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0001 What needed to add level set support to katomic
0003 [DONE] Rework levels/ directory to not contain level files directly, but to contain single-file levelsets
0004 [DONE] Adjust save files to save level set name too. Be sure to fallback to default level set if old save file is loaded.
0005   Also be sure to tell the user if saved level set is absent on his computer (use case: save file transfered from other PC)
0006 [DONE] Implement widget to allow levels selection
0007 [TODO] Fix Messages.sh to extract from dat files
0008 [TODO] GHNS Support
0010 // THESE SHOULD PICK UP VALUES FROM OLD CONFIG (kconf_upd script needed)
0011 [DONE] highscores should be relative to level set
0012 [DONE] lastplayed level should be relative to level set
0013 [DONE] max accessible level should be relative to level set
0014 [DONE] remove lastplayed and max accessible from .kcfg file
0016 [DONE] kconf_upd:
0017  1.  WAS:
0018    in katomicrc
0020      [Highscores_user]
0021      Level_1=15
0023    NOW:
0024    in $DATA_DIR/highscores:
0026      [Highscores_user][default_levels]
0027      Level1=15
0029  2. WAS:
0030    in katomicrc
0032    [Game]
0033    LastPlayedLevel=X
0034    MaxAccessibleLevel=Y
0036    NOW:
0038    [default_levels]
0039    LastPlayedLevel=X
0040    MaxAccessibleLevel=Y
0043 [V] Check that when katomic will be upgraded it will correctly pick up:
0044   [V] higshcores for default level set
0045   [V] last played level for default level set
0046   [V] max accessible level
0048 [V] Check that levelsets will be correctly picked up both from global dir and local user dir
0049 [V] Check that katomic behaves correctly if level set with the same name is installed in both local and global dirs