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0001 HOWTO Make KDED Modules
0002 =======================
0004 A KDED module is loaded when a call is made to it.
0005 KDED modules should not be added if it is avoidable because (especially
0006 when new) they endanger the stability of KDED and its other modules which
0007 provide important services. There are other ways to achieve what a KDED
0008 module can do in many cases.
0009 KDED modules should be useful during the whole session and manage
0010 information that, for some reason, cannot be kept in any other process.
0012 Here are examples of KDED modules:
0013  frameworks/baloo/src/kioslaves/kded/baloosearchmodule.cpp   Baloo search module
0014  kde/workspace/khotkeys/app/kded.cpp                         KHotKeys
0016 A KDED module should install a .desktop file with
0017         ServicesTypes=KDEDModule
0019 A KDED module will be loaded on KDE startup if it has a line
0020         X-KDE-Kded-autoload=true
0022 Note that this flag doesn't cause the module to be loaded if the KDE desktop
0023 is not running (i.e. when running a KDE application in another environment).
0025 [The following paragraph was copied from kdebase/workspace/ksmserver/README]
0026 The exact way autoloading works is controlled by X-KDE-Kded-phase=,
0027 which may be 0, 1 or 2 (the default). Kded phase 0 means the module is
0028 always loaded by kded, even outside of KDE session. It should used only
0029 by kded modules which must be always running. Kded phase 1 modules are
0030 loaded right after kded startup, but only during KDE startup, i.e. it is
0031 for modules that are always needed by the KDE session. Phase 2 modules
0032 will be loaded later.
0034 Normally KDED modules are loaded whenever they are accessed, so you don't
0035 need autoloading enabled. On demand loading can be disabled by putting
0036 the following line in the .desktop file:
0037         X-KDE-Kded-load-on-demand=false
0039 Further it should contain:
0040         X-KDE-Library=foo
0042 Which means that kded_foo.so is the name of the library that contains
0043 the module. Note that the name of the library always starts with kded_.
0045 The .desktop file should be installed to ${SERVICES_INSTALL_DIR}/kded