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0001 Charts Gallery Example
0002 ======================
0004 This example both demonstrates the different charts and their usage and can be
0005 used as a development tool to quick check if certain things still work.
0007 Command Line Arguments
0008 ----------------------
0010 These are mainly intended as development helpers.
0012 * --page <page>
0013   Open the application at the specified page. <page> can be either a page title
0014   or a short identifier. Currently these are `pie`, `line` and `continuous`.
0015 * --api <api>
0016   Run with the specified "API". This will make sure we use the specified
0017   version/profile/api combination and is intended to test how things work when
0018   running on a device that would use that combination by default. The possible
0019   options for <api> are:
0020   * core45
0021     Run with OpenGL 4.5, using the Core profile. This will use different shaders
0022     from the default, suffixed with _core.
0023   * compat45
0024     Run with OpenGL 4.5, using the Compatibility profile. Apparently Qt still
0025     wants to use the _core suffixed shaders for this though.
0026   * compat21
0027     Run with OpenGL 2.1, no profile. This is also the default version used,
0028     since we require GLSL 1.20 at minimum.
0029   * es
0030     Run with OpenGL ES 2.0. This does not use different shaders, but does
0031     require all stored variables to have a precision qualifier specified, among
0032     other differences.