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0001 Translating Keyboard Controls in Killbots
0003 To effectively use the keyboard to control Killbots. the movement keys must be
0004 assigned to a 3 by 3 grid of adjacent keys. In KDE 4.2, the basic directional
0005 controls were assigned to Q,W,E,A,S,D,Z,X,C,(the leftmost block of letter keys
0006 on a QWERTY keyboard). Special action keys were assigned to those just right
0007 of this block. The keys of the numeric keypad were added as an alternate set.
0009 It was quickly noticed that while the QWE... keys were convenient for those
0010 with American-style keyboards, they were of little to no use to those on other
0011 layouts where the keys might be spread about at random. Also most laptop users
0012 do not have numeric keypads, so for a large percentage of users neither set
0013 of default shortcuts were usable.
0015 As a result I'm asking you, the translators, to translate these keys to their
0016 physical equivalents on the localised keyboard layout. I realise that some
0017 locales might not have their own keyboard layout, while others might have
0018 more than one. In such cases, please choose the layout that is most commonly
0019 found on new keyboards sold in your locale. (Keep in mind that we are only
0020 discussing default key assignments. The user still has the option of
0021 reassigning the shortcuts manually in the Configure Shortcuts dialog.)
0023 The following are some example mappings (taken from Wikipedia):
0025 US-English  French      Greek       Ukranian    Hebrew
0027 QWERT       AZERT       ;ςΕΡΤ       ЙЦУКЕ       /'ארק
0028 ASDF        QSDF        ΑΣΔΦ        ФІВА        כגדש
0029 ZXCV        WXCV        ΖΧΨΩ        ЯЧСМ        הבסז