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0001 # KDELibs 4 Support
0003 Legacy support for kdelibs 4 compatibility
0005 ## Introduction
0007 This framework provides code and utilities to ease the transition from
0008 kdelibs 4 to KDE Frameworks 5.  This includes CMake macros and C++
0009 classes whose functionality has been replaced by code in CMake, Qt and
0010 other frameworks.
0012 Code should aim to port away from this framework eventually.  The API
0013 documentation of the classes in this framework and the notes at
0014 <http://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Porting_Notes> should help with
0015 this.
0017 Note that some of the classes in this framework, especially
0018 KStandardDirs, may not work correctly unless any libraries and other
0019 software using the KDELibs 4 Support framework are installed to the same
0020 location as KDELibs4Support, although it may be sufficient to set the
0021 KDEDIRS environment variable correctly.