   <mud>
4705     <name>The Last Sunrise</name>
4706     <codebase>[Dikumud] EoD</codebase>
4707     <host>thelastsunrise.net</host>
4708     <port>9000</port>
4709     <ip></ip>
4710     <www>http://thelastsunrise.net</www>
4711     <desc>What mud have you played where you are given the choice to vote on the changes? What mud have you ever played where the admin and imp care what you think? Are you looking for a place to call home? Then take a moment to come check out the last sunrise. We offer an extended leveling code that allows you to go beyond the normal 90 levels to continue to enhance your character. Each class has the chance of sparking into something 'better'.</desc>
4712     <desc>Warriors can turn into a channeler and a channeler into a warrior. Trollocs have the option to turn into a myddraal. And Ogiers into TreeSingers. With a wide range of skills and orginal code it allows you the player to enjoy a real WoT world. With a friendly staff and player base you can lose yourself inside this fantasy world. Log in check us out and then make the choice for yourself if you want to stay or go. If you do stay send me a tell my name is Kane. All morts who create via through mud connector shall obtain a limited 'Connected from mud connector aura' Enjoy. Tpb Kane aka Dan.</desc>
4713   </mud>
4714   <mud>
4715     <name>Awesometown</name>
4716     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH version 1.8.3 patchlevel 6</codebase>
4717     <www>http://awesometown.wikidot.com/</www>
4718     <desc>Awesometown. A little town somewhere in California that doesn't quite belong on any map or, for that matter, in this realm of existence. The year is 2010, and if you're hanging in Awesometown, the world itself teeters on the brink of destruction, chaos, and general insanity.</desc>
4719     <desc>Zombies, robots, and time travel; just another day in Awesometown.</desc>
4720   </mud>
4721   <mud>
4722     <name>Legacy</name>
4723     <codebase>TinyMuck 2.2, Fuzzball 5.60, GlowMuck 3.0.0</codebase>
4724     <host>legacy.muq.org</host>
4725     <port>9999</port>
4726     <ip></ip>
4727     <www>http://legacy.muq.org/~legacy/</www>
4728     <desc>Welcome home weary traveller!  You have discovered a place to rest your weary bones, chew the fat of tales long past and forgotten, and have a darn swell time!</desc>
4729     <desc>The general theme is based in medieval times.  There are various themeless areas hidden throughout the muck. if you can find them.</desc>
4730     <desc>We also offer games such as Yahtzee, Jotto, Cribbage, and more.  We provide free web pages you can edit on the muck or point to other places.  We also are on the NeoNet inter-muck communication system.</desc>
4731     <desc>We welcome both newbies and veterans alike.  Muf and MPI bits are available for those who like to use them. We do our best to keep out the unpleasant types to make Legacy truly your home.  Building and snugs are FREE!</desc>
4732   </mud>
4733   <mud>
4734     <name>Aurealan Realms</name>
4735     <codebase>[Circlemud] RoAMUD Code, v2.7</codebase>
4736     <host>aurealanrealms.org</host>
4737     <port>4000</port>
4738     <ip></ip>
4739     <www>http://www.aurealanrealms.org/</www>
4740     <desc>Aurealan Realms is a two-continent, 13-class, 16-race MUD based in the world of Aurealis, an all-original place that has been created over the last decade from the minds of some truly gifted and scary people.  We have player-owned houses and shoppes, the ability to customize the appearance of equipment, clans, faiths, a 105-level range and the ability to remort into other classes beyond your first.  For for those interested in PVP, we have assassins for those who want to live it 24/7, and the Arena for those who'd rather just try it out once in a while.  We like RP, but it's not a requirement. We do reward good RP if we see it, and the world is written 'seriously' so that if you want to RP, you will be able to feel 'right' in the world of Aurealis.  Our staff is dedicated to giving the players a fun place to play, with  as little interference as possible. AR welcomes players from all over the world to come and join in a fun, expansive MUD that can easily become your new home online.  We look forward to meeting you!</desc>
4741   </mud>
4742   <mud>
4743     <name>BLooDStaineD V2</name>
4744     <codebase>[GodWars] Heavily modified mindcloud codebased</codebase>
4745     <host>bloodstained.mine.nu</host>
4746     <port>1337</port>
4747     <ip></ip>
4748     <www>http://bloated.northfire.org</www>
4749     <desc>BLooDStaineD is back! in Version 2 style.</desc>
4750     <desc>No statcaps, you can level up so much you can strike fear in everyones heart, it's based upon the version 2 of MindCloud and has been recoded very heavily.</desc>
4751     <desc>Based upon Vampiric and Spirits, along with cybernetic organisms. Lots of mobs to kill.</desc>
4752     <desc>No cap limit on hp/mp/mv *Can Train Spells/Stances. *Can make multiple players, but no multiplaying them. *Based on PK so kill em all! *Too much stuff to list so come on over and try it out</desc>
4753     <desc>host: bloodstained.mine.nu port: 1337</desc>
4754     <desc>Thanks, Darksix~~~</desc>
4755   </mud>
4756   <mud>
4757     <name>Glynrhos: the Guilded Age</name>
4758     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
4759     <host>heimdall.play-hookey.com</host>
4760     <port>2007</port>
4761     <ip></ip>
4762     <www>http://www.theguildedage.net/</www>
4763     <desc>Our tale begins in one dark night...</desc>
4764     <desc>...with carnage...</desc>
4765     <desc>The royal family slaughtered, a young man steps in to fill the void, setting a blood-soaked crown on his head. King Osric turns the city in new directions while rumors of the Night of Blood are killed with the same ruthless efficiency that broke the royal line, and those who dare to speak out are soon meat for the crows...</desc>
4766     <desc>Sixteen years later...</desc>
4767     <desc>King Osric holds the kingdom, controlling it through force and fear; his Guilds hold commerce in a stranglehold. Fiends prowl outside the walls, and, some whisper, within them as well. Evil rules the streets, and few are those, brave, foolish, or desperate, who dare to walk alone after dark.</desc>
4768     <desc>The gods remember...</desc>
4769     <desc>And the ways of peace and freedom forgotten by some live on in the hearts and minds of heroes determined to see Glynrhos restored to her former glory. Fighting both directly and in more subtle ways, they are not without hope or resources.</desc>
4770     <desc>But they cannot win this war alone. They need allies ....</desc>
4771     <desc>...They need you.</desc>
4772   </mud>
4773   <mud>
4774     <name>Tales of the River Province</name>
4775     <codebase>[Unknown]</codebase>
4776     <host>amber.org.uk</host>
4777     <port>9010</port>
4778     <ip></ip>
4779     <www>http://www.freeyabb.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=nem</www>
4780     <desc>Tales of the River Province focuses on Greyfalls and the surrounding areas. Our game is mostly about Dragon Bloods, with a handful of the horrible Anathema walking around, unseen and unheard. The land is in turmoil as the age of sorrows grows even harsher and the dreaded Mask of Winters marches to war. What will they tell of your deeds?</desc>
4781   </mud>
4782   <mud>
4783     <name>Verdant Reign</name>
4784     <codebase>[MUCK]</codebase>
4785     <host>verdantreign.sidian.net</host>
4786     <port>9883</port>
4787     <ip></ip>
4788     <www>http://verdantreign.sidian.net/</www>
4789     <desc>Verdant Reign is a MUCK based in an</desc>
4790   </mud>
4791   <mud>
4792     <name>AfterLyfe</name>
4793     <codebase>[Dikumud]</codebase>
4794     <host>horman.dyndns.org</host>
4795     <port>4000</port>
4796     <www>http://None yet</www>
4797     <desc>This is a MUD that I wished to build from the Diku base because of some idea's I have had from a few previous MUDs I have played, and with numerous encouragement from other players.  It's a work in progress, so feel free to stop by and check it out.  If you have any ideas or me, please don't hesitate to e-mail me, or leave me a message on the message board.</desc>
4798     <desc>Thanks, Ryan</desc>
4799   </mud>
4800   <mud>
4801     <name>Legend of the Nobles</name>
4802     <codebase>[Rom] mostly original with ROM 2.4 structure</codebase>
4803     <host>www.legendofthenobles.com</host>
4804     <port>5400</port>
4805     <ip></ip>
4806     <www>http://www.legendofthenobles.com/</www>
4807     <desc>(The following is a review by one of the players, which does a better job of describing us than any of our own words can}</desc>
4808     <desc>'Legend of the Nobles, or LotN, is the mud I call home. With dedicated administration and an incredible coder, LotN runs quite smoothly...</desc>
4809     <desc>As well as original races, there are many interesting classes to choose from. Be the mighty fighter, or the sly rogue. Be the Paladin, and fight for your religion. Be a Conjurer, and dabble in demon summoning and work with the undead. Be a bard, and play your melodies to influence and inspire others. Be a shape-shifting druid, attuned to nature. Be a mage with the power to enchant armor and weapons. Or be a priest, where you don't fight and you gain experience through healing others and drawing powerful glyphs.</desc>
4810     <desc>This mud has a pleasant balance between roleplaying and player killing ... With the guild, religion, and noble systems, there is plenty of opportunity for intrigue.</desc>
4811     <desc>One of the most notable changes this version is the inclusion of permdeath ... will ensure a more realistic atmosphere. Those who do not play permdeath cannot achieve the highest ranks.</desc>
4812     <desc>I recommend anyone who reads to this to join us. All of our long- time players are always willing to help a new face in any way we can. And right now, with the new version, everyone will start off on even footing, level-wise. So please, come join us.'</desc>
4813     <desc>Online since May 1996. Current version: 5.1</desc>
4814   </mud>
4815   <mud>
4816     <name>LegendMUD</name>
4817     <codebase>[Dikumud] Architecturally derived from Diku, with 16+ years of modifications.</codebase>
4818     <host>mud.legendmud.org</host>
4819     <port>23</port>
4820     <ip></ip>
4821     <www>http://www.legendmud.org/</www>
4822     <desc>For as long as mankind has been forming even the simplest of civilizations, powerful legends and myths have been built to help us live with the unexplainable.</desc>
4823     <desc>The ancient Greeks constructed a pantheon of powerful gods and goddesses. The people of feudal Japan saw demons and magic at work in the world around them. Even in Victorian London common folk spoke in hushed tones about the possibility of vampires and other supernatural beings living in the crowded streets beside them.</desc>
4824     <desc>Imagine an entire world created to breathe life into dozens upon dozens of these amazing legends and myths from our past.  Now imagine walking through time and interacting with each one of them.</desc>
4825     <desc>LegendMUD is now well into its 17th year and continues to offer a rich landscape and a completely original environment. LegendMUD hosts over 60 individual but seamlessly interconnected areas within three eras of time, with areas ranging from Feudal Japan, Imperial Rome, Ancient Ireland, Anasazi America, 19th century Paris, Pirate Tortuga, and many more.</desc>
4826     <desc>LegendMUD features a dynamic classless skills system, RP opportunities, an opt-in playerkilling system, a free-forming clan system, customizable player housing, equipment customization, post level 50 \"Era Abilities\", monthly events and weekly mini-games, and dozens of other unique features and code.</desc>
4827     <desc>LegendMUD offers players unlimited player-characters.  A private accounts system unites your PCs without exposing this information to other players.  Crossplay is discouraged, and we are committed to personal privacy.  Secure SSL connections are supported on port 992. LegendMUD has always been and will always be absolutely free to play.</desc>
4828     <desc>Awards and Kudos: * 'If you are only visiting one mud, make it Legend.' - Electronic Newsstand * Pueblo Recommended World Top 10 website for Interactive Fiction - XYZZYNews * 'Hot, hip, cutting-edge' - Yahoo's Wild Web Rides * Mud Connector Mud of the Month, October 1995 * EyeOnTheWeb Selected Site Recommended by C|NET</desc>
4829   </mud>
4830   <mud>
4831     <name>Legends Forgotten</name>
4832     <codebase>[Rom] Rom2.4 Heavily Modified LF5.1</codebase>
4833     <host>hera.twilightstar.net</host>
4834     <port>9000</port>
4835     <ip></ip>
4836     <www>http://www.twilightstar.net/~legend</www>
4837     <desc>-=&gt;) LEGENDS FORGOTTEN (&lt;=-</desc>
4838     <desc>Legends Forgotten takes place in an age where Darkness encompasses the land as long forgotten Heroes and Legends rise once again to destroy this Darkness in the Age of Legends</desc>
4839     <desc>1. Essence System: Enhance your Equipment Permanently! 2. Unique Item System: Artifacts, Relics, Mythical Items 3. Skill-Spell System: 500+ Skills-Spells all unique!!! 4. 34 Races all unique in their origin and abilities 5. Classes such as: blademaster, aiel, aes sedai, dreadlord... 6. Detailed Character Creation: eyecolor, haircolor, body... 7. Intelligent Mobs: skills, special attacks, quest-mobs 8. Clan System: player recruiting, ranks, promotions, banks 9. Multi-Cast System: more functionality to casting 10. Newbie Friendly, Battlefield, Detailed Creation 11. Taveren System: add to damage, healing, protection &amp; more 12. Area-Quests coded into areas for all players! 13. Channeling, Chanting, Conjuring, Casting!!! 14. Event System that adds variety and uniqueness to the world. Bleeding, Mining, Rivers, Wind, Interactive Items &amp; more</desc>
4840     <desc>-&gt; Many friendly players willing to help any New Players -&gt; Promotional Events: Free Levels, Healing, Personalized Items! -&gt; Tired of stock muds, then come play LegendsForgotten!!!</desc>
4841   </mud>
4842   <mud>
4843     <name>The Dark Tower RomMud</name>
4844     <codebase>[Rom] Rom 2.4b6 Moderately Modified</codebase>
4845     <host>farseek.com</host>
4846     <port>4550</port>
4847     <ip></ip>
4848     <www>http://farseek.com/dtmud/</www>
4849     <desc>Dark Towers started in October of 1996. It's gone through quite a number of ups and downs on the great road of life. We at Dark Towers feel that the whole point of a mud is for your enjoyment. We sincerely believe that players are the most important aspect of the mud. They provide much needed feedback and liveliness to the mud that without them wouldn't be there. We at Dark Towers are also extremely open to any suggestions you might have to help make it a better place.  The theme of Dark Towers is based mostly on fantasy, but we try to make a little bit of what everyone wants. If there is something that you feel is missing, let us know and we'll do our best to add it.</desc>
4850     <desc>Attrition has cut down on some of our immortal ranks, so we are in need of builders right now. We can help with training. All that is needed is a creative mind!</desc>
4851     <desc>Players are also very much needed, so we will have somebody to build for!</desc>
4852   </mud>
4853   <mud>
4854     <name>Legends of the Darkstone</name>
4855     <codebase>[Smaug] Smaug</codebase>
4856     <host>www.darkstonemud.com</host>
4857     <port>5432</port>
4858     <ip></ip>
4859     <www>http://www.darkstonemud.com/</www>
4860     <desc>Darkstone Enterprises meets the demands of sophisticated 'mudders' with the monthly addition of new areas filled with brain-teasing puzzles and imaginative mobs. The game Legends of the Darkstone has a loyal following of players who play daily, write stories about their characters, and participate in the role-playing environment of the game.</desc>
4861     <desc>Legends of the Darkstone is a role-playing mud. There is a basic storyline and players are encouraged to go to our webpage and read some of the history of the Darkstone.  The world is a totally unique and diverse place featuring a host of interesting areas which will challenge your mind as well as your sword. There are many races to choose from as well as totally unique races.</desc>
4862     <desc>Come, Become a Legend of the Darkstone!</desc>
4863     <desc>-Seluctruh</desc>
4864   </mud>
4865   <mud>
4866     <name>Lensmoor</name>
4867     <codebase>[Rom] Nearly all rewritten</codebase>
4868     <host>lensmoor.org</host>
4869     <port>3500</port>
4870     <ip></ip>
4871     <www>http://lensmoor.org/</www>
4872     <desc>Lensmoor is a cross between a roleplaying mud, and a hack&amp;slash mud. Players are encouraged to roleplay, and are often drawn into roleplaying situations, and efforts are made to reward good roleplaying, without the overbearing nature of many strict roleplaying muds.</desc>
4873     <desc>We've been around for over 13 years and have continuously added to both the content and design of the game over that time.  We've got over 300 custom zones to explore, RP tools, combat tricks, quests, and more custom codework (over 200,000 lines of code) than 99% of the games out there.  Our world is well fleshed out with over 13 years of player generated story represented throughout.</desc>
4874     <desc>All players have the ability to craft, to build homes, start clans, and, at the top level, to create their own zone using the best tools available in a text game anywhere.</desc>
4875     <desc>Please stop in, there is something for everyone to enjoy.</desc>
4876   </mud>
4877   <mud>
4878     <name>Leviathan</name>
4879     <codebase>[LP] Leviathan (NM IVa)</codebase>
4880     <host>leviathan.com</host>
4881     <port>1691</port>
4882     <ip></ip>
4883     <www>http://leviathan.com/</www>
4884     <desc>The Leviathan has been devouring electricity since November 1, 1995. Since then, many have entered to chase and point lance at its white hump, a medieval/sci-fi hybrid where grave-expressioned sorcerers and bristling warriors make their livings alongside sinister aliens who perform experiments upon abductees in sterile orbiting laboratories.  Here is a world so distinguished from all others, that you will hearken to its wild strangeness with childish fireside interest and awe.</desc>
4885     <desc>Leviathan features: multi-classing, enhanced limb combat, 9 schools of magic, detailed life skill system, the battle arena, guild wars, player owned shops, player-owned real estate, player-stalking bounty hunter, personalized autoloading equipment, a stable mud-government, mud-commodity stock trading, exacting quality standards, and a friendly family of players to welcome you home.</desc>
4886   </mud>
4887   <mud>
4888     <name>Forbidden Lands</name>
4889     <codebase>[Dikumud] Modified</codebase>
4890     <host>flmud.com</host>
4891     <port>9000</port>
4892     <ip></ip>
4893     <www>http://www.flmud.com</www>
4894     <desc>It was foretold in the Chronicles of Qod, a millenia or more ago in the Second War of Shadoe. The ascension of Agog, the Epoch of Transformation, and the redirection of mortality. The last vestiges of the imperial wars, with Ryadel's failed attempt, and the concurrent fall of Thalos left the great powers scattered and bathed the lands yet tamed once again into shadow. At this crucial juncture did the Herald of Walutzu appear to Incubus, proclaiming the new order, and the city of Korflu rose in its course, forever scarred, but blessed with great resources. From this city rise the great adventurers, the legend-makers of Keilar. Born of a kindred spirit, they journey out and tame the wild places, and what was once forgotten has been rediscovered. These, my friends, these are the heroes of the Forbidden Lands!</desc>
4895   </mud>
4896   <mud>
4897     <name>Labyrinthus Latinus</name>
4898     <codebase>[LP] 03.01.02 (pure LPMUD)</codebase>
4899     <host>ll.imp.ch</host>
4900     <port>3333</port>
4901     <ip></ip>
4902     <www>http://labyrinthus.latinus.imp.ch/</www>
4903     <desc>AVE!</desc>
4904     <desc>Are you used to playing LP-Mud? Fine, go on playing it - in Latin, the mother of most European (and also American) languages!</desc>
4905     <desc>Buy a dictionnary and a short grammar and get used to the fundamentals of literature and arts etc.</desc>
4906     <desc>Are you used to reading and understanding or even speaking Latin? Go ahead and learn what LP-Mud might be!</desc>
4907     <desc>You will meet a lot of people in numerous countries. Make friends with them.</desc>
4908     <desc>Whoever knows about the roots of our whole culture system, get united! - Complete our MUD with new objects and rooms, let us know when you have found mistakes you want to be corrected.</desc>
4909   </mud>
4910   <mud>
4911     <name>LochNess</name>
4912     <codebase>LP</codebase>
4913     <host>lochness.imp.ch</host>
4914     <port>2222</port>
4915     <ip></ip>
4916     <www>None</www>
4917     <desc>Lochness is one of the older muds, but what it lacks in modernization, it makes up for in atmosphere!  Both players and wizards are generally friendly and helpful, especially to newbies.  Geographically, the mud is divided into a multitude of domains, each with a different theme and a different team of wizards working on areas.  There are six distinctive guilds to choose from, and plenty of quests to challenge players.  It is not, and has never been, Lochness' policy to instawiz players, but once a player reaches a certain level, he is presented with the option of either wizzing, or playing the higher levels.  Obscenity on public communication channels is frowned upon, although players may say what they like to each other in private :)  As for the number of people who play Lochness, it is certainly a small mud in that regard, but we look at it as having a 'small town' ambience in which everybody knows everybody else.</desc>
4918   </mud>
4919   <mud>
4920     <name>Olympus Island MUSH</name>
4921     <codebase>[MUSH] Penn 1.7.7p28</codebase>
4922     <host>oim.wolfpaw.net</host>
4923     <port>1960</port>
4924     <ip></ip>
4925     <www>http://www.angelfire.com/games4/oim/</www>
4926     <desc>During WWII, a villain created an artifical island base. Liberty Squad defeated him, and the US took the island. Nearly 60 years later, it has become a metahuman magnet. Using Hero System 5th Edition, it is a superhero MUSH. Chargen is complex, the theme is heavily detailed. The staff are overworked and few. Why play here? In 17 months, 50 plots were run and finished. If you like in-depth story, plots and character interaction, we have it.</desc>
4927     <desc>If you like Hero System (Champions), we are 1 of only 2 MUSHes using the system.</desc>
4928   </mud>
4929   <mud>
4930     <name>Lords of the Realm</name>
4931     <codebase>[Mythran] Merc/Envy/Mythran 3.1.11 Heavily Modified</codebase>
4932     <host>lotr.dune.net</host>
4933     <port>1248</port>
4934     <ip>199.45.236131</ip>
4935     <www>http://www.lordsoftherealm.org/</www>
4936     <desc>Come Explore the Realm.  Many new areas are in the works and as they finish we'll start moving some of the old unused stock areas out.  We are presently at 6000+ rooms and still building</desc>
4937     <desc>12 classes and 30 races to choose from.  Player run Houses, many new spells/skills also. 12 Quest races available for purchase with questpoints.</desc>
4938     <desc>Lords is a medieval fantasy mud dedicated to the entertainment of the players. If you feel like killing a goblin, slaying a demon, kicking a puppy around, questing, or just kicking back and being social this is the place to do it. So come join us, we are always changing, so have a look around, I am sure you won't be disappointed.</desc>
4939   </mud>
4940   <mud>
4941     <name>Metropolis Universalis</name>
4942     <codebase>[MUCK] ProtoMuck</codebase>
4943     <host>mumuck.com</host>
4944     <port>18888</port>
4945     <ip></ip>
4946     <www>http://www.mumuck.com/</www>
4947     <desc>Welcome to Metropolis Universalis, a modern day mega-city where anything can and does happen. Where the man on the street can be much more than a man and the woman next door could be a bearer of dark magicks.</desc>
4948     <desc>Created as a place to be minimally administrated and maximally used for RP fun and mayhem, anything goes on the streets of Metropolis, a city located on the island of Okinawa.</desc>
4949     <desc>Enter if you dare but be sure to leave your sanity at home and pack an extra dose of wit and grit. The streets are even more dangerous than your parents warned you about and more fun than they feared you'd ever have.</desc>
4950   </mud>
4951   <mud>
4952     <name>Marvel: Maelstrom</name>
4953     <codebase>[MUX] MUX 2.3.3</codebase>
4954     <host>fsgsims.com</host>
4955     <port>2860</port>
4956     <ip> 2</ip>
4957     <www>http://None</www>
4958     <desc>The Year is 2005. The Future is now.</desc>
4959     <desc>Those in power are so rarely accepting of that which they don’t understand. Distrust of genetically gifted individuals, dubbed \"mutants\" increases day-by-day, fueled by anti-mutant propaganda, spread by xenophobic communities all across the USA. Even Westchester and the decade old \"Xavier Institute for Higher Learning\" are not safe from rumors, yet the Institute has managed to stay below the radar. Of course, \"for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction\".</desc>
4960     <desc>The Brotherhood, led by Magneto, has risen to almost dangerous ranks as they openly fight humanity to take their place above them on the evolutionary ladder. Emma Frost, teaching young mutants at her Massachusetts Academy how to utilize their powers to gain their appropriate place as the new \"Elite\", leads a group known as the Hellions, comprised of her own students. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, that every present and proverbial silver lining. An \"underground\" team of Mutants has emerged, called \"The X-Men\" who openly fight Magneto and his team of Brotherhood. The government run association, S.H.I.E.L.D., maintains control over the more extreme vigilante groups, keeping a close watch on the more dangerous aspects of the world that regular humans are so often blithely ignorant of.</desc>
4961     <desc>Though some would make the world villainous, those who fight for peace and a peaceful co-existence are ready to rise to the challenge, promoting themselves as those who will stand apart, and stand above.</desc>
4962     <desc>This is \"Marvel: Maelstrom\".</desc>
4963     <desc>After connecting, please read all of our +news files!</desc>
4964   </mud>
4965   <mud>
4966     <name>FeatherMUCK</name>
4967     <codebase>[MUCK] TinyMu</codebase>
4968     <host>feathermuck.avians.net</host>
4969     <port>8888</port>
4970     <ip></ip>
4971     <www>http://www.avians.net/feathermuck/</www>
4972     <desc>FeatherMuck is a Multi User Character Kingdom, which is a social area very much like chat, and themed for those who enjoy roleplaying avian characters. Many mucks exist with a collection of critters, and many are themed for dragons or foxes et al, but since we could never find one for feathers, we decided to offer up one for the winged traveler looking for a place to roost! Use a telnet client for Muds, like MuddWeller or GMud or TinyFugue for the best performance. Some information may also be available from time to time from characters connected to irc.avians.net 6667 #Feathers    So to all you eagles and sparrows, swans, ducks and gryphons,  and any other feathered form, welcome to FeatherMuck! &gt; :&gt;</desc>
4973   </mud>
4974   <mud>
4975     <name>Lost In Time</name>
4976     <codebase>[LP] rewritten Nightmare IV</codebase>
4977     <host>lit.klfree.cz</host>
4978     <port>7680</port>
4979     <ip></ip>
4980     <www>http://lit.klfree.cz/</www>
4981     <desc>Lost in Time (LiT) is located in the Czech Republic and most players are from the Czech and Slovak Republic.</desc>
4982     <desc>The world of LiT is covered mainly with water, and life is concentrated on four main continents.</desc>
4983     <desc>On LiT You can encounter new and original features sentient forests with trees avenging those who harm woods. Dreams. Detailed ethereal travel through The Ways. Mages drawing power from magical intersections, mighty hunters of the night - the Warlocks, powerfull Paladins wielding hammers summoned from the gods, Druids lovingly caring of their woods, Healers devoting their lives to healing and Mercenaries, brutal warriors valuing honor higher than life.</desc>
4984     <desc>You can forge Your own weapons, brew huge number of potions from various combinations of ingredients, fight in the orcish tunnels in Halia, find the great magical sword Doomgiver, defend Wyzima against raids of orcish warbands or go exploring the infinite depths of the Chaos dungeon.</desc>
4985     <desc>And best of all - with the help of our friendly players and creators you can do nearly Anything if it suits our theme. New areas and skills are added constantly.</desc>
4986   </mud>
4987   <mud>
4988     <name>DarkeMud</name>
4989     <codebase>[LP] the Darkelib</codebase>
4990     <host>live.darkemud.com</host>
4991     <port>5559</port>
4992     <ip></ip>
4993     <www>http://www.darkemud.com/</www>
4994     <desc>Enter a Huge world, where you can make a name for yourself.  Most equipment is made via players, and enchanted via another player guild.  Own pets, start wars,earn a living, kill your neighbor.</desc>
4995     <desc>If this gets your attention, come join us.  Just about anything is possible at Darkemud!</desc>
4996     <desc>Come where Dreams are a reality, and Nightmares might kill you.</desc>
4997     <desc>To live is to Learn, to Die is to Graduate.</desc>
4998   </mud>
4999   <mud>
5000     <name>Lost Prophecy</name>
5001     <codebase>[Smaug] Smaug based, custom code.  (SmaugFUSS1.7 used as a reference point)</codebase>
5002     <host>lpmud.genesismuds.com</host>
5003     <port>6010</port>
5004     <ip></ip>
5005     <www>http://www.lostprophecy.org</www>
5006     <desc>In the beginning there was darkness...</desc>
5007     <desc>And then, with a booming clap of Thunder, a majestic city was born. The city, named Prophecy by oracles from a distant land because of the vision they witnessed upon its creation, would grow to be the crown jewel of the region. But in its youth, Prophecy was ruled by Chaos, Lust, and Fury. The inhabitants of Prophecy were as varied as the stars in the night sky. Men and women from every race, creed, and class, flocked to the city in an attempt to fulfill the Prophecy. The Prophecy states that one day, a mortal would arrive within the gates of the city and after drawing incredible power from the land, ascent to godlike status. The Prophecy states that the mortal, in their new infinite wisdom, would rule along side the deities of the land and prosperity would reign over the realm. But then darkness would consume the mortal and they would rage a bloody war against the pantheon of the realm. The Prophecy states that only after a long and bloody war would the chosen one rise above the deities ruling the land and thus fulfill the Prophecy. Some choose the path of the murderer, hunting others and consuming their life essence. Others decided to gain their glory through hunting and slaying the many creatures that inhabit the furthest corners of Prophecy. Over the years, much blood has been spilled as thousands of worthy adventurers have inhabited Prophecy attempting to seize the power that lies beneath her surface. Some historians claim the oracles were mistaken and that the Prophecy is merely a hoax designed to fill the city of Prophecy. But, my friends, I was there when they fled from the city in madness because the power had eluded them. I, myself, could taste the power on many occasions. But time has taken its toll on me and I must abandon my quest to fulfill the Prophecy. Do you have what it takes to fulfill the Prophecy? Are you the chosen one? There is only one way to find out.</desc>
5008     <desc>The Prophecy awaits... -Reignfire</desc>
5009   </mud>
5010   <mud>
5011     <name>Lost Souls</name>
5012     <codebase>[LP] Modified LDMud</codebase>
5013     <host>lostsouls.org</host>
5014     <port>23</port>
5015     <ip></ip>
5016     <www>http://lostsouls.org/</www>
5017     <desc>Lost Souls is a small, long-running MUD that has innovated technically and continually set higher quality standards since its inception.  The learning curve is steep, but the experience is deep and rewarding.  Come by when you're ready for something different.</desc>
5018   </mud>
5019   <mud>
5020     <name>DragonRealms</name>
5021     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
5022     <www>http://www.dragonrealms.net</www>
5023     <desc>DragonRealms is an ever-expanding, massively-multiplayer text-based roleplaying environment with an average of over a thousand players online during (USA) prime time hours. Tens of thousands of 'rooms' spread out within the four known provinces and over twenty major cities.  Players can choose from eleven races which include the fantasy-genre standards likes Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings, as well as several unique choices which include the feline Prydaen, the reptilian S'Kra Mur, or the werewolf-like Rakash.</desc>
5024     <desc>There are ten professions to choose from in this totally skill-based advancement system which include Empaths who transfer wounds from their patients' bodies to their own and shun combat at all costs, Traders who traverse the continents delivering goods and commodities, Moon Mages who get their teleporting and conjuring power from the world's three moons, and Warrior Mages who wield a powerful combination of elemental magic and weapons.</desc>
5025     <desc>DragonRealms is in a constant state of growth and development and is supported by a devoted staff of over 100 GameMasters with years of experience.</desc>
5026     <desc>The first 30 days is free, so you've got nothing to lose.</desc>
5027   </mud>
5028   <mud>
5029     <name>DreamsMAZE</name>
5030     <codebase>[MUSE] TinyMAZE v3.0</codebase>
5031     <host>winds.org</host>
5032     <port>4202</port>
5033     <ip></ip>
5034     <www>http://</www>
5035     <desc>This mud boasts a full combat system, and storyline. New softcode system based on BASIC. Fast, efficient. Balanced combat system, experience based on level of monster and level of player. Full ansi color system, command aliasing, partially completed help system. Quests are fairly complete and easy to follow. Basically log in and just have fun. We are open to new ideas.</desc>
5036   </mud>
5037   <mud>
5038     <name>Lothlorien</name>
5039     <codebase>[Rot] Loth 1.0 [ROM 2.4 / ROT 1.4]</codebase>
5040     <host>lothlorien.mmmultiverse.com</host>
5041     <port>7600</port>
5042     <ip></ip>
5043     <www>http://lothlorien.mmmultiverse.com</www>
5044     <desc>Think you're the best PKer around?  Lothlorien is a highly competitive environment, perfect for players that crave rivalries and challenges.  I strongly suggest all mudders try Lothlorien and experience what other muds strive for.</desc>
5045     <desc>*    2 Tiers *  101 Mortal Levels *    3 PK-Immortal Levels *   26 Races *   15 Classes *   15 Worshipable Gods *   12 Weapon Types *  +20 Guilds/Clans/Player Organizations *    2 Non-PK Organizations for True Roleplaying Lovers</desc>
5046     <desc>*  Class Specific Combat *  Auto-Questing *  Auction System *  Coliseum Battles + Coliseum Stands *  Mount Riding Available *  Casino and Gambling *  Hierarchal Equipment System *  Banking and Investment Options *  Automated Bloodbaths</desc>
5047     <desc>*  Bonuses for playtime/hours *  Extensive help-files *  Structured enforcement procedures *  Committed player base *  Detailed areas *  Unique and Stable code *  Dynamic and Challenging combat *  Competitive PK Environment *  Interactive immortal-generated quests</desc>
5048     <desc>Lothlorien is organized, structured, competitive, and balanced.  But, if the statistics aren't enough, read our reviews, listen to our players, the good, the bad, and the responses.  And you will come to understand what all our players realize:</desc>
5049     <desc>Lothlorien is captivating and truly exceptional.</desc>
5050   </mud>
5051   <mud>
5052     <name>Lumen et Umbra</name>
5053     <codebase>[Dikumud] BeneMud</codebase>
5054     <host>mclmud.mclink.it</host>
5055     <port>6000</port>
5056     <ip></ip>
5057     <www>http://www.leu.it/</www>
5058     <desc>Lumen et Umbra is the first Italian mud. It's a set in a medieval  fantasy world post roman empire-fallen. Players are organized in RPG Guilds and Clans. Quests are managed both by mud's code and wiz. Pkill it's not allowed except for special events like quests and clan battles. Primary language is Italian.</desc>
5059   </mud>
5060   <mud>
5061     <name>Lunar Eclipse</name>
5062     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified Rom 2.4b</codebase>
5063     <host>lunar.betterbox.net</host>
5064     <port>2500</port>
5065     <ip></ip>
5066     <www>http://lunar.betterbox.net/</www>
5067     <desc>Lunar Eclipse - News of the Realm: ------------------------------------------------------------ Luna has entered the Time of Balance.  The dark forces of Lord Pitch are on the move to subvert and destroy all that is just and good.  Lord Kray and his champions wage war against these forces of chaos and evil to prevent the light of Luna from being eclipsed again. ------------------------------------------------------------</desc>
5068     <desc>Calling all HEROES!  Alliances are being made.  Journeys are being planned to end the evil threat of Lord Pitch.  Pitch's followers are converging quickly to wipe out all that is good.</desc>
5069     <desc>Which side are YOU on?  Visit us today and join the battle. Whichever side you take, may the Gods have mercy on you soul.</desc>
5070   </mud>
5071   <mud>
5072     <name>LustyMud</name>
5073     <codebase>LPMud 2.4.5</codebase>
5074     <host>lusty.com</host>
5075     <port>2000</port>
5076     <ip></ip>
5077     <www>None</www>
5078     <desc>LustyMud is one of the oldest US muds, established in early 1991 and operating almost continuously since then. There is a huge variety of areas with very imaginative themes and strategies. The mud's economy is player-run, with guilds that players manage in order to gain various benefits (heal rooms, teleport rooms etc). Check out some of our games and puzzles (the Puzzle Palace is an all-time favorite, for example) or simply hang out in the bars and socialize. Newbies and old-timers, all are welcome on LustyMud!</desc>
5079     <desc>(Contrary to what the name may imply, this is a G-rated mud.)</desc>
5080   </mud>
5081   <mud>
5082     <name>DB Vortex: Old School</name>
5083     <codebase>[Envy] [DB Vortex 1.3]</codebase>
5084     <host>age-corp.com</host>
5085     <port>9999</port>
5086     <www>http://www.age-corp.com/wiki</www>
5087     <desc>Dragonball Vortex is back and its all Old School. So if you played before it all the same as before. We hold roleplays almost daily.We are newbie friendly. So if your looking for a new type of MUD to play come and try us out. Let the Vortex take you!!</desc>
5088     <desc>-Bryson</desc>
5089   </mud>
5090   <mud>
5091     <name>The Inquisition: Atonement</name>
5092     <codebase>[Rom] Unrecognizable</codebase>
5093     <host>theinquisition.org</host>
5094     <port>5050</port>
5095     <ip></ip>
5096     <www>http://theinquisition.org/</www>
5097     <desc>The pyre forever wafts the sickening smell of sin. The gallows have fresh ropes prepared and the blades of the Church have been sharpened. These blessed devices are only the instruments for dealing with the dark, wicked arts of the mages that must be purged from the great city of Lithmore. When River Square remains quiet, nobility rule the houses and streets, gentry take their place among the lands and freemen manage the many businesses that keep it thriving. Life in Lithmore is prosperous, opened to dreams and power, while the mages are hunted by the Church in the endless battle of eradication. Restless whispers of an underground society preparing for war leak from the South as the Kingdom sleeps with one eye open.</desc>
5098     <desc>Welcome to The Inquisition: Atonement.</desc>
5099     <desc>Game Features:</desc>
5100     <desc>* A comprehensive remember/intro system, letting you customize how you remember people, and even store notes! * RPXP - XP is earned through the course of good roleplay! * Dynamic emote system allows targeting of players &amp; objects. * Inspire - a way to 'off screen' training, giving more RP time. * Player-run guilds to choose from, with powerful IC sway. * Numerous crafting professions with customized items to make. * Players can own own homes, shops and even others, like taverns! * Travel - no more maps! Simply travel &amp;lt;location&amp;gt; to walk there! * Detailed banking system w/ payments to/from players/guilds. * Flexible postal system: mail letters, packages and more. * Hard-working, open and friendly staff.</desc>
5101     <desc>Come see what The Inquisition: Atonement has to offer!</desc>
5102   </mud>
5103   <mud>
5104     <name>Malevolence</name>
5105     <codebase>[LP] Heavily modified H7</codebase>
5106     <host>mudpuddle.shwaine.com</host>
5107     <port>3000</port>
5108     <ip></ip>
5109     <www>http://www.shwaine.com/malev/</www>
5110     <desc>A richly detailed world awaits you on Malevolence. Hundreds of areas with thousands of rooms, some of the smartest monsters found anywhere, and a staff dedicated to providing a pleasant playing environment are a few of the things you will find on Malevolence.</desc>
5111     <desc>New areas and code are constantly being added so even veteran players are sure to find new and interesting places to explore.</desc>
5112   </mud>
5113   <mud>
5114     <name>X-Men: Retrograde</name>
5115     <codebase>[MUSH] TinyMUSH version 3.1 patchlevel 6</codebase>
5116     <host>xmr.dune.net</host>
5117     <port>4567</port>
5118     <ip></ip>
5119     <www>http://xmr.dune.net</www>
5120     <desc>The year is 2016. It is a brave new world out there. Thanks to the efforts of the government's Sentinel Project, Manhattan lies in tatters. Striking back, the Brotherhood has turned man's own weapons back upon him and successfully taken over Rykers Island, turning the former jail into a supposed mutant utopia, while Charles Xavier, through his New Mutants and X-Men, tries to help the world rebuild.</desc>
5121     <desc>Meanwhile, an ocean away in Scotland, the Muir Island-based team of Excalibur copes with the unusual and paranormal, cooperating with the U.K.'s Weird Happenings Organization in order to solve the most pernicious of riddles.</desc>
5122     <desc>XMR is a dystopian X-Men MUSH set in the near future. Two linked grids run concurrently, with the main Manhattan grid taking a science fiction focus and the smaller UK grid focusing more on the paranormal. With two fresh takes on the X-Men theme, XMR has something for everyone, from the biggest comic buff to the newest X-Men fan.</desc>
5123   </mud>
5124   <mud>
5125     <name>Masquerade</name>
5126     <codebase>[MUX] TinyMUX</codebase>
5127     <host>masquerade.org</host>
5128     <port>9999</port>
5129     <ip></ip>
5130     <www>http://www.masquerade.org</www>
5131     <desc>Yes, we are *that* Masquerade. The first WoD MU*, started back in 1992. If we're new to you, please read on! If we're not, you'll find a lot has changed, for the better! Come check out our new grid, rewritten, recoded, redone!</desc>
5132     <desc>Masquerade takes place in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Surrounded by the towering Sandia mountain range to the east, the Manzano mountains to the southeast, and a high volcanic mesa to the west, Albuquerque sits astride the nurturing Rio Grande River. Dizzying views unfold over sweeping vistas across a truly magical landscape, filled with a myriad natural wonders. If New Mexico is truly the 'Land of Enchantment,' then Albuquerque must be its gateway.</desc>
5133     <desc>Although many things seem to be the same on the surface, our virtual Albuquerque is a far cry from the reality of this happy Southwestern town. The town has been transformed from its real world countenance into a mass of decay, danger and death. This is a world where evil and danger abound, where tension is stronger, cops more corrupt, the criminal element even more firmly in control. And that's even before the Supernaturals start pulling strings... If you're not afraid of the Dark, come check us out!</desc>
5134   </mud>
5135   <mud>
5136     <name>Chronicles of Ivalice: Emberstrand</name>
5137     <codebase>[MUCK] MSSP and MCCP compatible</codebase>
5138     <host>coimuck.com</host>
5139     <port>1771</port>
5140     <www>http://coimuck.com/wiki</www>
5141     <desc>In the Year 726, Old Valendian:  The Larsan Folly is the most generous name given to the time of strife that befell the world after the coming of the great Mist. It is a dark time of lost history, where fiends sprung whole from the Mist and tore apart cities, men tore apart nations, and civilization's fire almost burnt out in the dark night of barbaracy.</desc>
5142     <desc>What is known is scattered and fragmented, and diligent scholarship has only uncovered the facts of the events, but few of the motivations. What is known is that Emperor Larsa of Archadia, citing the evils of manufacted nethicite and the terrible effects it took upon the armies and people of Dalmasca, undertook to destroy the sources of these tainted artifacts once and for all.  It is known that Emperor Larsa and the Queen Ashe went together to the Ridoran Cataract, and the Pharos there. The events of the day are not fully known or understood; and the ruins of the Pharos remain so mist-infested that no ship, air or sea, has dared within ten miles of the island since that day.  Mist poured from the Pharos; so thick it blotted out the sun, until the sky seemed to run riot with the terrible colors. A madness swept the vieran race; a rage so terrible, it is told of only in bloody, hushed whispers. Those few Viera remaining, old enough to have been alive upon that terrible time, bear scars, and few can or will speak of the horrors endured or, often, perpetuated, by them.</desc>
5143     <desc>Men and women died in the streets; torn apart by Fiends, choking on Mist so thick that every breath became a wild magic. Houses, cities, crumbled, rotted, burned. Within a month, no nation known to the world remained in existence; the centers of power disrupted, destroyed, undone by the mad Mist that swept the world. Races never before known sprung from the Mist, as confused and terrified as any other, having been born into a world gone mad.  How long, precisely, the terrible Mist raged, is not entirely known. The shortest credible estimate is three months; the longest, eight years. The Mist Madness that many endured made most diaries useless; ravings of madmen, moments of lucidity, terrible despair.</desc>
5144     <desc>Two hundred years have passed since the Larsan Folly, and the city of Emberstrand has risen up near the ashes of Rabanastre. This is where our story begins.</desc>
5145     <desc>*Battle fiends with your friends. *Participate in Development Discussions and be heard. *Explore the rich theme built upon Final Fantasy XII.</desc>
5146     <desc>Come join us and add your page to the Chronicles of Ivalice.</desc>
5147   </mud>
5148   <mud>
5149     <name>MediaMOO</name>
5150     <codebase>MOO</codebase>
5151     <host>mediamoo.media.mit.edu</host>
5152     <port>8888</port>
5153     <ip></ip>
5154     <www>http://www.media.mit.edu/~asb/MediaMOO/</www>
5155     <desc>MediaMOO is a professional community for media reseachers. The first 'professional' MUD, MediaMOO has been open since January 1993, and is home to a thousand artists, anthropologists, computer scientists, psychologists, writing teachers, and others.  An application is required to become a member, and all members are identified by their real names, email addresses, and a description of their research interests.</desc>
5156   </mud>
5157   <mud>
5158     <name>Medievia</name>
5159     <codebase>[Custom] Custom</codebase>
5160     <host>medievia.com</host>
5161     <port>4000</port>
5162     <ip></ip>
5163     <www>http://www.medievia.com/</www>
5164     <desc>Medievia V is here!</desc>
5165     <desc>From a distance you behold our world. Peaceful, beautiful continents resting like gems set within an aquamarine sea.  Come closer.</desc>
5166     <desc>To the east, you see a battle waging on the seas. A ship is locked in battle with a giant sea serpent, the crew frantically manning the guns and striving to hold the ship together in face of the onslaught.</desc>
5167     <desc>Many miles to the north, in another part of the sea, several clans have gathered their strength to do battle against the Khrait, a mysterious, powerful race that has recently begun to invade our lands from Afar, in the first skirmishes of war that will change the face of Medievia.</desc>
5168     <desc>In a few parts of the world, life continues almost serenely.  Clans prepare to build their businesses; traders venture between the great cities of our land in endless search for profit; dragons soar through the sky, bearing adventurers out to hone and test their skills, in the hopes of becoming worthy of the title Hero.</desc>
5169     <desc>But look closer still, at our faces. See the anticipation, the fear and excitement, as each one of us faces the fact that the struggle we're engaged in will determine the destiny of our entire world, and of each of our souls.</desc>
5170     <desc>Gold and glory, battle, adventure, triumph, defeat, Good, and Evil... all await anyone with the strength of spirit to come forth.  Our history is being written. Are you strong enough to join us?</desc>
5171     <desc>Do you dare enter?</desc>
5172     <desc>---</desc>
5173     <desc>Medievia has been around since 1992, and has never stopped growing, evolving, and becoming better, and we're one of the largest gameworlds in existence!  We have it all, and then some.  Our maps are unparalleled, using beautiful miniature graphics provided by our own fonts.  Our zones and wilderness are immense and interactive, and it's all watched over by our greatest achievement: a sophisticated artificial intelligencemodule we call the DungeonMaster.</desc>
5174     <desc>The DM allows history to unfold. Everything you do, wherever and whenever you are, is connected, and is watched by the DM.  The storyline continues to unfold, and YOU are a part of History. Join us!</desc>
5175     <desc>www.Medievia.com</desc>
5176   </mud>
5177   <mud>
5178     <name>Dark-Legacy MUD (Dark Legacy MUD)</name>
5179     <codebase>[Smaug] Modified</codebase>
5180     <host>dark-legacy.com</host>
5181     <port>9898</port>
5182     <ip></ip>
5183     <www>http://www.dark-legacy.com/</www>
5184     <desc>Dark Legacy is a smaug mud with a focus on crafting, pet breeding and character customization.</desc>
5185     <desc>Crafts: One of the most extensive crafting systems out there in MUDs to date. Dig persisted tunnels through the extensive wilderness in search for ores and treasures, raise your crafts to craft legendary artifacts, and decorate them with a wide variety of upgrades. Enchant your items with magic, and sell them in the auctionhouse.</desc>
5186     <desc>Pets: Raise pets to adventure with. Teach them tricks. Want to breed a bunny with firebreath and wings? Or a dragon with adorable eyes? You can!</desc>
5187     <desc>Character Customization: Want to be the curvaceous pointy-eared female Undead Pixie? 40 races, 12 starsigns 25 ancestries and 400 physical traits ensure you can roll up the character you like.</desc>
5188     <desc>Other features include unlimited levels, multiclassing, dynamically generated dungeons, treasure delving, player designed residences, guildhouses, guild equipment, funny arena games, customizable spells.</desc>
5189     <desc>If you prefer custom areas, many quests, a code stagnant MUD, or a large number of players, Dark Legacy might not be the mud for you. But if these things do not deter you, we look forward to a visit!</desc>
5190   </mud>
5191   <mud>
5192     <name>END-OF-LINE</name>
5193     <codebase>[LP] Amylaar</codebase>
5194     <host>linkwarriors.wilkerstaff.com</host>
5195     <port>4000</port>
5196     <ip></ip>
5197     <www>None</www>
5198     <desc>END-OF-LINE is based on the film TRON. But it begins where the film ends. The Blue programs have just managed to break the MCP's strangle hold, but there are still pockets of Red programs resisting. The MUD is based on the war between these two sides. You can choose which side to join, and what role to play in each army.-----There are two main roles: generals and troops. The generals manage troops and resources, transport them between areas, and decide which areas should be attacked. The troops fight individual battles. There are NPC generals and troops on both sides, as well as interactive generals and troops.  These players can join and leave at their leisure.-----The distinguishing thing about the MUD is that it involves 3 levels of play, which interact: (LEVEL 1) is involves playing a general managing resources in a war. This is very strategic and is like Chess but more closesly like X-battle. (LEVEL 2) involves commanding troops in a battle. This is like a game of Command and Conquer, you can see a map with the troops and position them. (LEVEL 3) involves close range fighting. This is the level which players familiar to Player Killing will recognise. It is likeplaying a shoot-em up like DOOM.</desc>
5199   </mud>
5200   <mud>
5201     <name>FearMUD: Zazel is bored</name>
5202     <codebase>[GodWars] Dystopia-&gt;mcloud Modified</codebase>
5203     <host>fluxstorm.net</host>
5204     <port>6666</port>
5205     <ip></ip>
5206     <www>http://</www>
5207     <desc>As you near the village ahead and the end of your quest, you look to the sky just in time to see see the moon shed its heavenly cloak.  A cool breeze blows and you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention.  Something is awry, yet you just cannot put your finger on it.  As the bell tolls, you notice a pair of sharp, gleaming eyes and a flash of what look like razor sharp claws in the brush.  As you draw your sword, you are knocked off balance from behind.  When you arise, you are facing what could only be one of Hell's creations. You turn to run, but you are faced with another foe; the true Champion of Gaia.  All around you are gathered strange creatures; all of which hunger for your head.  They sense your FEAR.</desc>
5208     <desc>FearMUD is not your every day hack-n-slash pure PK mud.  Here at FearMUD we strive to bring forth the most to the table.  We have a large selection of classes, some custom, some re-written, and some GodWars original with some tweaks.  We have a unique character advancement system which offers hours of play.  Be warned, FearMUD is not a '10 minute and you're maxed' MUD.  Within hours of beginning, one may join the PK and not just watch it.  Just remember, the more you put into your character here, the more you get out of it.</desc>
5209     <desc>There are also many custom features added to this mud. - Purchasable permanent hitroll, damroll, damcap, and toughness (all status related to promote pk) - Unique areas - A comprehensive channel history system... Never miss a tell or chat or anything again. - A custom tier system - Immense player customization through the new Character Advancement system</desc>
5210     <desc>Our players are more than willing to help you if you are new to FearMUD, or new to MUDs in general.  Don't hesitate to ask.  Log in, check us out, tell us 'Hi!', and stay a while!</desc>
5211   </mud>
5212   <mud>
5213     <name>Merentha</name>
5214     <codebase>[LP] Merentha/NM MM-2.03</codebase>
5215     <host>merentha.com</host>
5216     <port>10000</port>
5217     <ip></ip>
5218     <www>http://www.merentha.com/</www>
5219     <desc>With over 100 players on during the daytime, and up to 120 or more at peek times there are always newbie friendly people on to help out those new to Merentha.</desc>
5220     <desc>A few features which make Merentha more then just a hack and slash MUD include: Player Owned:                  Player Run: Houses                         Class Councils Pets                           Kingdoms Mounts                         Guilds (Clans) Air Balloons Sea Ships (upgradeable)</desc>
5221     <desc>Merentha is also loaded with quests and games.  On long weekends and holidays there are usually special events, invasions or quests held as well.</desc>
5222   </mud>
5223   <mud>
5224     <name>A Merging of Fates</name>
5225     <codebase>[Rom] 2.4b6 + Modified</codebase>
5226     <host>mud.merging.org</host>
5227     <port>5454</port>
5228     <ip></ip>
5229     <www>http://www.merging.org/</www>
5230     <desc>***  Where will your fate lead you? ***</desc>
5231     <desc>A Merging of Fates would like to welcome you to a mild RP/PK environment to answer that very question.</desc>
5232     <desc>With over 50 races, over 20 classes, 207 levels with unlimited remort, and hundreds of skills and spells, we may have what you desire!</desc>
5233     <desc>Come meet some of the friendliest players and imms around, and learn what your fate shall bring you!</desc>
5234     <desc>P.S. Be on the lookout for the release of MoF2 in the near future!</desc>
5235     <desc>** We now support Portal GT mud client! **</desc>
5236   </mud>
5237   <mud>
5238     <name>Serenity : The Firefly MUSH</name>
5239     <codebase>[MUSH] HSpace Trueline 4.3.11 with PennMUSH 1.8.1 Patch 5</codebase>
5240     <host>serenitymush.com</host>
5241     <port>2020</port>
5242     <ip></ip>
5243     <www>http://serenitymush.com</www>
5244     <desc>Serenity : The MUSH</desc>
5245     <desc>So here is how it is: Earth got used up...</desc>
5246     <desc>We found a new solar system and used terraforming technology and made hundreds of new earths. The central planets formed the Alliance, decided everyone should unite under their rule, a few people tried to stop them. After the war those that fought and lost, drifted to the edges away from the control of the Alliance...</desc>
5247     <desc>Out on the Rim a Captain's goal was simple: Find a crew, Find a job, Keep flyin'.</desc>
5248     <desc>I know, you’ve read these words a million times, and you still love them. However, I want to take the time to introduce something different to you. Serenity: The Big Damn GAME is a text based role playing environment in which you can play any type of character you can imagine within the Serenity ‘verse.</desc>
5249     <desc>So whether you have experience role playing online or not, we’d love to have you. All you need to bring is a desire to play and have fun...</desc>
5250     <desc>We are more of less staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, finding someone to RP with or someone to help is lend you a hand is not hard.</desc>
5251     <desc>We have a detailed players guide to support new people to the theme and help you make your story in the ‘verse a reality.</desc>
5252     <desc>Players Guide Link: http://www.serenitymush.com/wiki/index.php/News:Players_Guide</desc>
5253     <desc>There is at least 50 people logged on at any given time of day or night and we have players from all over the Earth. Top login numbers around 130+ people, and still growing. Serenity MUSH has truly built an online community worth being apart of.</desc>
5254     <desc>We have all the worlds from the Serenity RPG and 18 classes of Ships ready for you to make your stake in the 'verse...</desc>
5255     <desc>Also, we are hiring staffers, and have openings for Feature Characters...</desc>
5256     <desc>Connect today and check us out...</desc>
5257   </mud>
5258   <mud>
5259     <name>Aydindril 2</name>
5260     <codebase>[Rom] Rom 2.4b, heavily modified.</codebase>
5261     <host>redstreak.no-ip.org</host>
5262     <port>4000</port>
5263     <www>http://redstreak.no-ip.org:3999/~aydindril/</www>
5264     <desc>Resurrected from an ancient backup, this classic Rom-based MUD has returned. It was named after the capital city in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. This MUD has a 191-mortal-level system with 10 distinct classes, where the player can customize their character by choosing skills and spell groups to learn and practice. Player guilds/clans are also offered, including the ability to build custom guild/clan halls. Our world has more than 6000 rooms and 2000 mobs and is constantly growing. This mud is newbie friendly, open to the public, and a grand text adventure.</desc>
5265     <desc>Unique features include: Banking with interest 'Forgive' command for accidental killer flags Enchanters to upgrade equipment</desc>
5266   </mud>
5267   <mud>
5268     <name>BloodStained</name>
5269     <codebase>[GodWars] Mcloud2/BLooDStained</codebase>
5270     <host>divineright.org</host>
5271     <port>1337</port>
5272     <ip></ip>
5273     <www>None</www>
5274     <desc>BLooDStained is a mud that I'm currently trying to change from a mcloud/godwars codebase that I'm trying turn into a cybernetic futuristic world and the sky is going to be the limit on HP move damcap...everything.....kill or be killed!</desc>
5275     <desc>Just come try it out... we are looking for about one coder..and maybe one more builder. Thanks Deathlire</desc>
5276   </mud>
5277   <mud>
5278     <name>Miami by Night</name>
5279     <codebase>TinyMUSH 2.2.3 (custom mods)</codebase>
5280     <host></host>
5281     <port>8250</port>
5282     <www>http://miamibynight.mymush.com</www>
5283     <desc>Miami by Night, up since January of 1997, is a World of Darkness(tm) MUSH set in Miami, Florida, in the first decade of the 21st Century. We support the following second edition systems: Vampire: The Masquerade(tm), Mage: The Ascension(tm), and Werewolf: The Apocalypse(tm).</desc>
5284     <desc>Our Staff prides itself on its fairness, and players can be assured that the rules are enforced equally. Each player is just as important as every other player and staff will not step in to retcon or rewrite scenes to benefit any particular player's 'story' over another's. If you like a game where scenes are not prescripted and you will not be prevented from action as long as you have IC justification, then Miami may be the place for you.</desc>
5285     <desc>There are no quotas for Supers (vampires, shifters, mages, etc.) on Miami by Night in order to give players the chance to play the type of character they want, although each player is restricted to one Super. Mortal character creation uses Mortal Peer stats, meaning a starting stats mortal has the same starting attributes and abilities as a neonate vampire. Transfer characters from other MUSHes in the same general timeline are accepted, provided we can verify stats. More information on character creation and transfer can be found on our web site or by logging into Miami by Night.</desc>
5286   </mud>
5287   <mud>
5288     <name>Aetolia, the Midnight Age</name>
5289     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
5290     <host>aetolia.com</host>
5291     <port>23</port>
5292     <ip></ip>
5293     <www>http://aetolia.com/entry.php?eid=aetolia-mudconnector-listing</www>
5294     <desc>- Aetolia is a huge and totally original world, with no stock code or stock areas whatsoever. We have thousands of rooms, and hundreds of unique abilities in dozens of complex skillsets. Examples of our player classes include the supernatural Vampires, who use the mystical power of Blood to form their bodies into lethal weapons, alter the minds of mortals, or raise foul undead slaves; or the brave Sentinels, fighting to defend their forestal homes with their ability to shapechange into ferocious creatures, their cunning use of deadly traps, and their rapport with natural animals and plants.  - Within Aetolia, you'll find hundreds of imaginative quests and NPCs, as well as developed political and economic systems. We have innumerable unique features, ranging from what has been called the finest player vs. player combat system in existence, to a realistic weather system, to lucrative trade skills, to endless opportunities for roleplay in the intricate struggles that take place daily within the land.</desc>
5295   </mud>
5296   <mud>
5297     <name>Midnight Sun</name>
5298     <codebase>[LP] MudOS with custom additions</codebase>
5299     <host>midnight-sun.ludd.luth.se</host>
5300     <port>3000</port>
5301     <ip></ip>
5302     <www>http://midnight-sun.ludd.luth.se:3328/</www>
5303     <desc>Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud. It is an easy place to get started, but also hides a lot of complexity and challenges you may have to face as you grow. Travel through our world by foot or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon. Wander the realms to solve one of the 50+ quests to be found (none of which is required). Ask around to get enlisted for one of the guilds. And last but not least hunt the world to grow as a character and join the famous ranks of our lords and ladies.</desc>
5304     <desc>Midnight Sun believes in a strict seperation between coders and players. When it comes to playing the game and finding your way around you will have to ask advice from your fellow players. For all other issues you may have, feel free to contact any immortal or staff. In general you will find that most people visiting our realms are friendly and willing to help you where they can.</desc>
5305     <desc>We hope to see you there.</desc>
5306   </mud>
5307   <mud>
5308     <name>Chaos Empire MUD</name>
5309     <codebase>[Circlemud] Modified CircleMUD</codebase>
5310     <host>chaos.redcoven.com</host>
5311     <port>4600</port>
5312     <ip></ip>
5313     <www>http://None</www>
5314     <desc>PLEASE NOTE: Chaos Empire Administration do not recommend starting a new player here. We cannot guarantee that the MUD will remain open for long due to hardware issues. We apologise for any inconveniance caused.</desc>
5315     <desc>Original description follows:</desc>
5316     <desc>Chaos Empire is a new MUD. As such there is space for advancement. There are several mortal classes, and when a player has exhausted a career path, they have the opportunity to become one of four remortal classes, and learn more powerful skills and spells. There are currently seven clans on Chaos Empire. They each have their own clanhouse, equipped with a store room and a board. Each clan also has its own special abilities, which are generally very powerful (some are spells, and some are character bonuses).</desc>
5317     <desc>Newbie Helpers are there to help new players, new mudders and experienced players alike which are just starting out, if no Newbie Helper is on an Immortal will be happy to help you get started.</desc>
5318     <desc>The main city is custom to Chaos Empire, and should provide a refreshing  change to other MUDs. We aren't a large MUD, so there won't be hundreds of people on at any time, but the people on are, in general, friendly and will help you if you ask nicely :-)</desc>
5319     <desc>Come give us a try, we're sure you'll want to stay.</desc>
5320   </mud>
5321   <mud>
5322     <name>Gorram MUSH</name>
5323     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
5324     <host>gorrammush.com</host>
5325     <port>4202</port>
5326     <ip></ip>
5327     <www>http://www.gorrammush.com</www>
5328     <desc>\"Love. You can learn all the math in the 'verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of worlds. And love keeps her in the air when she oughtta fall down...tells ya she's hurtin' 'fore she keens... makes her a home.\"</desc>
5329     <desc>The beginning came five hundred years ago as the Earth-That-Was resources began to dry up. Those that could leave, did. Those that remained, well, they didn't quite have a choice with what happened next. A new solar system was found, and terraforming offered the means to create new earths. As time grew on, so did the new era of humanity, and with that comes that of disputes. A war broke out between the Alliance and the Independents. He who wins the war, writes the history book, and well - the Alliance won. Times have changed, and humanity continues to develop. Technology inspires us to build greater things, and so we do. Each of us has a piece of this pie within the 'verse, whether small or great, we're all here to enjoy it until we can't breath any longer. The choice is that of the person's, whether they want to do something with that pie or simply sit on it.</desc>
5330     <desc>Gorram MUSH is based off the theme of the Firefly episodes &amp; Serenity movie. Set five hundred years in the future &amp; western mixture, its a big verse to explore out there. Roleplay is set as the priority with plenty of opportunities for someone to place their own niche in the 'verse. Code is in place to simply enable a person with their story, instead of inhibiting them. Opportunities are available to play a wide variety of different types of characters, everything from Companions to Shepherds to Pilots, and everything in between. Familiar worlds from the game are present to explore, make your home or even business on. Variety of ship types are available for a player to purchase, and there's a coded space system that allows for those that wish to explore the open black to do so.</desc>
5331     <desc>If you're looking for a good roleplaying environment, whether new to the theme or a dedicated 'browncoat', Gorram MUSH offers a home to those players that are looking for a place to simply come and RP.</desc>
5332   </mud>
5333   <mud>
5334     <name>BleachMUD</name>
5335     <codebase>[Smaug] Smaugfuss 1.9</codebase>
5336     <host></host>
5337     <port>4020</port>
5338     <www>http://</www>
5339     <desc>BleachMUD is based on the Bleach anime written by Kubo Taito. All characters, skills, spells, abilities, places, and concepts showed in the anime would be implemented.</desc>
5340     <desc>You would be able to choose among two races, Ningenteki (humans), or Konpaku (souls).  The classes for Ningenteki are Ningenteki (human with special powers), and Bauntou (soul devouring vampires).  The classes for Konpaku are Konpaku (spirits with a chain attached to their chest), Kaizou (modified souls), Hollow (evil spirits), and Shinigami (soul reapers).  Also, you would be able to pick a family name from the show upon creation (Kurosaki, Inoue, etc.) that would grant you special abilities.</desc>
5341     <desc>Use your powers as Shinigami with your own Zanpaktou and a wide range of spells to protect the world from Hollows, use your powers as a Ningenteki to aid the Shinigami in the defense of Kankuro Town and Soul Society, or just become a Hollow and spread chaos and terror, feed upon souls with strong reiatsu (spiritual pressure), and joining forces with Aizen to destroy both Kankuro Town and Soul Society to obtain the Key to the ultimate power!!!</desc>
5342     <desc>Right now we are in the pre-alpha development stage.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We are hiring builders and coders. Any help (ideas, building, coding, etc.) would be rewarded with mission points, special gear and weapons.  We want this mud to be the best BleachMUD on the network and all of you play an important roll in it.  BANKAI!!!</desc>
5343   </mud>
5344   <mud>
5345     <name>Continents Mud</name>
5346     <codebase>[Envy] 2.0, Rom 2.4b, plus 14 years of our own coding</codebase>
5347     <host>continentsmud.com</host>
5348     <port>5050</port>
5349     <ip></ip>
5350     <www>http://www.continentsmud.com/</www>
5351     <desc>Come and experience a vast world of medieval / fantasy combat and trades.  Not only will you find classic combat classes such as Paladin, Thief, and Warrior, you can also choose to adventure as a Ranger or Ninja.  If you are more creative you can explore our massive range of trade skills with classes like Trader, Supplier, Alchemist, Smith and Wright.  If the magical or spiritual crafts appeal to you there is the option to become a Mage or a Cleric.</desc>
5352     <desc>Brave any of the nine treacherous oceans as you explore the globe's six continents in search of distant and strange lands with unforgettable foes. The world itself contains more than 11,000 rooms that make up 119 areas, many of which are original additions by the Continents Mud immortals and players.</desc>
5353     <desc>Role Play is strongly encouraged but not a requirement.  Clans are available to enhance your game experience and if there is no clan to your taste, you may apply to become a clan master and create your own.</desc>
5354     <desc>Continents has regular worldwide quests and individual quests are also available. In addition, there are challenging quest areas like the legendary Gauntlet where only the most courageous dare fight.</desc>
5355     <desc>Player Killing (PK) and Stealing are both allowed within the laws of the world; however, those found guilty of illegal killing or stealing will face the judgment of the mud's automated justice system.      </desc>
5356     <desc>Continents Mud has undergone 14 years of modification from its original Envy base to evolve into a full featured interactive RPG. The code boasts completely reworked object handling, trade skills, pets, mobprogs / scripts, player houses, player shops, classes, and much more.</desc>
5357     <desc>A small yet friendly player base and active staff members make Continents Mud a thoroughly enjoyable experience. </desc>
5358   </mud>
5359   <mud>
5360     <name>Ark of Fools MUX</name>
5361     <codebase>[MUX] #1</codebase>
5362     <host>arkoffools.com</host>
5363     <port>3000</port>
5364     <ip></ip>
5365     <www>http://www.arkoffools.com/game</www>
5366     <desc>A stone castle rises from the top of a huge rock floating high up in the sky, shifting from plane to plane. Its inhabitants struggle under the dying curse of the architect, whom they betrayed and murdered. This castle, now named the Ark of Fools, carries a few score refugees from the broken remains of what was once a city in the Astral Plane, along with victims drawn in from across the multiverse by the Curse. Mysteries lie at the heart of the Ark. The Old Man built it for a purpose. What was it? Can the Ark be wrested from his control in time?</desc>
5367     <desc>Drawing inspiration from sources including the legend of the Flying Dutchman, the painting \"Castle in the Pyrenees\" by Rene Magritte, Star Trek, and Laputa: Castle in the Sky, our principal aim is to enjoy traditional D&amp;D (3.5) fun in a fantasy setting, with plenty of staff-run plots and dungeon-delving. The current incarnation is a sequel to the original 3.0 version of Ark of Fools MUX.</desc>
5368     <desc>Ark of Fools MUX is a tabletop-style game, with players meeting at regular times. Most sessions take place weeknights from 8-11 pm Eastern time.</desc>
5369   </mud>
5370   <mud>
5371     <name>Mirkwood</name>
5372     <codebase>[Rom] Heavily Modified</codebase>
5373     <host>mirkwoodmud.org</host>
5374     <port>4000</port>
5375     <ip></ip>
5376     <www>http://www.mirkwoodmud.org</www>
5377     <desc>Mirkwood stared in 1995 and is still going strong. Famous for its social atmosphere, its inspired areas, and its professional coding, Mirkwood is a dynamic and active MUD undergoing almost daily code modifications. Recently, the coders implemented an original remorting system and added six new classes. But the largest recent change was a complete remapping of the world that involved splitting the land into two continents and creating an extensive road system. Mirkwood's original and extremely powerful object, room, and mob scripts aid builders in creating immersive areas, many of which are based on the writings of Tolkien. However, Mirkwood's player and immortals are far too eclectic to stick to one theme. The battle-scarred moon Daktor, the red-neck Trailer Park, the magic-loathing city of Pelios, the vast and deadly Ocean, and scores of other areas all await the stalwart adventurer. Mirkwood's custom-designed area builder (Mac/Win) supports the continuous development of new areas. If you love the community of your fellows, join one of Mirkwood's eight tribes, which have huge castles and keeps; their own channels; custom time and weather messages; internal security; shops for armor, weapons, food, and tokens; recall rooms; healers, trainers, and guild masters; and access to a tribal arena.</desc>
5378   </mud>
5379   <mud>
5380     <name>Hidden Realms</name>
5381     <codebase>[Circlemud] Circlemud 3.1</codebase>
5382     <host>hrmud.com</host>
5383     <port>4000</port>
5384     <ip></ip>
5385     <www>http://www.hrmud.com</www>
5386     <desc>Hidden Realms has been around for awhile, and we have managed to preserve through several location moves. I am just happy to say that we are back up and running.</desc>
5387     <desc>We have yet another new domain as well now, www.hrmud.com and we are offering webhosting and mud hosting packages via our affiliate twitchhosting.com. We also offer emailsbased on subdomain or domain. If you currently own a domain and would like email capabilities we can help you out.</desc>
5388     <desc>We have just moved to a new sever so please update your zmud and gmud connections. The new server's ip is in case your dns is not updating correctly. Also please note that we have split the website, hrmud.com points to only the mud, whereas www.hrmud.com points only to the website.</desc>
5389     <desc>Please stop on by and see what we have done with it or just to check it out, we would love to hear your opinion!</desc>
5390     <desc>Thanks all, Mindwarper</desc>
5391   </mud>
5392   <mud>
5393     <name>Land of the Lost Unicorn</name>
5394     <codebase>[Rom] 2.3 Heavily Modified</codebase>
5395     <host>lostunicorn.org</host>
5396     <port>1701</port>
5397     <ip></ip>
5398     <www>http://lostunicorn.org/</www>
5399     <desc>Land of the Lost Unicorn places a priority on friendliness and enjoyment of a mudding atmosphere by combining the benefits of roleplaying and combat. The immortals of this realm try their best to be responsive to the players by listening to complaints and ideas. Most ideas or proposed changes get implemented if they are found beneficial to the entire mud. The players are cordial and happy, and often communicate extensively on our many channels.</desc>
5400     <desc>LUN, as it is called for short, offers 12 races and 12 classes and a variety of features too numerous to name. If there is a feature you want that we don't have, please feel free to let us know! We have left the original customization in, though most prefer to use the base skills and spells each class has in. We also offer an alternative mud school for players who are familiar with the rom code, as well as offer the stock mud school for new mudders to learn from. We are in the process of adding new original areas to eliminate the stock to give known mudders new lands to explore.</desc>
5401     <desc>One thing that we do pride ourselves on is our complete and up-to-date help files. This makes us a good choice for new mudders and those who are sick of having to ask about everything. There is also a question/answer channel on the mud for questions that you can't answer through help files.</desc>
5402     <desc>LUN has a religion system of nine separate religions, each is led by a fellow player, and follows a mythical god and ethos.</desc>
5403   </mud>
5404   <mud>
5405     <name>Hexahedron</name>
5406     <codebase>[Rom] Very Heavily Modified</codebase>
5407     <host>hexahedron.game-host.org</host>
5408     <port>6000</port>
5409     <ip></ip>
5410     <www>http://hexahedron.genesismuds.com</www>
5411     <desc>Hexahedron is a large and mostly original world. It supports ANSI color. We have no set theme. It does boast a high fantasy, sword and sorcery setting, filled with Elves, Giants, Dragons and the occasional Cyborg, plus much more. We support a 3 remort, which includes special races and classes set aside for the final remort. The arena/quest system has several facets, gives players much to do and accomplish while venturing the by ways of Hexaherdon.</desc>
5412     <desc>Many Quest masters are scattered about the world. There are quests/trivia games sponsored by the helpful immortal staff. In the Mob Arena players can enter the arena , try their skill against randomly generated mobiles, and gain re- ward for their expertise. The Grand Arena allows Hero level players to enter into a tournament style combat. The standard Arena has been expanded and filled with items that could be of use. We support 3 modes, Team, Clan, and Single combat. Immortals can use areas of the world for the staging of war, giving non-playerkillers the experience of a player killer without actually being a player killer and with out fear of loss in experience or equipment.</desc>
5413     <desc>Randomly generated equipment like those found in Diablo/D II, Nethac and Angband. A fully functioning clan system that allows for players to create and maintain/expand their own. A starvation system that makes the need for food and drink a must. Quest point system includes Trash Points, Mystery Tickets, and ImmQuest points. Come Play and ENJOY!</desc>
5414   </mud>
5415   <mud>
5416     <name>A Moment in Tyme</name>
5417     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily modified, originally based on CircleMud 3.0 bpl 14</codebase>
5418     <host>tymemud.com</host>
5419     <port>6969</port>
5420     <www>http://www.tymemud.com/</www>
5421     <desc>A Moment in Tyme (MiT) is one of the oldest Wheel of Time based Muds on the Internet.  Since 1994, our coders and builders have been working hard to bring in unique new features and our own original areas.  MiT is currently on our second major revision of the codebase, and our areas are all completely original.  At A Moment in Tyme, we have a dedicated playerbase and an excellent, committed staff of Immortals.  We have unique systems in place to rank players' mastery in swordplay and channeling (Wheel of Time's magic system).  A Moment in Tyme is set on a Timeline that is based on the first six books. After that, though, Tyme has broken away to become a mirror world of the books. The Bowl of the Winds has been found and used, breaking the long winter. Elayne has returned to Andor and taken the Throne. After a long struggle, Analinde su Riaten Rie now controls Cairhien with Rand al'Thor's, the Dragon Reborn, approval.  The White Tower has split, but after a Black Tower raid against the Aes Sedai, Elaida has been kidnapped and now awaits trial before the newly reunified Tower. Who will be Amyrlin now? Already several woman are seeking the title.</desc>
5422     <desc>And the Seanchan? Tarabon, Arad Doman, and Altara are all victims of the Ever Victorious Army. The High Lady Suroth invaded, and conquered Murandy, instead of reaching into Amadicia. Because of this, High Lady Ilorin Shayndel Paendrag, fourth in line for the Crystal Throne, has officially settled into the Panarch's Palace and taken control of the Hailene. Who will stop them? Word is that a mercenary group called the Heron Company is being raised to retake Arad Doman...  A Moment in Tyme is a RP-intensive MUD. We have an RPexp system which rewards RP by giving EXP based on emotes. Combat Code is currently offline, as it is being completely remodified and built from the ground up. It will utilize 50 different body parts as well as have very realistically coded forms with special procedures.</desc>
5423   </mud>
5424   <mud>
5425     <name>Metro: Toronto by Night</name>
5426     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH version 1.7.4 patchlevel 10</codebase>
5427     <host>metro.spork.com</host>
5428     <port>4201</port>
5429     <ip></ip>
5430     <www>http://www.geocities.com/deweyq/</www>
5431     <desc>Deep within the black obelisks thrusting upwards into the bitterly cold night a small fire burns in a rusted out garbage can, casting dim halos of orange light on the damp asphalt. Hands raised over the meager heat, a multitude of wretched forms shiver as tattered wet clothes cling to their bodies, leeching the strength from even the hardiest. Nearby, in a small park a tiny child looks out into the shadows, her vision blurred by tears, desperately searching for her mother. A flicker of movement catches her attention and she looks up to see the bushes at the edge of the clearing part. Her scream echoes through the open window of a luxurious basement apartment. There is no one to answer her cries for help. A crumpled body leans heavily against the desk, an expanding pool of blood staining the immaculate Armani suit and the letter clutched in a hand white as ash.  Note: Applications required for non-Mortal characters.</desc>
5432     <desc>Come to Metro, where the story -- as dark as it may be -- is the most important part of the online experience.</desc>
5433   </mud>
5434   <mud>
5435     <name>Age of Heroes 2</name>
5436     <codebase>[GodWars] Dystopia 1.4</codebase>
5437     <host>zeno.biyg.org</host>
5438     <port>2851</port>
5439     <ip></ip>
5440     <www>http://www.ianshirm.net</www>
5441     <desc>Age of Heroes 2.0 by Xrakisis -Classless -Remorts (up to 5) -70 Races -Race only skills/spells -Race only vulnerabilities, immunities, resistances -Professions -Fight Styles -Toughness -Auto-generated player description -Height and weight -All custom Areas -Gold, Silver, Copper currency -Shops (autoclaim when you buy something) -Dragonlance pantheon of dieties -Convert to change silver, copper to gold -Player Legacy -Exp that doesnt cap at 2 billion -Custom weapon types -Attacks go to the victims body parts -damage reduction for armor worn in slot -chance for armor to be damaged in slot -damage increase for no eq in slot -Resetsphere to change your setup -Shield block -Customized sacrificing -Auto-advancing player levels (200 per remort) -Buffer code redone -profession and guild in creation: [-------[Profession]-------] --Mercenary     --Soldier --Cleric        --Monk --Thief         --Assassin --Knight        --Barbarian [--------------------------] [-------[Guild]-------] --DarkHand      --Guardian --Beast         --Damned --Crusaders     --Druid [---------------------]</desc>
5442     <desc>SPHERE1 Wokanist: elemshift, gasbreath, naturesfury Combat1: leech, bladejump, ironclaw, kakusu, fightdance Combat2: bomuzite, superberserk, shouldercharge Combat3: entomb, spikes, unnerve, dtrick Combat4: desanc, shatter, enrage Aeromancer: disperse, enfold, evaporate, updraft, aero hoana, chagi, aeblade, tornado Enchantment: weaponenhance, armorenhance, caust, immolate, freezeweapon, poisonblade Enhancement: nightsight, graft, darktendrils Healing: heal, regenerate, regrow Hydromancer: hydro, cbreath, frosthands, soothe, wash fluidity, aqua, viunemto, storm Geomancer: solidify, rockslide, earthshatter, earthswallow eagra, inos, yaoe, easpi, eshina, sha Transmuter: zuloform, change, dragonform, mask, camouflage, bonemod Illusionist: clones, formillusion, grab, shadowplane, shadowsight Diviner: scry, readaura, gleam, reveal Abjurer: dimensiondodge, holyaura, shield Necromancer: creepingdoom, powerword, darksummon, fleshportal Pyromancer: flameblade, firebreath, magma, enflame, fagra, bae, taiegra, ennotate, lava, torra Animal: sclaws, claws, fangs, rend, talons, burrow Animal2: quills, roar, flameclaws, skin Chaos: chaossurge, chaosgate, chaosmagic, chaosshield, chaos Shadow: vensai, butomi, sami, sautchen, daemi, saubutomi Holy: shoju, mian, goazento, hishu, beoutu, yu Moon: moonbeam, moongate</desc>
5443   </mud>
5444   <mud>
5445     <name>Latitude</name>
5446     <codebase>[MUCK] Fuzzball MUCK 6.00</codebase>
5447     <host>latitude.muck.ca</host>
5448     <port>23</port>
5449     <www>http://latitude.muck.ca</www>
5450     <desc>Latitude MUCK is a purely social world geared toward total freedom of speech and expression.  There are no monsters to fight, but there are endless outlets for your creativity and your thirst for socialization.</desc>
5451     <desc>When you log on to Latitude MUCK you'll be presented with an open, relaxing atmosphere of chat and light roleplay, but truly, the world is yours to mold, the Latitude management's highest policy is to not interfere with your creative efforts, or your expression.</desc>
5452     <desc>Log on and create your own rooms, objects, areas, and even software to help the MUCK function and give it additional features.  The Latitude management is very relaxed with areas it will link to, so you can freely create buildings, shops, homes, forums, or anything your heart desires right within the main areas of the MUCK.</desc>
5453     <desc>Why not stop by and have some fun?</desc>
5454   </mud>
5455   <mud>
5456     <name>MOO Canada, Eh?</name>
5457     <codebase>[MOO] LambdaMOO</codebase>
5458     <host>moo.ca</host>
5459     <port>7777</port>
5460     <ip></ip>
5461     <www>http://www.moo.ca/</www>
5462     <desc>MOO Canada, Eh? was formerly known as SchoolNet MOO.  The MOO is primarily social, but an incredibly flexible and useful environment for programming is the basis of the MOO. Try out the web interface at http://www.moo.ca, and you'll see that it is a very sophisticated system.  With over a thousand users, it is the largest and oldest MOO in Canada.</desc>
5463   </mud>
5464   <mud>
5465     <name>MOOSE Crossing</name>
5466     <codebase>MOOSE</codebase>
5467     <host>moose-crossing.media.mit.edu</host>
5468     <port>7777</port>
5469     <ip></ip>
5470     <www>http://www.media.mit.edu/~asb/moose-crossing/</www>
5471     <desc>MOOSE Crossing is a place where kids 9 to 13 can learn to program and do creative writing.  Kids are making things like baby penguins that respond differently to five kinds of food, fortune tellers that predict the future, and the place at the end of the rainbow--answer a riddle, and you get the pot of gold.  The MOOSE language was specially designed to make it easier for kids to learn to program.  Teachers are welcome to bring their classes.</desc>
5472     <desc>Parental permission forms are required, and must be submitted on paper either by surface mail or fax.</desc>
5473   </mud>
5474   <mud>
5475     <name>Mordor</name>
5476     <codebase>[Merc] DIKU/MERC/MORDOR 11.0</codebase>
5477     <host>mordormud.net</host>
5478     <port>4000</port>
5479     <ip></ip>
5480     <www>http://mordormud.net</www>
5481     <desc>Mordor's unequaled road system consists of an extremely accurate map based on Tolkien's map of Middle Earth.  Explore over 70 unique areas throughout Middle Earth including: Isengard, Edoras, Midgewater Marshes, Helms Deep, Fangorn, Shelob's Lair, Lothlorien, Rivendell, Lonely Mountain, Barad-dur, Dol Guldur, Durthang, Mount Doom, Bree, Westfarthing, everywhere the Fellowship ventured, and many more areas from Tolkien lore.  Mordor's unique multi-class system, along with its remort classes and extended race selection, allows you to completely customize your character. Role-play as good or evil and engage in player vs. player battles by joining an alliance such as the Eye of Sauron, the Hand of Saruman, the Haradrim, the Last Alliance, the Northern Rangers, or the White Council.  For riskier adventurers, Mordor also offers a few independent guilds where you may participate in player vs. player combat without the loyalties or protection of an alliance.  We also have an alliance dedicated to helping newbies - the Guardians of Mordor.  All alliances are ever evolving by expanding their halls and adding new equipment.  We have a full time Quest Master and often offer unique Immortal run quests.  The Immortal staff is constantly building and programming new features for Mordor, and the player base consists of many different characters.  Mordor, even after being around for over a decade, is still consistently modifying itself to ensure balance and excitement for all of the players.</desc>
5482   </mud>
5483   <mud>
5484     <name>MorgenGrauen</name>
5485     <codebase>LPmud, property based, native German</codebase>
5486     <host>mg.mud.de</host>
5487     <port>23</port>
5488     <ip></ip>
5489     <www>http://www.mg.mud.de/</www>
5490     <desc>MorgenGrauen is a native German LPmud. It is 24 hours reachable. The players may become Seers (Seher, high level player) or Wizards (Magier) after fulfilling a number of quests. In addition there are lots of other adventures in our quickly growing world. MG features regions of different themes and size. Seers have the opportunity to build their own houses and have faster movement through magic gates.</desc>
5491     <desc>The MUD is open to up to 200 players (latest max. was 190) and is host for 80 players in average (including holidays and weekends). Interested persons may also take advantage of our MudWWW frontend found on our web page, which allows to look around a few places without creating a character or to know any playing commands.</desc>
5492   </mud>
5493   <mud>
5494     <name>Cleft of Dimensions</name>
5495     <codebase>[Rom] Really Great!</codebase>
5496     <host>cod.mudmagic.com</host>
5497     <port>4354</port>
5498     <ip></ip>
5499     <www>http://cod.mudmagic.com</www>
5500     <desc>The Cleft of Dimensions continues to be probably the best MUD that currently exists.</desc>
5501     <desc>We have 16 character classes, and each one has its own playstyle. Do you want an army of goombas? Do you want spells like Meteo, Indignation, or Megamagic? Or do you just want to suplex a guy then hit him with a piledriver? There's a class for almost any playstyle.</desc>
5502     <desc>Do you have a favorite video game? Do you have a soft spot for an old SNES RPG? There's a good chance we have content based on it. The game world is an amalgam of areas from all sorts of sources. And I really do mean all sorts: Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Mega Man, Earthbound, Secret of Mana, Ocarina of Time, Tactics Ogre - even Harvest Moon and River City Ransom.</desc>
5503     <desc>But there's more to the Cleft than just references and nods to games. We have a world full of secrets to discover and treasures to claim. Quests involving tricky fights and trickier puzzles, not just \"i vant you to keel seex snow moose.\" Boss battles that could knock your socks off if you happen to be wearing socks. We have lots of content with lots of depth, and even if you consider most MUDs tedious, shallow grinds, I think you'll find satisfying gameplay here.  We're the only game in the world where you, an alien, and some oysters can team up to fight superpowered pokemon. There's no other MUD where'd I'd rather spend my time, and I'd recommend it to anyone.</desc>
5504   </mud>
5505   <mud>
5506     <name>Mozart MUD</name>
5507     <codebase>[Silly] +14 years of development</codebase>
5508     <host>mozartmud.com</host>
5509     <port>4500</port>
5510     <ip></ip>
5511     <www>http://www.mozartmud.com</www>
5512     <desc>Mozart is one of the oldest, most developed muds on the net. Our world has over 28,000 rooms in 200 zones among three major areas. The Surface is the largest and most newbie-friendly. Beneath, the svirfneblin city Galtherdelve and the drow city of Aluhryn in the Underdark are more dangerous, and player-killing is legal.</desc>
5513     <desc>Mozart is rent-free. While in other muds it may cost you gold to keep your items, here we make our players want to play instead of punishing them for being away. Further, we use a percentage-based loading system instead of object limits, so it's impossible for a small number of players to hoard all the best equipment.</desc>
5514     <desc>All the major features of mud clients, including aliases, speed- walking, and command history, are provided by the game itself, so all our players - even those on telnet - are on an equal footing.</desc>
5515     <desc>Mortals may advance to level 99 in 14 different classes and more than 400 skills, spells, and specialties (which resemble feats in the D20 system). After 99th, there are 11 avatar levels each with a skill, spell, or power specific to each class.</desc>
5516     <desc>Mozart's code is very stable and very highly featured. We rarely go less than two weeks between reboots, and we recently broke our record with a four-month-long uptime. Crashes are quite rare, and new code is well-tested before it gets anywhere near our players.</desc>
5517     <desc>Immortals have access to full OLC including every feature we can think of, all the way up to LP-mud style scripting. If you have a new idea, we'll work to make it possible.</desc>
5518     <desc>We welcome all comers, new and old. See you online!</desc>
5519   </mud>
5520   <mud>
5521     <name>The Other Realm</name>
5522     <codebase>[Rom] Sacred V 3.0b modified</codebase>
5523     <host>tor.game-server.cc</host>
5524     <port>4300</port>
5525     <ip></ip>
5526     <www>http://tor.game-server.cc</www>
5527     <desc>* 102 mortal levels * 98 areas (and growing) * 794 help files (and growing) * 13 race choices * 10 classes, with two different play styles per class * Tiers of equipment to grow in power * CP-less system - you learn everything without affecting TNL * 3 bonuses are always active - hourly, daily, and monthly</desc>
5528     <desc>All of this, and more is available in The Other Realm. Come check us out, and have fun!</desc>
5529   </mud>
5530   <mud>
5531     <name>Image of Life</name>
5532     <codebase>[GodWars] MindClound2</codebase>
5533     <host>messiah.ath.cx</host>
5534     <port>8871</port>
5535     <ip></ip>
5536     <www>http://</www>
5537     <desc>Sorry, No Discribion for now we just opened and are still editing/creating stuff.</desc>
5538     <desc>Palin</desc>
5539   </mud>
5540   <mud>
5541     <name>MUD2</name>
5542     <codebase>[Custom] MUD2</codebase>
5543     <host>mud2.com</host>
5544     <port>23</port>
5545     <ip></ip>
5546     <www>http://www.mud2.com/</www>
5547     <desc>This is the latest incarnation of Richard Bartle's MUD2. MUD2 is the direct descendant of the _original_ MUD, as developed by Richard Bartle and others at Essex University, England, in 1978.</desc>
5548     <desc>The stated goal for this site is to provide a stable, long-standing home for MUD2 players around the world. The game is available for a low monthly subscription fee which helps cover the costs and the effort associated with software development and system maintenance.</desc>
5549     <desc>MUD2.COM is operated by Viktor T. Toth, aka Viktor the arch-wizard, who was also an arch-wizard on the Kesmai and NVN incarnations of the game. Players of CompuServe's British Legends (BL) know him as MrSpock the wizard.</desc>
5550   </mud>
5551   <mud>
5552     <name>Star Wars Mud Poland</name>
5553     <codebase>[SWR] Almost entirely rewritten (1.0)</codebase>
5554     <host>swmud.pl</host>
5555     <port>4000</port>
5556     <ip></ip>
5557     <www>http://www.swmud.pl</www>
5558     <desc>A mud based 100% on Star Wars, consisting of around 40 large planets and space stations, including Kashyyyk, Corellia, Tatooine, Endor etc.</desc>
5559   </mud>
5560   <mud>
5561     <name>Muddy Waters</name>
5562     <codebase>LPmud (CD)</codebase>
5563     <host>mw.muddywaters.org</host>
5564     <port>3000</port>
5565     <ip></ip>
5566     <www>http://www.muddywaters.org/</www>
5567     <desc>Are you seeking adventure and role-playing opportunities in a high quality environment? Look no further!</desc>
5568     <desc>Muddy Waters is a theme-based fantasy mud in the swords-and-sorcery genre. We've been around for a few years. The setting is medieval with an original, unique history and mythos. When you play Muddy Waters, you'll be part of a story, and you can add to it. Muddy Waters prides itself on providing a fair and challenging experience in an artistic and high quality setting. Most of all, it's fun.</desc>
5569     <desc>Muddy Waters is based on a skill and stat system rather than a level system, with a variety of guilds to choose from. Characters can belong to different types of guilds. It runs on a dedicated machine. Character creation is open, and we have a guest account if you just want to look around. Player killing is permitted, although not encouraged. Our world has a day and a night. We are newbie friendly. Use the links below to check us out, and we'll see you there!</desc>
5570   </mud>
5571   <mud>
5572     <name>New Boston 2025</name>
5573     <codebase>[MUX]</codebase>
5574     <host>newboston.mushpark.com</host>
5575     <port>2025</port>
5576     <ip></ip>
5577     <www>http://www.newboston.mushpark.com/</www>
5578     <desc>A terrible plague killed about 97% of the world’s population in 2009. Now, almost 20 years later, Boston Massachusetts has become a major metropolis populated by survivors. The control of the government and their propaganda are impossible to escape. Travel to and from the other few populated areas of the United States is dangerous and deadly.</desc>
5579     <desc>The Reformed Republic now mainly consists of three rebuilt cities; New Boston, New Providence and New Hartford. Within the game setting, most people crowd in the center city, New Boston, and enjoy the comforts of technology and the protection of the military. The less fortunate must scrape a living in the outskirts, living without electrical power or the benefits of law enforcement. The contrast is sharp, but nothing is ever in black and white.</desc>
5580   </mud>
5581   <mud>
5582     <name>MULTI MUD!</name>
5583     <codebase>[Circlemud] CircleMUD 3.0bpl8, highly modified</codebase>
5584     <host>multimud.net</host>
5585     <port>4242</port>
5586     <ip></ip>
5587     <www>http://multimud.net</www>
5588     <desc>Dying for a smooth running mud with great adventures? Multi Mud has been customized for balance, style, and adventure! We have many features including:</desc>
5589     <desc>-60 level system with multi-classing into 16 different remorts. -Personalized newbie help from Avatars and Guardian Clans. -7 main races with hometowns including Vampires with Advanced features. -10 minor races for improved RP. -Zones range from middle earth to current days to sci-fi. -Solo challenges such as our Simulator Arena or Survivor Camp. -Group challenges such as freeing the virtues in hell or fighting in the Ragnaroek. -An entity system offers clans and followerships for more roleplay and gaming options. -Over 100 zones with over 6000 pieces of EQ and over 10000 rooms total. -Advanced remort skills/spells for RP such as bard's songs of war and nature. -Immortal run quests and missions as well as auto-quests pre- programmed.</desc>
5590     <desc>What is mentioned is simply a glimpse, for a real taste visit us or get more information on our webiste. We truly encourage roleplay, offer great newbie help, and have challenges for expert mudders as well.</desc>
5591   </mud>
5592   <mud>
5593     <name>The Final Chapter: Revisited</name>
5594     <codebase>[GodWars] Heavily modified Dystopia</codebase>
5595     <host>smoolabs.net</host>
5596     <port>6969</port>
5597     <ip></ip>
5598     <www>http://</www>
5599     <desc>It has been 10 years since GodWars has come to existance, and in those 10 years many GW muds has come and go. During these times only a handful has been remembered by players. Now in the year of 2005, we bring you, a new taste of GodWars, a place for the oldschool players and for the newbreed of GW players. Where basically anything goes...</desc>
5600     <desc>TFC: Revisited provides its players with the following: - Extensive new look into the gw gaming - No more laggy/crashy warmboot/copyovers with our new system - Staff that had been with GodWars since the beginning - Coders who actually codes around to what the players need - Restructuring of the areas/new areas - And much more - Oh yea we have the original GW Kitty</desc>
5601     <desc>So check out the place, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! again it is a decent mud... where many immitators have tried to copy, but in this mud, you will see the real originators of GodWars.</desc>
5602     <desc>See ya all in there!</desc>
5603     <desc>Kitty</desc>
5604   </mud>
5605   <mud>
5606     <name>MUME - Multi Users In Middle Earth</name>
5607     <codebase>[Dikumud] Dikumud I derived</codebase>
5608     <host>mume.org</host>
5609     <port>23</port>
5610     <ip></ip>
5611     <www>http://mume.org</www>
5612     <desc>MUME is a free multi user role-playing game based upon J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Middle Earth' that has been continuously running since fall '91.  The action takes place in the late Third Age, before 'The Hobbit' and after the loss of the One Ring by Sauron. The key of Erebor was just found by Gandalf and all the epic tales narrated in 'The Lord of the Rings' may take place.  MUME covers 23'000+ original rooms from the mighty Dwarven Halls beyond the Gulf of Lh�n in the West to the fringes of Mirkwood in the East, and from the ruins of Fornost in the North to the fortress of Isengard in the South. In this meticulously crafted world where fantasy tales come to life players may join the War between the forces of the Dark Lord and the armies of the West.  MUME VIII is written in C and in mudlle (a functional language that was developed in order to allow on-line extensions to the game).</desc>
5613   </mud>
5614   <mud>
5615     <name>Realms of Chaos</name>
5616     <codebase>[LP] ChaosLib 1.0/Nightmare 3.2</codebase>
5617     <host>realmsofchaos.com</host>
5618     <port>3456</port>
5619     <ip></ip>
5620     <www>http://www.realmsofchaos.com</www>
5621     <desc>Realms of Chaos, also known as RoC, is an extremely challenging, thoroughly engrossing reality. From the moment you set foot in the Realms, you will be enchanted by the vivid, full ansi color descriptions, and the highly intricate, refreshingly logical and internally consistent structure to an extent which you have undoubtedly never before experienced.</desc>
5622     <desc>Realms of Chaos runs on its own machine and connection, and is incredibly well-balanced and fair.  Anti-cheating rules are actually enforced.  You can therefore be proud of your achievements on RoC, as people do not gain levels by exploiting bugs or imbalances.</desc>
5623     <desc>RoC is a challenging mud.  Those looking for a place they can become powerful overnight will be disappointed. However, it is the perfect mud for someone looking to earn their levels, and to be able to take pride in making it to High Mortal, because it is not something just anyone can do.</desc>
5624     <desc>When you check out RoC for yourself, you will see a well developed fantasy world that has room for humor and parody.  It is not just a mud; to those who know it, it is another dimension.</desc>
5625   </mud>
5626   <mud>
5627     <name>MUSHMellow</name>
5628     <codebase>MOO</codebase>
5629     <host>chilipepper.com</host>
5630     <port>7777</port>
5631     <ip></ip>
5632     <www>http://www.chilipepper.com/mushmellow/mush.htm</www>
5633     <desc>Welcome to MUSHMellow! Creative worlds, puzzles, interesting people, irreverence, that sort of thing. We walk like camels. We compose haiku. We fling afterbirth.</desc>
5634     <desc>We get chased down and shot by Yul Brynner. We're down to earth. We have paintball wars in Mayberry. We have fresh pie. Join us, join us, join us.</desc>
5635   </mud>
5636   <mud>
5637     <name>Mutatis Mutandis MUX</name>
5638     <codebase>[MUX] TinyMUX 1.4</codebase>
5639     <host>mux.mutatismutandis.org</host>
5640     <port>4520</port>
5641     <ip></ip>
5642     <www>http://www.mutatismutandis.org</www>
5643     <desc>Mutatis Mutandis MUX is an online roleplaying game based in the Marvel Comics universe focusing on the characters and themes in the family of X-Men comic books. Game continuity began with the ending of the Muir Island Saga and 'Too Many Mutants' genesis of the blue and gold X-Men teams and the re-formation of X-Factor. Feature characters are given leeway on how they are worked into the existing story. We allow original non-feature characters of your own design. While the game is primarily a superheroes themed, it is just as common for people from other worlds, universes, of other races and times to show up. Characters are limited only by game balance and your imagination.</desc>
5644     <desc>The MUX itself has extensively soft-coded features to assist with gameplay and an expansive IC world in which to roleplay. For much much more information about the MUX, visit us online or on the web.</desc>
5645   </mud>
5646   <mud>
5647     <name>Scions of Meridian</name>
5648     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
5649     <www>http://www.virage-entertainment.com/</www>
5650     <desc>Scions of Meridian a game devoted to the preservation of the text based game so if you are looking for a fancy 3D game this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a game that will bring adventure, friendship, and a purpose for playing, you have found your game. We offer challenging lands, wars, deep character development, newbie friendly staff, and limited evolution of races among other things. Areas and Zones will be constantly evolving to reflect the RP of Players.</desc>
5651   </mud>
5652   <mud>
5653     <name>MyrkaMUX</name>
5654     <codebase>TinyMUX 1.6pl0</codebase>
5655     <host>myrkamux.com</host>
5656     <port>8294</port>
5657     <ip></ip>
5658     <www>http://www.myrkamux.com/</www>
5659     <desc>MyrkaMUX is a social MUX with no particular theme. It is a MUX where building is highly encouraged. Quotas are not enforced at Myrka, so you're free to build what you want. We are a friendly MUX, and new players are always welcome. Please feel free to create a character there today. :)</desc>
5660   </mud>
5661   <mud>
5662     <name>Myrradel</name>
5663     <codebase>[Envy] Heavily, heavily, heavily modified UltraEnvy mud.</codebase>
5664     <host>myrradel.com</host>
5665     <port>4000</port>
5666     <ip></ip>
5667     <www>http://myrradel.ocliw.com/myrradel/</www>
5668     <desc>Based on a highly modified UltraEnvy codebase.  Includes an INTENSE combat system, 15 unique and varied classes, a subclass system to further individualize your character, and many, many races with strengths, weaknesses and racial bonuses.  There are 60 character levels and Player rolled statistics, an active, all-playerkiller/playertheft system, and there is an advanced clan/guild system run completely by players.  Clan interaction is a major focus in the player environment.  There is a clanrights system, allowing you to give each member specific rights and duties, and ClanAreas allow clans to claim various areas on the mud, and to receive bounty from their claims.</desc>
5669     <desc>There are interactive quests and quest equipment, 'intelligent' mobs that adapt to player actions, and hundreds of unique skills and spells. Most importantly, Gods don't interfere in play, mortals are left alone with their affairs. Extremely fast system (multiple T1 connections to the Internet), full online building/editing capabilities, full alias/macro system for keyboard shortcuts, and customizable prompts and colors.</desc>
5670   </mud>
5671   <mud>
5672     <name>Legends of Terris</name>
5673     <codebase>[Custom] The Horizon Engine</codebase>
5674     <www>http://www.legendsofterris.com/</www>
5675     <desc>After 5 years as AOL's largest MUD terris has launched onto the WEB.</desc>
5676     <desc>The highest rated area on AOL Europe from 95 - 00</desc>
5677     <desc>Over 12 million game hours played. Over 2 million characters have been created</desc>
5678     <desc>A huge world with thousands of quests, thousands of different monsters and thousands of locations.</desc>
5679     <desc>Build up your own character history, gain awards, make your name and create your own legend.</desc>
5680     <desc>Players run the cities, guilds, clans, households.</desc>
5681     <desc>Immortals and heroes interact with the playerbase at all times.</desc>
5682     <desc>Arc storylines are developed thorughout the year.</desc>
5683     <desc>Extensive engine development and world expansion has happened each and every year and will continue to happen.</desc>
5684     <desc>Download the client software at</desc>
5685     <desc>WWW.legendsofterris.com</desc>
5686     <desc>The First great game from the online games company See: www.onlinegamescompany.com for more details.</desc>
5687   </mud>
5688   <mud>
5689     <name>TimeTraveller</name>
5690     <codebase>[Circlemud] with over 7 years of modifications! (read below!)</codebase>
5691     <host>portent.genesismuds.com</host>
5692     <port>3000</port>
5693     <ip></ip>
5694     <www>http://</www>
5695     <desc>The greatest MUD to ever exist is back and kicking! Going strong for six years, Time Traveller has had a short break but we're still the same great MUD and as an added bonus, we have the same great staff! For those of you who haven't had the pleasure Time Traveller is, essentially, three different MUDs rolled up into one. We're an large MUD with a past zone, present zone and future zone for your exploration.</desc>
5696     <desc>In addition to the fantabulous staff and large zone to explore, we have different perks unique to our MUD. Our profession system allows for unique abilities for each time period, and our social class system is partnered with an intricate quest/puzzle system for advancement. If you hate walking around, we've just implemented vehicle travel. Or you can just use the wonderous  Laboratory to travel through time! Once you've perused our fine land and are looking for something more to do, we have regular activities like paintball tournaments, trivia nights, town festivals, and more!</desc>
5697     <desc>On the more technical side of things, we like to make our players feel like they're an integral part of our world. Therefore, we have a system in place that allows you to own your own city. You control every element - design and economy. The economy is integrated with the entire world, allowing you to do such things as trade commodities between towns to turn a buck. And we have merchants available for those of you rich folk who want to spend your hard- earned buck on custom items.</desc>
5698     <desc>Time Traveller has something for everybody, so come on by and see for yourself?</desc>
5699   </mud>
5700   <mud>
5701     <name>Mystic</name>
5702     <codebase>[LP] Heavily Modified</codebase>
5703     <host>mysticmud.com</host>
5704     <port>3000</port>
5705     <ip></ip>
5706     <www>http://www.mysticmud.com</www>
5707     <desc>One of the oldest MUDs around - founded 1991 - Mystic prides itself on being extremely newbie-friendly.</desc>
5708     <desc>Our players and immortals are great people, and the community is one of the best things about Mystic. Many, but not all, of our realms are fantasy-themed.</desc>
5709     <desc>Players can found their own clans, and are also involved as class guildmasters. Each class has a unique set of skills or spells, and we periodically add more. There are huge areas to explore, and you'll never lack for challenges.</desc>
5710     <desc>We allow registered player killing only. If you like it, have at it! If you don't, you're entirely safe. Not a PK fan, but want to beat on your buddies anyway? There's an arena where you can do battle at no loss of XP. We have MUD-wide team wars as well, where everyone fights and no one loses anything.</desc>
5711     <desc>Come join an extremely newbie-friendly MUD and find adventure, friendship and mystery. Check us out today!</desc>
5712   </mud>
5713   <mud>
5714     <name>Mystic Adventure</name>
5715     <codebase>[Merc] Merc 2.2 base  heavily modified</codebase>
5716     <host>mud.mystic-adventure.org</host>
5717     <port>4000</port>
5718     <ip></ip>
5719     <www>http://www.mystic-adventure.org/index.php</www>
5720     <desc>Mystic Adventure has been in existence for over 12 years.  Created by four French Canadians, it has a unique flavor but is an American mud.  We have been known to many as one of the best Merc type muds around.  Special guides and areas are available for new players and fair play is enforced.</desc>
5721     <desc>The realm of Mystic consists of over 22000 rooms and 240 areas and was recently expanded to include a whole new continent.  A richly entailed world with quests, clans, and a sophisticated thief poison systems means never being bored.  Mystic is a mud with a base of 100 levels with special areas and perks for those who reach the top and are awarded HERO status.  Immortals are picked from current players with no automatic advancement to imm level. Quests and sieges are routinely run and the primary goal is to make playing here a challenging and fun experience.  Many players have been here for years testifying to the quality of our mud.</desc>
5722   </mud>
5723   <mud>
5724     <name>Gate Crashers MUX</name>
5725     <codebase>[MUX] MUX 2.2.10</codebase>
5726     <host>gc.iamyourgod.org</host>
5727     <port>6989</port>
5728     <ip></ip>
5729     <www>http://gc.iamyourgod.org</www>
5730     <desc>Gate Crashers setting is sci-fi, with travel throughout the Solar System made possible by the Gate Consortium.</desc>
5731     <desc>Gate Crashers is a game with a well-developed theme that allows characters from multiple settings.  Characters can be derived from sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comic books, and other sources.  Chargen is through a concept application process and a free form trait system.  No numbers, no dice, just descriptions that the players can decide on and use.</desc>
5732     <desc>Role play will focused on good story telling, character player interaction, and conflicts between the people of the Solar System, the governments and factions, and the 'gate crashers' that have arrived over the years from other dimensions.</desc>
5733   </mud>
5734   <mud>
5735     <name>SW:ACG</name>
5736     <codebase>[SWR]</codebase>
5737     <host>fatemud.sytes.net</host>
5738     <port>8855</port>
5739     <ip>fatemud.sytes.n</ip>
5740     <www>http://</www>
5741   </mud>
5742   <mud>
5743     <name>Maple Valley MUSH</name>
5744     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
5745     <www>http://www.maplevalley.4t.com/index.html</www>
5746     <desc>In the 1870's Arizona is a harsh country. Wild, untamed and filled with Indians of the Apache Nation. The treacherous Mogollon Rim only adds to the already long list of dangers one would face in the Arizona frontier. Maple Valley itself is nestled under the formidable brow of the Rim and some 75 miles northeast of the growing town of Phoenix. Founded in 1878 due to the arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad through the area Maple Valley is a small settlement growing up amid the farms and ranches of the Rim area and anchored by the Rail Station.</desc>
5747   </mud>
5748   <mud>
5749     <name>NannyMUD</name>
5750     <codebase>[LP] Very extended LPMud</codebase>
5751     <host>mud.lysator.liu.se</host>
5752     <port>2000</port>
5753     <ip></ip>
5754     <www>http://www.lysator.liu.se/nanny/</www>
5755     <desc>NannyMUD is one of the oldest original LPMud still around. It first opened in the spring of 1990 and has been up and running continuosly since then. The theme is medieval fantasy, with magic added. The game has more than a 100 areas of all sizes, some hundred quests, many guilds and the NannyMUD soul, a versatile tool to express feelings. A few thousand people attend the game on a regular basis. Many different playing styles are possible, from player killing and pure hack-and-slash to quest solving and social chatting. Several people have been known to meet their real-life spouses at NannyMUD.</desc>
5756   </mud>
5757   <mud>
5758     <name>Marvel: Heroes of New York</name>
5759     <codebase>[MUCK]</codebase>
5760     <host>wolfsinger.com</host>
5761     <port>3763</port>
5762     <www>http://mmheroes.wikidot.com</www>
5763     <desc>New York is not your average city. It is a world where the strange is commonplace, magic is mundane and wonders sometimes slip beneath notice. It is a city brimming with heroes, villains and everything in between. Some of these people have their eyes set on global salvation (or conquest), playing roles in galactic diplomacy or challenging otherworldly horrors. But there is another layer to the superhuman community, the ones who call New York their home, their territory or their turf. The ones who do not play a role in the galactic happenings, the world events or even the national news. These are the Heroes of New York. Whether these are heroes to the citizens of the Big Apple, or heroes of their own selfish goals is up to them.</desc>
5764     <desc>And here on the streets of the city, there are goals a-plenty. The students of the Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters only want to explore and enjoy the city, while the dangerous Friends of Humanity want to end the genetic anomoly that is mutantkind. The Morlocks want only to survive and the Brotherhood of Mutants wants to dominate the city. Members of AIM want their own piece of the world, while the Heroes for Hire want a slice of the pie.</desc>
5765     <desc>The world fears what's different, and that often amounts to mutantkind. Most people feel that these are non-humans, a species to be watched, feared and controlled to the best of their abilities. The political climate is unfriendly for these mutants, but smiles on heroes that are (or were once) their own: Supersoldiers and those who received their powers from an accident are sometimes untouched by public scrutiny while still others can't help but always be in the spotlight in the worst way possible. What is to come of this city, from this tension and uneasiness?</desc>
5766     <desc>This is Marvel: Heroes of New York. This is a game based on the street level Marvel Comics characters, before the happenings of House of M, and not necessarily following in the canon's footsteps. Here, it is you who helps write the story.</desc>
5767   </mud>
5768   <mud>
5769     <name>Nebbie Arcane</name>
5770     <codebase>[Dikumud] AlarMUD (modified diku mud)</codebase>
5771     <host>nebbie.nebbie.it</host>
5772     <port>4000</port>
5773     <ip></ip>
5774     <www>http://www.nebbie.it</www>
5775     <desc>Nebbie Arcane, l'evoluzione della specie. Nebbie offre un mondo con oltre il 70% di aree originali.</desc>
5776     <desc>Nebbie Arcane è un mud PKILL dove è incentivato l'RPG ma non è obbligatorio! I giocatori di NA aiutano volentieri gli Newbie.</desc>
5777     <desc>====================================================</desc>
5778     <desc>Nebbie Arcane is a Pkill mud. His world is rapidly growing and we plan moving from the actual 70%. Main language on mud is italian, but all commands will remain in english.</desc>
5779   </mud>
5780   <mud>
5781     <name>Necromium</name>
5782     <codebase>[Circlemud] Circle/Diku</codebase>
5783     <host>necromium.com</host>
5784     <port>4000</port>
5785     <ip></ip>
5786     <www>http://www.necromium.com</www>
5787     <desc>Mankind awoke from the second age remembering little of the past. Much of what was once common knowledge has become legend or myth. The world is new;reborn from ashes as would a phoenix from the flames. And so the third ageis a time of rebirth and rebuilding. It is also a time for future legends to be forged...</desc>
5788     <desc>o Over 30,000 hand-built rooms in over 140 original zones o Between 40-60 players online at any time o Five continents separated by a vast ocean o Automated tour for new players o The Necromium Academy, a clan designed to help new players find answers and friends o Extensive help files that are easy to navigate o Friendly and knowledgable Player Assistants o Full multiclassing system with 16 classes and a total of 165 levels o Endless character development o Restricted player killing o Overhead automapping of all zones o Nautical code that allows for ocean navigation and naval combat o Numerous coded and scripted quests o A multi-tiered clan system that allows for wars between Houses o Player owned shops and real estate o Full color and prompt configurability o Dragoncards, an original card game o Hiring builders o www.necromium.com - help, game info, forums, and more</desc>
5789     <desc>We invite you to come and experience our world.</desc>
5790   </mud>
5791   <mud>
5792     <name>NecroMOO: Craggy Island</name>
5793     <codebase>MOO</codebase>
5794     <host>necro.mcc.ac.uk</host>
5795     <port>7777</port>
5796     <ip></ip>
5797     <www>http://necro.mcc.ac.uk:6666/</www>
5798     <desc>A MOO based over in England, with the sole aim of providing for the creativity of anyone who wants to use it! There's an active coding base of some 300 people, and various educational courses take place here at present!</desc>
5799     <desc>Themed around the Channel Four Series, Father Ted, there's an online recreation of the entire of Craggy Island, online gaming (Word Guppies, Card Guppies, Yahtzee and so on), free email and webpages. RPG areas are being worked on, there's a good social base and we're always after enthusiastic builders and programmers to help extend the MOO, so if you're vaguely interested in any of the above, come take a look.. .</desc>
5800   </mud>
5801   <mud>
5802     <name>HavenMUSH</name>
5803     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH, Coded to be user friendly.</codebase>
5804     <host>havenmush.ath.cx</host>
5805     <port>3939</port>
5806     <ip></ip>
5807     <www>http://havenmush.ath.cx/</www>
5808     <desc>Site:          http://havenmush.ath.cx Mirror:        http://www.geocities.com/havenmush/ Forum:         http://forum.havenmush.ath.cx/ LJ Community:  http://community.livejournal.com/haven_mush/</desc>
5809     <desc>Imagine, if you will, a land of ancient heroes and gods, a land where adventure is never far off, a land where you will meet the exotic, the brave and the wise. Then you have found Haven, the lands of the Celtic gods and land where all your dreams and nightmares can come true.</desc>
5810     <desc>Central to Haven is the Henge of Portals, a ring of standing stones covered with ancient Ogham writings. Step between the stones to travel the many lands of Haven and discover its secrets, or perhaps the secrets that lie within yourself.</desc>
5811     <desc>Visit Avalon, where the gods reside and the living walk with the dead. It is a place where people from many realms meet where new adventures can be sought.</desc>
5812     <desc>Or step through the portal to find yourself in one of many wonderful realms. Lands of adventure, intrigue, learning, riches and much more await. Why not visit and discover Haven's many riches?</desc>
5813   </mud>
5814   <mud>
5815     <name>NetherWorld</name>
5816     <codebase>[Dikumud] Merc Diku 2.2</codebase>
5817     <host>mud.envy.com</host>
5818     <port>3666</port>
5819     <www>http://www.netherworldmud.net</www>
5820     <desc>Online since 1994 - NetherWorld is an old and long-standing mud, but remains exciting with all of these features and more!</desc>
5821     <desc>* 15 Starting Classes and 20 starting Races * Remort and Reincarnation Systems allow Multi-Classing and offer over 400 additional special races, some of which is in the form of progressive race chains. * 3 fully populated continents &amp; oceans create a complete world * Role-Playing Clans with restricted PKilling and clan rankings * Automated Questing-Save up points to Customize Your Characters * 99% of the Equipment that loads has randomly generated stats, and a small chance to load as 'Rare' or 'Socketed' * Random meteor showers scatter powerful and rare GEMS for inserting into eq with sockets or slots * Immortals run online games like trivia and mini-quests * Consult a detailed system of helps to assist you in understanding our mud. * The immortal staff welcomes player input to make Nether World entertaining, fresh, and enjoyable!</desc>
5822     <desc>Our goal is to provide a balanced MUD that caters to both new and experienced Mudders alike. So whether its Hack'n'Slash, Role Playing, or just chatting, come on by and give us a try!</desc>
5823   </mud>
5824   <mud>
5825     <name>OuterSpace</name>
5826     <codebase>LP MUD</codebase>
5827     <host>mud.stack.nl</host>
5828     <port>3333</port>
5829     <ip></ip>
5830     <www>http://mud.stack.nl/</www>
5831     <desc>Outer Space is a fantasy mud, based purely on our imagination. The mud is a mix between the future, present and the past. The domains in OS represent a planetor solar system in the Galaxy, being linked togher by space ships or other (magical) connections. The level of civilization on each planet differ greatly. For instance Earth is a very hi-tec planet while Aurora is still situated in medieval times. So if you are into si-fi muds or historical muds this is the mud for you.</desc>
5832   </mud>
5833   <mud>
5834     <name>New Moon</name>
5835     <codebase>[LP] LPMud</codebase>
5836     <host>eclipse.cs.pdx.edu</host>
5837     <port>7680</port>
5838     <ip></ip>
5839     <www>http://eclipse.cs.pdx.edu/</www>
5840     <desc>New Moon is a world where epic tales of medieval fantasy are made. Everything you ever wanted from a MUD is here - rich location descriptions, interesting characters to meet, terrifying monsters to battle with, intriguing magic and mind-bending quests! New Moon's creative team have painstakingly created a realistic and engrossing medieval-fantasy environment for you to explore. Emphasis is on making a believable world with plenty of character development and interaction. New Moon features an original and innovative skills and training system, fabulous magic and spells and a myriad of special abilities including herbalism, boating, mining and metalcrafting.</desc>
5841     <desc>We are a sociable, newbie-friendly MUD and you will find the players and staff welcoming and helpful. Roleplaying is highly encouraged. It can be a complex game, but it isn't daunting and we make it as easy as possible to get into your stride. Players can choose from 10 races and 11 guilds to join: 3 magical, 3 priestly, fighters, rangers, Chaos Knights, merchants and thieves. The game world is vast but not made that way by filling the world with spartan locations - there is attention to detail at every turn. It encompasses several cities (from western medieval to oriental in flavour), a myriad of towns and villages and many varied and intriguing wilderness locations. New Moon prides itself in its extensive range of quests and there are now well over 150 in the game, ranging from the newbie-friendly to the fiendishly mind-bending!</desc>
5842   </mud>
5843   <mud>
5844     <name>3Scapes</name>
5845     <codebase>[LP] LDMud</codebase>
5846     <host>3scapes.org</host>
5847     <port>3200</port>
5848     <ip></ip>
5849     <www>http://www.3scapes.org</www>
5850     <desc>Welcome friend! Come immerse yourself in one of the largest and most advanced online games in existence. With tens of thousands of rooms, hundred of areas, dozens of quests and a billion possibilities, 3Scapes offers you endless worlds of adventure!</desc>
5851     <desc>Stemmed from one of the oldest and must successful MUDs of all time, 3Kingdoms, 3Scapes offers you a completely new experience.</desc>
5852     <desc>Based around the mighty town of Pinnacle, three main realms beckon the player to explore. These kingdoms are known as: Fantasy, a vast medieval realm full of orcs, elves, dragons, and a myriad of other creatures; Science, a post-apocalyptic, war-torn world set in the not-so-distant future; and Chaos, a transient realm where the enormous realities of Fantasy and Science collide to produce creatures so bizarre that they have yet to be categorized.</desc>
5853     <desc>During their exploration of the realms, players have the opportunity to join any of well over a dozen different guilds. Add in the comprehensive skill system that 3K offers and you are able to customize your characters more than anywhere else.</desc>
5854     <desc>3Scapes combines all these features, and so much more, to give the player an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Come live the adventure and find out for yourself why 3S is the best there is!</desc>
5855   </mud>
5856   <mud>
5857     <name>Nightfall</name>
5858     <codebase>[Custom]</codebase>
5859     <host>nightfall.org</host>
5860     <port>4242</port>
5861     <ip></ip>
5862     <www>http://www.nightfall.org/</www>
5863     <desc>Nightfall is an LPmud with a long tradition (we started in December 1990). Although it is located in Germany, it is open internationally. English is the main language (out of politeness to everybody's understanding), but it is possible to chat in any language.</desc>
5864     <desc>Nightfall is based on a fantasy setting, with a huge world for all sorts of strange ideas. Currently there are about 70 quests, 13 races and 9 classes. Nightfall was founded in December 1990 and now consists of over 500 MBytes of mudlib source code (that means about 80000 Files total).</desc>
5865     <desc>You can discover a whole new world with different realms ranging from old traditional english mythology like the Camelot of King Arthur to the ancient colosseums of Rome, from the lofty chambers of the dwarvish mountain halls down to the deepest bowels of Hell, and over eleven other enticing kingdoms. At this time, there are approximately 16 open domains and many projects in the making, all with different themes and scenarios.</desc>
5866     <desc>Nightfall has an uncomplex communication system and supports Intermud2 and Intermud3 to contact people in other (supported) muds.</desc>
5867   </mud>
5868   <mud>
5869     <name>Nilgiri, the Forgotten World</name>
5870     <codebase>[Dikumud] DikuMUD (heavily modified)</codebase>
5871     <host>nilgiri.mythril.com</host>
5872     <port>8888</port>
5873     <ip></ip>
5874     <www>http://nilgiri.mythril.com/</www>
5875     <desc>*** Welcome to the fantastic realm of Nilgiri! ***</desc>
5876     <desc>Nilgiri, the Forgotten World is one of the oldest muds. The code is based on original DikuMUD, and has been heavily modified over the eleven years it has been around.  That makes for a very unique mud. Most of our world is original, but we do keep some of the old areas around because they are classics.  We strive toward a realm that is realistic within the premise of a magical world.</desc>
5877     <desc>We offer a detailed law system that varies from city to city, enabling players to police themselves and others. If exploring new lands, slaying dragons, roleplaying, or questing for adventure lies in your blood, come join us and drink your fill.</desc>
5878     <desc>Some of our unique features:</desc>
5879     <desc>* Nobility * Multiple starting continents * Multiple cities * Multiple languages * Intricate sea-faring and sea-battle system * Over 44,000 rooms and still expanding!</desc>
5880   </mud>
5881   <mud>
5882     <name>The Land LPMud</name>
5883     <codebase>[LP] LandLib</codebase>
5884     <host>mud.spin.de</host>
5885     <port>6666</port>
5886     <ip></ip>
5887     <www>http://mud.spin.de/</www>
5888     <desc>The Land (LP) is currently under development. It will feature a rich parser and object interaction system, realistic combat not based on HP or similar abstractions, and a dark fantasy world in which the conflict amongst different political and religious groups drives the quests and the whole game. The world is based on a pseudo-medieval setting with the first 'modern' technologies like the steam engine slowly appearing.</desc>
5889   </mud>
5890   <mud>
5891     <name>Nirvana</name>
5892     <codebase>[LP] LP 3.1.02-DR</codebase>
5893     <host>nirvana.beanos.com</host>
5894     <port>3500</port>
5895     <ip></ip>
5896     <www>http://nirvana.beanos.com/</www>
5897     <desc>Nirvana has now been around for a what seems forever. Most of the players and wizards have long term investment in Nirvana and care about it.  Nirvana follows an older style of LPmud with no set theme. The result of this being wizard creativity runing in all directions producing a diverse world where just about anything can happen from couples having babies to adventuring in bowl of jello occupied by strange critters.  Players can have as many characters as they like so long as they do not have interaction between them. (only one can be used at a time) PK is limited to those who wish it and in certain areas of the game. Along with risk free sparing options and other features that allow players to enjoy the thrill of a more lively opponent. That said, there are also NPC's that are almost alive, to where some players mistake them for other players.  Nirvana has had the 'honor' of having other muds try to copy it in whole or part, sometimes using less than honest means to do so. But there can be no true copy, don't accept an imitation when only the original will do.</desc>
5898   </mud>
5899   <mud>
5900     <name>Nodeka</name>
5901     <codebase>[Custom] Custom</codebase>
5902     <host>nodeka.com</host>
5903     <port>23</port>
5904     <ip></ip>
5905     <www>http://www.nodeka.com</www>
5906     <desc>-=( N O D E K A )=-</desc>
5907     <desc>o REAL-TIME overhead map displaying TRUE field of vision o 450+ skills and spells including: mental blast, joufu's arc, north wind o 120+ classes including: monk, poliir, nojohr, khehusod, ataelos, ruanbaere o 70+ races, such as: black drake, cloud giant, pixie, ryven, jerof, kedoeji o A quest system that'll blow your mind:         o Story-like quests that have multiple outcomes         o A morality system based on YOUR quest DECISIONS       o Stored all completed quests - see summaries whenever you want         o Tracked open quests and current state - pick up wherever you left       off (have tons of open quests and never forget where you are) o A skill/spell system using 'preventions' that create not only a fast paced, but a highly strategic, combat system o Customizable output - including shrinking and expanding combat output and hiding things you don't want to see o Customizable color - battle color, score sheet, who, etc. o A million other things we don't have the space to list! Check us out!!</desc>
5908   </mud>
5909   <mud>
5910     <name>Northern Crossroads</name>
5911     <codebase>[Dikumud] 8 years-modification</codebase>
5912     <host>ncmud.org</host>
5913     <port>9000</port>
5914     <ip></ip>
5915     <www>http://www.ncmud.org/</www>
5916     <desc>Northern Crossroads (NCMUDD) is a highly modified DIKU run on a dedicated Dual Pentium Linux workstation, on a T1 connection located in Toronto, ON, Canada.</desc>
5917     <desc>* This is a veteran MUD. Come see what over 8 years of development can do !! Tired of buggy half thought out MUDs? Scream and cry no more! Welcome to one of the most solid code bases on the internet! * 9 unique races (Human, Gnome, Halfling, Dwarf, Elf, Giant, Lich, Drow and Dragon) * 5 Classes (Warrior, Cleric, Magic-User, Thief and Acolyte) * 6 Advanced Classes (Assassin, Blademaster, Archmage, Druid, Avatar, Hero, and Monk) * 100 levels of dual class, 50 levels of advanced class, 10 levels of immortality. * Amazingly hysterical and innovatively unique socials that make Northern Crossroads stand-out from any other MUDD. * Like to build ? Become an immortal and create your own worlds using our advanced zone creation system. * Temporary player feuding, PKing, Chaos, Mortal Kombat, Capture the Flag, Individualized Color Settings, Ignore Options, Newbie-Friendly Trainer Mobs - A World of features requested by and created for our players.</desc>
5918   </mud>
5919   <mud>
5920     <name>Northern Lights</name>
5921     <codebase>[Aber] AberMUD 4 - NL-dirt   (based on DIRT 3.0)</codebase>
5922     <host>aber.ludd.ltu.se</host>
5923     <port>6715</port>
5924     <ip></ip>
5925     <www>http://www.ludd.ltu.se/mud/aber/northern_lights.html</www>
5926     <desc>Northern Lights opened officially on June 6, 1992. Since then we have grown to become one of the most popular MUDs of the Aber variety. Our aim is to create challenging puzzles, a friendly environment for the players, and a place for people to relax and have a good time.  Come and explore the secrets of the Empire and the barbarian lands, or find a way to gain the eternal gratitude of a real Pirate King!</desc>
5927     <desc>You might even manage to find the real reason behind crop circles...</desc>
5928     <desc>Our web site contains information about Northern Lights, pictures of some of our many players, some of the yarns that our immortals have spun and a comprehensible guide on how to write good zones in the dirt format.</desc>
5929     <desc>It also contains a manual for zone writers on to how to use our unique catch code system.</desc>
5930   </mud>
5931   <mud>
5932     <name>Nuclear War</name>
5933     <codebase>[LP] MudOS-0.9.18C1 Driver / 2.4.5 Lib Heavily Modified</codebase>
5934     <host>abacus.bham.ac.uk</host>
5935     <port>4080</port>
5936     <ip></ip>
5937     <www>http://www.nuclearwarmud.com/wiki/tiki-index.php</www>
5938     <desc>___VISIT US AT OUR NEW HOME AT abacus.bham.ac.uk 4080___</desc>
5939     <desc>Enter a world that is dark, gritty, and harsh.  Chances are you'll kill and be killed many, many times!  There is a huge selection of standard weapons and armors; there are also a large variety of guns, lasers, flame-throwers and plasma weapons. Ah yes, that's right, you can Player Kill here. Outlaws are welcome to kill other Outlaws within limits. If you're a Freeman, you can go along your business killing with little fear of the Outlaws.  Be warned, Outlaws can steal your kills and your hard-earned loot.  Nuclear War MUD is based upon the CyberPunk theme; you won't find any friendly elves, bards, and fairies here.  Prepare yourself to gain much needed experience points fighting mutants, droids, soldiers, and many others.  With time you'll have the opportunity to pledge allegiance to one of our five gangs: the cyber-based Hackers, the almighty Inquisitors, the ass-kicking JetScreamers, the honorable Tenno, and the secretive Undergrounders.  You decide which gang fits your needs and do battle against the many minions of the Multi-Corporations.  Ever wonder what a Post-Nuclear War, post-apocalyptic 25th century would look like?  Our version may or may not be reality; come and find out for yourself... - Description by: Vector@Nuclear War MUD ---</desc>
5940   </mud>
5941   <mud>
5942     <name>The Oaktree-house talker</name>
5943     <codebase>Nilex</codebase>
5944     <host>toth.org.uk</host>
5945     <port>23</port>
5946     <ip></ip>
5947     <www>http://www.toth.org.uk/</www>
5948     <desc>The Oaktree-house is a talker 'for Acorn users to talk about Acorny things'. It aims to be a nice place to talk, without the abusive language etc. often seen elsewhere.  Anyone can log in, but if you use the talker regularly you are encouraged to get an account (which is free).</desc>
5949   </mud>
5950   <mud>
5951     <name>After the Exodus</name>
5952     <codebase>[Circlemud]</codebase>
5953     <www>None</www>
5954   </mud>
5955   <mud>
5956     <name>RanmaMUCK</name>
5957     <codebase>[MUCK] TinyMUCK fb5.66</codebase>
5958     <host>ranma.muck.com</host>
5959     <port>1212</port>
5960     <ip></ip>
5961     <www>http://ranma.muck.com/</www>
5962     <desc>An anime-based Roleplaying MUCK where the players can be builders and coders. Players are given the freedom to organize and execute their own roleplays with support from the wizards.  Roleplay is not regulated or required, but is encouraged by the wizards. Anime, manga, and anime-based characters are preferred but original characters are welcome to apply and be considered.</desc>
5963   </mud>
5964   <mud>
5965     <name>The New Horizon</name>
5966     <codebase>[LP]</codebase>
5967     <host>thenewhorizon.no-ip.info</host>
5968     <port>9999</port>
5969     <www>http://thenewhorizon.no-ip.info</www>
5970   </mud>
5971   <mud>
5972     <name>Holy Mission 99 - Resurrected -</name>
5973     <codebase>[LP] you can use port 81 or 6666</codebase>
5974     <host>wildsau.kicks-ass.net</host>
5975     <port>6666</port>
5976     <www>http://</www>
5977     <desc>welcome back to a nearly forgotten world! about in 2005 the viennese immortals stopped providing the world with the fun of this mud. 2006 dido received the mud as present and so began the age of holy mission 99 - resurrected.</desc>
5978   </mud>
5979   <mud>
5980     <name>Xenobia The Legend</name>
5981     <codebase>[AFKMud] AFKMud Modified</codebase>
5982     <host>xenobia.mudmagic.com</host>
5983     <port>1972</port>
5984     <ip>xenobia.mudmagi</ip>
5985     <www>http://www.xenobiamud.proboards.com</www>
5986     <desc>Xenobia is an active RP Enforced MuD that has an amazing story line.</desc>
5987   </mud>
5988   <mud>
5989     <name>The Lost Book of Merlin</name>
5990     <codebase>[Rom] Modified</codebase>
5991     <host>vermaxhosting.com</host>
5992     <port>9300</port>
5993     <www>http://www.rpgdevelopers.com</www>
5994     <desc>The Lost Book of Merlin challenges players to enter a medieval world set in the Middle Ages. During that time, knights and others fought for fame, money, and other things that made them happy. The Holy Grail was one of these. Many have tried to obtain the Grail for themselves, but failed because of competition and the guards of the Grail. Now is the time to rejoin the forgotten and win the Grail for yourself.</desc>
5995     <desc>Featuring (currently, but will change): 200 races 12 classes 400+spells and skills 100+ unique spells Special domains for each character A unique weather system Wars Misisons Abilities And other fun and unique things!</desc>
5996     <desc>Classes include (currently): Warrior Mage Cleric Necromancer Thief Barbarian Paladin Druid Witch Warlock Monk Approximately 20 classes (total) will be added.</desc>
5997     <desc>Reincarnations, Remorts, Evolutions, Mutations into 400+ races including Cyclops, Behemoths, Angels, Dragons, etc.</desc>
5998     <desc>Quests and rewards are included, and players will be rewarded for completing them by immortals. There are automatic tounaments, an arena to battle other players, a lotto system, a town system with an economy, special abilities for each class and a whole lot of stuff to explore and enjoy!</desc>
5999   </mud>
6000   <mud>
6001     <name>Where No One Has Gone Before</name>
6002     <codebase>[MOO] LambdaMOO 1.8.1 (wno-2.3.3 variant)</codebase>
6003     <host>game.wnohgb.org</host>
6004     <port>1701</port>
6005     <ip></ip>
6006     <www>http://www.wnohgb.org</www>
6007     <desc>The Internet's most popular Alternate Universe Star Trek game returns!  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= It is now Stardate 74042,  nearly twenty-five years since the combined might of the former United Federation of Planets,  the Klingon Empire, the Rihannsu  Stelam  Empire,  and  the Cardassian  Union defeated the Borg threat to Sector 001 at the Battle of Earth.    In that time, the Galaxy Aliance  has  survived  the departure of the Rihannsu,  a civil war  resulting in the departure of the Cardassians,  a Breen war,  and a war that split  Starfleet  down  the  middle  as  a  coup d'etat was attempted upon the Chancellor of the Alliance.</desc>
6008     <desc>With  the  relationship of the remaining Alpha and Beta Quadrant races enjoying  the  relative peace.    Under  the  guidance  of the Klingon Chancellor,  Starfleet's mission is now to expand the influence of the Aliance  to  the  Gamma Quadrant  through  the  use  of  the  recently discovered wormhole in the Bajoran system. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=</desc>
6009     <desc>WNOHGB is accepting new players and welcoming returning players! Become part of this dynamic theme and enjoy one of the most player- friendly and realistic 3D text-based space systems, completely unparallelled on the Internet.  Beam on up to game.wnohgb.org 1701 today!</desc>
6010   </mud>
6011   <mud>
6012     <name>DCU: Legacies of Justice</name>
6013     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
6014     <host>legaciesofjustice.com</host>
6015     <port>9999</port>
6016     <ip></ip>
6017     <www>http://www.legaciesofjustice.com</www>
6018     <desc>* Step by step Character Generation * Join or establish your own org! * Roleplay in DC's Gotham City, Bludhaven or NYC * Consentual RP Game * Web and mush interfaces * Staff friendly and helpful * Ongoing TP events * Many FC's open! * OC characters welcome * First app response generally within 24 hours</desc>
6019     <desc>DCU: Legacies of Justice is a RP MUSH set in DC Comic's Gotham City, Bludhaven and NYC. Opening just after the events of Batman: Fugitive, Bruce Wayne has been cleared of murder charges and has returned to his normal life by day and by night. We are a consentual Roleplay enviroment focusing on the day to day life of the residents of Gotham City, Bludhaven and NYC. While Gotham City and Bludhaven are low technology and power levels are kept to a level playing field, NYC allows high levels for both FCs and OCs. Occupations such as police officers are encouraged as are others which leave hooks for inclusion in TPs and everyday RP.</desc>
6020     <desc>If interested in FCs there are over 100 FCs available to choose from including Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Azrael, Birds of Prey, JSA, Titans, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and other DC titles. Original Characters are welcome and encouraged.</desc>
6021     <desc>Join an established group, or start your own organization. Opportunites for RP are only limited by your own imagination, your character's setup and the guidelines of consentual RP.</desc>
6022     <desc>Openings for Appstaff and RP/TPstaff</desc>
6023   </mud>
6024   <mud>
6025     <name>Triforce MUCK</name>
6026     <codebase>[MUCK] NMC 1.21</codebase>
6027     <host>muck.triforcemuck.com</host>
6028     <port>4201</port>
6029     <www>http://www.triforcemuck.com</www>
6030     <desc>Triforce MUCK is based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Instead of sending Link back in time, Zelda keeps him in the present to help rebuild Hyrule.  However, three years later, Ganondorf has broken out of the Sacred Realm, ready for revenge.</desc>
6031     <desc>ROLEPLAY -- We support a very versatile roleplay system, where characters can interact and truly feel a part of Hyrule. BUILDING -- All players are given Builder-bits and homes in order to establish themselves in the world. EXPLORATION AND QUESTS -- The world of Hyrule is open for exploration, and soon we'll be able to include Termina as well.  Quests are given out to the daring, but the payout can be worth it for successful quests. CHATTING -- We have a public channel to chat with other denizens of the magical world. MAGIC AND FC APPS -- We have quite a few FCs open for Hyrule and Termina.  We also allow characters to gain magic ability through roleplay.</desc>
6032   </mud>
6033   <mud>
6034     <name>Overdrive</name>
6035     <codebase>MudOS</codebase>
6036     <host>overdrive.concentric.net</host>
6037     <port>5195</port>
6038     <ip></ip>
6039     <www>http://odweb.concentric.net/</www>
6040     <desc>Overdrive is a vast realm of high-medieval fantasy, filled with mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes; enchanted weapons; puzzling, sometimes maddening quests and a population of over 1300 active players.</desc>
6041     <desc>Since its humble beginnings in 1991, OD has evolved into a complex and coherent world, where muscle and magic, brawn and brains merge, striving for experience, growth and fun. An early decision to have absolutely no level caps for our players has given us a keenly trained and highly dedicated player population, and it is not uncommon for players to launch successive careers in several classes.</desc>
6042     <desc>Fighting strategies, training strategies, complex party formation and just plain silliness (OD pioneered year-round snowball fights and the infamous mage 'singalong' spell) are hallmarks of gaming on Overdrive.</desc>
6043   </mud>
6044   <mud>
6045     <name>Pandora's Box</name>
6046     <codebase>[Oblivion] Oblivion 1.0 - Pbox 0.2 - Heavily Modified ROM 2.4</codebase>
6047     <host>pbox.mine.nu</host>
6048     <port>4004</port>
6049     <ip></ip>
6050     <www>http://pbox.mine.nu</www>
6051     <desc>* 4 Base Classes: Mage, Cleric, Thief and Warrior * 15 Base Races: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, halfling, Half-Orc, Orc, Draconian, Drow, Avian, Gnoll, Arachnid, Firbolg, Brownie * 151 Mort Levels with 3 Remort Levels and an Avatar Class * 16 Remort Classes: Wizard, Paladin, Ranger, Witchhunter, Spellfilcher, Spy, Druid, Priest, Knight, Crusader, Sorceror, Exorcist, Assassin, Warder, WarLord, ArchDruid, and more to come! * Over 16 Remort Races w/Racial Abilities: Sprite, Ogre, Sylvan Elf, Spindel, Shade, Weredragon, Deva, Cloud Giant, Wyrm, Solar, Storm Giant, Pixie, Shadow Demon, Grey Elf, and more to come! * OLC (On-Line Creation System) heavily modified to take advantage of extensive features unique to Pandora's Box * IMM sponsored Clans with internal clan hierarchies * Player Run Keeps with Shopkeepers * Innovative Realms and Spheres Spell System * IMM Run and Automated Quest System, Banking System, and Automated Auction  System * PK Arena with Betting System for 'SAFE' player vs player fights * Over 275 different skills and spells! * Player Marriages * Language System, for an enriched Roleplaying Experience * Voluntary PK system for Roleplayers</desc>
6052   </mud>
6053   <mud>
6054     <name>KBK - Kill or be Killed</name>
6055     <codebase>[Rom] Modified rombase most similar to carrionfields.</codebase>
6056     <host>pos.mudbytes.net</host>
6057     <port>9999</port>
6058     <ip>pos.mudbytes.ne</ip>
6059     <www>http://www.kbk.webfreehosting.net</www>
6060     <desc>Welcome to the world of KILL OR BE KILLED!</desc>
6061     <desc>We are offering an extensive class and race selection with a codebase basically built and warped to try and mimic the legendary carrionfields to the best of the creators abilities.</desc>
6062     <desc>WE offer THAT NO OTHER GODS WAR MUD can! This is literally a Gods War that doesn't require you to spend 150+ hours to master stuff. Easy to learn.</desc>
6063   </mud>
6064   <mud>
6065     <name>Round Table 3</name>
6066     <codebase>[LP] LPMUD 3.1.1 - DR</codebase>
6067     <host>rt.foobird.net</host>
6068     <port>2222</port>
6069     <www>http://communities.msn.com/theroundtable3.html</www>
6070     <desc>Round Table 2 is one of the longest lived muds still in existance. We offer players a large detailed world, built over the past 10+ years. Each character is unique as you can choose from a number of different races, guilds, and hundreds of skills and spells to specialize in and build your character they way you want.</desc>
6071     <desc>The wizards here are friendly, and attentive; always willing to help a newbie with the basics of mud use and combat. Please stop by and try out our guest account to see if this mud is the one for you. We feel that you will find the depth of the world and the friendly players make for a good experience.</desc>
6072     <desc>We look forward to seeing you there if you are new to our realm, and welcome you back if you are an older player from years ago who has lost his way.</desc>
6073   </mud>
6074   <mud>
6075     <name>Elderwood</name>
6076     <codebase>[Smaug]</codebase>
6077     <host>elderwood.org</host>
6078     <port>4000</port>
6079     <ip></ip>
6080     <www>http://www.elderwood.org</www>
6081     <desc>The World of Elderwood</desc>
6082   </mud>
6083   <mud>
6084     <name>Star Trek: Resurrection</name>
6085     <codebase>[MUSH] PennMUSH</codebase>
6086     <host>str.mushland.com</host>
6087     <port>1701</port>
6088     <ip></ip>
6089     <www>http://str.mushland.com</www>
6090     <desc>Star Trek: Resurrection is presently being changed into a Talker - chat MUSH and is no longer a RP game. I'll update this profile when the dust settles.</desc>
6091   </mud>
6092   <mud>
6093     <name>The Adventurers' Inn</name>
6094     <codebase>[Rom] Completely modified and updated</codebase>
6095     <host>theinn.genesismuds.com</host>
6096     <port>7171</port>
6097     <ip></ip>
6098     <www>http://www.theadventurersinn.com</www>
6099     <desc>If you have been looking for a MUD the is original, exciting, and addictive, then look no further.  The Adventurers' Inn is all of that, and much more.  I have been mudding for over 10 years, and I know what it's like to look for a MUD that you can really enjoy.  Some offer great class/race selections, but lack in the roleplaying environment.  Others are pure roleplay, but lack in fun.  When I started The Inn, all I wanted to do was to make a MUD rich in theme, and full of excitement and realism that even I would enjoy playing on.  The Adventurers' Inn is such a place.</desc>
6100     <desc>All of our InnKeepers have that same desire and drive to build the best MUD possible for our players.  Mobs that interact with the players, objects that aren't mere weapons, but artifacts that old great powers, and dangerous consequences.  Rooms and spells that are lethal, and traps for the unexpecting.</desc>
6101     <desc>All this and more await you on The Adventurers' Inn.  Come and visit, and stay for the adventurer of your life!</desc>
6102   </mud>
6103   <mud>
6104     <name>Perilous Realms</name>
6105     <codebase>[Custom] PR, in the spirit of SillyMud</codebase>
6106     <host>perilousrealms.com</host>
6107     <port>23</port>
6108     <ip></ip>
6109     <www>http://www.perilousrealms.com/</www>
6110     <desc>Long ago, before the rise of humans as race powers in the world, there were two great empires, the dwarves and the elves.  The origins are unknown, lost in the mist of the past but two different races would be hard to find.  The elves, thin and elegant, lovers of nature, the sea and great forests, masters of the ethereal magical arts. The dwarves, masters with stone and steel. Architects and sculptors, lovers of the high cold airy mountains. As each grew in strength, they met and clashed.</desc>
6111     <desc>To this, the human nations came, often caught between the borders of these domains.  Eeking out their existence they too developed their own resourceful culture, eager to take the opportunity of any weakness to secure their place in the world.</desc>
6112     <desc>- 38 Classes, 16 Races - 170 Spells, 33 Weapon proficiencies, 56 skills - 24,000 Rooms, thousands of unique creatures and objects - 17 clans, with houses, lockers, boards and guardians - alchemy, brew your own potions and create wands Join us, come play in this growing mud!!!</desc>
6113   </mud>
6114   <mud>
6115     <name>PernMUSH</name>
6116     <codebase>TinyMUSH 2.2.4</codebase>
6117     <host>pern.mccr.org</host>
6118     <port>4201</port>
6119     <ip></ip>
6120     <www>None</www>
6121     <desc>PernMUSH is a themed roleplaying MUSH based on the _Dragonriders of Pern_ novels by Anne McCaffrey. Here, we attempt to recreate, with as much authenticity as possible, the society described in the novels. Those who lack an interest in the world of Pern, or in roleplaying in a cooperative environment, may wish to seek their entertainment elsewhere.</desc>
6122     <desc>The World of Pern is copyright (c) to Anne McCaffrey 1967. The Dragonriders of Pern (r) is a registered copyright.</desc>
6123     <desc>Site provided courtesy of Freeside Communications.  Thanks, Jeremy.</desc>
6124     <desc>Est. Spring 1991.  Over 2000 player characters, often over 100 connected concurrently in the evenings.</desc>
6125   </mud>
6126   <mud>
6127     <name>JipangMuck</name>
6128     <codebase>[MUCK] ProtoMUCK 1.70</codebase>
6129     <host>jipangmuck.dynodns.net</host>
6130     <port>1864</port>
6131     <ip></ip>
6132     <www>http://jipangmuck.dynodns.net/~nakoruru/</www>
6133     <desc>JipangMUCK is intended to be a setting for historical Asian themed fantasy role playing; samurai and ninja, miko and geisha, honor and vengeance. These, with traces of arcane magic behind the stranger things going on, are all a part of what makes its setting. Jipang itself is a small fictional continent, set in 1864 and located somewhere in the pacific ocean around about where Japan is in our world today. Unlike Japan during this time period, however, the people of Jipang are a more open minded lot when it comes to outside people an cultures, having found much to gain from them in recent times. There's more info on theme and history on the homepage, as well as information about the anime/manga series and video games the muck draws inspiration from.</desc>
6134   </mud>
6135   <mud>
6136     <name>Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset</name>
6137     <codebase>[GodWars] Vampirewars Code 2.0</codebase>
6138     <host>www.finalsunset.com</host>
6139     <port>4888</port>
6140     <ip></ip>
6141     <www>http://www.finalsunset.com</www>
6142     <desc>Graciously expanding from the original Vampire Wars MUD comes Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset as the last vestiges of twilight fall on humanity into the black abyss. Unseated by political and social unrest, the clans form and gather amid the storm of chaos befalling the world.  Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset is focused on roleplay and social interaction. Based off Whitewolf's Vampires, The Dark Ages it also offers the thrill and hunt of Pure PK.</desc>
6143     <desc>New additions to the code, for those familiar with it, include additional disciplines, upon joining a clan you gain three preordained disciplines of that clan as well as up to two other choices based on rank/generation within your clan. Knights/Vampire Hunters are in and ready for players. More changes are to come almost everyday to make the mud better, though the basic framework will stay intact.  We have become the most advance Vampire Wars mud and will stay the best. The admin are friendly and helpful for any new (or old) players that wish to stop in and be welcomed to Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset.</desc>
6144   </mud>
6145   <mud>
6146     <name>PhoenixMUD</name>
6147     <codebase>[Circlemud] Circle 3.0, heavily modified</codebase>
6148     <host>phoenixmud.mine.nu</host>
6149     <port>4000</port>
6150     <ip></ip>
6151     <www>http://phoenixmud.mine.nu:20080/</www>
6152     <desc>PhoenixMUD is even better in 2009!  One of the longest lasting MUDs around, it has very few traces of its stock circlemud origins from 1995.  Feel free to role play, explore, or just hack and slash.  The dedicated staff of immortals understands that games are meant to be fun.  They understand that games should be newbie- friendly at low levels yet still challenging at high levels.  And they understand the difference between \"challenging\" and \"tedious\". With these principles in mind, they have made PhoenixMUD better than ever.</desc>
6153     <desc>* Interactive real time combat. * 404 levels. * Realistic magic system with over a hundred spells. * 15 races and dozens of classes provide for hundreds of race/class combinations. * More intelligent zones, with built in quests and mobs that can surprise even experienced players. * PK battle zones and PK flags that players can purchase to attack only other flagged players of similar level. * Lots of NEW CODE in the last year, including: - Player-owned shops! - Newbie enhancements that gradually decrease as you level. Now new players don't have to worry about finding their way in the dark, struggling to find the perfect leveling equipment immediately, etc. - Automated hero tests for remorting.  Now with triple remorts! - An \"explored\" stat keeps track of what % of the world each player has yet to find. - And much more! *New for 2009:  A triple-zone dedicated to role playing, where emotes have real power and actions have lasting impact.  Tired of hacking and slashing through the other zones?  Get together with an imm and a fellow player or two for a D&amp;D style campaign, heavy on mystery.</desc>
6154   </mud>
6155   <mud>
6156     <name>Hercules MUD</name>
6157     <codebase>[Circlemud] Heavily modified running on FreeBSD</codebase>
6158     <host>hercmud.net</host>
6159     <port>3000</port>
6160     <ip></ip>
6161     <www>http://hercmud.net:8080</www>
6162     <desc>Hercules MUD was first created on and named after a SUN 3/60 named hercules at the campus of UC Irvine on July of 1992. The project was started using original dikumud code. The mud moved around a bit to include a long stint on mudservices (until their odd demise). HercMUD is now located in the basement of one of its imps. Hercules MUD is on code base V (5) now. We have gone through several code changes but still maintain our original goals to provide a unique, family-oriented, friendly, and safe place to relax and enjoy some company, whether playing or just hanging out.</desc>
6163     <desc>Hercules MUD is a skill and level based MUD. It is newbie-friendly with level-based equipment, some stock but many unique areas, to include a complete Newbie area for beginners.</desc>
6164     <desc>Hercules MUD is a heavily modified Circle code base which has OLC, DG Scripts, an online mud balancing feature that can adjust the mud without rebooting, an event system for skills, spells, and fighting, an auto-questing feature, a ferry system to get from continent to continent and many more unique challenges for the player.</desc>
6165   </mud>
6166   <mud>
6167     <name>PixieMUD</name>
6168     <codebase>[LP] LDMud 3.3.719</codebase>
6169     <host>mud.pixiemud.org</host>
6170     <port>6789</port>
6171     <ip></ip>
6172     <www>http://www.pixiemud.org</www>
6173     <desc>Welcome to Pixiton, a small town nestled in the Vast Forest.  From high up in the boughs of the Treehouse Inn, venture forth to explore the surrounding forest and lands beyond by foot or flying carpet.  Discover the secrets of the mysterious Tower, explore the dragon haunted ruins of Ontik, walk the Trail of Dreams, infiltrate the mazes of the Misty Forest sprites, or just fight the good fight against orcs, giants and other threats to the realm.</desc>
6174     <desc>PixieMud is an old, established mud with active development.  Players can belong to one of eleven races, from humans, dwarves and elves to the more exotic, six armed mook.  During their adventuring career, players may choose from several guilds: bards, dragons, druids, paladins, rangers, undead necromancers and fearsome warmages.</desc>
6175     <desc>Surprises are always just around the corner in PixieMud.  Our players and wizards are some of the friendliest around.</desc>
6176     <desc>Come join us at PixieMud - we're waiting for you.</desc>
6177   </mud>
6178   <mud>
6179     <name>Chaotic Tendencies</name>
6180     <codebase>[GodWars] mindcloud/rekmud</codebase>
6181     <host>chaotictendencies.dune.net</host>
6182     <port>6969</port>
6183     <www>http://</www>
6184     <desc>Just a place to come and have fun that wont be gone in a week, undergoing changes regularly, so stop bye  an have some fun.</desc>
6185   </mud>
6186   <mud>
6187     <name>TUSP</name>
6188     <codebase>[Smaug] [Major Shreddings]</codebase>
6189     <host>tiopon.mudmagic.com</host>
6190     <port>3499</port>
6191     <ip></ip>
6192     <www>http://tiopon.mudmagic.com</www>
6193     <desc>TUSP is my vision of a new, darker world. One where machinations and subtleties are allowed to blossom, and where roleplay is not merely a precursor to inevitable violence... though violence often finds itself as an element of a well rounded plan.</desc>
6194     <desc>TUSP is not fully operational, and will not be fully operational in the next several months. This is because before it becomes done, I need to finish recoding creation, destroy and recode the fighting system, remove the old magic system, modify the command system to do what I want it to, and recode all of the skills to actually use the proper abilities and stats. Also, I'm switching it from straight SMAUG over to FEAR, because I think FEAR is pretty nifty...</desc>
6195     <desc>When done, my goal is to make TUSP be the most accurate, automated WoD mud. If done properly, any of the (official) classes should be able to be added and be actually unique... well, as unique as they are in the books. Regardless, the idea is to make this a mud where immortals aren't needed to facilitate player advancement, but players can advance to upper reaches themselves, with nothing more than an investment of time, relationships, and effort.</desc>
6196     <desc>Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send me an email or come check it out.</desc>
6197     <desc>A quick warning though... your first time through creation will probably take longer than you expect...</desc>
6198   </mud>
6199   <mud>
6200     <name>Battlestar Galactica MUD</name>
6201     <codebase>[SWR] FotE 2.1.5</codebase>
6202     <www>None</www>
6203     <desc>The second war against the Cylons is over and The Twelve Colonies have been destroyed. Now Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galatica and President Laura Roslin lead a ragtag fleet of refugees in a supposed search for the fabled lost thirteenth colony, Earth. However, the dangers they face are many which compound an already difficult situation. In addition to The Cylons hunting and attacking the fleet in space; their infiltrator units carry out a more subtle plot even as their former unwitting pawn, Gaius Baltar, helps in the hunt for them while hiding both his own guilt and the strange presence that haunts his every thought. If that wasn't enough, the fleet also faces internal political conflict of which the rabble rousing figure, Tom Zarek, is merely the loudest dissenting voice. In the midst of these trials however, clues begin to appear that suggest that Adama's simple bluff about Earth may be more truthful than anyone knowing could have guessed.</desc>
6204   </mud>
6205   <mud>
6206     <name>OtherSpace: Millennium</name>
6207     <codebase>[MUSH]</codebase>
6208     <host>jointhesaga.com</host>
6209     <port>3005</port>
6210     <ip></ip>
6211     <www>http://www.jointhesaga.com</www>
6212     <desc>The year is 4008.</desc>
6213     <desc>The galaxy continues to recover from the Everwar - a brutal conflict between the Orion Arm Union and the Nexus Concordance over access to ancient Kamir technology discovered beyond the multiverse nexus that allows the thoughts and experiences of a dying person to be transmitted to the mind of a clone.</desc>
6214     <desc>It took the intervention of the roguish Gray Syndicate to end the war. The best mercenaries that Union credits could buy jacked the tech from the Nall.</desc>
6215     <desc>After four years of battles among the stars, the Union sought an uneasy peace with the Concordance. Although both sides agreed to a cease fire, neither side has officially declared the war over. That's a boon for the Syndicate, which capitalizes on demilitarized zones, embargoes, and blockades.</desc>
6216     <desc>The Nall have long memories, though. They're not likely to soon forgive the treachery of the syndicate. Revenge may be served with fang and claw.</desc>
6217     <desc>Be sure to check out the Wiki at http://otherverse.wikia.com</desc>
6218   </mud>
6219   <mud>
6220     <name>The Soul Ruins</name>
6221     <codebase>[ResortMUD] 4.0b (highly modified)</codebase>
6222     <host>soulruins.com</host>
6223     <port>5000</port>
6224     <ip></ip>
6225     <www>http://www.soulruins.com</www>
6226     <desc>Submerge yourself in a world of the unknowing as you're body inhales its first breath in the realm known as The Soul Ruins.  This mud has be running for awhile now, and has gone through a complete transformation.  Through the use of a builders port the immortals were able to fix all problems with the mud that had plagued it from its previous 'encounters with the wrong'.  It now has a complex combat system that seeks to challenge the mortal, while the implementation of automated questing systems, updated leader commands, and over 100 more updates tweak the original world of TSR.  Running on a dedicated connection we are up 24/7 and yes with a much more devoted staff than before. If you're simply new to muds just drop by and see how our new guild-newbiecouncil system will quickly help you gain status and rank within our world.  I challenge all of you willing, won't you insert just one soul to play? -Administration of TSR</desc>
6227   </mud>
6228   <mud>
6229     <name>CrackWhip</name>
6230     <codebase>[TBA] Simply point web browser to http://www.CrackWhip.com/</codebase>
6231     <www>http://www.crackwhip.com/</www>
6232     <desc>CrackWhip has over 40,000 custom images integrated into the game for D&amp;D magazine style game play. The only way to play CrackWhip is with your web browser at http://www.CrackWhip.com/</desc>
6233     <desc>The Temple Of Midgaard</desc>
6234     <desc>----------------- You are in the southern end of the temple |   `\\___       | hall in the Temple of Midgaard. The temple |  ~{  @~--^a  | has been constructed from giant marble blocks, |   X w__w---/\" | eternal in appearance, and most of the walls |  X    Y       | are covered by ancient wall paintings picturing |  X    |       | Gods, giants and peasants.    Large steps lead |  X    |       | down through the grand temple gate, descending |   X          | the huge mound upon which the temple is built ----------------- and ends on the temple square below. To the west, you see the Reading Room.  The donation room is in a small alcove to your east.Need help? see http://wiki.crackwhip.com/ Newbie? type: teleporter SCHOOL Need easy monsters to hunt? type: teleporter NEWBIE</desc>
6235     <desc>[ Exits: n e s w d ] An automatic teller machine has been installed in the wall here. A lady in a wheelchair sits here helping newbies get to college.</desc>
6236   </mud>
6237   <mud>
6238     <name>Powermud</name>
6239     <codebase>[LP] LPMUD 2.4.5 Heavily Modified</codebase>
6240     <host>powermud.com</host>
6241     <port>2000</port>
6242     <ip></ip>
6243     <www>http://www.powermud.com</www>
6244     <desc>The unique world of PowerMud has been around since May of 1997. The world is over 7000 rooms and is full of exotic and unique settings, monsters, and items.  There are no 'stock' areas on PowerMud, they are only found here and nowhere else. There are Twelve different races to choose from, as well as over Twenty Guilds that you character can join.  The types of Guilds range from Thieves, Mages, Clerics, Fighters, to other 'non-stock' guilds such as Assassins, Monks, Merchants, Cultists, and Illusionists.  Having multiple characters is allowed as well, so you can find a character that suits you best. PowerMud uses a customized Skill system, where experience is gained for a certain skill by actually performing that skill!  For instance, if your character can 'hide' in the shadows, practicing doing so will raise your skill level.  No more dividing up your experience points between non-related skills!  As for the different skill types, there is a high number of them, ranging from the normal combat skills (slash, blunt, pierce) to specialized skills such as 'Advanced Melee', 'Sailing', 'Mercantile', 'Fishing', and 'Mental Attack' (Psionics, which any Player could potentially possess). Once your character gains some well-deserved experience, you can then choose from over Forty Professions.  These Professions will augment your general Guild skills, or perhaps add new ones.  You could choose the Bard Profession, and learn how to play songs that boost skills while also gaining some needed thieving skills.  Or perhaps you would want to go to the 'builder' Professions, such as Chef, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Inditar (Scroll making), Alchemist, or Artificer.  Maybe you want to supplement your fighting skills, so you could go with Archer, Bladesman, Sapper, Duelist, Horseman, Blind-Fighter, or many others.  Since you can have more than one Profession, the unique combinations possible are only limited by your imagination. PowerMud has a non-PK killing zone called the Killing Fields, where Players can go to and battle each other without fear of losing a life. Every now and then Grand Melees are held, with the winners obtaining prizes consisting of free experience, money, and magical equipment. The Developers and Players on PowerMud are friendly and easy to get along with, and the Admins are almost always online to answer any questions that you may have.  If you log in and experience the unique atmosphere that is PowerMud, you will surely enjoy it.</desc>
6245   </mud>
6246   <mud>
6247     <name>Survivors</name>
6248     <codebase>[Custom] This is a WAP MUD, you can play it using your WAP enabled mobile phone</codebase>
6249     <www>http://www.m-toyz.com/</www>
6250     <desc>Survivors is the first WAP MUD. You can play this MUD when waiting for the bus, or the dentist... All you need is a WAP enabled mobile phone.</desc>
6251     <desc>WEB URL: http://www.m-toyz.com WAP URL: http://www.m-toyz.com/index.wml</desc>
6252   </mud>
6253   <mud>
6254     <name>Sanity's Edge</name>
6255     <codebase>[LP]</codebase>
6256     <host>mud.sanitysedge.com</host>
6257     <port>2020</port>
6258     <ip></ip>
6259     <www>http://www.sanitysedge.com/</www>
6260     <desc>Sanity's Edge is a cyberpunk genre mud set in the decaying center of Edge City. Two sides of life are vividly depicted, the rich, opulent life of the corporations and the wretched squallor of the street. The year is 2032 and local politics have been effectively controlled by the corporations, led by the dominating Cybernetic Matrix Designs corporation. The glittering CMD building looms brightly at the center of downtown, but not far away the seedier aspects of life hide in run-down apartment buildings and shadowy alleyways.</desc>
6261     <desc>Street gangs stake out territory, and are always looking for more cannon fodder like you to join their ranks. Just remember, it's a war out there, and you never know when you might get caught in the crossfire.  Crime is on the rise, and netrunners are the wave of the future, becoming the backbone of the crime scene with their intimate knowledge of the Net.</desc>
6262     <desc>Safety has become a thing of the past; you may find yourself assaulted by a street kid with a switchblade or an irate shopowner with a sawed-off shotgun. With a little luck and some smarts, you might fight your way to the top -- even into a corporate job. And then you'll only have one thing to worry about, your CredCard -- never leave home without it.</desc>
6263   </mud>
6264   <mud>
6265     <name>Death From Above</name>
6266     <codebase>[GodWars]</codebase>
6267     <www>http://</www>
6268     <desc>This is a Stock dystopia GW based mud. We are going to be working on ALOT of things but in the mean time we are open and running if you want to step in and check it out come on in. We are currently hiring coders and a couple of select builders. Coders MUST have experiance and Ideas for improvement . Builders MUST be creative if both MUST LOG Often and WORK if you don't want to work DO NOT APPLY.</desc>
6269   </mud>
6270   <mud>
6271     <name>Dragonball New Universe: Hopes Beginning</name>
6272     <codebase>[Smaug] Dbsaga, Dbr, dbna2, dbnu.1.9.5</codebase>
6273     <host>dbnu.info</host>
6274     <port>4321</port>
6275     <www>http://dbnu.info</www>
6276     <desc>Dbnu:hb is a Dragonball z mud that undergoing changes daily as we break away from the Saga Clone-age and work towards being a more Unique Dragonball MUD.</desc>
6277     <desc>We offer a newbie friendly environment. We encourage roleplaying, but do not enforce it. We have many unique systems that allow players to expand in may different directions. Whether it be Roleplaying, Player Killing, or just playing the game.</desc>
6278     <desc>We offer a working clan system, a unique reincarnate system, A Race Rank system, Automatic questing, as well as a wide range of areas and races. The mud is always being worked on, by our friendly immortal staff.</desc>
6279     <desc>Players are willing to help newbies along whenever asked. Immortals are very hands on when it comes to the players, because we believe that the mud is yours just as much as ours.</desc>
6280     <desc>Currently hiring RP Immortals, and builders. Any one interested should apply on the forums and be ready for a test on your job abilities.</desc>
6281   </mud>
6282   <mud>
6283     <name>Prophecy</name>
6284     <codebase>[Rom] Modified ROM 2.4</codebase>
6285     <host>mud.prophecy.lu</host>
6286     <port>4000</port>
6287     <ip></ip>
6288     <www>http://www.mud.lu/</www>
6289     <desc>Prophecy has been around since 1995 and is still growing. It is based on the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David and Leigh Eddings and runs with a heavily modified ROM 2.4 code with a lot of unique features such as our clan system and mob-run Quests.</desc>
6290     <desc>We are constantly adding new areas based on the Belgariad with the help of our productive builder staff giving you the feeling that you are actually walking around in the world the Eddings' created. New areas are constantly being worked on and we are always hiring new and capable builders.</desc>
6291     <desc>Prophecy offers a playerclan system which means that players are able to band with friends and create their own armies, guilds or whatever they can think of. The three main clans allow those who join to fight for the Western of Eastern armies for supremacy or for the infamous Bearcult to try and revive Aloria.</desc>
6292     <desc>We also offer three different types of Quest systems. Autoquests, mob-run quests and immortal-run quests. They are quite different and provide the players with all sorts of entertainment. Ever fancied playing a game of soccer in the capital of Sendaria? Join us and you can!</desc>
6293     <desc>Interested? Come join us as a foul and evil Murgo, or a sneaky Drasnian spy and explore the world of the Belgariad.</desc>
6294   </mud>
6295   <mud>
6296     <name>Realm of Utopian Dreams</name>
6297     <codebase>[Rom] uniquely and heavily  modified</codebase>
6298     <host>rudmud.com</host>
6299     <port>1701</port>
6300     <ip></ip>
6301     <www>http://www.rudmud.com</www>
6302     <desc>The mission of the Realm of Utopian Dreams (RUD, est. 1996) is to provide players an enjoyable and challenging mix of role-play, hack-and-slash, and talker features within a FREE mud setting.  Some of RUD's design choices emphasize role-play configurations: titles, character descriptions, pk ability, and nobility.  Other features respond to player needs for communication and interaction: channels, committees, the court system, and implementing player opinion and ideas--expressed in our Yahoo Group polls--in order to improve the game and to make the environment more exciting and friendly.</desc>
6303     <desc>We offer 16 races, 16 classes, 12 remort-races, 16 remort- classes, and 18 alignment-based original classes, each with special skills and abilities. Try your hand, for example, at playing a Geomancer, Samurai, Psiblade, Merchant, Ghostwalker, Pyromancer, or Espion.  We provide automated mapping, an automated quest system and noble-run quests, random mud-wide bonuses, random mud-wide remort and pk options, an on-line builder and one of the largest systems of on-line help files around.</desc>
6304     <desc>Challenge yourself by becoming a Noble of the Realm, attempt 9 levels of Nobility, and earn special perks: build and add to your castle, extend your lands and influence, rent rooms to other players, tax citizens, jail criminals, run special quests, appoint deputies, serve as judges, host special role-play events, participate in individual and team pk when you wish, enjoy perks to your weapons, gain bonus quest points, and add to your Noble webpage.</desc>
6305     <desc>EXPLORE THE MEDIEVAL FANTASY. Visit our Yahoo group at: groups.yahoo.com/group/rud_mud</desc>
6306     <desc>--Aequitas, Hierarch (on behalf of the Immortal Staff)</desc>
6307   </mud>
6308   <mud>
6309     <name>Avalon: The First Age</name>
6310     <codebase>[Custom] Unlimited</codebase>
6311     <host>firstage.net</host>
6312     <port>23</port>
6313     <ip></ip>
6314     <www>http://www.firstage.net/</www>
6315     <desc>Avalon: The First Age is a return to a time when Avalon was savage and untamed and civilisation was just begin