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0001 # KActivitiesStats
0003 Library to access the usage statistics data collected by the KDE activity manager.
0005 ## Introduction
0007 The KActivitiesStats library provides a querying mechanism for the data
0008 that the activity manager collects - which documents hae been opened by
0009 which applications, and what documents have been linked to which activity.
0010 The activity manager also keeps the score for each document which gets
0011 higher when a particular document has been often accessed or kept open
0012 for longer periods of time. This score is also available through the
0013 querying mechanism.
0015 ## Usage
0017 The library provides the following important classes:
0019 - `KActivities::Stats::ResultSet` is a low level class that provides a forward iterator to the
0020   list of results that match the specified query
0021 - `KActivities::Stats::ResultWatcher` provides signals when a new resource that matches a query
0022   arrives, or when an existing one is gone (usage statistics cleared or some
0023   for other reason)
0024 - `KActivities::Stats::ResultModel` provides a Qt data model that shows the resources that
0025   match the specified query. This model should be subclassed to teach it
0026   to handle the different resource types that you want to show as the results.
0028 Queries are defined by the `KActivities::Stats::Query` class using a simple range-like syntax.