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0001 For testing the vcardparser there are some test files and a small testsuite
0002 automatically checking for regressions. The tests directory contains some vCard
0003 files and correpsonding reference output files (with an additional ".ref"
0004 suffix). For running the geression test do "./testroundtrip" or simply run "ctest".
0006 For creating a new test put a vCard file to be parsed into the tests directory.
0007 Create a reference file by running "testread" on the test file. It will put out
0008 the parsed data as vCard again on stdout. Carefully check the output, manually
0009 correct any errors and save the result as reference file in the tests directory.
0010 Now add the filename to the testroundtrip.qrc resource file and run
0011 "make && ./roundtriptest" If the check fails adapt the reference file or fix the bugs
0012 in the parser, whatever is appropriate.