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0002 ----------------
0004 This file explains the format of the themes used by bomber.
0006 For each theme in Bomber their is a "*.desktop" file in the area
0007 kdegames/Bomber/themes in the KDE SVN source-code repository, or in the
0008 area $HOME/.kde/share/apps/Bomber/themes, the user's local data area. If 
0009 two *.desktop files have the same name, the one in the local area takes
0010 precedence.
0012 Files in the SVN area are released and installed with Bomber.  Files in
0013 the local area can be used for development and testing of themes or for holding
0014 downloaded and copied themes, whatever the method of transfer or copying.  One
0015 of the theme files is called "default.desktop".  That theme is used whenever
0016 the game runs for the first time for a particular user.  On subsequent
0017 occasions the last-used theme is loaded.
0019 Each *.desktop file must start with the "group" line, which says
0020 [KGameTheme].  There must also be a line which gives the name of the theme
0021 (e.g. Name=Foo Bar).  That line gets picked up and translated into various
0022 languages.  Some other standard (but optional) lines are: 
0023 Description=...,
0024 FileName=...,
0025 Author=..., 
0026 AuthorEmail=...  and 
0027 VersionFormat=...
0028 A line can also be added to display a preview of the theme in the GUI, such as
0029 Preview=foobar.png. This will display the foobar.png found next to the *.desktop
0030 file in the GUI when selecting the theme.
0033 ----------
0035 SVG themes are the standard for Bomber. All the in game objects in Bomber are 
0036 themeable though the SVG themes. The *.desktop file must contain a FileName=xxxx 
0037 line, that contains the filename   in witch the SVG graphics for the game 
0038 objects are stored. The filenames must end in .svg or .svgz and the file must 
0039 be in or relative to the same folder as the *.desktop file.
0041 Example, theme-file "default.desktop":
0042 [KGameTheme]
0043 VersionFormat=1
0044 Name=Default
0045 Name[gl]=Predeterminado
0046 Name[it]=Predefinito
0047 Name[wa]=Prémetou
0048 FileName=default_theme.svg
0049 Author=John-Paul Stanford
0050 AuthorEmail=jp@stanwood.org.uk
0051 Preview=default_preview.png
0053 Note that Name and Description have been translated. 
0056 ------------
0058 The elements in the SVG file must have standard names, corresponding to their
0059 role in the Bomber game.  Each element should be set in a rectangle space.  
0060 The size of the element will change depending on the size of game window. The 
0061 tiles are resized so that game area is 12 tiles wide and 20 tiles high.
0062 The elements are:
0063         background              The game area background
0064         building_s_v    A tile used to make up the body of a building. (s = style
0065                                         of building (0...x), v=variant of the tile (0..x))
0066         bomb_n                  A set of frames bomb's dropped from the plane 
0067                         (n = frame number (0...x))
0068         bomb_explode_n  The explosion when a bomb hits a building
0069         plane_n                 A set of frames for the plane
0070                         (n = frame number (0...x))
0071         plane_explode_n A set of frames for the explosion when a plane crashes into 
0072                         a building. (n = frame number (0...x))
0073         roof_s_v                A tile used for the roof of buildings. (s = style of 
0074                         building (0...x), v=variant of the tile (0..x))
0076 The background element is not tiled like the others.  It will be displayed
0077 behind the other elements and scaled fill the game area.  It could be stretched
0078 further in either direction, at the user's whim, and will always fill the 
0079 central widget.  The actual play-area will always be 12 x 20 tiles.
0081 The tiles (bomb_n, plane_n,bomb_explode_n and plane_explode_n) all can be 
0082 animated. The n in the objects id should be replaced with the number of the
0083 frames. A frame set can have as many frames as the theme creator wishes, but
0084 they should be numbered sequentially starting from 0. For example "bomb_0, bomb_1, bomb_2"
0085 would greate a set of frames for the bomb with 3 frames. 
0087 The building tiles (building_s_v and roof_s_v) do not have frames, but instead
0088 thet have styles (s) and variant's (v). A building is made up from multiple tiles 
0089 all having the same style. However the building can also have variant's of it's
0090 tile to make each tile in a single building slight different.