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0021  <title>Rent-seeking for Nomads</title>
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0030  <summary type='xhtml'><div xmlns='http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml'>A friend was telling me of a young woman he knows who&#x2019;d been struggling to get by in New York and he&#x2019;d been sort of mentoring.  Only she&#x2019;s spent most of this year traveling in Southeast Asia and South America, &#x201c;finding herself&#x201d;.</div></summary>
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0032 <p>A friend was telling me of a young woman he knows who’d been struggling to
0033 get by in New
0034 York and he’d been sort of mentoring.  Only she’s spent most of this year
0035 traveling in Southeast Asia and South America, “finding herself”.</p>
0036 <p>I wondered what she was living on.
0037 Turns out she’s offering her Manhattan apartment on Airbnb and covering its
0038 rent with enough left over to fuel her nomadic self-discovery.</p>
0039 <p>I wonder if it’s even legal? Whatever, when there’s something desirable to be sold
0040 and people who want to buy it, deals get done; particularly in NYC.  A
0041 21st-century lifestyle, to be sure.</p>
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