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0003 kdeinit5_wrapper, kshell5 and kwrapper5 are programs that
0004 start programs via kdeinit.
0006 E.g. You can make a symbolic link from $KDEDIR/bin/konsole to
0007 $KDEDIR/bin/kdeinit5_wrapper. Typing 'konsole' on the command line
0008 will then start 'konsole.so' through kdeinit instead.
0010 kdeinit5_wrapper is the simplest form, it only passes the program
0011 and arguments to kdeinit, nothing else
0013 kshell5 is usually the best choice, it passes the program,
0014 arguments, complete environment ( $PATH, etc. ) and current
0015 working directory to kdeinit
0017 kwrapper5 tries to make the program look like it was actually
0018 really started directly and not via kdeinit. In addition to
0019 what kshell5 does, it also tries to redirect the program
0020 output to the console from which kwrapper5 was started, it waits
0021 for the program started via kdeinit to finish and only after then
0022 it exits ( it doesn't return its return value though ), and
0023 it also passes most signals it gets to the process of the started
0024 program ( thus allowing you to break it using Ctrl+C or stopping
0025 it using Ctrl+Z ). The drawbacks of this are that you'll have one
0026 more process running, and also the signal passing and output
0027 redirection may not work 100% reliably.
0030 TODO
0031 ====
0033 * There is no portable way to read out the complete environment and
0034   pass it to kdeinit. - kdeinit should probably unset every
0035   variable that's not set in the environment it gets from kshell or
0036   kwrapper