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0001 * Style sheets
0002 - check interpretation of generated keywords in HTML
0003 + crystal clear documentation: where does the code come from and how was it
0004   modified, what were the reasons for it. (in which case the structure of the
0005   files does not need to be similar)
0006 + fix ALT= and </P> problems: Will happen when mediaobject is used instead of
0007   graphic and when the library is used.  The </P> problem is unsolved as yet,
0008   but patched in the CSS style sheets.
0009 - othercredit: translators should be inserted
0010   author/authorgroup: what it says
0011   contrib: contributors to the *text*
0012   othercredit: translators and proofreaders
0013   Distinction should be made between text and software (and indicated)
0014   ChangeLog: in reference doc and ChangeLog file - not in documentation
0015   Translators can change: lang attribute in top element, id attribute in all
0016   but anchors, othercredits: add translators and contributors to translation
0017   RevHistory: changes to the text(!)
0018 - abstract: make more clear from layout (?)
0019 - make list of authors/contributors from code, and put them at the back of the
0020   document if html, at the front on verso if printed
0021 - decide on swapover date for patches (and make old version available)
0022 - make script that allows to check if entities are out of date (*.dsl is too
0023   hard) from English
0024 - investigate olinks
0025 - Add language to link to chunk is that it is different (both in HTML
0026   and in the visible text)
0027 - check changes with new versions of style sheets
0028 - maintenance dsl (for web pages)
0029 - fpi dsl
0030 - Fix RFC1766 problem
0032 * DocBook
0033 - Tidy up the DTD
0034 - introduce a versioning system (and scripts to generate the Makefile.ams)
0035 - write style checker
0036 + redo the declarations following the example NW gave for qandasets
0037   (that may simplify the redeclaration files a lot)
0038 - set up scheme for upgrading the DTD.  If restrictions are
0039   introduced, the number must go up by one.  Every doc should get
0040   highest version against which its validates.  New docs should take
0041   the current version.
0042   (script that checks and updates DTD FPIs in documentation; script
0043   that checks when a DTD FPI is not needed anymore; script that
0044   validates all documents in a tree and records the errors somewhere;
0045   put DTDs on line)  What about file naming conventions for versions
0046   (so that they can be re-used) - automatic checking from source tree:
0047   translations should only be told off when there is a difference with
0048   the English source of the same version.
0049 - mediaobject should always be accompanied by a text alternative
0050 - fix role list for othercredit
0052 * Other
0053 - make clear: indexterm use (so that index can be activated)
0054 - anchors can be requested by programmers (change as little as possible)
0055 - guidelines/checker
0056 - different types of links and targets
0057 - make clear other functionality can be requested by documentation writers (eg
0058   line numbering, etc.)
0059 - Provide info for Postscript (and source code) (with link?)
0060 - consider format script and all options, ... in SGML file (~ DB-CDROM)
0061 - create tool that builds graphics library (and a catalog in the same dir)
0062   (use pngmeta-1.10 to find the sizes)
0063 - create scripts for catalog files and document entities
0064 - Language specific parts in document (eg links to dictionaries etc should be
0065   done with an entity), eg in Translation howto
0066 - Write FPI script (for external references).
0067 - decide on distinction notice and full license (and adapt files 
0068   accordingly)
0069 - CSS: position graphics centered or let text flow around them
0070 - reorganize DTDs such that independent parts are really independent
0071   and have their own catalogs.  That should make versioning easier.
0072   Versioning should happen with subdirectories that contain the files
0073   of a given version, until that one is used no longer in the
0074   documentation.  (write script to check that)
0076 * Meaning of characters:
0077  `*' indicates a TODO item
0078  `-' indicates a TODO subitem, no action taken
0079  `+' indicates a TODO subitem, some action was taken, but not finished
0080  Finished items are removed