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0001 ======================
0002 = Rules of Jezz Ball =
0003 ======================
0005 Game/Level Length
0006 1. The game will be over if
0007    a) your number of lifes is zero or
0008    b) your time is over.
0009 2. When at least 75% of the field is filled. a level is completed.
0011 Lifes
0012 3. A level is started with one life per ball on the field.
0013 4. You will lose a life if a ball hits the inner of a wall.
0015 Balls
0016 5. Each level include one more ball.
0017 6. A ball is reflected by blue and black blocks.
0019 Walls
0020 7. You build a wall with the left mouse buttoyn and change the direction with the right.
0021 8. You can _always_ build _two_ "half" walls concurrently. If one half is already finished,
0022    you can build another "half" wall.
0023 9. A wall is finished if it is hit by a ball at its end or it hits a black block.
0024 10. A wall is removed if it is hit by a ball at the wall's inner or two "half" walls hit each
0025    other with their blue ends.