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0001 To generate the Bison/Flex parser/scanner code after any changes to
0002 holidayparserplan.ypp or holidayscannerplan.lpp run:
0004     bison -d -o holidayparserplan.cpp holidayparserplan.ypp
0005     flex -i -B -oholidayscannerplan.cpp holidayscannerplan.lpp
0007 Do not add this to the build system as it may be broken by differences in the
0008 installed versions of Bison and Flex on the build system.
0010 The following files will be generated:
0012     holidayparserplan.hpp
0013     holidayparserplan.cpp
0014     holidayscannerplan.hpp
0015     holidayscannerplan.cpp
0016     stack.hh
0017     location.hh
0018     position.hh
0020 This version was built using Bison v2.3 and Flex v2.5.35.  No later versions
0021 are guaranteed to work.  In particular, it uses v2.1a of the Bison C++
0022 skeleton (lalr1.cc), this skeleton was changed and renamed in Bison v2.4.