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0001 libplasma
0003 This directory contains the classes making up libplasma, which provides the
0004 core framework used by Plasma applications, such as the Plasma desktop shell
0005 and its components. This includes applet and extension definitions and loading,
0006 common GUI elements, data and service interaction, search system, etc.
0008 Domain specific sets of functionality, e.g. for network awareness or sensors,
0009 are not found here but as DataEngine, Service, Applet, Package, Wallpaper,
0010 ContainmentActions, Containment and other plugins.
0012 Commit Guidelines:
0013 * If your patch is not an obvious or trivial bug fix, have it peer reviewed
0014   by another Plasma developer; https://phabricator.kde.org is your friend :)
0016 * All code MUST follow the KDE Frameworks coding style, as found at:
0017         https://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Frameworks_Coding_Style
0019 * All new public API MUST have apidox written before committing and must go
0020   through an API review with another Plasma developer. We have to maintain
0021   binary compatibility, remember!
0023 Unit tests are next to godliness. (Though as you can see, right now libplasma
0024 is hellbound.)
0026 Please refer to the Plasma website (https://plasma.kde.org) and Plasma wiki
0027 (https://community.kde.org/Plasma) for API documentation and design
0028 documents regarding this library.