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0001 The system consists of 3 classes of components:
0003 1) Network service applications
0004   Responsible for reporting the status of the system's network connection(s).  May be a KDE app or
0005 anything (including a system networking script) that can talk DBus.  These are responsible for registering networks with, and updating their status at:
0007 2) KDED Module - networkstatus
0008   Hub of the system.  Implements two DBus interfaces at org.kde.kded5 /modules/networkstatus,
0009   org.kde.Solid.Networking.Service (for use by service applications, above) and
0010   org.kde.Solid.Networking.Client (for client apps, below) networkstatus knows of the status of any networks registered with it, which it aggregates and reports the most connected status onwards, to:
0012 3) Network client applications {
0013   Regular KDE applications which need to use the network.  These either listen directly to
0014 org.kde.kded5 /modules/networkstatus' signals, or use the Solid::Networking namespaces' functions and notifier() object to react to
0015 network status changes.
0017 UI Components
0018 The KIO library contains a widget, KStatusBarOfflineIndicator, which is
0019 intended for use in applications' status bars.  This widget shows itself when the system is offline, and
0020 hides itself when the system is connected.
0022 KConnectionManager
0023 As well as signalling status changes, Solid::Networking can signal when an app should connect, and should disconnect, based on a ConnectionPolicy setting.
0025 Layout
0026 kdelibs/solid/solid/networking.*
0027   Main client app facing functions
0028 kdelibs/kio/kio/ksstatusbarofflineindicator.*
0029   Status bar widget
0030 kdebase/workspace/solid/networking
0031   KDED module, service definition and this file.  Test service and client GUI
0032   applications which make it easy to simulate network events and observe their
0033   effect on a client (which has a queued/autoconnect function with its 
0034   simulated network usage).  Final destination: kdebase/runtime/solid
0035 kdebase/workspace/libs/solid/control
0036   Library for writing network control applications.  Provides the interface 
0037   for pluggable backends addressing different platforms' networking
0038   subsystems.  As of KDE 4.0 the control function is incomplete and only the
0039   network status reporting functions is completely specified.
0040 kdebase/workspace/solid/networkmanager-*
0041   Backends for different NetworkManager versions.