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0001 # Distribution {#distributing}
0003 Baloo is developed and tested exclusively for Linux. While it may run on other
0004 unix based systems. It is not recommended, and certainly not tested.
0006 We recommend not packing Baloo for Windows or OSX as both these operating
0007 systems offer their own file searching solutions which better integrate with
0008 the native system than Baloo ever will.
0010 Baloo may run on 32-bit systems, but it has not been tested and may not work
0011 correctly. Please test and let us know by filing a bug at https://bugs.kde.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=frameworks-baloo.
0013 **Supported Kernels:** Linux
0014 **Support Architecture:** x64
0016 ## File Indexing Plugins
0018 Baloo relies on KFileMetaData to extract content from the files. KFileMetadata
0019 ships with a number of plugins which can be enabled or disabled. We recommend
0020 shipping all KFileMetaData plugins. Specially ffmpeg by default.
0022 Without the indexers, Baloo cannot function to its full potential.