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To build these tests, build with the cmake option KDE4_BUILD_TESTS=ON.
To run all these tests, enter the command 'ctest'. Details of failed tests are output to FAILED.log, and in the case of recurrence tests, to the .out files equivalent to the .ref files containing the expected results.
To run a single test on a single test file, use the '' script: testprog code datafile
where testprog = full path to the desired test program (e.g. /path/to/testrecurrence) code = test keyword which is appended to the test file name to create the output file name. E.g. with a test file "${DIR}/rdate.ics" and a code of "next", the test output will be stored in "${DIR}/". datafile = full path to test data file, e.g. /path/to/rdate.ics.

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