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0001 TODO file for the libMXP library
0002 --------------------------------
0003 - <HIGH> tag should use something more sophisticated to compute the new color
0005 MXP features that are not implemented in the library:
0006 -----------------------------------------------------
0007 - Response for <VERSION> tag doesn't support sending of STYLE and REGISTERED
0008   information
0009 - <!TAG> is not supported, because Zugg has added this to the spec after
0010   I've gotten my copy, he didn't announce it anywhere nor did he update
0011   the timestamp of the MXP document (!) - hence, <!tag> is not supported atm
0012 - QUIET parameter for the <relocate> tag is not supported; also, <relocate>
0013   does not have a closing tag in this implementation
0014 - <support> with parameters is not supported
0016 Some of these features might be implemented in the future (if I see the
0017     need for them).